Sex Confessions, Sex with Strangers

My brother[M] found my[F] naughty pictures

I get off by fantasizing about a lot of very questionable things… everyone’s a little crazy on the inside. if u want the rest of the story let me know xxx, yes, I have the writing style of a 16 yo girl. I’m sorry if u can’t stand it.

so I live with mom dad and my older brother. mum and dad likes to go on trips nowadays they keep saying now that we are finally adults theyre able to trust us not to burn down the house and go on road trips pretty often like once a month, theyve hired people to manage their café so they’re almost like retired now.

its Saturday. I just spent the whole day doodling and working on my art project for uni. and I get bored from time to time. hey I’I do whatever I want. I have two vibrators and three dildos. im a fucken adult! I don’t work part time for nothing! thank God for Amazon and discrete packaging.

anyway so it’s late Saturday night, feeling a bit bored, ive got my black and white striped thigh high socks on, my dark grey guns n roses singlet, and these bright blue boxer undies, so comfy. I keep glancing over my drawer of goodies. I think to myself, nah I should finish this section, but the slowest five minutes pass by and I must have turned around like 50 times so I think to myself, what the heck. I open the drawer grab the 10″ inch purple jelly and cum on my bed. I lick my fingers after I cum, I donno its just what I do LOL. yea I’m weird…

NOT EVEN FIVE MINUTES LATER, I hear my brother open the front door, ugh, I think his stupid friends are here. that means they’re just gonna drink and be loud. so annoying, bunch of loners, and they never bring girls, Hayden says it’s cus it’s “boys night”.

whatever, I put on my headphones and try to finish the part that I wanted to finish before, but instead… finished in bed…

about an hour later, Hayden knocks on the door and yells at me tells me to open up. I yell back, “What is it?!”  “Open the door, Luna!” shit, I can hear him slurring he’s drunk.  “What for?”  “Theres something I wanna show u”  “Go away, dude.”  “Fine I’ll come in myself.” Yeah, like that’s gonna happen, maybe if he broke the door then mum and dad will be soooo pissed.

I jump back on the bed and keep sketching, then I hear the door handle move, WTF! He opens the door and I can hear their shitty house music from the living room and Hayden just walks in nonchalantly, he basically got an aerial view of my ass. great. I turn around and hug my pillow. “Wtf, dude! GET. OUT. How did u unlock the door?!” “Ive been picking locks since I was 16, dumbass. Look what I found” he said, while holding up his phone. Holy. Shit. He found it. He fucken found it. I can literally feel the heat rising from my chest to my neck and burning my ears. my face must be as red as a tomato right now…. “I like this one, its got a good lighting on it and how did u get that angle?” ITS ONE OF THE PICTURES OF MY PINK DILDO IN MY ASS OH MY GOD. “No. no. no. no. this must be nightmare.” the whole world froze before me and I dug my face into my pillow.  “hey sis…. how about I break a deal with you.”  this. is. not. happening.  “you put this bunny costume on and say hi to my friends and I won’t show mum and dad”  “BUNNY COSTUME?!”  I didn’t even notice him holding it this whole time. He’s got a silky black leotard, white fluffy bunny ears, white fluffy BUTT PLUG, and slutty black fishnet stockings. He drops it on the floor, smirking “Youre not gonna have a problem with this butt plug right? Judging by all your pics online. I’ll see you in five minutes, otherwise I’m sending it to dad. oh, he’s gonna love it. and don’t forget to wear those slutty high heels you got” and he slams the door shut.

fuck. my. life. what do I do. fuck. im going to kill him. I really should never have done that how can I be so stupid omg.


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