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A Provocative Encounter

Jules had never been eye-fucked as much as she was one Friday night, a couple summers ago.

As she opened the door to the bar, the cool air rushed over her, forming goosebumps over her golden sunkissed skin and hardening her nipples beneath a thin white cami. Her long dark hair brushed over her shoulder as she scanned the room looking for an open table. That’s when she saw him.

Seductive green eyes slowly scanned her body until, finally their eyes met. His sultry gaze drew her towards him, but she stopped herself at the table directly across from his corner booth. As she sat down her short black skirt floated away, allowing the cool hard wood chair to chill her bare ass.

“What can I get ya doll?” A beautiful fair skinned red head with long curly hair stood beside Jules with a notepad.

“Jack and Coke on the rocks with a shot on the side.” She smiled.

“Okay.” The waitress turned and walked back to the bar.

Jules casually scanned the room again, still feeling the burn of his eyes on her body. The waitress brought her drinks over with a wink and she smiled back politely.

As her dark red lips lightly pressed against the glass, the whiskey filled her mouth and slid smoothly down her throat. Her insides grew warm and gave her the confidence to look back in his direction. His attention was still on her, although he was talking with his friends. A seductive grin pulled at the corner of his mouth and her eyes smiled slightly.

She turned her attention back to her drink. A popular song surged through the room and all at once everyone flocked to the dance floor. She stayed seated, watching them pass by. As the crowd cleared, she looked over and noticed only him leaning back with his arms draped over the back of the booth. Her heart raced as his eyes wandered over her body again. She instinctively grabbed her drink again, shifting her eyes away from him. She had never had this kind of attention before, but honestly, she enjoyed it. Her eyes fixated back on him, she couldn’t take her eyes off him any longer. Short dark hair paired with his tanned skin made his eye the lightest green she’d ever seen. His muscular build couldn’t be hidden under his t-shirt, which rested loosely at the pockets of his jeans. That was the area she thought she’d stared at a little too hard, his package. She took another sip of her drink, ice brushed against her lip, and she stopped.

 Just do it!

The whiskey made her confident and his gaze sent a provocative rush throughout her body. She guided the ice cube from the half empty glass into her mouth and pressed it in between her pouty lips with her tongue. His eyes focused on her mouth as she watched him intently. She pinched the cube between her fingers, ran it down her chin and slid the cool melting liquid down to her neck. A cool droplet streamed down the center of her chest into her cleavage ahead of the ice. Following the stream, she glided the ice down her chest, over her white cami to her perky nipple, rolling it in circles until the dark shadow showed through her top perfectly. She took the cube in her hand and cupped it to her inner thigh. The crowd was occupied on the dance floor, it was still just the two of them in their own little seductive corner. His tongue grazed his bottom lip as he slid his hand up his thigh to his bulge. She mimicked his movement, slid the melting ice up her thigh, and under her skirt. The small remnant melted as her fingers slipped under her thong, but she continued without it. His eyes burned under the table as her fingers circled and plunged between her quivering thighs. Her eyes were drawn to his large hand massaging his swollen jeans. Heat flooded her body and her heart raced with the bass of the music that vibrated through her. At the peak of her pleasure, she closed her eyes, tried to remain still and quiet, bit down on her lower lip, and rested her head in her free hand. She caught her breath just in time, as everyone started returning back to their tables and booths. She took her time to look up, she knew her face was flush, and her warm liquid soaked her fingers.

A finger caressed her arm waking her from her sexual ecstasy, she looked over her shoulder as he was walking out of the bar. A napkin with his name and number laid on the table in front of her. As she picked it up, the waitress sat a second drink down and another napkin. She bent over and whispered in Jules ear,

“I know it wasn’t meant for me, but I enjoyed the show.”

Jules pulled back from her, eyes wide and mouth gaped. The waitress’ lips turned to a sultry smile before she leaned back into Jules.

“My name and number,” she tapped the napkin. “I’d like to join you next time.”


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