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Felt frisky during a walk in the park

I always thought my girl didn’t have too many “wild” kinks. Just the ole’ missionary, cowgirl, and maybe even doggy keeps her satisfied.

I’d be lying if I said I was fine with this, but at the same time, I was kind of glad to experience something calmer, and more close and romantic. However, my idea of her inner desires changed while we celebrating our anniversary.

Actually, our anniversary happened a week before, but college coursework and all that crap made us unavailable. Luckily, Thanksgiving was coming and examinations had just finished. It was a good time to breathe deep and to finally see the world though our eyes and not a giant textbook.

It was our first year of university in a relatively new town – around 40 miles from our hometown, in the same state of Cali. I figured that going to the beach would be overrated and the our experience would probably be hindered by the weekend rush to swim. Rather, I was thinking of going to the city park. But it wasn’t some regular, neighborhood park , but a large 1300 acre of greenery with various museums and small attractions. She was always loved walking through the local forests back at home, and I have been dying to see the city life of this town.

We left the uni an hour before midnight because we wanted to see the stars in their full glory in the clear cast sky. It took us around half an hour of driving to arrive, but the traffic and parking was smooth. I was a bit disappointed to find a large crowd at the park’s center, so we thought we’d just get food and drink there to explore the outer parts of the park.

The place was truly amazing. I had never seen so many collections of gardens, trees and plants in one place. My girl and I would often fangirl over the various structures of the buildings scattered around. However, she didn’t share the same enthusiasm when I would tell her about the plants we encountered – referring to all them as different kind of “leaves”.

An hour or maybe two has passed and we were walking through a hiking trail in the outer regions of the park. Surrounded only by bushes and trees, we spent most of our time talking about anything really all while feeling secure in the solidarity nature offered us.

We retreated to a small open region surrounded by tall bushes and soft grass to look up at the clear sky. That’s when she asked me a question that made me question everything about her, in a good way.

“We should totally fuck here. What do you think?” she said

“Wait,” I responded, “Really?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun. Just gotta be careful of getting caught”

Before I can even check our surrounding, she was already on top of me, taking of my shirt and her top. The soft, lightly wet grass didn’t help in speeding up our undressing, but we made do.

I have never seen her so excited than now. As soon as I was free of my boxers, she grabbed my dick and jammed it into her moist pussy. She was wetter than normal, as more of her juice leaked down my shaft every time she thrust herself against me. She was buying as much time she can, edging me as best as she can by taking things slow, but interesting. Her warm palms pressed softly against my bare chest reminding me that she was in control.

Before I can even tell her I was about to cum, she stopped to a grind and smiled at me.

“I know you too well” she said.

With that, she got off me, with our collective juices dripping all over my groin, and grabbed on top of her. It was time turn to tease her, and to show that I know her as much as me. After breathing deeply, I managed to retreat myself far away from the edge of no return. I thrust deep into her, wanting to feel every warm fold I can reach. She gave a loud moan, making me cover her gasping mouth.

I started moving slowly, but ever so deeply. I can feel her warm breath get hotter and larger as I slowly quickened my thrusts. I had to be careful though, because she was sensitive woman, often cumming from simple fingering. When I felt her moans get stronger, and her folds tighten – all of which I knew were signs of her climax – I stopped and remarked to her what she said to me.

“But, I could do better,” I said in addition.

I turned her over, with her plum butt facing me, and her warm, red pussy hiding just beneath. She hated this positions because I would often touch her g-spot and make her cum too quickly. However, I wanted to see if I could make things last longer.

The mere penetration alone almost made me cum, but I was too focused on my goal of teasing her. My movement was slow and shallow, desiring to not trigger her spot as soon as possible. As I quickened my movement, I pecked her neck with warm kisses and whispered into her ear “this isn’t going to end anytime soon”.

Suddenly, she shouts, “make me cum!”

With her command, I dug my hand just beneath her pelvis so I could stimulate her clit. I placed my other hand and arm around her breast, massaging her sensitive nipples. I made my thrusts deeper and faster, wanting to finally cum after moments of teasing.

I felt it, that intense pressure building up around my prostate as I was about to climax. I felt her folds grow warmer and convulse even more so as I build her up. Finally, there was release.

No matter how long we foreplayed, I would ejaculate a significant amount that would make cleaning rather irritating. However, there was no need to clean up here. Despite being already balls deep into her, my cum was still leaking out of her. I could feel her convulse; enthralled by the explosion of relief and joy we have so long worked for. I pulled myself out, and pushed out the last of my load on her back, all while I caressed her tired self below me.

We stayed in this position for a good half an hour. She would tease me sometime by rubbing her butt against my tired dick, but we both knew we have expended most of our energies already.

To this day, we would often come back in the same area and build each other up as much as we can. Hopefully, during each session, we were truly alone.


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