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Having sex with a Cheerleader

We’ve been friends for a long time and you could say we were friends with benefits we would kiss and groped but dumb stuff like that until this day I’ll remember forever.

We were sitting in my room like we’ve done thousands of times before, just sitting there watching TV. Until she wanted to use my computer and I didn’t mind. She went on and some time went by, until I heard moans from by my computer. I looked over and she found the porn I had and was watching it.

I was confused and walked over to turn it off but when I got over Courtney had her hand down her pants and I just stood there until she said “aren’t you gonna join me”.

I just laughed it off and wiped my dick out and her eye widened. I spit in my hand and started stroking my dick and she still had her hand down her pants which completely turned me on. I stood next to her watching her go crazy on herself.

She started to moan. I saw her start to shake as she came. She screamed and collapsed onto herself and I just let my dick go.

I put it away as she got herself composed and walked back over to my bed and watched TV. I walked over and sat next to her with my dick still hard. She knew it too and said “you never cam did you”, I asked what do you mean and she nodded her head and said “over there” and I said “I didn’t mind”

Next thing I know she started kissing me and I got even hornier. She reached her hand down and started rubbing my dick. I reached under her shirt and started to squeeze her tits.

Then she mounted me, and pushed me down on my back and she stood up and started to strip first her shirt and then her jeans. Then all she was in was her matching light blue bra and thong which I bought her. She then bent over and started to undo my pants.

When my pants were off she pulled my dick out and started to stroke it after she spit on it. She started to work it with her hand and then she put the tip in her mouth. She started bobbing and it felt great. She could at least get half in her mouth.

I was about to cum and I could see she was playing with herself and she was soaked. She climbed on top of me and mounted me she moved her thong over and put the head of my dick at the opening of her pussy.

She slowly lowered herself until there was some resistance and I knew she was a virgin, so was I but I thought a hot girl like her would have lost it sometime ago.

But then I asked if she was ready and she nodded I sat up bent my finger and put it in her mouth so she could bite it and I thrusted and she bit down in pain. I started pumping and her teeth loosened on my finger and I almost cam after 2 minutes and then she took over and bounced up and down on me. Then I grabbed her ass and squeezed then I slipped my finger in her ass and she moaned.

Maybe five minutes past by but it felt like several heavenly hours went by. I felt something in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum. I yelled it and she said “just cum in me!” With complete ecstasy we came together.

I felt her pussy grab my dick and want more as she cam and I shot 6 shots of cum deep inside her. She collapsed onto me and we just laid there until my parents got home and we got dressed and she left and we talked about it for a few days until we did it again.

And it’s all true.

= = =

My cousin, who is also 21, is beautiful. Highly attractive, breasts that fit perfectly into your hands and are soft and warm, a gorgeous ass and legs to die for. She’s not perfect, but she’s close.


When we were young, we hated each other, with a passion, but as we got older, hate turned into respect, and we started to get along, now, we tell each other everything, and often go to each others house and share a few drinks. On one of those occasions, we got absolutely smashed, and decided that instead of me walking home (Which although isn’t far, is still a fair distance, especially when drunk) I’d simply sleep in her bed with her. Unlike me, my cousin isn’t shy about her body, and she happily stripped off in front of me, and got into a very small, very tight pair of shorts, and a baggy t-shirt and climbed into bed. I, on the other hand, simply pulled off my trousers and shirt and climbed in next to her. In my drunk state, I thought nothing of her turning her back to me, and pressing up against me, and we both fell asleep, my penis nestled into the crack of her ass.


Next morning, I woke up before she did, and I was still half drunk, had a raging boner, and was horny as hell. Without thinking, I gently ground my dick into the crack of her ass, feeling it catch occasionally on her pussy. Getting hornier by the second, I decided to risk being more adventurous, and slowly slipped my hand up her top as I dry-humped her, fondling her breasts softly, so as not to wake her up.


I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but in my half-drunk state, and being hornier than I ever had been in my life, I threw caution to the wind. Quicker and quicker I dry humped her, my penis now pressing slightly against her hole, slipping in and out as much as her shorts would allow it. Before long, I heard a small moan come from her, I paused, breathing heavily, but she was still asleep.


I continued humping her a bit longer, before I came into my boxers. Once the after-affects of my orgasm subsided, I climbed out of the bed and went to clean myself up. I then climbed back into the bed, and went back to sleep, confident in the knowledge that she’d never know. About half an hour later, my phone rang, startling me back awake. Quickly I turned it off, not wanting to deal with whoever was ringing, and shortly noticed that I once again had a boner. Flushed with my success earlier, I decided to push my luck once more…rationalising to myself that if she caught me, I could always claim to still be half-drunk and thinking she was my ex, who looked kinda similar to her from the back.


Slowly, and softly, I pulled her shorts down as far as I could, exposing her ass to my view, smiling, I wriggled down the bed, until my face was even with it, and I gently pushed her legs slightly apart, so that I could see her pussy. Grinning widely, I pushed one finger slowly into her pussy, then removed it, and pushed that finger into her asshole, while I put a fnger from my other hand into her pussy, moving both slowly.


I heard my cousing start panting and moaning in her sleep, and knew if I wasn’t careful, I’d wake her up. Wanting to feel her pussy around my dick before she woke, I wriggled back up the bed, and positioned the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy.


That’s when I got the shock of my life.


“Mmmm, yes, do it. Fuck me Luke!”


She’d woken up! And more, she WANTED me to fuck her! Well, who was I to complain Swiftly, I shoved the entire length of my dick into her, she was incredibly tight and warm, and felt the best I’d ever felt. I pushed in and out of her a few times, both of us moaning, then suddenly, I pulled out of her, and pulled her hips up, fucking her doggy style and forcing her face into her pillow.


Her groans increased, and I decided to do something I’ always been curious about, but had never tried. Pushing a few more times into her, I pulled out, and started pressing the head of my dick against her asshole. She didn’t seem to mind, so I started pushing in, getting louder moans from her, as she moved her hand back to finger-fuck her pussy while I pounded her ass.


Before long, my entire length was in her, and I started pounding away, our bodies making wet, slapping noises as we moved together. It wasn’t long after that, that I felt my orgams building up, I tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t let me pull away. As I thrust into her one last time, her ass and her pussy started clenching up as she came over her fingers…sending me over the edge, and spilling my cum into her ass.


Exhausted, we both collapsed onto the bed, cum oozing from her ass. She turned and grinned at me.


“That was great Luke. We gotta do that again”


I asked her how long she’d been awake, and she replied “Since you were dry humping me earlier. I was mortified, but happy….I now had a new sex-buddy, even if it was my cousin.


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