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Light Rail Halloween

I tended to avoid the light rail in general, but especially on Halloween. I was not a fan of the occasion in the first place and the light rail was the central transit system for many party-goers and enthusiasts on the despicable holiday. The sight of blood turns my stomach, and horror movies, especially those of gory observance, are something I specifically forgo.

The manufacturing company I worked for as a project manager was drastically understaffed as over half of the graveyard shift called in “sick”. I had no choice on this most eventful night. I prepared myself for a nightmarish evening plenteous with inconsiderate hoodlums of varying ages and varying states of drunkenness.

I found myself at the rail stop pleasantly surprised by its emptiness. I scanned the outdoor waiting area quickly as to prepare an avoidance tactic for any ambling drunken morons that may attempt to engage me. Not a body was found. The area was dimly lit by the indirect light of a nearby street lamp which served to give the whole area the resemblance of a horror movie set. I was glad when I heard the faint sound of the rail car approaching the station. The sooner I got this eerie evening over with, the better.

The car came to a squealing halt, the hydraulic brakes hissed loudly and the doors slid open. I hyped myself up with a deep breath and climbed unwillingly into the car. To my second amazement of the evening, the car was pleasantly empty. Well, essentially empty. There was a single person at the front of the car, standing silently with their back to me. They appeared short and unthreatening. Long raven-black hair hinted it was likely a female and probably as nervous about this ominous train ride on Halloween Eve as I was. I breathed a sigh of relief and found a seat in the back of the car, quietly sitting down as to not draw any attention from my fellow passenger.

The doors clacked shut and the train lurched forward. I distracted myself with mental preparations for my evening at the warehouse, which worked for the first few stops, but my mind eventually began to wander. The car is completely empty, why is she standing? There are seats all around her. I began wishing we would approach her stop so I could be alone with my thoughts. In fact, eventually the only solace I found was in the fact that no other passengers were gracing our car with their presence. At least I was alone. We were alone, rather.

She’s just trying to reach her destination quietly and safely without conflict as I am. She’s probably cute, I thought. Cute girls almost always get engaged on the train, especially at night. That’s why she’s standing in the corner. I began to calm at the thought. I allowed my eyes to wander. She was wearing a fairly form-fitting, black t-shirt which served to slightly outline her slim waist and flaring hips. The more my eyes wandered downward, the more I realized I was exactly the type she was trying to avoid. I was beginning to ogle her. As my gaze slowly slid across her lower back, I resigned myself to perving. She had a fantastic ass. Two round globes of tight meat confined by a pair of sweat pants, stretching to nearly maximum capacity to contain their contents. We passed a small bump in the tracks and her drool inducing cheeks bounced invitingly. Despite its fullness and roundness, her ass still provided a devilish little gap just at the bottom between her thighs. A bit of light was glowing through, and whether by my imagination or not, I convinced myself I could see the outline of two luscious lips, split by the seam of her sweatpants.

I was glad she was looking away as to not draw any concern from her, innocently attempting to traverse the Dallas area unmolested. I tore my eyes from her lower quarters respectfully, but moments too late. My gaze snapped to her eyes as if attracted by powerful magnets. Her head was turned slightly, just enough to see me out of the corner of her peripheral. How long had she been watching me? I opened my mouth as if to apologize, but what was I going to say? She knew she had busted me. I wanted to just look away and pretend it didn’t happen, but I couldn’t. She was beautiful. Her full, pouty lips were turned up innocently at the corners in a most inviting fashion. Her eyes were accentuated with the slightest amount of eyeliner which served to enhance the veritable flames pouring out of them at that moment. Her smooth skin and features perfectly framed by silky, straight black hair attempted to give her an innocent look, but her gaze somehow shredded any semblance of kindness I felt she could ever offer me right then.

She slowly turned around. I gulped hard even though my mouth was dry. She never broke eye contact with me as she turned her body toward me. I felt as though she was challenging me. “Come on you sick piece of shit. Wait until I tell the rail officer you’ve been ogling my ass AND my tits this whole ride. You disgusting fuck.” Her imaginary voice in my head was louder than the screeching brakes of the rail car. “That’s it you perverted cocksucker! Just look at these big fucking titties. You know you want to!” I tried to push the thought from my head, but I could not. She got louder and more forceful in my mind. “Come on fucker! Come on!”.

