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She Wants to Watch

So my boyfriend Chuck and I both used to be straight and are probably both a 4 on the Kinsey Scale (4.5 for me ;-). A few months ago Chuck brought home a female and was sorely disappointed in the quality of the sex. In the middle of the night he got out of bed with her and fucked me. While he was fucking me she walked in on us and let’s just say she was not having it. After that we talked about how hot it would have been if she had actually been into it. We both talked about how hot it would have been for her to join in. Chuck wanted to fuck her while he sucked me and then fuck me while he ate her pussy. For me it was the thought of being watched by a female. I can be a bit of an exhibitionist and like to put on a show when I have an audience.

It took several weeks of looking online, but eventually we met a woman who was into watching gay porn and wanted to watch Chuck and I have sex. Her name was Julie and she was nervous about meeting us and wanted to have her boyfriend come with her. She was trying to convince him to try a mmf three some but he was putting up considerable resistance. The four of us met for drinks one night to see how we hit it off. She was a tiny thing, barely 100 lbs and flat chested. The pixie haircut she wore almost made her look like a teenage boy. His name was Mark and he was rather intimidating. At 6’3” and 210lbs, he was bigger than eaither Chuck or me. He wore a baseball cap and work boots, which I told Chuck later I thought was hot. We had boring conversation and chatted for a few minutes about what we did, until I decided to turn the conversation to the point of our meeting, group sex.

“So Mark, Julie tells me she’s into gay porn. Do you ever watch it with her?”

Mark blushed and refused to make eye contact with me. “Yeah, I’ve watched a few. It’s not really my thing, but she watches lesbian porn with me so I figured I should at least try and return the favor.”

“You’re a good boyfriend Mark. I think a lot of guys would have checked out the first mention of gay sex.” I tried to sound reassuring, but it didn’t seem to be working.

“ I haven’t promised anything yet. We’re just having drinks.” Mark seem to be getting defensive.

“Hey man, I didn’t think I’d like it either, but you never know until you try it.” Chipped in Chuck. “ I never in a million years thought that I would like all that gay stuff, but it’s really great.”

“Well I’m just here to make sure that Julie is safe.”

“That’s cool man. No one here wants to do anything but have a good time,” I said. I felt like things were taking a bad turn so I tried to take a different tack. “Have you guys ever had a threesome with another women?”

“Oh yeah, lots of times,” said Julie. “I’m bi and I know Mark loves watching me go down on other women.”

“I’ve learned quite a bit about eating pussy, by watching her,” said Mark.

“It’s true,” said Julie, nodding her head. “He’s much better at eating pussy now, than when we started dating.”

We sipped our drinks awkwardly for several seconds. “So Julie, what is it about gay sex that turns you on so much?” I asked.

“I guess I just really like dicks. I love seeing two dicks together. I like the male body and I really think it’s hot to see two, or more of them naked. I’ve really been into all male threesomes lately.” This last comment made Mark look nervous.

“We have lots of threesomes,” said Chuck. “And foursomes, and a few more somes, sometimes.”

“Wow, that sounds amazing” said Julie, her chin in her hands, her elbows on the table staring raptly at Chuck and me. I put my hand on Chuck’s thigh and stroked it. Mark sat back in his chair with his arms folded across his chest. I got the feeling he did not like where this was going.

“Are you both gay or bi?” Asked Julie.

“We’re both bi, but Kent’s a little more gay than I am,” said Chuck.

“It’s true,” I confessed. “I seduced him.”

Mark looked confused. “I just don’t get it. Were you straight?” He was looking at Chuck.

“I thought so, but once I saw how hot it was to be with other guys, I changed my mind.” Mark shook his head. “Listen,” went on Chuck, “you just don’t know until you try. I’m telling you it feels amazing.”

But the more we tried to convince Mark, the more resistance I felt from him. Our drinks were almost gone and I could tell Mark wanted to be out of there. Julie seemed a little disappointed but when they left she promised that she would be in touch with us. A week later a got a text from Julie saying that she and Mark were breaking up. It seems that our meeting had been the final straw. Mark said watching videos was one thing, but acting out Julie’s fantasies in real life was just too much for him. She was kind of pissed considering she had had several ffm threesomes with him, but now that the tables were turned he was unable to reciprocate. But she admitted she wasn’t too pissed, because she loved eating pussy, and was still seeing one of the girls who they had hooked up with. She also said that she liked us and trusted us and wanted to know if she could watch us fuck sometime. Fuck yeah. I told her we fucked almost everyday and wanted to know when she wanted to come buy. It was Monday and she said how about this coming Friday. The date was set.

Friday night came and we decided that Julie would come over around 8:00. I actually had to go to work on Saturday, but there was no way I was going to miss out on this opportunity. Before she came over we set some ground rules. Julie did not want to be touched unless she specifically asked for one of us to touch her. She mainly wanted to watch and I was excited to give her a show. I think Chuck was a little disappointed that he couldn’t get his hands on her hard petite little body right away. But he totally agreed to her conditions and she arrived promptly at our door at 8 o’clock. She was wearing a black mini skirt and a red sweater. She came in and I made us some dark and stormies (spiced rum and ginger beer). And we went into the living room to smoke a joint. Our living room has two full size sofas that face each other with a glass coffee table in between. The tv is on one wall and the other wall is a big window looking out at the mountains. Chuck and I sat on one sofa and Julie sat across from us on the other sofa. I lit is a joint and passed it to Julie.

“So how do you want to do this?” I asked as she took a big hit of weed.

“You guys just pretend I’m not here and do your thing. Is that ok?” She said as she exhaled a huge cloud of smoke without barely a cough.

