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The changing-room at the pool during the family vacation

Once every year the family of my girl goes on a vacation together. Her parents, uncles, aunts and all the children together in one big vacation home. It always is a really fun week, the only problem is it’s really impossible to have sex in a house with so many people. So as we got further into the week we both started to get really horny, especially the Thursday when we went with the whole family to an indoor pool.

I was waiting outside of the changing-rooms for my girl so we could go into the pool. She came out and I saw she was wearing a new bikini. It was red with a white pattern on it but most of all it was tight, really showing off all her curves. She looked around trying to see where I was. When she saw me she smiled and walked towards me. She stood on her toes so her mouth was next to my ear, she whispered “I see you like my new bikini” at that moment I realised my dick had started to become hard the moment she came out of the changing-room. I turned around and quickly went into the water before I got completely hard, for everybody to see through my swim shorts. She kept standing on the edge of the pool, having fun about my reaction. She walked past me to the other end of the pool, making sure I could see her ass swing all the way before jumping into the water. I swum towards her but just before I reached her her nephews came out of the changing-room and jumped into the water next to us. The rest of the family followed short after. The whole pool time we didn’t get a change to do anything other than a bit of flirting and a quick touch now and again.

At the end of the day we walked back to the changing-rooms, both quite sexual frustrated. Suddenly she started to smile and said “let’s go in here” while pulling my arm. She pulled me into a changing-room which is meant for a mother with a baby, it was a bit bigger and it had a dresser in it, meant for changing a diaper. After she locked the door we looked at each other for a short while. When standing there we could hear the pool life around us, the children running around and screaming in the water, the sounds of people changing in the changing-rooms and the people walking past our room searching for a room to change. She broke the moment by giving me a soft kiss. At that moment we couldn’t hold back anymore and all the build-up tension from the past days started to come out. We started to make out passionately, her hands running all over my body and mine all over hers. She grasps for air when I grabbed her ass. She pushed me back and pulled down my shorts revealing my rock hard cock. She bended over and wrapped her lips around the head and grabbed my balls with her hand. She sucked it a few times to make sure it was hard and wet and got up to kiss me again. I took off her bikini top and she pulled her bottoms down. The moment her bottoms hit the floor she whispered in my ear “fuck me, come on and fuck me”.

I picked her up and set her on the dresser. She spread her legs, showing me her dripping wet pussy. I stepped forward and placed the tip of my cock on her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me forward sliding my cock into her all the way, a soft moan leaving her mouth. Right at that moment someone tried to open the door of the changing-room. We both froze, my cock still all the way inside her. We waited quietly but the person walked on looking for a room that was free.

I grabbed her ankles and took her legs off my back so I could move. I slid out of her and back in all the way again. After a few times she leaned back and put her legs on my shoulder giving me even better access. I started to fuck her harder but she was so wet that it was making too much noise, so I had to slow down. We were so horny and both wanted a good hard fuck but we had to keep it down so no one would hear. I fucked her slow and deep all the way in and out until only the head was still in. She licked her fingers and started rubbing her clit, I grabbed her legs so I could fuck her even deeper. It was so hot fucking her with all those people around and it had been such a long time that I could feel that we both wouldn’t last long. She started rubbing faster and I fucked her as hard and deep as possible without making too much sound. Her body got more and more tens as she got closer and her pussy got tighter which caused me to get really close as well. Suddenly her pussy began to pulsate and her body trembling while cumming hard. The pulsating gave such a great feeling that I started cumming too. I could feel my warm cum shooting out in her pulsating pussy.

I pulled out and took a step back. She laid on the dresser, her legs in the air and my cum dripping out of her wet pussy while smiling at me. I helped her off the dresser and she wiped herself clean with her bikini bottoms. We quickly changed and got out of the changing-room before her family would notice we were missing.


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