I looked down. The train hit a couple of bumps and her copious tit flesh bounced slightly in her shirt. The front matched the back. Her tight shirt hugged her huge braless tits firmly. They hanged softly from her small frame and were capped with big, hard nipples right at the tip, pushing forcefully against her shirt. “Yeah you like that shit huh? You’re fucking sick…” She made me feel embarrassed.

She began walking towards me. The unpredictable shifting and jerking of the train car did not seem to affect her balance in the slightest bit. She stopped about 6 feet from me, just in front of the door I entered, blocking my path of exit. What the fuck is she doing, I thought to myself. I expected her to demand my information so she could turn me into the rail police.

She slowly moved her hand to the side of her sweat pants and gripped the elastic waist band. She then carefully began peeling the fabric down, rolling the cloth over her skin and exposing several inches of her smooth hip flesh to me. What the fuck… is she trying to incriminate me further? I had to put a stop to this. Just as I began to open my mouth my gaze was drawn to some foreign object at her hip which began to become more visible as she continued to slowly peel the material down. She calmly reached over with her free hand and grasped the leather, tugging it ever-so-slightly until it released from her side and began coming into view. It was a round, leather-bound handle of some kind. I became more and more concerned with each inch of this object that came into view, until finally I began to see a reflective surface glinting light back at me. It was a knife. A big one. The steel seemed to never end. It was bladed on both sides and came to a fierce looking point at the end like some type of ceremonial dagger.

She never broke eye contact with me, and as I looked back up questioningly into her eyes, there was a slight smirk at the corner of her luscious lips. I was in a dead panic at this point. Sweat running down one temple. My exit was blocked. I could do nothing but silently plead into her eyes for some explanation. Every time I began to speak I found there was nothing to say. What could I say? I almost convinced myself I was deserving of whatever consequences she planned to render upon me for lusting after her body when I thought she wasn’t looking. I could say I’m sorry, I thought- “Yes. You could, Pig” Her beautifully demonic voice penetrated my mind again. I opened my mouth to offer my most sincere apology.

The doors of the car loudly slammed open, interrupting me. A young blonde girl carefully stepped into the entrance of the door next to my assailant but stopped dead.

“What the fu-” Before the words could fully form, the woman in black forcefully grabbed the young girl by the hair and violently dragged her into the car, pinning her against her chest with the knife blade tight against her throat.

“What the fuck is going on! Let me go!” The young girl struggled and attempted to twist away to no avail. As if by some supernatural force I was frozen in place, unable to speak or move.

“Fucking help me dude!” She shot at me. “This bitch is fucking crazy!”. I silently pleaded an apology with my eyes, but that was all I could do. The girl eventually stopped struggling and began bargaining.

“Tell me what you want! I have $30 on me! Just take it!” My beautiful assailant just stood silently, pinning the girl in place, staring directly into my eyes.

“Take your cock out” The thought quietly and mockingly entered my mind. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why am I drawn to such disgusting thoughts when I should be saving this young girl’s life? I convinced myself I was just confused and panicked and didn’t have a grasp on my conscience at the moment. Yeah that was it. I was just super freaked out and it had nothing to do with how beautiful and captivating this woman was. The mess of hair had fallen from the blonde girls face and I was able to make out her features. She was cute but very young. I couldn’t get a grasp on her age, so I required my thoughts remain completely chaste. She was less developed than her attacker, but still very soft featured and beautiful.

“Take your cock out right fucking now” The thought shot through my mind louder and more forcefully this time. The woman in black pushed the blade more tightly against the teens throat. She will kill her if I don’t do it, I told myself. I have to take my dick out or she will kill this girl. Why was I having these thoughts? I’m fucking disgusting. A girl is about to die in front of me and all I can think about is showing her my cock?

