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A Dark and Stormy Night

A chill fall wind blows through the sky as rain patters down on the roof in waves, the storm showing no signs of letting up. The calming sound of the falling drops is only disrupted by the occasional low roll of thunder in the distance, so you are at ease enjoying your hot cup of tea and a good book.  Lounged deep on the sofa under a pile of warm blankets you are completely engrossed in your novel when you hear a loud knocking at your door.

You frown quizzically, you are not expecting anyone today so who could it be? You sigh quite audibly, exasperation in your voice you as you abandon the warm embrace of your blanket cocoon to go see who it is. As you pull the curtain aside to look a flash of lighting blinds you, the silhouette of a man briefly visible causes you to jump in momentary fright.

Your heart settles down as a moment later you see it is just me, your next door neighbor standing there, soaking wet. We’ve come to know each other fairly well since I moved in not long ago, exchanging pleasantries on more than one occasion.

You would also be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit to stealing glances at me when I worked outside at the end of summer, sweat dripping down my toned lithe body in the uncharacteristic heat of early autumn. As it is, you are comfortable enough with me that you open up the door to see why I am standing there in the rain soaked to the skin. “Howdy neighbor!” I intone with a gleeful pitch in my voice. “I, uh, seemed to have foolishly locked myself out of my house at the worst possible time considering how much water is pooling on the floor. Might I by chance get my spare key from you?”

You look at me incredulously, a wry smile forming on your lips until you notice I’m shivering, my cold wet shirt clinging to body. “You’re freezing!” you exclaim “let me at least get you a towel first while I look for the key!” As you run to the bathroom you shout back “Take off your shoes and go stand in the kitchen so you don’t drip on the carpet.”

Towel in hand you walk back to the kitchen but stop abruptly as you see me in there, shirtless. I am wringing my wet shirt in the sink, trying to remove some of the dampness but you are distracted by other things entirely.  

A droplet of water falls from a curl of hair on my head. It lands on my well muscled chest and you are entranced by the journey it continues to take. It slides past my nipple, across my flat stomach, down into my iliac furrow before finally disappearing into my jeans.

Your face suddenly feels flush as you wish you were that droplet of water right now. “What?” I exclaim as I notice the state of your jaw, it being slightly askew, a look of desire in your eyes. You close your mouth and come closer, finger pressing to my chest lightly as you retrace the steps of that devious water drop. “Your pants seem to be just as wet as your shirt” you comment, “we should probably wring those out too.” Before I even have a chance to reply your fingers are at my belt, deftly undoing the clasp. You pull my pants down and they hit the floor with wet thud, leaving me standing there in my boxer briefs, which by the way are wetly clinging to my manhood. And what a bulge it is! You can see it getting larger as I catch on to your intentions.

You take the towel, throw it around my shoulders and pull me closer with it. I take that as my cue to wrap my arms around you, hold you tight and plant a deep, sensuous kiss on your waiting lips. Our tongues dance across each others as you rub your hand down my chest and abs. Soon enough my cock head peaks out from the top of my underwear, unable to be contained with the buildup of excitement that has taken place.

You make a tsk tsk noise, proclaiming that my underwear is also soaked, they need to come off as well. With no complaints from me, you slide them off and are faced with my engorged member, thick and soft with a lip around the head that you can’t help but wonder what it would feel like inside you.

You can’t help yourself, your mouth waters instantly as you grasp my shaft, your lips surrounding the head of my cock. I gasp, tilting my head back with the sudden burst of pleasure as you slide your mouth across the length of my penis.

Passion building, I grab the hair at the back of your head, helping you back and forth across that fortuitous mass. You feel my body shake, then shiver. You lean back to take a look at me and notice I am still cold. As if on cue I say with a wink “You know what they say is the best way to get warm?”

Naked and toweled off I make my way to the living room and your pile of blankets. Your clothes leave a trail as you drop them behind one by one as you make a show of it. Sitting on the couch I watch as your sweater slowly makes its way over your head.

