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Literotica: Spring Break Fuck with My Bestie’s Girlfriend

Spring break is coming and everybody’s preparing for it. Everyone is busy showing off their bodies in the hopes of getting invited to the hottest spring break parties.

But Mico and Danny, bestfriends and both man sluts, know that the invitations will be sent to them regardless of what they do. Danny finds a chance to get into some spring break trouble, meeting the girl of his dreams and an incredible, unforgettable sex. But when morning comes, Danny has to make a choice when he realizes that he has been fucking his bestfriend’s girlfriend.

       The entire school gym was busy with loads of athletes, players, and all teams who are having their last work out in their own sports. The bleachers were also full of girls and boys who are stealing glances at the hot bodies of athletes and players. In one side of the very large gymnasium, two teams of basketball players played, while on the bleachers a group of gay men stared at hungry eyes on the sweaty athletes. The boys in the basketball team had muscular arms, handsome faces, and perfect body built. They are the fantasies of the gay folk and all the women.

       And of course there were the hot girls. At the other end of the gymnasium, the women’s tennis team wore short tennis skirts above their long, sweaty legs. Each slender muscle in their legs was firm and shapely with their years of training in the sport. And with every whip of the tennis racket, their tiny skirts also fly up. Mischievous eyes from the bleachers would follow the movement of their legs and look at the piece of flesh revealed by the flying skirts. Everyone was so eager to see the hints of a round ass and some bouncy boobs.

       But then, the semester was ending. These athletes do not really have to prepare for any upcoming sports fest or school games. Everybody was just at the business of showing off. These athletic jocks wanted their bodies to be shown off to all the students. They want their assets revealed and they want quick attention. If everybody thinks you have a nice piece of ass and some damn tender boobs, it is more likely to get to the hottest spring break party.

       But Danny did not think like this. He was a very confident athlete, and a very self-assured man for that matter. Years of playing lawn tennis had made his legs firm, strong, and fast. Many men, even athletes like himself, admire and are envious of his Adonis body. His face was also handsome, and his hair was a copper red. Danny looked more like a model than an athlete, given his rare looks and incredible charisma. He was not just a well-accomplished athlete and member of the varsity. Danny was also a well-known flirt and manslut.

       And that was why he didn’t bother show off to all the pretty girls at the gym. Danny just sat in one of the bleachers at the far corner of the gymnasium. He had a can of beer in one hand, and his expensive brown leather jacket hid the graceful shapes of his manly arms. Occasionally, he ran his other hand through his hair, giving it the impression of being unruly but sexy. Whenever Danny glances to one side, he always catches a pair of eyes staring at his direction. They were stealing glances, trying to tease and seduce him at a distance.

       “There are so many pretty girls out there staring, Danny,” Mico nudged his elbow. Mico was one of his long-time friends and co-players in the tennis team. “Just take a pick and bang one at the men’s room.”

       Danny shook his head. “Not this time, Mick.” He sipped beer.

       Mico’s eyes widened, both in surprise and humor. “What? You fuck girls all the time in the bathroom!”

       “I said not this time, Mick.” He looked his friend straight in the eye. “I’ve changed.”

       Huge bellows of laughter escaped Mico’s mouth. He nearly twisted and cried with so much laughter. “Whatever’s the matter with you, Danny? Did you catch some Chlamydia or something? Or you’ve gone out of your mind and decided to get in a relationship, like me?” Mico shook his head.

       Danny’s eyes narrowed to slits. “No, I didn’t get STD’s. I just want to raise my standards when it comes to women. I’m also not trying to have a secret girlfriend, like what you’re doing now.”

       Mico shook his head and put one arm over Danny’s shoulder. “I just don’t want to share her with you man, she’s precious to me.” He said seriously. But then Mico decided to steer the conversation is safer shores. “So what standards are you trying to raise now, huh?” the friendly and naughty spark was back in his eyes.

       “First, I don’t want to grab some young freshman and take her virginities in the bathroom. Second, I don’t want to just fuck anyone I see. And third, I want to start looking for a relationship. I mean, be stable with one woman.”

       Out of the distance, Danny caught glance of a cheerleader who was staring his direction. But she wasn’t just looking. One of her hands were rubbing the insides of her thighs, slowly moving her fingers to her vagina.

       “This place is such a slutty and filthy one,” Danny said to Mico. “Do you have any invitations to spring break parties yet?” Danny winked at Mico.

       “You’re such a slut, man,” Mico said in a low chuckle. “I thought you were really planning to live a cleaner life, but now I just realized that you want to fuck more properly.”

       “And what’s the place where you can fuck properly with the proper sluts at the same time?” Danny asked.

       “Spring break parties,” Mico said with a savage smile, and held up three invitations to Danny.

       They were the best of friends since childhood, but Mico and Danny were also the best duo when it comes to finding parties, fucking girls, and having the best sex at some teenager’s house. Mico was a dark guy a few inches taller than Danny, and like his friend he was considered a man slut. Mico had great sex trips that made women insane in bed. He also get bitches fight over each other, just for the sake of a good fuck with him.

