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Trying something different

When my wife and I had been separated for almost a year we decided to get divorced. A year away from me and she was ready to move on, and I was happy to finally be free. I still wasn’t convinced I was completely gay, but I knew I was at least an 8 on a scale from one to ten. By now Chuck and I were sharing a bed and having sex almost every day. It was always hot with lots of passionate kissing, and usually ended with Chuck fucking me. We were both taking PrEP and I loved it when he came in my ass.

He even let me fuck him in the ass a few times, when he was really drunk, but the next day he always would say that his ass hurt, so we don’t do it that often. At least once a week we have a guest or two over. My friend Even and his new boyfriend Michael come over at least once a month for some group fun. We’d stay up all night sucking and fucking and drinking and smoking.

After Chuck and I had been sleeping together for a month or so, he met a girl at some bar and wanted bring her home to fuck her. He texted me from the bar and I said go for it, just use the guest bedroom (my old room). I honestly didn’t care and it kinda made me horny to think of Chuck burying his big old bone in some chick’s pussy. It was late so I went to bed and jacked off thinking about Chuck and some anonymous girl fucking in the next room.

I was still awake when I heard them come in. They were trying to be quiet the way drunk people do, and stamped around the kitchen getting beers from the fridge before going into the guest room. There was a bathroom in between our bedroom and the guest room and I was surprised by how quiet the house seemed. I had expected to hear the sounds of fucking from the other room but the house was unusually silent and I soon fell asleep.

I wasn’t sure what time it was but suddenly I was aware of Chuck sliding into bed with me and reaching out to touch me. I was half asleep and turned my back to him a signal I wanted him to spoon me. He snuggled up behind me and I noticed he had a huge erection. This of course made my dick hard too and I hummed happily as I felt Chucks lips kissing my neck and his hand feeling my chest. I rolled over and we kissed deeply allowing each other’s tongues to explore our mouths. He tasted like beer and pussy and I liked it. “How was the strange?” I asked.

“Ehh” he shrugged the best he could laying on his side in bed. “It was ok.” He kissed me again and ground his erection against my thigh.

“Yeah” I said, pulling back and looking at his face in the pale bedroom light. “Tell me more.”

“I don’t know, it just wasn’t hot. She just kinda laid there and I felt like I did all the work.” I reached down and grabbed his cock.

“Uh huh, did she go down on you?”

“Ha! Yeah, for like 30 seconds. And, she could barely get half of it in her mouth.”

“Did you eat her pussy?” That was the one thing I kind of missed was eating pussy. Occasionally we watched a lesbian porn. I especially loved seeing women eat pussy.

“Yeah, it was ok. I tried licking her asshole but she made it clear she was not into that. So I sucked her clit for a few minutes, but I got board.

“You never seem to get board when you go down on me” I teased.

“Well there’s just a lot more going on between a guys legs.

“Yes there is” I said flipping into sixty nine on top of him so my balls and butt were in his face and his gorgeous 11 inch cock was in my face. I could smell the musky pussy scent on his cock and in his pubes as he spread my cheeks and slowly kissed his way toward my man hole. “I can smell her on you.” I whispered as in nuzzled into his hairy crotch. Chuck just grunted as he shoved his tongue into my asshole.

I took the hint and put my mouth around the tip of his dick and slowly lowered my head until I could feel his shaft going down my throat and I could feel his pubes against my nose. I could smell her again every time I swallowed Chuck’s cock. Chuck took a break from tonguing my asshole to give my balls a good licking.

“Fuck this is so much hotter than eating her pussy. I love the way you taste and smell. You’re balls and asshole make me so horny. I want to fuck you so bad.” All his dirty talk was making me super horny too, so I climbed off of him and got on my hand and knees facing the end of the bed. Chuck got behind me and it wasn’t long before he was pounding his dick up my ass a moaning about how good my ass was.

It was at this point I heard the guest bedroom door open and footsteps coming down the hall toward our open bedroom door. I realized, at that moment, that his female guest from the bar was still in the house and walking down the hall. And then there was pretty blonde 20 something, in a white tank top and cotton panties, standing in my open doorway with her mouth and eyes wide open, staring at us while Chuck kept pounding my ass.

“Oh my GOD!” We both exclaimed simultaneously. Chuck kept fucking me.

“Are you fucking him?” Asked the blonde with an indignant look on her face.

I didn’t know what to do. A second before I had a raging erection but now it was quickly going limp and I just wanted to hide under the covers. Chuck just kept fucking. I hid my face in the covers.

“That’s gross” she said continuing to stand there staring at us. For some reason my cock stiffened up when I heard her say that. I looked up at her while Chuck pounded my ass even harder. I could tell he was getting close. “You’re a faggot” she said looking me right in my eyes. My cock was now rock hard again and Chuck had quickened his pace and was breathing harder.

“I’m gonna cum” grunted Chuck giving me a few final deep thrusts as he unloaded in my ass.

“Gross” said the anonymous blonde and she turned and stomped down the hall back to the guest room. Chuck’s cock always stayed erect after he came and sometime he fucked me a second time.

He was still buried balls deep in my cum filled ass when Blondie walked by the door in a denim skirt and black puffy coat. “I’ve got an Uber, so fuck you sick gay fucks” and she stormed out of the condo, slamming the door on her way out. By then Chuck was pounding my ass again and I was stroking my now raging boner. I don’t know what it was about her berating us as I got fucked, but it made me incredibly horny and I orgasmed hard at the same time Chuck was unloading his second load in my butt.

I collapsed on my stomach on the bed and Chuck fell on top of me. My arms were stretched above my head and Chuck ran his hands along my arms until his hands were on my hands. We interlaced our fingers as he kissed the back and sides of my neck. I wanted to roll over to kiss him but I didn’t want his cock to come out of my ass. I turned to my side as far as I could and looked him in his beautiful eyes. He leaned forward and kissed me, sliding out of me and laying by my side, face to face. We kissed on and off until I fell asleep.

The next morning I said it was to bad his date wasn’t more into faggots. We could have had some fun. He agreed and said he was kind of hoping she would join in too. We agreed it was probably a bit much to expect from some random girl he had just picked up in a bar.

We talked about it for a while and agreed it would be hot to include a female occasionally, but we should probably be more selective about who we invited. We did finally hook up with a couple of females, and things took some unexpected, but not unpleasant turns, but I’ll write about those another time.


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