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Bree’s first hotwife experience

Bree ducked the punch and swung her leg around for a kick, catching Steven mid-thigh and causing a grunt. She grinned to herself and threw a left jab, but he was too quick, his gloves coming up and blocking her. She ducked his return cross, jabbing in at his ribs with her right hand, once again making contact, a satisfying oomph escaping his lips. Steven stepped back and held up his hands.

“Alright, alright!” he laughed.

“Enough for today.”

The few people watching on as they sparred clapped and Bree gave a big grin as she climbed out of the ring and walked to the showers, stripping off her gloves and hand wraps as she went. She was glad she’d taken up kickboxing again after a couple of years of being lazy. Well, not exactly lazy, she thought to herself – more just raising kids. She was glad that her husband, Jack, was so supportive of it, too. Even if it was at least partly motivated by his hotwife fantasies, she thought to herself wryly. Oh well, at least she was getting something out of his kink, she thought, even if she would probably never actually go through with actually being with any other guys. She didn’t quite understand it, that was for sure – she definitely wouldn’t want him being with other women – but over the past year or so he’d managed to convince her that it wasn’t about opening up their marriage so that he could have sex with other people like she had initially feared. Quite the contrary – it really did seem to be all about the thought of her with other guys. And it wasn’t as though she hated the idea. It actually made her really quite horny when he would talk about it in the bedroom – asking her about sex with past lovers, telling her about how he imagined her being taken by hunky guys. It was just that it seemed kind of farfetched. She wasn’t a teenager anymore – she was in he 30s now – she didn’t really see the opportunity arising. Plus, the thought of it made her nervous as hell, even while it turned her on. Even with her rediscovered fitness, and the flat stomach and perky backside that went with it (which was probably partly why Jack encouraged her kickboxing so much), the thought of another man seeing her naked, let alone touching her naked body, was seriously anxiety-provoking.

Now, standing under the shower, letting the water run down over her, she ran her hands over herself. Yep, she thought to herself, there were serious benefits for her body. What’s more, the guys at the gym appeared to appreciate it too. Jack loved it when she told him how she caught guys stealing glances at her as she worked out – it seemed to make him instantly hard. He would constantly hound her about whether she found any of the guys attractive, too, probably hoping she would tell him how she fantasised about them. He would always look disappointed when she said no, none of them were all that hot. It was true, too, at least until recently.

A month or so ago, when she’d been going to the gym for about year, a new guy started turning up – Steven. Although Bree’s husband, Jack, was fit and had muscles in all the right places, Steven was a rank above. Whenever his tight-fitting t-shirt would ride up, giving a glimpse of his 6-pack, Bree felt like the air had been momentarily knocked out of her lungs. He was also a little over 6-foot-2, compared to Jack’s 5-foot-9, which never hurt. Add to that a mop of dark hair and a broad grin… All in all, Steven was worth fantasising about, she thought to herself, absentmindedly brushing her nipples as the water cascaded over them. For some reason she hadn’t told Jack about Steven, though. She wasn’t entirely sure why – perhaps because he would expect her to spell out her fantasies – something she wasn’t very good at doing. Or perhaps because he would urge her to make something happen – something that made her extra nervous just thinking about. Steven was good to fantasise about, though, she thought to herself. Plus, they had a good bit of flirting going on, which always felt good. She didn’t know whether he had a girlfriend or wife, but he definitely knew about her husband and two young sons – this didn’t stop him flirting, though, and this was something that seemed particularly exciting to Bree – it was almost like he liked the idea of stealing her away. Just as this thought sent a tingle through her body, Bree heard the bathroom door open, forcing her to come back to reality.

Rinsing off the excess soap, Bree turned off the taps and grabbed her towel, drying herself off before dressing and heading to her car. As she passed through the gym, she saw Steven standing over in the corner chatting with a guy she hadn’t seen before. The other guy looked to be of African descent – not as dark as some people but still a rich chocolate, which wasn’t all that common in Australia. He was maybe an inch shorter than Steven, but looked to be about as muscular, with his black hair cropped close to his skull. As Bree passed them, Steven smiled at her. “See you next week Bree.” He said with that broad smile of his.

His friend also grinned, but there seemed to be a somewhat mischievous look in his eye. Once she was past them, she heard Steven’s friend say something under his breath to Steven, then letting out a low chuckle. Glancing back, she caught them both checking out her backside. Steven quickly looked away, obviously embarrassed, but his friend simply grinned at her and winked. Something about his expression made her blush, and she couldn’t help returning the grin.