       But still, Danny was the most notorious, mischievous, and promiscuous fucker. He would fuck almost any girl at the gym, regardless of their age, looks, and religion. He just didn’t care. Throughout his college years he has never been picky with women, although he has now been considering fucking with “finer” women. Maybe, it’s just the springbreak and the tons of women who are willing to share a bed with him. When it’s spring break, girls are everywhere and he might even be lucky enough to find someone from another town. He may get the chance to find an exotic girl with a completely new set of sex skills.

       For his first spring break party, Danny went to a hotel and beach resort. This was sponsored by one of his flings in the past, Diana. Her father was the owner of this particular beach resort. Because they had spent a lot of “good times” together, Danny got a free invitation to the party. In the note, Diana said that she would love to spend some time with him, but unfortunately she was going to be occupied in the coming days. This would mean sex will have to come later, maybe at the far end of the spring break or just before the beginning of the summer terms.

       Danny thought that a hotel and beach resort party could be his chance to find an out-of-town, exotic woman. Of course, there were going to be strangers and visitors checking in on the hotels, and he could just imagine the variety of women that would fill the place. He could make a list of the girls he will possibly meet: one with shaved pussy, bouncy boobs, tight cunts, big asses, brown tits, red pubic hair…the list goes on and on.

But what Danny really wanted was a woman who could arouse him from a distance, with just one smile and the sound of her laughter. He wanted a sexual contact as intense as that. He wanted to be taken by a woman who will give him an unforgettable experience in bed.

In his first night at the hotels, Danny stayed at the bars and the clubs. He wore khaki shorts and a tropical shirt, trying to make himself look common and ordinary. But still his handsome face and muscular figure made him stand out from the rest.

“Hey, sexy boy,” a woman approached his table. She was dark skinned with long, black hair, and all she had on her body was a strap of bikini. The woman grinned at Danny with an intensely seductive smile. She leaned down on Danny, her large black boobs right in front of his face.

Too old and dark, Danny thought in his head. But maybe her skills are worth it. “Hey there, honey, care to drink with me tonight?”

The woman immediately sat on Danny’s lap, and then she caressed his chest. She pulled her face closer to Danny, and he smelled beer and other alcohol from her breath. “I think I’ve already had much to drink tonight,” she licked his earlobe.

Bitch is already drunk, Danny thought disgustingly to himself. But still, he put his slutty face on. He reached out to her thighs, which were silky smooth and firm. He rubbed her passionately and skillfully.

“You’ve got rough hands. Do you do heavy work?” she said, touching Danny’s shoulders.

“I’m a tennis player. But yes, I also do heavy work. I do heavy work on women as pretty as you,” Danny moved his hands further between her legs, then he cupped the woman’s pussy. Her clitoris was pressed against his palm, and this made her twist and moan. Danny kept his hands rubbing there.

“You’re making me hotter, damn you,” her fingers sunk into Danny’s shoulder. Then she leaned down and kissed Danny’s mouth. The woman’s tongue was firm and it moved skillfully around his mouth. As the two of them tasted each other’s mouths, one of Danny’s hands moved to her breasts. They were huge and her tits were already stiff and hard. Danny pulled one tit, since her breast was also too big to be cupped by his hand.

“Oh, oh, damn!” she elegantly sighed. “I feel your cock’s getting hard, baby,” she whispered to his ear. Her breath was warm and full of desire.

       “Suck my dick, slut. Hide under the table and suck it,” Danny whispered back, kissing and licking the woman’s neck.

       She looked at him viciously. “Only if you promise to fuck me after this,” she stroked her fingers against Danny’s chest.

       “Yeah, I’ll  promise you a good fuck, bitch. Now go on down there…”

       The woman went down from Danny’s lap and crawled down the floor, until she disappeared underneath the table. Danny unzipped his pants and spread his legs just a little, keeping free his large cock. It felt good to be out of his pants.

       Then, loud music started to play. Danny had no idea if the woman below the table was speaking to him or not. All that mattered to him was the sexual pleasure she was giving him. She put his cock around her soft warm mouth, and she used her tongue to lick the head of his cock. The woman was skilled as well, and Danny felt her suck his dick hard enough until it was in her throat. She sucked Danny’s cock like a hungry baby. His cock tingled and was feeling really, really great, like he was in heaven.

When it was getting really, really good, Danny leaned back on his chair and grabbed a glass of beer from his table. He sighed aloud, but it was for no one to hear. It felt like seventh heaven, sitting there and getting his blow job. Drinking alcohol and relaxing your entire body, while a whore was going down on you and sucking your dick underneath a table…it was the essence of spring break.

Danny closed his eyes and leaned back on his seat, unaware of anything in this world. All he did was enjoy his good throat fuck. But after a few moments, he heard an angelic voice called to him amidst the noise of the crowd and the loud music of the club.