It was mental warfare. There was no way I could do it, but at the same time, I wanted this woman to see my dick more than anything. I was a sick perverted fuck. Before I had another moment to analyze the situation, the teen girl let loose a blood-curdling scream that threatened to break the windows of the rail car. A small trickle of blood began running down the teen’s throat as the very edge of the blade just barely sank into her skin.

“She’s fucking killing me you asshole!” I had to do it. There was no other way. I slowly reached to the front of my pants and carefully undid my belt. I shifted my gaze back over to our assailant. My god she was beautiful. I wanted her to see me so badly. I fumbled with the button on my pants and quickly pulled down the zipper. I was shaking with anticipation. Would she like it? In another time and place, would I satisfy her with it? would she even look at it?

“What the fuck are you doing!?” The teen panicked further. “Are you fucking serious!?” I was rock hard. Harder than I ever remember being. I lifted slightly from the seat and pulled my slacks down. I left my boxers on for the time being, but my engorged cock found it’s way through the opening in the front, bounding into view as my slacks fell away. She purred quietly. Almost a moan of satisfaction. It was the first time she had broken eye contact with me since she caught me staring at her. She drank in the sight of my pulsing organ and appeared to press herself tighter against her young captive.

It was bigger and harder than I ever remember it being. The head was tight and enflamed with blood, pulsing through the bulging veins running along the side. She returned her approving gaze to my eyes and I glared back at her with pride.

“Stroke it” the thought entered my mind. I need to stroke my dick for this woman. Surely if I don’t she will kill this girl, I convinced myself. I almost wanted her screaming and whimpering to come to an end, but I needed some way to justify my actions. I reached my hand slowly to my painfully throbbing member and gently wrapped my cold fingers around it. For just a moment I thought to myself I don’t have any lubricant to facilitate. It would please her more if my hand slid freely and smoothly over my cock.

The instant the thought crossed my mind, I was distracted by some movement. I froze in place, cock in hand and looked up. My succubus was coming closer. Dragging the teen girl with her. Once they were merely a foot from me, the woman jerked the teens head back by the hair and leaned her body slightly over me. Before I understood what was happening, I felt a warm wetness running across my cock and hand. The teens blood was running from her throat over my dick. I should have been disgusted. I wanted to be disgusted. The teen wimpered slightly and coughed, a warm trickle of blood began bathing my crotch and I began moving my cock around in my hand in order to catch every drop I could with my enflamed head.

Once she was satisfied that my cock was sufficiently bathed in the girl’s blood, she returned the teen’s body back against her and returned the knife blade tightly against her throat.

“Oh my god…” The teen quietly mumbled once I was brought back into her field of vision. “You’re fucking insane…”

I began slowly and seductively sliding my blood-soaked hand up and down the throbbing shaft. At the top of my stroke I ran a finger across the tip, sliding droplets of precum around the head, mixing it with the blood. On each slow upstroke, a fresh bead of precum would ooze from the tip and seductively flow over my fingers and down my shaft. I stared into her eyes as she stared at my cock. I wanted it to please her. I loved that she was watching me while I stroked her bloody offering over my cock. I smirked at her. She wanted it. She ran her tongue across her bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth.

The teen continued to struggle and whine. It was getting quite annoying. Only moments ago, I honestly didn’t care if she lived or died, but I was now hoping my lover would just fucking kill her. The moment the thought crossed my mind, her eyes moved back up to meet mine. I could tell she was on fire for something more. I desperately wanted to know what she wanted. I scraped at the corners of my mind to find her voice again, but it was not there. I’ll do anything for you, I thought. Over and over I pleaded to know what she wanted. Her gaze faltered slightly. She almost exposed the tiniest bit of fear. Fear of what? Fear of disapproval? She looked at me with deep apology and I heard the voice again. “This is what I want” My heart swelled with happiness at her response.

Her knife blade moved. The tip carefully dragged up the side of the cute teens face until it reached the corner of one beautiful blue eye.

“Please don’t. You don’t have to do this. My parents are rich. We’ll pay you. I promise I won’t tell the police” I continued stroking my bloody cock as I silently mocked the pathetic girl. Show me what you want. The thought more for my lover than myself.