“We can do that,” said Chuck as he took the joint from her and took a big drag before coughing his head of like a rookie.

“Is there anything in particular you want to watch us do?” I asked as I took the joint from Chuck who was still coughing.

“I want to see it all,” said Julie with a huge grin on her face. “Oral, anal, rimming. I want to see what you like to do to each other.”

“Well we like to do all that and more, little lady, so sit back and enjoy our big gay sex show,” said Chuck, as i handed the joint back to Julie. With the joint out of my hand chuck pushed me back on the sofa and planted a big wet kiss on my lips that lasted for several minutes and got wetter and wetter as it went. I lost myself in the feeling of our lips pressing together and our tongues filling each other’s mouths. As we kissed our hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies, feeling chests, backs and buttocks. It wasnt long before we were both peeling off our T-shirt’s so that we could have our bare chests together. At this point I was on my back in the corner of the sofa, with Chuck on top of me. I laid back as he kissed my neck and chest and started to work his way down to my navel. When he got to the waistband of my sweatpants he pulled them down to my ankles and gently kissed his way down my abdomen to my inner thighs and then up up my cockshaft to the tip of my glans.

In the beginning of our relationship Chuck had been completely inexperienced at dick sucking. He was enthusiastic but lacked to skill of a true artist. But through my patient tutelage his skills had improved considerably. By now he knew exactly how I liked it and he took his time as he kissed and licked my shaft, balls and tip, before he took the whole thing in his mouth, down to my pubes. I watched Julie intently, as she watched Chuck fellate me. As I was looking at her I caught her eye and she held my gaze while she hiked up her skirt and pulled off he black lace panties. Her pussy was completely clean of hair and very puffy and red.

“ I think you’ll want to see this,” I said to Chuck as he left sucking my dick to turn around and look at our guest.

“That’s fucking hot,” he said gazing at Julie as she leaned back against the sofa with her arms spread out behind her and her legs slightly separated in front of her.

Chuck and I switched places so he could look at Julie’s juicy cunt while I pulled down his pants to free his huge cock. “Wow!” Julie exclaimed when I freed Chuck’s huge eleven inch wonder.

“Nice right,” I said to Julie. “And I get it anytime I want.”

“You take all that in your butt?” Said Julie, her eyes getting wide.

“Every last inch, balls deep,” I said with a sense of pride. I’d have never been able to take all that when I first started my journey down the gay path over a year ago, but now that I’d had more than a few dicks up my butt, Chucks cock was a delight to get fucked with.

“That’s what I really want to see,” said Julie as her hand wandered down between her legs to spread her labia.

“Well let me make sure sure he’s good and wet before he sticks it up my ass,” and I went to town sucking his cock. Chuck watched as Julie started to play with her own wet sticky genitals. After a few minutes of sucking Chuck’s cock, he positioned me on my hands and knees and got behind me to get a better view of my asshole. I looked over and noticed that Julie had taken off all her clothes except for her white socks and sneakers. Her boobs were pretty much non existent but her body was rock hard with better abs than either Chuck or I. She walked around the table and stood behind chuck and watched intently as he ate my asshole. After a few minutes she put one foot on the sofa and brought her hand down between her legs so she could diddle herself while she watched Chuck lick and finger my butt.

“I want to watch you fuck him so bad,” she said and Chuck immediately responded by putting his cock against my puckered hole and pushing his cock through my brown portal and up my dark warm love tunnel. Julie was right behind him, watching over his shoulder as he slowly started to work his massive dick into my butt, until I could feel his pubes against my ass cheeks. Slowly he began to build speed as he fucked me. Julie’s hand also began to move faster and faster as she masturbated to the sight of Chuck’s huge boner disappearing up my butt. After about ten minutes I had to get on my back because my knees were sore. Julie was sitting on the arms of the sofa rubbing her pussy licking and spitting on her fingers to keep herself lubed up. Apartently she had cotton mouth from the huge joint we smoked and had to ask Chuck for some help. “Spit on my pussy,” she said and Chuck turned toward her and leaned in like he was going to put his mouth on her. Julie put out her hand and stopped him and said “just spit”. So Chuck spit on her pussy and she kept rubbing it.

By no we had been fucking for almost half an hour and Chuck and Julie both sounded like they were getting close, so I grabbed my dick and started stroking it too. It wasn’t long before Julie’s moans started to rise in pitch and I could feel chick licking up the pace. “I’m gonna cum” said Chuck.

“Cum in my ass” I said

“Yeah cum in his ass,” said Julie and he did. And he kept fucking me for a few more minutes with his cum leaking out of my ass and onto the sofa. By now julie was shaking and convulsing. I assumed she was orgasming so I stroked it harder and finished off too. Julie got off the arm of the sofa and sat between us. All three of us sat back naked on the sofa and sipped our drinks. We smoked another joint and talked about how hot that had been. It was almost like Julie was just another one of the fellas that we had come over for naked sexy fun times. Pretty soon my dick was getting hard again and so was Chuck’s. I started stroking mine and Julie spread her legs and started playing with her pussy again. Chuck was also stroking his dick again and we all three sat on the sofa and masturbated together. After a few minutes I flipped on the tv and pulled up some gay porn for us to all get off to. It took us a while but eventually we were all moaning and cumming again.

We chatted for a while and then Julie said she had to go. It was almost eleven and I was pretty exhausted myself. Chuck and I walked Julie to the door and we both got a peck on the lips for a good night kiss. Julie said that we had exceeded her wildest expectations and she couldn’t wait to see us again. We have gotten together a few more times and with some other people included but I’ll have to tell those stories another time.


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