“Hey there! Hey!

Danny’s eyes flew open, with a little bit of irritation because of being disturbed. But when he saw the figure of the beautiful woman in front of him, Danny almost couldn’t believe his eyes. She was the cutest girl he has ever seen.

“Are you actually sleeping?” she smiled sweetly at him. Her voice had an edge of wild laughter, which suggested that this woman has already had her good share of drinks for the night.

She was rather stunning, at least for Dan. She had an angelic face with large dark eyes, and a thin pair of lips. She had cheerful cheeks that looked innocent at first glance. Her face was round shaped, and her long brown hair was pulled back by a headband. She wore a bikini top and a pair of ripped shorts, but her shoulders were covered by a knitted blouse. A pair of bouncy breasts hung like melons fruits from her chest. She had a soft tummy with a few fats, but Danny thought of it as cute.

The woman put one hand on her hip. “Well well, you do seem like you were asleep. You look like you’ve just woken up!” She chuckled at him, her voice sweet as ever.

Danny almost forgot about the woman below the table sucking his cock. But when she licked his balls and lightly sucked his scrotum, Danny flinched and gasped. His toes curled.

       Damn, he muttered to himself. He couldn’t act dumb in front this lady just because he was in the middle of a blow job.

       “Miss, you look really lovely,” Danny was at a loss of words, which made him act almost dumb. “Would you care to meet me outside –” Danny stopped when the woman down his table sucked the head of his dick and squeezed his balls. She sucked him faster and faster, and Danny was feeling his orgasm coming closer.

       “Yes? What did you just say? I couldn’t hear you!” the lovely woman asked him, almost shouting.

       “I’ll grab you some drinks, if you can meet me at the bar in a few minutes!” Dan shouted back, hoping to release a little of the sexual tension from his throbbing cock. “I would really love to meet you, but please, at the bar please…” he begged. His orgasm is going to be on in a few seconds now.

       “Can’t I just share a table with you?” there was a puzzled look in her sweet face.  The girl was starting to pull the chair across Danny when he shouted:

“No! Ahh! Shit! Ohhh!” Danny’s face twisted as his orgasm began to send its waves across his body.

The woman down him made one last suck at his huge cock. Danny felt something explode between his legs, and his face twisted into an intense face of pleasure. But with a lovely girl in front of him, Danny couldn’t reveal any of this mischief. And so, while the waves of pleasure and tormenting orgasm were still around his body, making him shake and shiver, Danny tried to find a way to escape his unbearably sexy but naughty situation.

“Call a nurse!” he shouted at the lovely girl, and he faked a painful face as he reached out to his sides. This was all he could think of.

“Oh my god,” the lovely yet still unnamed girl rushed away from Danny’s table. She scurried off and didn’t look back.

But just in time, the woman emerged from below Danny’s desk, and she looked up at him. The woman had traces of semen on her lips and her neck. Using her fingers she rubbed them off of her face. She looked devilishly at Danny.

“You’ve got some tough dick, boy!” she giggled. “Now you promised to fuck me –”

“Okay, okay,” Danny said, still startled by the events. But his explosive orgasm had made him feel light-headed, a little confused but tranquilized. “Let’s make it quick,” he grabbed the woman’ hand and led her to the back of the bar.

“I cum fast, ya ‘know, and I come for multiple times,” the woman babbled on as they made their way to the comfort room. Danny hurried off and tried to make everything as swift as he could.

When they reached the bathroom stalls, there were already a few couples inside. In one the cubicles, the moans and sounds of two people having sex were very apparent. The moans of a woman having orgasm made Danny even more aroused. The place was reminiscent of Danny’s gym and bathroom fucks, but this place was a lot looser.

He led the black woman to one of the stalls, and when he untied her bikini tops, the woman already smelled of cum, alcohol, and sweat. Danny tried to ignore this and focus on her large tits instead. One by one he ravaged them with his mouth. While his tongue was busy with the tits, one of his hands massaged and fingered the woman’s loose pussy.

“Oh, hell, yeah, I am ready for some fuck!” the woman said in a throaty voice.

“Ass up then! Let me fuck your pussy from behind, you cunt!”

The woman obediently followed. She bent really low and took hold of the toilet bowl as her support. When she has settled her balance, Danny put his cock out and quickly slid it into the black woman’s pussy.

His large cock was still hard as stone, and the woman’s pussy was already wet and dripping with juices. As Danny thrust his cock deep inside her, her walls contracted and squeezed his dick even more. This woman knew about muscle control, proving her expertise in sex. Danny made quick thrusts into her pussy, so that she could cum quickly. The woman started to moan softly, as she was trying to suppress her sounds inside the bathroom stalls.

Danny could’ve enjoyed this woman for even a longer time. But when he thought of the angelic face of the lovely girl who approached him earlier, all that he could ever wish for was to get this over with and meet her somewhere. In the bar, perhaps. She might be there, still waiting for him.

