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Remote Controlled Panties

My girl’s birthday was coming up in four days and I was looking around the internet for something to give her. I thought that a fancy dinner, or a movie wasn’t too exciting for a 19 year old, so I was desperate to find something for her.

She was always interested in buying some sort of sex toy, but the dildos and vibrators she bought didn’t do much to make her climax. She desired something more interactive , and something I could control. But I wasn’t aware of any product out there that did such thing. I was determined still to find it.

After two days of researching, I manged to find a experimental toy that allowed this functionality. It was a vibrating underwear for couples that can be controlled wirelessly through a smartphone. The product has not yet reached production, but it was close to finalization. The company, a famous condom manufacturer, just needed a few more participants for final quality testing. I quickly typed my mailing address for a couple’s set.

Three days after I was approved, the shipment for the couple set came in. I remember smiling like a fucking idiot when I got it at the post office. The receptionist must have thought I was a lunatic who ordered parts for a bomb. Oh yes ma’am, this is gonna be one fucking pleasure bomb.

The toys themselves were surprisingly discreet. I thought there would be wires and metal circuitry poking out, but it was very well hidden. There was three pieces of undergarments: a boxer short for me, and panty and bra for her. The boxer short had a rather thick around the area between the groin and buttocks, like the outline of a jockstrap, which housed the main vibrating electronics of the toy. It was very comfortable to wear. The padded areas didn’t restrict my comfort and there was alot of space around the groin for my member.

The pantry had the same structure, albeit the padding around the vagina and anus was wider, but thinner than mine. The bra had the same structure, with the vibrating electronic components around where her nipples would be. I was worried that her underwear may not fit her, but after comparing with her other underwear, I was satisfied for her to use it.

An hour before class, I told gave her the toy, presenting it as lingerie. She was confused at first as to why I would want her to wear it during the school day, but I told her it was to make sure it fitted well. Oh boy, she was in for a surprise.

Our university was as large as a small town and we had the misfortunes of having class at opposite sides of the campus. So, to make up for the lost time without each other, we would often have an open video and voice line when time permitted. This was my way of making sure the toys worked, and also to watch her reaction.

It was 10 am, and she was at her Sociology class. The class was more of a discussion, composing of 70 students in rather small lecture hall ( 10 rows of seating). Like me, she wasn’t one to participate alot and sat at the farthest row from the back, often setting up her laptop to procrastinate on Reddit. When she arrived to her class, she opened our video stream, greeting me with a tired face. Oh, I forgot she just had her Chemistry midterm, and the professor had a thick Russian accent. My poor girl. I’ll cheer her up.

While we talked, I downloaded the app to control her toy. I wanted to slowly increase the intensity, as to not make her jolt, and with the touch of a button, I set her vibration to light. She didn’t seem to feel it, or most likely she was too tired. I cranked up the setting to medium, but I also noticed a setting to change the focus of vibration dynamically. I moved it around where her clit would be.

“I suddenly feel good” she said. “Huh, how come?” I asked “Like, my clit is vibrating”

I increased the vibration level to high and moved the focus around her clit.

“Like that?” I said.

She looked at me for quick second, at first being furiously mad, but relaxing to joy.

“You asshole,” She said, “don’t stop”

She was doing her best to act attentive, since her professor was calling out students. She kept her sight towards the board, with her hand moving her pen, but producing no writing. However, I know she couldn’t ignore. Hell, I was afraid she’d make her lips bleed by how much she’s biting it. Luckily, class was over by the time she was called out, and I only had five minutes to get to my next class.

My next class was a discussion, meaning 10-15 students in a small room led by a teaching assistant. I always hated these classes because students would often bullshit their responses , including me, making the whole section worthless. But attendance was mandatory.

Five minutes in to the discussion, I get a text from her: “You idiot, you took my phone. And guess what, I have the app too.”

FUCK. That’s why I had to re download the app. Shit, getting the same phone and case was probably a bad idea. Knowing her, I couldn’t do anything to convince her to stop. I could only plea for a lighter punishment.

“Babe, please be gentle” I wrote. “We’ll see. hahaha,” she wrote, laughing like a maniac.

Oh she was teasing alright. I felt two small vibrations around my shaft. Probably her warning shots. Luckily, the TA was presenting a 30 minute video, which should keep me safe for two-thirds of the class time.

But even before the first scene begins, she initiates her attack. Immediately, I feel the intense vibrations under the head of my penis, the frenulum. I was limp until then, but the pleasure quickly made me throbbing erect. The underwear didn’t help in limiting my growth, as it expanded the area around my groin. The thing that also sucked is that because of the larger area, my dick wasn’t positioned downwards, but upwards, with the back side right on the vibrating components.

I did whatever I can to distract myself off this path – pinch myself, think of older people naked, reimagine an old childhood horror – , but the pleasure was to great. She also didn’t want me cumming to early, because she knew if she built me up, I would ejaculate so much that it would be visible even while I’m wearing pants.

Time was my enemy, but it was a slow one. Every second was stretched to what felt like hours of pleasurable pain. Damn, how I wanted to cum already, but not also. With no choice, and the pressure behind my prostate about to rupture, I excused myself and rushed to the nearest bathroom.

Running into an empty stall, I pulled down my pants and immediately pulled out my erect penis, aiming it at the toilet bowl as I came. I looked down at the toilet bowl, now with my semen floating in its water, while I enjoyed my climax. After resettling myself, I cleaned up and went back to my class. there was only five minutes left, so I just got back to take my stuff and leave.

It was lunch time, one of the rare moments we had together. We met up at the campus food plaza, mainly barren since it was a Friday. She greeted me with a punch to shoulder.

“How do you like that?” she remarked. “Oh fuck you,” I said, laughing, “Kind of unfair though” “Hey, all is fair in love and war,”

While she was picking the condiments for her sandwich, I played with her using the app, cranking up the setting to high and focusing on her clit.

“Yeah, I’ll get the toma … Ohhh … toe. And also some lett .. fffff .. uce. ” She said, struggling to stand and look straight. i did my best to hide my giggling.

After paying, she took me aside and said: “I can’t take it anymore. I have to cum,”

I knew the place quite well since I loved to do urban exploration, and I know that there was lounge that remained virtually empty throughout the day because it was hard to find.

After some pick-locking, we finally got to the barren lounge. I carried her over to the nearest sofa and unbuttoned her jeans, all while she undid my pants. I pulled her panties to the side and penetrated her. She gave a small moan as I dug deeper.

We were time constraint so I had to move quickly. As I thrusted myself, I noticed that she was using the app to vibrate her panties since I was also feeling it vibrate against my shaft. I pushed her closed to me, wanting to share as much of the sensations as I can, and making her feel safe in this moment of pleasure. I moved my hips faster, while she moaned for me to keep going. She locked her legs around my butt, a thing she would when she was close.

As I passed the point of no return, I tried to pull out, but she strengthened her hold on me.

“No, cum in me,” she said.

I made my final thrust and pushed my gushing load into her warm folds. I groaned while I pushed deeper into her, desiring that she have all that I gave her. The vibrations didn’t help me control my ejaculation as it shattered any control I exerted.

After catching my breath, I pushed myself and moved in front of her face, giving her a long, warm kiss.

“Happy Birthday,” I said.

We didn’t end up going to the last class we had together, spending around half an hour in the lounge, playing around with the toys. I sometimes envy that women don’t become super-sensitive after orgasm, like men do. She knew and would often crank up the vibrations, making me jolt.

I still ended up treating her to a movie though.

-I have so many more stories to share. Really love that I found this site. Just comment if you want more-


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