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Alone at the swim facility

During my freshman year of uni, I decided to join a non-competitive swimming team. Basically, our “competitions” were among ourselves and were anything but serious. But the reason I joined was because by being in the team, I am given access to all swimming facilities of the universities – jacuzzi, Olympic pools, etc.

What sucked, however, is that all facilities were closed by 5:00 pm, and my last class was at 4:30. So, on a good day, I would spend 30 mins swimming , but on average, I’d swim for 10 at most. You make do what you have I guess.

One day, my last class was cancelled and so I did what anyone would do: go swimming. I swam at an indoor facility close to the edge of campus, hoping to stay away from crowds. I probably spent two hours swimming, switching between the hot tub and the pool, enjoying the silence of the near-empty facility. After leaving, I realized that I had left my car keys and phone in the locker room.

FUCK. I knew I couldn’t get in as maintenance leaves ten minutes after closing, and it was well after that. Also, without the keys and my phone, there was no way I’d be able to bring me and SO home. I was panicking for a good two minutes until I finally cleared my head and found a solution: I have to break in.
This facility had a truck depot that wasn’t locked. I could hopefully use that as an entry. After confirming that the depot was open, I easily picked the lock for the entrance door and got inside the facility. I was relieved.

As I went through the facility to reach the locker rooms, I realized that they kept the inside of this place pretty open. The pool and hot tube were all still running, and the lights were still on. Oh crap, I had an idea.

After reaching my locker, I called my SO to meet me at the facility. Upon arriving, I opened the front door to my surprise.

“How’d you get it?” she asked. “I had to pick a lock, ” I responded “But why?” “I forgot my keys and phone,”

After giving me a disappointed look, she giggled: “you dumbass”

“But we have the whole place to ourselves,” I said. “…and you always wanted to go skinny dipping,”
She looked at me, biting her tongue indicating that she was planning more than skinny dipping. After some moments of internal dialogue, she agreed and we immediately took of our clothes and jumped in the freezing pool.

“Fuck, it’s cold,” she said.

The pool’s temperature regulator must have times out. I was used to the cold, but she surely wasn’t. I grabbed a mat-sized pool float for the two of use to warm up on. She pressed herself against me, wanting to share as much of my body heat as she can. I held her tight in response.

A few moments passed and her shivering stopped. We looked up at the sun roof, looking at the distant cosmos as the dimmed lights of the facility allowed for only the moon to illuminate our naked bodies. I glided my hand around her skin, and kissed her neck. I reached down to her moist pussy, entering my index and middle finger her warm and wet inside. She shivered at the mere sensation.

I then glided my two finger around her labia, occasionally penetrating her. She moaned with every movement. Using my other hand, I massaged her nipples, taking care to not lose focus on her pussy. Enduring enough, I penetrated my two fingers into her, rubbing g-spot. With a loud moan, she surrounded my hand with her legs, squeezing me as her climax inched closer. Finally, clear fluid leaked between her legs, and onto my hand while she gave a greater second moan.

We weren’t done however. We pulled ourselves from the pool, and onto a yoga mat. She grabbed my erect penis, and glided it inside her wet pussy, making sure every inch was covered by her. She then took my dick, now wet with her fluids, and placed her hand on the head of penis, and the other on my shaft. Slowly, she moved her two hands along my penis, rubbing her thumb on the frenulum of my dick. I was in awe of her power over me as she commanded my body with just two hands. I desired to join her movement by thrusting into her hand, but she pushed me back, taking full control of my pleasure.
This lasted for an hour. She knew me enough to know when I was about to cum, and to be honest, I wanted her to know. I wanted her to build-up as best as she can.

At this point, I would usually get tired and slowly return to a flaccid state, but this time, I was too engage. A string of pre-ejauclate hanged on the tip of my penis. With her every movement, the drip grew longer. Finally, knowing I was built up to my potential, she stopped., giving me some breathing time.

“Are you ready to cum?” she asked, gliding her hands down my happy trail. She already knew the answer.

She sat on top of me, with her warm labia surrounding the underside of my penis, which lay red on my pelvis. Slowly, she glided herself on top me, further enticing me to cum, but purposely stopping to tease. I reached for her hips, hoping to control her speed, but instead, she tied me down, proclaiming herself as a the true queen of my body. I was powerless and I enjoyed it. The pain of enduring was great, but having her on top, deciding what I feel made me feel safe and warm.

However, I wanted to cum already. I placed my hand behind her, catching her as I took control. I positioned her so that we were facing each other at an angle. Like this. I then grabbed my dick, and slowly guided myself in her. I pushed her closer to me as I wanted her to feel my heart pound with pleasure as I came in her.

The position didn’t afford much movement, but she was cooperative and pushed herself on me. That wasn’t enough for me, so I carried her and moved her on my own. I took my time for her pleasure, but also had my own interest in mind. I was sped up my movement, pounding her body – now powerless as I controlled her movement – onto my dick. With every thrust, she moaned in pleasure, breathing her warm breath on my neck.

Finally, the dams have broken and I came. The magnitude of pleasure that I felt was too large for me to handle. Every time I pushed my warm load into her, a wave of pleasure would overtake my body. So I sat there frozen, while she moved herself against me, milking my penis. After a few more thrusts, she came also, releasing a running stream of clear love juice. The area around our bits was wet and warm with my semen and her ejaculate. Love was definitely made. We held ourselves in this position, frozen and enthralled by our climax.

Slowly, we grew tired and I lay down while she lay on top, still quivering her legs from pleasure. I embraced her tight, desiring to feel her warmth. I was still feeling my climax all over my body, but mainly on my penis, which lay fat on my stomach and squeezed between our warm and convulsing bodies.
I was glad she decided to get a piercing on her belly button. As she moved her body up and down mine, her jewelry would glide just on top of my of dick, helping me in pushing out my left over load.

We stayed like this for a good half and hour. We showered together after, with her occasionally touching my now, very sensitive penis. She , however, responded very well when I reached for her. Damned refractory period.

The fun didn’t end there. She was awfully horny after, and to be fair so was I – but my sensitivity was too great.

While dressing up in the locker room, she went up to me and grabbed my dick, still sensitive, and penetrated herself. I couldn’t resist much and held her as we fucked standing. She didn’t like this position because she often came early from it, but her breaths proved otherwise. I pushed myself deep into her, thrusting fast to itch her pleasure spot. As she climaxed, I pulled out and press her against me, with my penis between us, and came on her stomach. We both felt my warm semen drip down our stomach, and I groaned loud from the intense pleasure.

She then pushed me down a nearby bench, and straddled me.

“I want you to cum in me,” she said.

Suddenly, she inserted my dick, still wet from ejaculation, into her. She moved her hips rapidly, but she had to work hard for my orgasm. After further speeding herself up, I felt myself cum a third time. As she got up, with fresh semen dripping from her vagina, I stayed frozen on the bench. I was paralyzed with my orgasm, probably a result from waves of pleasure from the previous acts. I looked down on my penis, now slumbering after a day of hard work and wet with her warm fluid.
We showered a final time, and went home.

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