Danny’s cock grilled the pussy of the black woman, and as he wildly and savagely fucked her, the woman soon came and there was a whimper in her throat. “Oh my fuck, jesus, jesus, ohhh, goodamn!”

The woman cursed endlessly as her body shivered in an orgasm. She felt the fire burn and explode insider her. Danny’s orgasm also followed only a few pumps later, and he spilled his cum on the bathroom floor. Both of them were sweaty as hell, and their breaths were heavy and uneven. Danny leaned on the bathroom wall and kept his balance, despite the fact that he has had two huge orgasms and he was a bit tired. However, the black woman completely lost her balance, and she fell to the floor of the cubicle.

The black woman was only half-awake, probably because she had been drinking earlier too. She fell on the floor with her legs still spread apart, and her bikini tops only half-covered her breasts. Her face was smiling sweetly however, still savoring her glorious orgasm. She looked ready to be fucked, but Danny had other plans than to endlessly fuck this woman. he wanted to meet the lovely lady that had caused all of this unplanned hurry and mess.

Luckily, no one was in the bathroom hall when Danny took an exit. At least, no one would accuse him of fucking the black woman and leaving her alone on the floor.

Danny wiped the sweat off his forehead and arranged his shirt. Although he looked ragged and exhausted after the adventures of the previous hour, his face managed to look extremely handsome and confident.

As he approached the bar, there was a hint of worry in his face. The lovely girl he had met earlier was nowhere to be seen. The lights near the bar were fluorescent white, so spotting her should be easier. Danny felt like he has lost her, but he kept his hopes up. He approached the bartender.

“Hey, did a woman just call someone here? Looking for nurses and stuff?” Danny realized that his breath was  still somewhat uneven and heavy, like he had just ran a 100-meter marathon.

But before the bartender could fully take in his question, a familiar sweet voice called from behind. It quickly grabbed Danny’s attention.

“Hey, hey mister!” the girl was running from behind, also chasing her breath. She looked cuter in the white light. Her face was still round like the moon, and her eyes were dark and huge as well. “Where have you been? When I came back to your table, you were gone in a snap!”

Danny couldn’t believe that she was in front of him again, after he had nearly missed her in exchange of an old black woman. Because of the turn of the events and the adrenaline in his blood, Danny found his arms automatically wrapping the girl in an embrace.

He felt her soft boobs against his chest and the curve of her hips on his hands. She smelled of sweet perfume, mixed with the aroma of the bar and a few drinks. Her hair was incredibly soft as they touched his arms.

When Danny realized what he had just done, he pulled back from the girl. Her face was mildly shocked, but she didn’t look offended.

“Hey, uh, thanks for trying to save me and call those nurses,” Danny said to her in a chill voice. He has talked to so many women, and he has somehow mastered the right words to say in the wrong moments. One of his hands went to his nape, trying to make a gesture of innocence.

“But where have you been? What happened to you?” There was a look of concern on her face. It was genuine.

Danny put on his prettiest and most convincing face. “I was just having an ache from my ulcers,” he lied. “Then I realized that I couldn’t wait for the nurses, so I rushed to the bathroom and vomited the alcohol in my guts.”

The girl’s face was pure concern and sympathy. She raised an arm and touched one of Danny’s cheeks. “Oh you poor boy.” The tone of her voice was angelic.

Danny took the moment and touched her hand. It was small and cool against his sweaty palm. “But I’m okay now, thanks to the sight of you,” he winked at her. “Perhaps I should now the name of my guardian angel?”

The girl smiled sweetly at him. There was a tiny chuckle in her voice. “I like you, you know,” she cocked her head to one side. There was a sparkle in her eyes, something almost flirtatious. “My name’s Penelope. But you can just call me Penny.”

“Penny,” he muttered under his cool breath. He said in a seductive way, in a tone that makes a girl’s name sound more attractive. “And you can call me Danny. I’m at your service, my lady.”

“I really, really, like you Danny,” she pulled her hand from his face and went closer to him. “I thought you were one hell of a crazy guy, sleeping at a club or something.”

Penny looked intensely at Danny’s eyes, then one of her hands moved swiftly between them. Her tiny fingers went to Danny’s crotch and, without warning, she zipped his pants. Danny’s face went flush and was a deep color of red as he felt her hands right in front of his cock.

At this very second, Penny’s eyes shone with cleverness and knowing. She glanced at Danny’s eyes with a questioning look, and it was naughty and slutty at the same time. She kept her hand on his crotch.

Danny looked down at Penny, who was almost a head shorter than him. She didn’t look as innocent as playful as earlier. Now, she exhibited the looks and glances of a slutty woman. Danny began to imagine what this vixen was like in bed.

“Did you vomit from your throat,” her voice was sly and dangerous, like she was a questioning detective, “or were you actually throwing up something from this cock?” she looked at him, intensely.

