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Office Sex in a School Uniform

It had been a long day.  The office was too busy to allow me the time to flirt or play with any of my on-line companions, but not busy enough to keep me from daydreaming.  As I walked through my door at the end of the day all I wanted was to step out of my heels, pour a nice glass of wine & put my feet up.  I opened the fridge, nothing appealed, and I toyed with calling for take-out.  I had another swallow of wine and sat at my desk, rummaging through the drawer for my folder of menus as I hummed along to one of my favourite cds; Rod Stewart crooning old standards, his raspy rock & roll voice surprisingly suited to those sweet old love songs.

I blushed as I heard a knock at the door just as I belted out the chorus; I loved to sing, but did not think my voice was good enough to share with the general public.  I set down the wine glass and crossed the room to see who might be at my door.  I was torn between wanting a little company & wanting to be let alone to enjoy a quiet evening; dinner, wine, a hot bubble bath & my toys.

My eyes lit up when I saw my handsome young friend Peter on the step, ducking his head to avoid the overgrown grapevine that arched over the entry.  I swallowed hard as I took him in.  We had been sometime lovers through the summer; I enjoyed my role as his teacher in the art of lovemaking, but had resigned myself to his absence as the start of the school year approached.  I knew he was soon off to get settled on campus and thought we had said our goodbyes earlier.  Now here he was, and looking so very handsome & mature in his coat & tie.

“I wanted you to see my new uniform,” he said shyly, “and to say goodbye again.  I’m off tomorrow, and probably won’t be home again before Thanksgiving.”

I smiled at him, stepping aside to let him in.  “I’m so glad you came by.  I was hoping for a little company.  And look at you!  So handsome.” He blushed as I smoothed the lapels of his jacket and straightened his tie.  “I’m sure going to miss you, but oh, how lucky the girls you meet will be,” I went on, handing him a glass of wine.

“I’m going to miss you too,” he said, stepping toward me.  A bold move for my shy student, “and I’ll miss your lessons.”

I smiled.  “I was going to order Chinese, but I find I am suddenly hungry for other things,” I stood behind him, slipping his jacket off shoulders, breathing in his ear, “how about one more lesson before you have to focus on your books?”

He turned and reached for me, but I stepped away, licking my lips.  I liked his new found boldness, and perhaps later I would give him control of the situation.  I carefully hung his blazer in the closet before turning back to him.  I took hold of his neatly knotted tie and pulled him to me, kissing him softly.  As he leaned into the kiss I loosened the knot and still grasping the red & black striped silk led him to my office.  

Urging him obediently into the straight-backed chair adjacent to my desk I unbuttoned the first few buttons of his starched white shirt and pulled his tie loose, laying it neatly aside.  “We’ll begin with a math lesson,” I sighed.  “Count the buttons as I undo them.”

My pupil smiled up at me and began to count the buttons on my blouse as my fingers slowly released them, over a dozen tiny pearl fastenings down the front of my almost sheer blouse, and three more at each cuff, before I tossed it onto the filing cabinet behind me, facing him in my lacy camisole, snug black skirt and red pumps.  I reached behind my back and freed my breasts from my bra, keeping the hardening nipples partly concealed behind creamy lace.

Two steps forward and I was standing so close our knees were touching.  I was so turned on even my knee caps seemed radiate heat, and I could see Peter’s growing arousal tenting his neatly creased grey trousers.  Bending to nibble & blow on his ear I finished unbuttoning his shirtfront, pulling it over his shoulders & the back of the chair.  Shirt cuffs still buttoned it was a gentle bond, playfully securing his hands.  My tongue rasped along his jaw as I stood again, stepping back, slowly drawing down the zipper at the side of my lean black skirt, letting the garment fall at my feet. I stepped out of it, standing before my sweet young lover in an ivory lace camisole and thong, a strand of pearls around my neck and my favourite red shoes.  I took one step closer, saw his nostrils flare as he took in the scent of my arousal.  I cupped my lace covered breasts, teasing my nipples to hard points, lifting them as though I were offering them to Peter, pulling away as he licked his lips.  “Anti-ci-pa-tion,” I breathed.  “Anticipation is a marvelous tool.”  He nodded, ever the attentive student.  I took another swallow of wine.  I could feel my juices beginning to trail along my thigh.  From my mouth I offered Peter a taste of the drink as I kissed him, straddling him, feeling his hard young cock straining for me.  I stepped away, no need to mark the pants he would need tomorrow.  I knelt between his spread legs and undid his leather belt, followed by the button & zipper on his pants.  I pulled off his shoes & socks, caressing his feet, then slipped his pants off as he lifted his hips slightly to help.

