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Interesting Facts about Sex in America

Only 4 Percent of Americans Have Sex Every Day

Whether you are single and living it up or you are in a new relationship, it is fairly common to wonder if you are having sex sufficient (thanks, each and every picture montage of recently merged individuals always ripping each other’s clothes off).

Obviously, what’s precisely depends solely on personal taste, however, one thing many people certainly do is putting it on daily. In reality, Americans are likely having a good deal less sex than you may think, according to a recent poll.

The poll’s results show that only 4 percent of respondents stated they had been having sex each and every day.

But apparently there is a disconnect between what is actually occurring between the sheets and also exactly what many desire were occurring.

And as for getting sex daily? Eighteen percent of men would rather change to this program, but just 9 percent of girls would love to.

Another fascinating takeaway in the analysis is that individuals that are married or in relationships and individuals that are single have completely different perceptions of how frequently another team has sex.

Forty percent of married Americans believe only men and women have more sex, but just 33 percent of unmarried Americans have sex at least one time every month.


How are American girls like in bed? Are they good in sex?

I’ve only slept with 20-30 American girls, and an equal number of non-Americans. That’s too small for any generalizations, and my sample is biased by people I want to sleep with and who want to sleep with me. But here are some, anyway.

  • American girls are relatively empowered and proud about their personal identity, and they are not submissive or subscribed to feminine gender roles. So in bed they are relatively strong willed, with their own personalities and not just trying to please a man.
  • They are very communicative, and able to reflect on their own feelings, needs, and desires. Except when it comes to sex. They can tell you exactly what they want you to do with the blanket, but not how they want to be touched.
  • Because looks and the perception of others are so important, many try hard to look good in makeup and with their clothes on, but are ashamed of their bodies when naked, and want to be in the dark or under blankets. They are a lot more attractive than they think they are, which can be good or bad.
  • For the most part, they are less aggressive than from some places like France or Italy or Israel, and expect the boy to initiate things. They are a little conflicted and ashamed about sex, and many think it is morally wrong even though they want it, and they try to make sure nobody knows they are doing it — usually they try to be quiet, not let anyone hear or see, or notice that they are leaving the room with you.
  • Sex is not discussed frankly in America, it is either taboo or discussed unrealistically in popular entertainment, advice columns, and politically-charged advocacy. The other answers to this question are a good hint, most people are trying to change the subject with humorously evasive answers because they do not want to discuss sex, or the possibility that American cultural differences might extend to the bedroom. As a result, women have wildly different expectations of what behavior is normal, or expected, or acceptable, or fun. Some will be very upset with you for doing a certain thing in bed, and others will be upset if you don’t do that thing, and they feel uncomfortable simply asking for it or communicating. You almost feel like you are in a strange government office where doing the wrong thing will earn a great penalty, but they won’t tell you what it is and they are speaking an incomprehensible language. The bed can be a minefield, especially with younger girls. Older ones are a lot more practical and communicative, and less fragile.
  • With lack of discussion and experience comes lack of ability, to please you, to please themselves. Boys too. It is like dancing with a crowd of people who never learned how to dance. Because they are hung up, they often are not completely free unless they have been drinking, or tired, or late at night. There are trust issues.
  • There are a lot of plain vanilla, prudish, stiff girls — again, more so with the young ones. And when they do have quirks or kinks, they don’t realize that they are a little different, or think of it as something sexy.
  • I was going to say something about the strange way that it comes out with American girls that they would like to do something kinky, but I have said enough on this topic already.
  • American girls are very tolerant of differences in race, religion, culture, nationality, money. Their parents are more bigoted, and this means they may not want you to meet the parents or even that they will not take you as seriously for a long-term boyfriend or husband, but for being friends and hooking up, I think Americans are more tolerant than most other places.
  • American girls find foreign men sexy, more so than American men, who they consider boring. This is wonderful when it’s a two way street, as it is with say Ireland. American women find Irish men sexy. American men find Irish women sexy. And vice-versa. So it works out there.



Here’s a little secret I’ll gladly divulge to you: “American girls” are “in bed” like ANY other girls of ANY other nationality.

The reason for this is: Such questions like yours only show that you have certain prejudices about “American girls”. The problem with prejudices is: Generalizations about human beings are neither true nor helpful in life. Now, I don’t want to chide you.

You see: We human beings are ALL prone to some prejudices in one way or the other. We only have our reason, our common sense as our best ally to combat this nonsense that we’re ALL likely to fall prey to.

So, it is ABSOLUTELY clear that it is ENTIRELY a PERSONAL thing how people are “in bed”. It’s definitely NOT a matter of nationality! This is a matter of FACT. Get this valuable fact firmly lodged in the rational part of your brain and NEVER forget it. THEN you’re on your way to true wisdom! 😉



I am only guessing but it is likely that Jewish-American girls will treat it as a joke, while Latin-American girls expect you to do it while dancing. African-American ladies might compare you with African-American men, and likely find your shortcomings (no pun intended).

Again, ‘having sex’ in America (so I am told) is a bit like ordering food from a Chinese restaurant, where you do it by numbers.

Having started in whatever situation passion demands, you then go down the checklist and say ‘Did we do it that way?’  and work through as many variations as energy or time allows.


I am informed that American ladies are quite knowledgeable and demanding in regard to sex, and will not think twice about assessing your performance and comparing it with past (or even current boyfriends) and even worse, might compare you with their girlfriends.


My overall belief is that American girls have an attitude of ‘Try before you buy’ that is inculcated from living in a consumer society.

They will expect a test run, checkout, and a thirty day returnable warranty if you do not satisfy.


If you are non-American and about to embark on sex with an American girl, don’t rely on what you’ve seen at the movies.

And one final word – When you have finished, don’t leave a tip. It’s the only time in America that you don’t.


Not all Americans have wild sex in college.

Not all Americans (or citizens of similarly liberal countries) have had sex by the end of their first year of college but many have.

According to a 2001 UNICEF survey, in 10 out of 12 developed nations with available data, more than two thirds of young people have had sexual intercourse while still in their teens. In Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States, the proportion is over 80%. In Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, approximately 25% of 15 year olds and 50% of 17 year olds have had sex.

It’s important to understand that the stats are slightly different for kids that go to college vs those that don’t. And different colleges will have different stats.

For instance the number of virgins in a chemistry class at MIT is over 40%.

I wasn’t brave enough to delve into the UCLA Sex Survey!

I believe there is a growing trend amongst heterosexual girls to avoid vaginal sex until they are at college.


Words from Steve, a regular customer of Hot Sensual Bangs

By the end of high school, close to 95% of my friends were not virgins, and over half were regularly (or at one point had regularly) had sex (I was not one of them, I had sex once in high school).  

In college, as a freshman I knew many more virgins.  By the end of our first year, I would say about 98% of the people I knew had sex occasionally.  

NOTE: this is all anecdotal.


What are Americans’ views on sex?

Americans are all individually divided on this, primarily on generation and if there is a religious background. A majority of older protestants here preach abstinence to the youth and there are some in my generation that do practice it. I think its more common that I actually think, but its not too many.

Most of us Millennials and, the Generation Z’ers, practice premarital and casual sex. Although many Gen Z’ers have started disturbingly far younger than us.

In any case, I personally have no issue with causal sex as long as its consensual, safe, responsible, and both people understand there are no strings attached.


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