Sex Confessions, Sex with Strangers

Maid to impress. A Fantasy I want to fulfill

This is a fantasy that I find my self having more and more often. I may have to plan a business trip. I find myself fantasizing about being in a hotel room.Naked on the bed watching tv. The maid walks in and hesitates a little when she sees me and turns around. I invite her to stay and do what she needs to. She does.

We talk a little. mostly about nothing. She keeps staring at my now chubby cock. I say its ok she is loooking at it and ask if she would like to see it fully erect. She looks at the door and then around the room followed by a shyish nodding yes. I slowly stroke my cock and it quickly thickens and stands erect.

The maid is staring and cant look away. Its as if she is stuck she wants to go further down this road but is scared. I ask her to come to my side. She does with out breaking eye contat with my thick hard cock. I take her hand and she nervously stiffens up. She does not pull away so I place her small young hand on my cock.

Her hand makes my cock look even larger. She graps my cock loosely. I move her hand up and down as if to jump start what she is thinking. She turns her head and makes eye contact with me. I nod approvingly and say “Go ahead. Its ok.” With that permission she slowly starts stroking me. It feels so amazing. Her nervousness just adds to the pleasure her little timid hand is giving me. My cock is so hard now it is pulsing. I tilt my head back an moan. She really gets into the hand job. Leaning in. increasing and releasing her grip and rhythm. He looks at me and all I can say is “WOW!”

I notice she is swallowing often and her lips are moist. I tell her. “Go ahead. It’s yours” with that she places her mouth on my throbbing and almost painfully hard cock. Her mouth is warm and full of saliva. She is very talented.

Starting slow and working in a deep though with little problem. She grabs for my hand and places it on the back of her head. “Fuck my mouth” she mutters with her little mouth full of my cock. I oblige. I grab her little head covered in shoulder length hair and comminsed to fucking her little mouth.

The noises she makes, the gagging and the slobber just turns me on even more. Her left hand is unbuttoning her polyester work uniform shirt exposing firm c cup titties wrapped in a front clip bra. which is also open letting me see her perky tits jiggle as I am thrusting my cock into the back of her throat. She drops her uniform pants and starts fingering herself.

I am nearing the end. this is the best blow job of my life. She feels me about to explode. Pulls away and rips her panties offandlaysonthe bed, looks at me and says “FUCK. MY. PUSSY. like you did my mouth. FUCK. ME”

I reach into the dresser looking for a condom. NONE! I run to the bathroom looking for a condom. SHe is laying there moaning loudly slobber dripping from her mouth and the most beautiful pussy glistening. Ready to be plowed by my cock. Which is about to explode. FUCK! I can’t find a condom. I toss the room. I have to cum. I GRab her off the bed. Put her on her knees. Thrust my cock back into her mouth.

Pull out and stroke my pulsing cock a couple of times and blow the biggest load of my life on her face. Up her nose, in her hair and eyes. She doesn’t hesitate and puts my cock back into her mouth and sucks me dry.

My knees buckle. She follows me down. Finger fucking her pussy with a purpose. She leans back on the floor, rubs her clit till she gushes. We both lay on the floor for what seems liek several minutes. She gets up and apologizes. and says she never did anything like that before. She begs me not to tell.

I explain that this was a 1st for me too. We get dressed. She begs again not to tell her boss.I promise I wont. With that she leaves. With out a buy or a hug. I am drained. I lay trying to sleep while grasping what just happened.

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