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Bounty Hunter’s Day Job

It was late at night on Tosil. Most of the planet was sleeping but if you liked to visit the hot new entertainment spots your evening was just starting to get good. The day had been a lazy Saturday like plenty of other days since my wings had been clipped but so far the evening had been interesting. I got a big tip from what had to be a Tusbeni arms dealer who seemed to enjoy getting to his destination five minutes before expected.

His gold curved helmet informed me that he was Tusbeni but his enormous business coat that could have hidden enough weapons to take on a Manticorps security team had me guessing about his profession for at least my next three fairs. The next client was a pair of girls who were excitedly finishing up their makeup in my cap while they talked about a new place opening up called King’s Fall.

I made a point to check out the place my next Saturday off, figured it would be fun blowing off some steam but a man like me can almost always find some form of work with a new and inexperienced club owner. On Tosil the people who open up new clubs generally have no shortages of enemies or bodies to take care of to make sure they stay in their favored position. Of course when she came into my cab I forgot all about King’s Fall and the attractive girls who had been headed there.

I picked her up on the fortieth level of the Goldorah, one of Tosil’s signature high rises. The destination for the ride was for the Vivior, a high class club known for a rich clientele who loved partying, dancing, drugs and sex. When I caught my first look at my fare I figured her business of the evening was going to be pleasure. She had red hair with streaks of midnight black framing her face.

Sharp almost cold burgundy eyes looked at me after we pulled away. Pretty lips covered in a sheen of pale red opened up to deliver words with a silky tone. Her wording and mannerisms had me thinking she was quite older than most of the club going fares I had picked up, but when I caught a good look in the mirror I figured she was maybe just pushing 40. Still she had a distinct beauty about her and when she caught my gaze she gave me a quick sharp grin.

“Eyes on the road driver.” She said, her lips curled ever so slightly into a smile even while she kept the rest of her expression cool and poised.

“Course.” I declared and quickly returned my mind to the task at hand.

En route to Delza’s Club I heard a rapid beeping coming from the back seat. She opened up her purse and pulled out a phone, one of those new models from Goshiswan. Her lips moved quickly as she spoke with the caller. Over the sound of the hovertaxi and the city around me I only picked up a bit here and there, her tone turned a bit angry and sad before she wished the person a good night and hung up her phone a bit abruptly.

I could read the disappointment in her eyes through the rear view mirror. She had tried to keep the hurt out of her voice but I knew it, had heard enough times with the ex-wife. I had heard bits of how someone was going to be at the even though she had tried hard to keep it out of her voice. I couldn’t blame her choice if that was the deal. One of the last things I ever wanted to do was to run into an ex, let alone my ex wife.

“Stop please. I’m not going to go to the Vivior.” She said but said nothing else as far as where she wanted to go now.

I pulled off to the side and then turned back, waiting for her instructions. For a while, the older woman with impressive tits stuffed into her fancy dress was silent. She put her phone away and looked out over the city and the traffic flowing around us. After a few moments, I offered up a few suggestions, I knew of other clubs from fares and also from exploring some myself. She shook her head.

“Just take me back to the Goldorah please.” She stated, but now with less sharpness than any of her words.

I nodded and plotted the new course and we drove along in silence between us while the radio played a sad blues song. I decided it probably wasn’t something she cared to listen to and was reaching for the volume when I heard a sultry moan from the back seat. I kept driving, my eyes forward but I did manage to catch a glimpse back at the next stop light.

I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw her shifted forward on the seat with her hand rubbing her exposed pussy. My eyes darted back to the road, helping me stay alert for any yahoos who tried to cut the light. Still, my mind drifted back to the sound of her moan and the way her fingers had been slipping up and down along her sex.

“Why don’t I join you up there?” Her voice was quiet as a whisper but it held a erotic promise as her words hung in the air. I continued flying the cab along.

“Kind of hard to change in flight ma’am.” I replied. The last thing I needed was for her to get banged up trying to get into the front seat. Horn or no I still needed to keep her safety in mind.

“Vendi, ma’am makes me feel like my mother. I want to feel young tonight, forget some foolish decisions.” She confided before she adjusted her dress and slipped out her left breast. Under the light of my interior bulbs, her flesh looked tasty and soft. Age had them sagging just a bit but I didn’t mind. Her exposed breast and pussy were the sort of invitation I wasn’t about to turn down. But still I needed to get her back to the hotel. I had work to handle tonight.

“Alright. I would hate for you to get hurt climbing into the seat Vendi.” I said while her hand moved up along her dress and captured her pink nipple between her fingers. She pinched the appetizing flesh and a pleasant hiss echoed from the back of the hovertaxi.