Danny’s words couldn’t find their way to his mouth, but the way Penny said “cock” kept ringing in his ears. It sounded like she wanted to suck off the word. Suck off his cock…

“I –” Danny choked on his words. He didn’t know what to say.

Penny burst out in laughter, breaking off all previous pretense of seriousness. “I was just kidding you, you know! Haha!” Her eyes were nearly wet with tears of joy, and she pointed one finger at Danny’s chest, mocking him.

Danny relaxed. For a moment there, he thought Penny was seriously judging him. She looked more attractive when she laughed, and he found it a great sight to behold. Her laughter also sounded very sweet, like a cool summer breeze.

“Hey, stop laughing at me,” his voice was gentle, playful, and full of admiration with Penny’s laughter. He actually didn’t want her to stop. He wants to hear more of her laughter.

But Penny laughed and laughed, more louder than her previous laughter. When she wouldn’t stop and would nearly crawl into the floor, laughing, Danny quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him. Unguarded, Penny’s body was quickly swayed by Danny’s strong arms. And just when she was about to look into his face, Danny’s lips were on Penny’s, brushing them ever so gently.

Danny’s lips didn’t move, but Penny’s laughter immediately stopped. In that short moment that their lips touched, they had a whiff of each other’s scent. Danny smelled of the ocean and musk for men. He smelled salty, warm, and he was completely masculine. They were still, but only for a second, until Penny moved one of her hand to Danny’s jaws and savagely kissed him.

Penny opened her mouth, crushing her lips against Danny’ s. Their tongues moved together in an incredible dance. They tasted the alcohol and drinks the two have been having since the night began, and it made them both very hot. Penny was a sensual kisser, her mouth was hungry and her tongue was especially playful and skilled.

Danny’s hands started to travel around her waist and hips, touching on one of Penny’s sensitive spots. This caused Penny to flinch a bit and pull her mouth from Danny’s, so that she could gasp aloud.

“Oh my god,” she muttered under her breath. Penny leaned her body against Danny, rubbing herself against him. Her breasts fell flat on his lower chest, while Danny’s crotch was pressed against her belly. Penny felt his erection against her smooth tummy. “Ohh,” she sighed at his face.

Danny soon realized that they were actually standing by the bar, beneath a bright white light. Moments like this were better suitable for a quiet room with romantic lights. He looked down at Penny. Her eyes were wide with desire and lust, and her lips were still slightly apart. It seemed that she enjoyed their kiss very much.

Danny kissed her forehead. “Let’s get some privacy, sweetie.”

Penny put her arms across Danny’s body, embracing him tight. She smiled at him and forced away all of the doubts inside her. She kissed him briefly in the mouth then asked: “Your room or mine?”

The walk from the club to Penny’s room was just brief. It was still on the eastern part of the resort, where most of the night clubs and expensive suites are in. Danny enjoyed walking on the sand with Penny. They held hands, looked intently into each other’s eyes, and chatted the walk away. They talked of the things that were around them, like the souvenir shops that sold shell necklaces. Penny said that she’d love to have one, and Danny offered to buy her one tomorrow.

Penny’s room was a mess. Scattered around were her clothes, her suitcase, and several cosmetics on the floor. She apologized to Danny for having such a dirty room, but he said that it was just okay. He took a quick look around to see if there were traces of men entering this room. Seeing that there were no used condoms, face towels and tissues lying on the floor, Danny assumed that he was Penny’s first visitor.

“I just moved in this afternoon, and didn’t have the chance to tidy up yet,” Penny called from the bathroom. She was taking a quick shower.

Danny nodded to himself as he confirmed his thoughts. He sat on Penny’s bed and was making himself comfortable, when Penny emerged from the bathroom and offered him a shower. When he started to refuse, she said, “I wear boxer briefs and you can have one,” she winked at him.

After the two of them were fresh as babies, they laid together on the bed. Only the dim light of a lamp shade was on. They didn’t instantly jump to doing dirty things to each other. For the first time in his life, Danny felt like he just wanted to enjoy the company of a woman, not just her cunt.

Nevertheless, tension filled inside the room. Danny was wearing only Penny’s boxer briefs. She wore a lacey boxer-panties, and only an oversized t-shirt to cover her breasts. Penny rested her head on Danny’s arm.

“Tell me about yourself,” she asked him. As she did so, she took Danny’s hand and put his hand inside her shirt. Danny smiled and he gently stroked Penny’s large breasts.

“Well, I’m popular at my university.” he said with some proud.

“With the women?” Penny teased and laughed. One of her hands started trailing down Danny’s thigh.

“With the women and with the general audience,” Danny laughed. “I’m in the lawn tennis team, you know. I’m an athlete.”

Penny suddenly stopped and she froze, as if she was suddenly choked. Her boyfriend was also in the lawn tennis team…

“Tell me about yourself,” Danny asked her. He didn’t notice Penny’s previous reaction.