Out in the carpark she chastised herself silently – what was she thinking, grinning at a guy who was checking her out? She might as well have a sign around her neck saying slut! Not that Jack would mind, she thought with a shake of her head.

Getting into the car, she turned the ignition… Nothing. She tried again… Nothing again. Fuck, she thought to herself. She must have left the lights on again. She was always doing this. This would be the third flat battery in 6 months. Picking up her phone, she dialled Jack.

“Hey gorgeous” he said, answering the phone, “how was kickboxing? Any new hotties to tell me about this week?” Bree paused for a moment, thrown off guard…

“Um, well I guess… there’s this new guy… I’ll tell you about him later. Right now I’ve got a problem.” Jack groaned audibly.

“You mean it’s a bigger problem than the erection you’ve suddenly given me?!?” Bree laughed,

“Calm down, big boy. I’ve got a flat battery. I’ll call the roadside assist, but just so you know I might be a while.”

“Ok, ok…” began Jack, “but this had better be a trick so you can sneak off with this new guy for a quick…”

“Jack!” Bree cut him off suddenly, “get your mind out of the gutter!” She laughed again.

“Anyway, I’ll be home in a bit – love you.”

“Love you, too” Jack chuckled, and she hung up the phone.

Bree found the number for the roadside assistance on her keychain, dialling and listening patiently.

“We are experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment. Your call is important to us, and we will be with you shortly.” Came the tinny, recorded voice.

Bree cursed, turning on speakerphone and placing the phone on the dashboard. She sat for a minute, listening to the oh-hold music. Glancing in her rear-view mirror she saw Steven and his friend coming out through the door. She looked back down at her phone, just as the recorded voice played for what felt like the 15th time. Her eyes fell on the battery status. Shit, she was nearly flat. At that moment, roadside assist picked up the phone at their end.

“Hello, can I start with your membership numb…” It went silent.

“Hello? Hello…?” responded Bree, but there was no response Holding out the phone, all she saw was the completely blank screen. Flat.

Throwing the phone onto the passenger seat, she cursed. Just then, Steven and his friend reached a car a couple of spaces over from them. Opening her door, she climbed out and called to Steven as she walked over there.

“Hey, can I borrow your phone?” She asked. Steven reached into his pocket to withdraw his phone, but his friend reached out and held his arm.

“Hold on, hold on!” He started, the hint of a Caribbean accent in his voice, “We haven’t even been introduced yet!” He said with a chuckle and a grin.

Bree was ready to be angry at the guy, but something about his smile put her at ease instantly. Her shoulders relaxing visibly, she smiled back, reaching her hand out.

“Bree.” She said. The man took her hand and, rather than shaking it, kissed the back of it.

“Anthony” he replied. “And I’m afraid I already know about you from our mutual friend Steven.” He chuckled. Bree’s eyes darted to Steven, who stood there looking embarrassed.

Steven was about to defend himself when Anthony went on:

“Nothing bad, of course! Just that you… move… very well.” He paused, looking her up and down, his hand still holding hers. “Something that I witnessed for myself while you were sparring.” He said, a twinkle in his eye. Bree hadn’t been aware of him watching as they sparred, but something about it now sent a tingling sensation through her. Something about this confident man watching her was an instant turn-on.

“I… um” Bree began.

“It’s ok, I’m sure you don’t mind being watched.” He said, winking again and making her blush. At this point, Steven broke in – “Did you want to use my phone?”

“Ah, yeah” Bree turned to Steven, noticeably flustered. “My car battery’s flat and I was going to call roadside assist, but then my phone battery went flat.” She rolled her eyes, laughing at herself.

Once again Anthony butted in.

“Well hang on. We have a car, and you need a lift, so perhaps we can be your roadside assist!” He laughed. “You can come back for your car tomorrow anyway. At this time of night you’ll be waiting for a long time for them to come anyway!” Bree thought for a minute. Although she didn’t like the idea of leaving her car, something about what Anthony said made sense. She didn’t really want to the sitting out here in the car for the next few hours waiting – plus, the roadside assist seemed to be pretty busy when she’d called.

When she didn’t say anything for a few seconds, Anthony chimed in again:

“It’s settled then! You’ll come with us.” He grinned his broad grin again, placing his arm around Bree and leading her to one of the back passenger doors before going around and climbing in the other side.

“What, am I supposed to be the taxi driver?” Laughed Steven, getting into the driver’s seat and looking at them in the rearview mirror.