Since you were just lounging around reading today you saw no need for a bra so as your top eclipses your chest I am treated to a delightful view of hard pink nipples on your firm perky breasts. They are just as I like them, a delightful handful that looks like they are just waiting to be grasped. But you are not done yet. You slowly lower your pajama pants down, inch by inch as you wiggle your hips back and forth with each excruciatingly slow tease.

Your panties are soft and smooth. They have the look of running shorts from the 70s, green with a blue trim but higher up into the crotch and side of the legs. I can already see an ever growing wet patch in the front of them, your excitement clearly displayed as you finally throw those confounded pants behind you.

Not quite done yet you turn around and bend slightly at the waist. Your back dimples just scream to be kissed, I want to run my hands across them. Then your panties come down in calculated time to reveal the sexiest backside I have ever seen.

I am awestruck but barely have time to reflect as you turn around, revealing a perfectly trimmed pubic area, a triangle pointing downward as if to say “This is what you are looking for.” By now there is a river of precum dripping down my cock, sticky rivulets clinging to my stomach where my cock has brushed up against it. Without any further hesitation your legs straddle mine and you are sitting on top of me.

My hands gently glide across your body. Finally I get to explore the wonderland that has so carefully revealed itself to me. My hands slide across your breasts, my thumbs gently playing with your nipples. My hands continue to slide down your torso, caresing your hips before finally grabbing that round ass. I pull you forward and soon we are locked in a fervent kiss, your hand pulling on my hair.

You begin to rock your hips into me, the shaft of my cock coated with your wetness as it opens your labia. You feel my hardness rub across your clit, a wave of excitement envelops both of us as our privates press against one another. Still kissing with a wild passion, the rocking of your hips reaches such a violent crescendo that with all the wetness down below my penis slips into the opening and slides in without pause.

The fullness of him and the tight softness of her causes us both to pause and moan, a wave of euphoria gripping our souls.  You slowly slide all the way onto him, ecstasy gripping you as you marvel at how amazing it feels, delighted to be able to fulfill your fantasy from earlier of feeling my cock inside you.  A pause and silence lingers for another moment as we drink it in, and then you ride me with the full force capable of your petite frame.  

I grip your ass and thrust up in rhythm and you slam down into me, my cock finding its way deep inside you as your tits bounce gleefully up and down. We slam into each other and soon we are a sweaty sticky mess as we fuck with wild abandon. I grab you around the torso as you continue to ride, sticking a breast in my face as I lick and bite on your nipple.

Anticipation of orgasm builds, but before we can get there I pick you up off of me. Placing a pile of blankets on the floor I then proceed to throw you on top of them.

You land on your stomach and elbows, the fall cushioned by the very large pile of blankets below you. You feel a yank as your hair is tugged back, bringing you up to your knees. My cock enters you unceremonious from behind, a delightful gasp followed by a moan escaping your lips as I continue to pull you onto me by the hair.

My other hand digging into your hip I am soon ramming into you, the slap of your ass hitting my stomach, a beat counter to the melody of our wild orgasmic shouts of pleasure.  Slamming harder against you, I soon need both hands on your hips to control the animalistic nature of this fucking, your eager pussy taking the full force of my cock with each powerful thrust. Over and over again I unleash the complete fury of my sexual appetite. Just when you think I am about to cum I stop.

You are wretched onto your back and my body presses down into you! You are kissed deeply as I thrust my cock into you again. My muscular arms grip your body tight as you grab a handful of my smooth firm ass, pulling me onto you in time with my thrusts as if to help me slide inside you even deeper.

You shout out mindlessly, lost in a sexual haze of pure intoxication as I continue to thrust, having my way with you, my cock fully engaged in filling you to capacity. My body shudders, I press hard into you but pull out at the very last second.

A fountain of white hot semen shoots all over you, wave after wave of cum rocketing out of my cock as if to challenge the storm outside. Blast after blast covers your stomach, your tits, one or two went so far as land on your chin and lower part of your face.

Breathing heavily after such a marathon workout I land on the pillows beside you, sweat dripping down my body. Using the towel you gave me earlier I clean up my mess. “Looks like you are all wet again, I guess that means I should get you another towel” you say with a smile. “This wetness?” I reply, “No way, I prefer it!” as I lower my head to your pussy and start licking your clit…


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