“Well,” Penny said slowly, calculating her words. She continued to stroke Danny’s bare thigh. “My boyfriend’s really mad at me now.”

There was no sound of guilt in her voice, but Danny felt her sadness. He decided to keep his manly attitude and cheer her up, in a sexy way. “Well, he wouldn’t get mad if he didn’t know about this,” he tugged one of her nipples and swiftly kissed her neck with his open mouth. Penny was caught off guard, and she made a sexy gasp while her legs tangled themselves with Danny’s. He kissed and kissed Penny’s neck until it tickled her.

Penny giggled, “Hey, stop,” she gently pushed him away so she could talk properly. Danny held her tight in his arms and massaged her soft breasts.

“My boyfriend’s already assuming half of this. We had a large fight, you know. I wanted to go on a spring break party and asked him if I could meet his friends, but he disagreed. He wanted to go on a solo trip with me.”

Danny listened intently at her, carefully listening to the emotion in her voice. It was rare that a woman confided like this.

“So, he said that if I wanted to get myself a spring break party, then he’s gonna get one for himself, too,” Penny sighed sadly. “So he went on some party with lots of girls. But he still didn’t want to show me to his friends,” Penny frowned, her face crumbling into a sour picture. “And so I went to my own spring break party, and I found you.”

Penny sweetly looked up at Danny and kissed his mouth. There was a pain in her voice, but his kiss took it all away. Her hands touched and rubbed Danny’s chest, and then suddenly the heat began to rise again. Penny didn’t take her lips away from Danny’s, trying to secure the questions that were all there.

Penny’s lips were the sweetest thing that Danny has ever tasted. His tongue explored all of the corners in her sweet mouth. She pinned Danny underneath her, spreading her legs atop his waist. She felt his erection between her legs, and then Penny quickly pulled down his boxer briefs. Danny’s cock was hard and large, and it sprung up in the air.

“Ooh, you have a beautiful cock,” Penny praised Danny’s penis, and before he could say a word, she has gone down on him. Penny’s mouth was so soft, and she used some of her teeth in giving a blow job to Danny. The sensation was very different. It was a mixture of very light pains and pleasures. It was electrifying. The black woman’s blow job suddenly didn’t compare.

Penny’s smooth lips moved up and down the shaft of Danny’s cock. It was already slimy with her saliva and his precum. Danny kept his eyes open and savored the sight of Penny, her cheeks full of his cock. Her eyes stared back at him, and her irises were full of flame and desire.

Her lips moved quicker and quicker along Danny’s cock, and when she couldn’t hold it any longer, Penny raised her body up and pulled down her panties. She also took off her t-shirt, making her fully naked atop Danny. The sight of her was the most glorious thing that Danny had ever seen. Penny wasn’t exactly skinny, but her body was soft to the touch. With both his hands, Danny grabbed Penny’s breasts.

“Oh! Oh! My god!” Penny exclaimed as she lowered her hips onto Danny’s huge and throbbing cock. Slowly, she slid it in her wet cunt. Her saliva on Danny’s cock also made it easier for her. She thrust his cock deep inside her, and she felt her entire pussy full of Danny’s meat and flesh.

“My god, this is so sweet, Danny, fuck, fuck!” Penny’s rhythm was slow at first, as if she was savoring this moment of her life. She slowly slid Danny’s long cock along her vagina walls. Danny was getting a lot more excited, so he moved his hands to her hips and assisted her in slamming her body against him.

“Oh, Danny, he never…ah…he never let me do this to him, that bastard…oooh,” Penny was still slowly moving against Danny’s cock. He could feel her itch growing more and more as Penny tried to resist fucking him wildly. “You’re so much better than Mico, Danny…so much better than him.”

Danny continued listening to Penny, who was now spilling her secrets. To make her go even faster and spill even more, Danny began to thrust his hips to meet and grind with Penny.

“Ow! Damn! My cunt, oh oh!” Penny exclaimed, then her eyes flew open to meet Danny. “I bet…I bet you’re even better than him when it comes to lawn tennis! Oh!” Danny moved faster and faster, and soon Penny was following his speed. But now, his thoughts were already confirmed, and his mind became more twisted.

He wanted to act more savagely and fuck this woman so hard. He wanted to make Penny scream. Now that he was fucking his bestfriend’s girlfriend, he wanted to make a good job out of it. He wanted to fuck her hard like his bestfriend could never do. Now he knew why he kept her a secret. He was a possessive man when it comes to a girlfriend, and he was also a heartless, domineering man who wouldn’t let a woman control him.

Danny watched as Penny fucked her way around his cock. Her beautiful face was twisted into a face of extreme pleasure and excitement, as she bounced on and off the bed, sliding Danny’s cock in and out of her warm cunt. Her eyes were shut tight, but her sensuous lips were slightly opened, releasing her intense sighs and moans. Penny looked like she was definitely enjoying being on top.