“What’s the matter my friend?” Anthony chuckled, “Are you worried about seeing something in the rearview mirror that you shouldn’t? Or that you’ll be missing out?” With that, Anthony gave Bree another wink. Steven almost choked at this. Once his coughing fit had passed, he turned around.

“I’m so sorry, Bree, my friend here comes from a culture that’s a lot more forward about things… I’m sure your husband would be horrified.” He emphasised the word husband, looking at Anthony sternly.

What happened next was a bit of a blur in Bree’s mind. What she had meant to simply think inside her head slipped from her lips.

“Oh, I don’t know” she said, just loud enough for them to hear. The moment she said it, she blushed bright red, looking down. Anthony looked at her, a look of curiosity mixed with a wry smile.

“What do you mean?” He asked slyly.

“No, nothing…” Bree began, not sure what to say.

“It wasn’t nothing!” Anthony cried out with a chuckle, “Something about your husband not minding me being forward with you…”

Bree said nothing, simply looking down. Something about the situation was both extremely embarrassing and arousing at the same time.

“Wait…” began Anthony, something dawning on him, “does your husband actually like the idea of you with other men???” He asked incredulously. Steven was about to jump to Bree’s defence, but before she knew what she was doing, she simply nodded, looking up to meet first Anthony’s eyes and then Steven’s. She was still bright red, but something had clicked inside her. Why should she be embarrassed? She was a grown woman. Why should she hide the fact of Jack’s kinks from these guys? There was something liberating about being open about it. She suddenly felt a weight lift off her shoulders – a weird sort of freedom. In the back of her mind she remembered how turned on Jack had been when she told him about a group of four guys hitting on her once in a nightclub, and how part of her had wished afterwards that she’d gone home with them.

Both men sat there, dumbfounded, staring at her.

“What?” She asked, “I don’t think it’s that uncommon.” She said with a shrug. It was Steven’s turn to talk. Stuttering slightly, he asked:

“So you… um, sleep with other guys, and your husband doesn’t mind?” Bree looked slightly embarrassed again, the question reminding her that she hadn’t actually slept with anyone else…

“Well, I mean… I haven’t actually been with any other guys, but yeah – that’s the idea – Jack just kind of likes… well, loves… the idea of me with other guys. I guess it’s about him knowing that I’m experiencing pleasure… and that I’m desirable to other men…” she trailed off.

“Well that’s definitely true.” Said Steven, before realising what he’d said and looking down, suddenly shy. This boosted Bree’s confidence.

“So wait…” Anthony spoke up again, “We’re going to be the first guys you’re with outside of your marriage?”

“Anthony!” Steven shouted, hitting his friend in the arm. “You can’t just come out and say that!” Anthony put on a look of mock surpise,


Both men stopped at the same moment, realising that Bree hadn’t really responded to Anthony’s inappropriate question. Bree said nothing for a moment, until Anthony spoke again.

“Well?” he prompted tentatively.

Bree swallowed, nerves suddenly rushing through her. She knew that if this was going to happen, then this was the perfect time. Although she couldn’t tell Jack, he had mentioned that she should simply go with the flow if the opportunity ever arose. Looking from one man to the other, she bit her bottom lip gently and simply nodded.

Steven breathed in deeply, then let it out slowly.

“Ok then,” he began, obviously trying to slow his racing heart, “my place is only 5 minutes away.” At that, he turned and started the car, reversing quickly and racing out of the parking lot. Bree turned to look at Anthony, his grin replaced by a look of pure lust that almost scared her. There was something almost animalistic about it – like a hunter eying his prey. She didn’t get much of a chance to think about it, though, as Anthony unclipped his seatbelt and slid across the seats towards her. Before she could say or do anything, he was kissing her, his full lips warm as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth. The first thing she thought was how different it felt to Jack. Jack always had stubble, where Anthony was clean shaven. There was a real urgency to his kiss, too, and before Bree knew it, he was reaching up under her t-shirt and cupping her bare breast. She hadn’t bothered to put a bra on after her shower, just panties, shorts, and a t-shirt. Her nipple strained against his palm as he massaged, and she couldn’t help moaning softly. Anthony’s mouth left hers and kissed down her neck as he peeled her t-shirt up. She looked up at the rearview mirror as Anthony’s mouth latched onto her nipple, sucking it into his mouth, his tongue swirling around it artfully. Steven’s eyes were flicking between the road and the mirror, taking in as much as he could. They stopped at a set of lights, and he continued just to watch her and Anthony, his eyes lustfully boring into her. Bree couldn’t help herself, she ran her tongue out along first her top lip then her bottom lip as Steven watched her. She saw him reach down and adjust his pants, making her pussy suddenly wet. As if on cue, Anthony’s fingers snaked down under the waistband of her shorts, and slipped into her panties, a finger running the length of her well-lubricated slit before finding her hard little clit, flicking it gently. She cried out at the sudden contact, making Anthony chuckle and slide his thick digit up into her. She grunted involuntarily, her eyes locking back on Steven’s in the rearview mirror.

