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My Cousin as my Fuck Buddy

My cousin in law is a slut. Whenever i come over she never wears a bra and wear a tight mini skirt to show off her tight ass. Her tits are large, brown and always bouncing everywhere. When I was younger I would go into their bathroom closet, and looked through her stuff. She had 4 double sided dildo, one 14 inch dildo, and a shit load of lesbian and monster cock porn magazines. I looked at her underwear drawer, and all her underwear were thongs that looked like tied up shoelaces. There was one that had a dildo attached to it so she has a dick at all times inside of her. Her bras were all high push up laced. I found naked photos of her masturbating and getting bukkake. There was a picture of her taking cum shots and her stripping.

She knows I know everything about her inner slut. She is always exposing her cleavage around me and wears skirts that “accidently”  slips above her round ass. One night we were alone because my cousin was out of town in a business trip, and we started to talk. She was wearing a white V-neck without a bra because I can see her nipples and tight shorts where I can see her cameltoe. “So why are you such a slut?” I asked. “What can I say, I love me some big hard dick.” She puts her leg on my shoulder exposing her cameltoe. “Does my cousin know what you do?” “Yes, he watches me sometimes. I’m really wet right now, and I know you’re rock hard.” “You have to work for this dick.” She stand up and sits on my lap. She starts rubbing her ass up and down my dick and then sticks it up to my face. Then she sits on my lap facing me and starts riding my lap. She smiles as she feels my dick getting harder grinding next  to her wet covered pussy. Then she kisses me. She sticks her tongue down my throat then sucks on my tongue.

I pick her up and lay her on the kitchen table. “Stay here.” I go to her closet and take out an anal dildo and one the 14 inch dildos. I stick them in her hole and started to fuck her. I see her juices dipping down to her ass. I lick her pussy juices as they fall. I take the whole 14 inch dick and stick it all the way in. “Ahhh, that fucking hurts.” “Dont you like it deep?” i take my dick out and stick it down her throat and gagged her till she was drooling all over my brown dick. I do this a few more time till im about to cum. I take my dick out grab a cup and cum inside. I took the dildo and starting fucking her very roughly. “Tell me when you’re gonna cum!” “Im cumming now!” I stood her up and start slapping her pussy till she came. She squirted it all in the cup.

She was completely out of breath. I pulled her legs and dragged her to the bed. I spread her legs and pushed my dick in her ass. It was extremely tight. I fucked her 30 min straight. Her asshole was all red and I came in the cup.

“Titty fuck me whore!” She didn’t hesitate. Her titties flopped out of her tight white T. She wrapped them around my tight cock. Her soft brown big tits slid up and down. They completely covered them up. She suck my dick while doing this.

I came in between her big tits and she licked it up. “Spit in inside the cup.” She put it in the cup that was now filled to the top. “Get your air mattress! And lay down.” I took the cup of cum and completely covered her body like it was lotion. She got on top of me and slid her slippery tight body all over me. She stroked my dick with her cum covered hand and i slipped it in her ass. She humped up and down and her her huge tits bounced around. I came inside her tight asshole. Then we moved to the showers. She turned on the hot water and i sat down. She sucked my dick till i came 3 more times while i plunged her ass with her shampoo bottle.  

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