Danny squeezed her boobs hard, tickling her nipples with the tips of his fingers. This added a lot more pleasure to Penny’s face. She was a very-easy-to-please woman when hit the right way. Then, Danny slapped her breasts so that they bounced off sideways. Damn, Penny was such a sight to behold. Her large tits bouncing to the left and right, while large cock went in and out of her fuck hole. Damn!

Danny wanted to see her cum, and he also wanted her to scream. He put one of his fingers near Penny’s clit, so that it rubbed against him whenever she moved. Penny almost shouted and groaned whenever Danny’s finger rubbed against her clitoris. In only a few pumps, Danny was sure than Penny will come hard. He could also feel his own orgasm coming up…he wanted to come with her.

Danny put two of his fingers between Penny’s lips, and she sucked it hard. His fingers fucked Penny’s mouth and she sucked at them and bit him hard. The bed collided beneath them, and Penny’s thrusts even became wilder. She was about to explode…

“Oh, oh oh!” the screams were caught inside Penny’s throat, and Danny continued to fuck her mouth using his fingers.

“Come with me, Penny, come with me! Now!”

Danny banged his own hips against her, and after one loud shake, the two of them shivered and screamed into a wild orgasm. Danny’s eyes were almost delirious and his back arched, as he spilled all of his thick hot semen inside Penny’s cunt. Penny bit his fingers very, very, hard, almost drawing blood. Her throat was full of muffled screams, and her legs were very stiff. Her toes crumbled, while her fingers clawed Danny’s chest.

After a few seconds, their orgasms subsided. Penny was on the verge of crying, tears smearing her eyes. It was the most glorious orgasm of her life. Her body collapsed on top of Danny, and their chests, all wet with sweat, fit together.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Penny sobbed on Danny’s chest. She was trembling, her entire body shivering.

“Shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay… Everything’s alright, Penny.” He caressed her soft back, like she was a baby crying out to him.

With teary, sleepy eyes, Penny looked at Danny and met his gaze. Her face was a mixture of happiness, guilt, sadness. “That was the best sex of my life ever,” her voice trembled.

Pride swelled up from Danny’s face. He knew it. “You always deserve the best sex, my darling.” He kissed Penny’s forehead. Then he tucked her to his side, cradling her in his arms. They both slept soundly that night, like two lovers who had lost each other for a long time.

When morning came, Danny was awakened by the sounds coming from Penny’s phone. He heard it ringing under the bed, but it stopped ringing just before he picked it up. With blurry eyes, he looked at the screen. It was a missed call from Mico.

Danny’s chest pounded with nervousness and excitement. Could it really be his bestfriend? He had almost confirmed that fact last night. He glanced to his side, and Penny was still asleep. She was deep in sleep like a little kitten.

Brushing all his doubts and hesitations, Danny picked up Penny’s phone and unlocked it. Luckily, she hasn’t set a password. When he checked the home screen, it reported to have 12 sms messages. All of them were from Mico.

Where r u now cunt?! Get your ass here or I’ll beat u! dammit!

Danny frowned at the message he just read. He cannot believe that someone could treat Penny like this. Then he opened the next message:

I swear to you cunt I’ll make ur mouth bleed! U dirty slut! I will punch your ugly face!

Anger and fiery passion boiled on Danny’s blood. He cannot believe that his best friend was actually like this when it comes to women. He checked the number of the sender to confirm that it was actually Mico sending the messages. He couldn’t believe that Mico was a harsh man who beat his own girlfriend. He seemed too kind as a friend.

But above all, he couldn’t believe that Penny was being treated this way. She was a very angelic, soft and gentle woman. She deserved so much more than being in an abusive relationship. He wanted to touch her, hold her, make love to her every night. At the bottom of his hearts, he thinks that he has fallen for her.

With fury, he typed an sms message to Mico:

I’m fucking your girlfriend, you asshole!

After only a few seconds there was a reply from Mico:

Who is this? U asshole! I’m gonna beat the shit out of the 2 of u!

Danny replied quickly: It’s Danny, you idiot! No wonder why you kept her a secret. Now your best friend is fucking your girlfriend! And I’m a lot better than you!

Right after Danny hit the “send” button, a pair of hands gripped the phone from his hands. Penny had already awakened from her sleep, and she had just caught Danny meddling with her cellphone. Penny’s eyes grew wide with shock, anger, and horror!

“Hell! What were you doing with my phone?” Her voice was angry, and she was almost shouting. There was a sound of paranoia in her voice, as if suddenly her world was going to fall apart.

Danny was ultimately shocked. “But Penny, listen, I didn’t mean –”

“Get out!” Penny started crying, her voice was full of terror and anger. “Get out of this room! How could you tell him?”

Penny’s voice was full of pain, sadness, and very great terror. It was very clear in her eyes, and in the way she pleaded Danny. Penny felt like her life was already in danger.

Danny tried to hug and comfort Penny, but she only pushed him away. “Get out!”

Penny got to her feet and started pushing Danny to the door. He didn’t want to grab her and fight her back, because he might end up hurting her. He let Penny push him off, but he tried to explain.