“Are we nearly there?” She found herself asking, the tone of her voice filled with lust. Steven simply nodded as the lights turned greened, flooring the accelerator. Within another minute they were pulling into an underground parking garage, underneath a set of high-rise apartments. Before the car had come to a complete standstill, Anthony had the door open and was lifting her out of the car. She sighed as he withdrew his hand from her panties.

Steven was already at the lift, and as Anthony reached them, carrying Bree, it opened. Anthony placed Bree onto her feet between the two of them, and she turned her head to Steven, taking his tongue in her mouth for the first time. Both men’s hands roamed her body as the lift started, lifting her t-shirt up over her head and dropping her shorts and panties to the ground. Bree didn’t know what had come over her – she was hornier than she could ever remember being, and she was effectively naked in public. Her hands dropped to the crotches of both men as their mouths found a nipple each and their fingers duelled to explore the soft folds of her sex. Both were rock-solid, and she couldn’t help but reach inside their boxers, weighing both cocks. It was hard to tell exact size, but they certainly felt big.

Just then the lift reached their floor and the doors opened. Anthony once again lifted Bree into his arms and carried her as Steven collected her discarded clothes. As luck would have it, Steven’s door was directly across from the lift, and within seconds they were tumbling into the apartment.

Anthony didn’t waste any time, carrying Bree to the bedroom and laying her onto the bed, fully naked, before peeling off his own tshirt and jeans. Steven, on the other side of the bed, did the same thing, and suddenly she was greeted by two very fit young men with two very large and very hard cocks. She marvelled at them as they climbed onto the bed with her, reaching out to take both cocks in her hands. She was usually so shy with men, and especially hesitant to reach out and touch their cocks, but they were so long and thick. Jack had a good sized cock, roughly the same length, but these two had him beat in girth. She could already feel her pussy clenching in anticipation. Steven’s was slightly thinner, she thought – probably easier to start with. She got up onto her hands and knees, presenting her ass towards him with a shy grin.

“You have protection, don’t you?” She asked nervously.

“Um, yeah… of course.” Replied Steven, obviously stunned by what was happening. He almost ran to the bathroom and was back within a minute with two condoms, passing one to Anthony. Bree watched as Steven unrolled his onto his throbbing cock, then turned to Anthony.

“Leave yours off for now…” She smiled, leaning in and licking the large bulbous head of his cock, something else that she was usually very hesitant to do, as she felt Steven’s head nudge at her slippery entrance. Her mind suddenly went to Jack – all those nights of him teasing her about wanting other guys – describing to her how he wanted her taken. Now it was all coming true. If only she could tell him it was happening, though….

“Wait!” She cried out as Steven was about to push into her. Both men looked confused.

“Do you have your phone?” She asked, looking over her shoulder at Steven.

“Um, yeah.” Replied Steven, reaching for his phone on the bedside table.

“I want you to send a message to my husband.” She almost whimpered, her hand slowly stroking Anthony as Steven’s cock continued to nudge her wet entrance. She gave Steven the number.

Jack was sitting in bed, his laptop on his lap. As usual when Bree was out, he was looking at hotwife porn and masturbating. He glanced at the bedside clock – he hoped Bree wouldn’t be too much longer – he was seriously in the mood tonight for some reason, probably because she’d mentioned a new guy at kickboxing. He reached for his phone just as it buzzed, a message coming in. He looked at the phone, confused – he didn’t recognise the number. He opened it anyway, curious.

His eyes almost bulged out of his head. There on his screen was a photo, unmistakably of Bree. She was totally nude and on all fours, and it had been taken by a guy obviously kneeling behind her, while another guy – a fit black guy – knelt in front of her, his thick cock cradled in her hand. Her head was turned half towards the camera and her eyes were half closed, a look of pure ecstasy on her face as the man with the camera obviously sank his thick pole into her, stretching her open.

Jack’s hand was suddenly a blur on his shaft, and as he glanced down at the text below the picture, his cock erupted, spilling cum across the laptop keyboard.

‘Bree says she’ll be late. PS Thanks – we’ll take really good care of her ;)’


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