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My First Time at University

I’m a twenty-something guy from the UK, posting up stories about my past exploits, largely during university. Hope you get a kick out of them!

My first time…

I was 18 when I lost my virginity. Felt like I was really late, but in hindsight seems like I was the same as all my other friends…

For me, it was with a girl called Laura, during the first week of uni, or freshers as it’s known. We met at a flat party that I just went along to for something to do, get to know people. We got chatting somehow and really hit it off, nothing too flirty to begin with, just chatting about our past and hopes for the future. She was doing medicine, I business studies.

Around midnight a few of us ended up sitting down on the bed of the person who was throwing the party (no idea who) to watch YouTube videos of cats and stuff. There was four of us along the length of the bed, myself at the head, then Laura, then another two girls who I’ve never seen since. There was a another couple of guys and girls on the floor at our feet.

As the night drew on and got colder, the two girls at the end of the bed pulled the cover over them, and so Laura and I ended under it too.

Laura and I continued to chat, and being fairly drunk, got more flirtatious with hands beginning to touch one another and innuendos being thrown about…

She would say things like.

“I imagine you’ve been with a few girls this week already”


“Your bed will need christening…”

I knew she was game…

She was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a hoody, admittedly not the sexiest attire, but nonetheless she had a great body and the flirting and touching was making me hard. Before I knew it her hand was away from my thigh and laid on my semi… in a room full of people.

Now I wasn’t an exhibitionist, at this point, so was a bit shocked she was so forward… but went with it, #YOLO

She softly stroked my semi over my trousers, without looking away from the TV screen, my cock couldn’t have got harder quicker if I tried…

To reciprocate I placed my hand on her crotch, to find her legs immediately spreading. Now I must say it’s hard to stroke intimately with other people around without being obvious, or your hand hurting, but we gave it a good shot! I was so turned on by this but at the same time a little anxious we’d get caught so I suggested we bail, she agreed.

So off down the corridor we went down to her room. Once inside we started kissing, quite intensely before she broke off.

“This is my first time by the way…”

I was a bit shocked at first, given her forwardness, but I came clean.

“Don’t worry about, me too!”

We both laughed, before looking into each others eyes, and resumed kissing passionately. Hands everywhere. Hers on my hardon and my thighs. Mine on her breasts and crotch.

Before long I was on top of her on her bed, pulling her clothes off between kisses. As I took my clothes off she reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out condoms.

As I pulled a condom over my swollen cock, she removed her bra, revealing firm pert breasts, about size D. I immediately went to kiss them, flicking my tongue over her nipples, whilst she run a hand between us and grabbed my cock, pulling it toward her, slowly rubbing her clit with it, was hot as fuck. I remember thinking I desperately wanted to get inside her…

Her outer pussy lips were dry meaning I wasn’t able to immediately slip in, so I put my hand down her flat stomach, down to her pussy and fingered her gently, pulling some of her internal juices on to the head of my wrapped tool.

This allowed me to slide in, and fuck me, did it feel good. I could feel the warmth of her flesh enveloping my dick, and our bodies touching one another, felt exciting, new and amazing. Laura let out a whimper as I eased myself into her, and I a guttural groan.

At the time it was amazing sex, the best I’d had, given it was the only, but looking back now it was fairly uneventful. Missionary…

I thrust into her with more vigour as we got into the swing, and within about 10 minutes I was nearing climax. However I’m a gentleman and could tell she hadn’t orgasmed, so I slowed down, savouring the moment, making sure I commit the sensation to memory, her warm flesh wrapped around my dick.

I began giving her breasts some attention, as I still fucked her, licking and kissing, making her nipples stiff. A few little nibbles made her moan, arching her back. This released some kind of animal in me, and my thrusts increased in pace, and force. My balls slapping her backside, my cock swelling, like it would burst, and my head flushed red hot.

I tensed my balls, feeling my rock hard cock strain against her groaning tightness, her back arching higher, her whimpers increasing in frequency. Without much notice she let out a scream, her back collapsing and her pelvis shuddering. I made a guess that she’d come.

Of course, this was too much for me and with a few more thrusts I came, my cum flooding its sack inside her. I groaned as my cock twitched inside her, before feeling arousal again within seconds and feeling the need to kiss this goddess passionately.

Before too long we were wrapped in each others arms, collapsing into a sleepy daze…


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