I nipped & licked & kissed his bare legs, getting close to but not paying much mind to his twitching cock.  It was no easy task to avoid availing myself of it.  I wanted to taste the precum gathered at the tip, to impale myself on it and find my release, but this moment would stand in our memories, he was soon off to his last year of school, and while I knew he would never forget me, soon he would fall in love with a girl his own age & start his own life.

I stood again pulled my big leather desk chair over to face the one I had bound Peter to.  Sitting, I draped one leg over the arm of the chair and with scarlet tipped fingers pulled aside my drenched thong, revealing my swollen lips and began to finger myself with long, slow strokes.  I saw him swallow hard and try to scoot his chair closer.  I continued to stroke & caress myself.  I was so turned on it only took a few moments for that familiar urgency.  My hands danced faster and more insistently as I threw my head back  and cried out, a hot jet of fluid landing on Peter’s trembling thigh.

As the wave subsided I stood & pushed my chair away.  I rested one red shoe on the chair between Peter’s legs, pressing my breasts against him as I leaned over to pull his shirt back up over his shoulders.  I gently lifted one hand, kissing the palm as I undid the shirt cuff, then repeated on the other side before removing his shirt.  Putting my foot back on the floor I pulled my camisole unceremoniously over my head & peeled off my dripping thong.  I offered Peter my fingers to suck, as I straddled his chair, lowering myself into his lap.  He wrapped his arms around me & we held each other for a few moments, lost in our own thoughts.  I was already feeling his loss, prepared or not I would miss this sweet & adventurous boy.

I felt him stir against me, bringing me back to the moment.  He pushed me back, bending his head to take a nipple in his mouth.  As his lips pulled at it, I trembled, reaching between our bodies to shift & guide him into my aching pussy. He groaned against my breast as I engulfed him, planting my feet on the floor so I could move over him.   I felt his arms tighten around me, and suddenly he lifted me, setting me down a step or two away on the polished oak desk.  I wrapped my legs around his waist as he held my hips and drove into me.  My fingers reached to tease his nipples and I grinned as he gasped in response to a new level of pleasure.  I sighed when he stopped moving and pulled out of me, smiling when he held my face & kissed me.  I had taught him well.

He dropped to his knees in front of me, lifting one leg and then the other over his strong shoulders.  I leaned back on the desk, crying out with wonder as his tongue made contact with my pussy lips.  He lapped and sucked, bit the inside of my thighs, caressed me with his fingers.  I cried out again & again, feeling my juices gushing out, pooling on the desk below me.  I pulsated & throbbed, cumming again & again, until I was gasping with exhaustion.

I was trembling when Peter stood and wrapped his young arms around me again, kissing my hair, my shoulders, my neck and then my face.  Taking my hand he helped me down off the desk and led me to the dark green leather couch I had in the corner of the room.  Reverently he lay me on the cool leather, and I felt suddenly almost shy under his gaze.  I reached up to caress him and he echoed my gestures.  Our eyes locked on each other as I drew him down into my embrace, pulling him into me.  Easily we reached a familiar rhythm as my hips rose to meet his.  He felt so good in my, against me.  He bent his head to kiss me, long & deep.  I felt his body shift, his movements became more urgent, and I arched against him, pulling myself out of my languor.  

“Now?!” he groaned, holding my gaze.

“Yes, yes, my love, now, ” I moaned beneath him.

He thrust into me again and once more before crying out with his release.  The sound of his shout of passion, the feeling of his pulsing deep inside me sent me over the edge again and I cried out too, gripping his shoulders as though he might keep me from falling.

When he was done he collapsed on me, and I held him close, tenderly stroking his hair, and his back.  As our breathing & heartbeats returned to normal we shifted and sat up, still holding each other.  I kissed the corner of his mouth and reached for the phone.  “Pizza or Chinese?” I asked.  “I don’t know about you, but now I am hungry.”


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