“I guess you’re right driver. But… that’s no fun. I guess I’ll have to entrain myself.” Vendi said before she started to do just as she had said. She let her fingers move even faster along her pretty pussy lips. While her breasts had a slight sag her pussy looked perfectly set. I had no doubt the back chair would need to be cleaned because I started hearing the loud squelching noises coming from her body each time she pushed her fingers deeper in her pussy. As Vendi masturbated in the back of my taxi the entire vehicle was soon filled with the ambient scent of her sex.

When I found an area I pulled the taxi over to an service lane and put the engine into standby. “Oh, stopping so I can safely come up there?” Vendi asked before she brought her cum covered fingers up to her lips. The hot older woman opened up her lips and then started sucking and savoring every bit of the juices that stained her fingers. I smiled and then decided to play a bit with her.

“I would if I could darling. I’m supposed to buy a new part for my spaceship tonight.” “I won’t delay you too long driver. I promise you I’ll make you forget all about the world and its shit. Just give me a chance, I haven’t sucked a young cock in a while.”

I activated a force field so that she could move along the cab and come into the front passenger seat. She didn’t bother covering up her breast as she moved along the side of the vehicle. Just to our left traffic continued to flow and anyone looking to the right may have caught a nice view of her exposed flesh as they spend on past the point we were situated at. Once she got into the passenger seat she leaned forward across the center console and opened up the top of her dress even more to expose her other breast. Now her large tits were mere inches from me as I leaned over to meet with her. She caught my hands and kissed my fingers before she pulled my body even closer. My fingers stroked along an impressive offering of soft flesh and I quickly found her guiding my hands to her nipples.

For a few moments Vendi simply cooed as I rubbed the worn rough skin of my fingers against the smooth plushness of her breasts. When my fingers gripped her nipples and gave each of them a tug, she cried out in the passenger seat but ended up forcing even more of her body towards mine. I played with her tits more and enjoyed every second of the soft cool flesh getting warmer underneath my touch. She leaned forward and kissed my lips, neck and cheek before using her right hand to start exploring my pants. The hot older vixen had little problem unclicking the buckle of my tactical belt. A zipper pull later and her fingers had found my cock.

While I was still focused on her tits she set to work stroking my cock. Her soft fingers with red painted nails felt incredible on my cock. Vendi freed it from my pants and felt it quiver every time her fingers hit just the right spot. Quickly she started working her thumb on the top of my crown while I continued groping her beautiful breasts and pulling on her nipples.

“You’re making me so wet…” She said before she kissed my lips urgently. While she mashed her lips on my own mouth her body never stopped shuddering as I played with her nipples. The instant her lips pulled back her mouth opened up with a lewd moan as I curved her nipples out in a circular motion before I let go. With my hands momentarily off of her heaving breasts she nudged me back against the seat. Her motion and the look she gave me almost had a motherly inflection. As her fingers kept me back she leaned her entire body forward across the console so that her lips could reach my cock.

The instant that her lips opened up and took my cock inside, it felt like my rod was tramped in a warm wetness I was not eager to slip out of. It felt like my entire was melting inside of her mouth as she blew me. Her breasts rubbed against my crotch and legs as her body slid up and down with my cock diving forward into her throat. Vendi was a natural. Her tongue continually curved around the head of my cock while her fingers pulled and pulsed on my cum laden balls. While her left hand played with my balls her right hand moved down to hide beneath her dress to drill her pussy again. As she moaned around my cock I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I was approaching swiftly behind her. Her throat fit my cock like a perfect glove. Each time she took all of my length into her mouth my entire length stiffened. While my cock continued to endure the liberating feeling of her throat, her fingers on my balls made my entire body warm up while her own body continued shuddering from her other hand. With each passing moment Vendi’s buxom tits heaved as she finger-fucked herself closer to oblivion. I’m not completely sure who came first but suddenly my shaft tightened and an explosion of white hot energy billowed out from my balls. My fingers worked themselves tightly into her hair and I kept the slutty woman right against my cock as I emptied my load directly into her mouth.

She never tried to pull off but her entire body did start rumbling as I filled her stomach full of cum. Her fingers drove as deep into her pussy as possible as she started cumming in the seat. Her juices spilled out in rapid gushes but I didn’t care. Each time her body shuddered from the pleasure her throat tightened up around my cock to milk every last drop of my cum from my cock. After a minute, I released my grip on her hair. She pulled off my cock but almost immediately sank back down to start licking all over my cock while she soon brought both of her hands to my balls.

“Your cum tastes so salty. I want more. I need this nice young cock to break me in your taxi. I want to have my moans bouncing around inside as you turn out my pussy with his big juicy cock…” Vendi declared with a wicked smile on her lips as she worked hard to get my cock nice and hard again so that she could continue having some fun since her earlier plans had been canceled.


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