She applied the slightest bit of pressure on the knife and it pierced the edge of the sclera, just outside the cornea, sending a small trickle of blood running down her cheek. Shrill scream after scream were ejected from the girls writhing body, but my lover was too strong for her. She was fucked. The blade continued into her delicate eyeball until it was over an inch into the flesh and drawing a good stream of blood. I had to be careful not to cum. My precum was flowing freely down my shaft and I almost couldn’t hold back at the image in front of me. Finally, she quickly pulled the hilt of the knife backwards, and using her high cheek bone as a fulcrum for leverage, ripped the young girls eye from her face. This drew a fresh new wave of screams from the girl and she dropped to her knees, blood running down her face rapidly. I immediately had to take my dripping hand from my cock as the slightest touch would have had me shooting cum all over the pathetic teen before my mistress was ready for it.

My love roughly grabbed the young girls hands behind her back and looked up at me, giving me the slightest, almost invisible nod. I understood. I wanted to do it. I had to do it and I wanted her to watch it. I slowly stood up, never breaking eye contact, and walked toward the sobbing piece of meat hunched helplessly on her knees. She grabbed the teens head by the hair and jerked her head back, presenting me with her abhorrent face. The teen loudly whimpered one last pathetic plea before I gently slid my bulbous and bloody cock head against my love’s gift. The opening gave easily. One last scream and I felt the teens face being pushed firmly against my cock. She was silenced. I was presented with a sickly squelching sound as my cock bottomed out into the teens head. Her body seizured slightly as my precum and blood covered cock entered her warm brain and the satisfying moan of death left her throat.

She stood up and looked down at us, pleased with her work. A great sense of joy and accomplishment beamed from her eyes as I secured the teens hair with my hands. I began slowly sliding the warm vessel up and down my aching shaft, a wonderfully sickening squelching sound echoing off the walls of the car with each inward thrust. The nameless woman slowly reached back down to her sweatpants and her hand disappeared under the waistband. The place where the seam split her sex was soaked and softly contracting around the material. A small moan slipped from her lovely mouth as her fingers came in contact with her soaked lips. I could see her fingers nimbly sliding across her clit as she watched me. After merely a few strokes, she looked pleadingly into my eyes and began gently shaking. Her tits jiggling slightly as her orgasm slowly began to take her over. She grabbed the edge of her shirt with one hand and lifted it up quickly, dropping one gorgeous, soft tit into my view. She bit her lip and grabbed her swinging tit into her hand, pinching the nipple roughly. Her orgasm began to intensify as she whimpered and whined through every jerking wave of her delicious climax. I wasn’t going to last much longer watching her cum all over herself and play with her big tit. I pulled the teens face from my cock and let her body limply thud to the floor while sliding blood and pieces of her up and down my shaft with my hand.

I couldn’t hold out anymore. I pulled the skin tight across my cock head and took in the sight of this beautiful woman orgasming and shaking in front of me. My cock started to dribble cum from the tip, splattering on and into the young girl’s face. We looked into each other’s eyes and the woman in black grunted hard, convulsing violently against the nearest seat. I could hear her squirting into her sweatpants and soaking the insides with wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. I released myself directly at her. I moaned softly as my cock began forcefully shooting thick ropes of cum at my lover. The first squirt shot her right in the tit which she quickly began gliding around on her body and massaging into the flesh of her breast. The next few squirts bathed her tight stomach and she began scooping handfuls of the thick liquid into her face and mouth. As the remaining shots squirted downward and onto our victim’s body and face, the woman dropped to her knees and began catching what she could into her mouth. She slid her wet mouth over my still-trembling shaft and began sucking the blood and pieces of our victim off its length, swallowing each sweet mouthful. She lovingly sucked the last few waves of my orgasm from my body, making sure to get every drop from me.

I stumbled back, completely spent, and dropped heavily into the nearest chair. She was a mess. She was covered in both our cum and had pieces of human material all around her mouth and running down her chin. I knew this couldn’t be the end. I didn’t care that we just killed a person. I just didn’t want this to be the last time I saw her.


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