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My Latest Sexual Exploits

Last month in Kenya I hooked up with a really attractive girl via tinder. She came to my hotel and we enjoyed a nice bath and sex. In Kuwait this month I met an indian guy who turned out to have a really big cock. I spent most of the night worshipping it, sucking , licking and eventually milking his big cock of all its cum.

I do like to suck cock much more than pussy these days. Im getting hard just thinking of cock. My latest ancestral thoughts have been towards my daughter and sister, with whom I would duly fuck from behind until I cum inside of them. I often think of my daughters hands around my cock.

So this weekend I will probably hook up with a women who will fuck my ass with her fingers and piss in my mouth and face- a financial transaction will be required. I keep myself ticking over- and at the moment Im focused on hot cum, but piss drinking is up there too.

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