“Just listen to me, Penny, please!” His voice was full of sincerity and concern only for Penny.

But Penny threatened him and said that she will call the guards, if he won’t get out of the door. Danny had no choice about this now. When he finally was out of her door, Danny realized the mistakes that he had made. He shouldn’t have let his anger get in the way. He shouldn’t have meddled between Penny and Mico. But among all of his regrets, he will never be sorry for ever fucking Penny last night. No, he will never regret it. Penny was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

As he walked out of the hotel, many glances made their way to him. Although Danny was used to being stared at by so many eyes, the looks this time were different from before. Some gazes were questioning him because he was actually walking in the hotel with only boxer shorts. Thank god he had an Adonis of a body, so it couldn’t be any more awkward. He just tried to flirt off the glances, and he hurried to his nearby suite.

When he closed the door behind him and heard the silence of his room, Danny felt his knees his knees go weak. All that he wanted to do was to come back to Penny. But how? She was very mad at him. She may not even want to see him again. But the idea of Penny haunted him. Even with just a night of being with her, her scent was already marked in his mind. He couldn’t get the touch of her breasts away from his palms. He was aching to hear her sweet voice and her sexy moans.

The first thing that Danny did was to check his phone, to see if Mico had sent him anything. There was only one message from Mico: Fuck you. Danny felt his stomach twist and ache, but he couldn’t do anything. He didn’t want to make this become a bigger war. But he couldn’t also do something stupid like ask Penny’s number from Mico…

Desperate and running out of thoughts, Danny decided to get a shower first. Maybe it will cool his head a bit. A warm breakfast might also do him good.

Meanwhile, Penny locked herself inside her room. She was full of scared thoughts and confused feelings. Remembering the events of last night, she could consider it as one of her best nights. She had fun meeting Danny, and best of all was when they talked together and had sex. When she was with him, she felt like she was just herself, like nothing could go wrong.

But now, it was all confused and messed up. She had confirmed that Danny was in fact Mico’s bestfriend. She will definitely cause a huge issue between them. She knew that Mico could get very aggressive. He might take things into a very physical level.

Penny went to the shower room and let the cool water trickle down her skin. She stayed there for almost an hour, feeling then cool sensations of the droplets of water. She tried to divert herself from thoughts about Danny and the beautiful night that they shared together. She cannot help but remember how he gently touched her hand, sensually kissed her mouth, rubbed her body, kissed her everywhere. Penny found herself crying and sobbing. Her body ached for Danny, and she couldn’t deny it. All she wanted to do was to come back with him. When Penny finally made up her mind, she stood up from the floor and went back to the bedroom of her suite. She wore nothing more than a cotton robe.

When her eyes flew to the bed, Penny’s eyes were wide with surprise. She couldn’t believe the sight in front of her eyes. She blinked twice. It was Mico, sitting on her bed. Penny’s heart thumped loud on her chest.

“How did you –”

“Find you were here?” Mico continued. In one of his hands he toyed with a pair of keys. He was wearing denim pants and a crème shirt. His hair was tousled by the wind. He looked like he’d been driving.

He stood up from the bed. Penny was frozen from where she was standing. Her eyes were full of terror, and her thin lips were a pale line.

“Of course I knew where my bastard bestfriend is spending his spring break days,” he said calmly, looking intensely at Penny’s eyes. “But I missed a little detail, though,” He paused then took quick steps towards Penny, who was trembling with fear.

“I didn’t know that he was sleeping in the bed of my slutty girlfriend!” Mico’s voice thundered into a loud shout, and one of his hands flew across Penny’s face.

Penny fell down by the impact. Full of shock, she could only feel her left cheek. It was warm against her palm. Her eyes were darted at Mico, and he looked furious as ever.

She was trembling and shivering in fear, when Mico bent down to grab her hair. He grabbed it hard.

“Owwww!” Penny shouted. Her eyes were shut tight because of the pain.

“You cheating whore,” Mico hissed. Then he spit at Penny’s face. He pulled her hair up and tilted Penny’s head so that she was facing him.

“You’re not even worth him, you cunt!” Mico threw Penny’s head to the floor, and hear forehead kissed the floor. Penny felt her vision get blurry, and her head shook a little. She started to cry.

“Please, please, Mico, please! I’m so sorry!” she sobbed and pleaded.

“Shut up!” another one of his fists flew across Penny’s face. Then he grabbed her jaws. Penny’s face was now red with her swollen cheeks, and also was full of her own bitter tears. “So that was why you wanted a spring break party! So you could get fucked while I’m not looking! You dirty cunt!”

“Ouch, Mico! You’re hurting me!” Penny said in a muffled voice. She tried to scramble from Mico’s grasp and crawl to the floor, but he was too strong for her. Instead he quickly grabbed her from the waist and easily picked her up like she was a sack of potatoes. Then Mico threw her to the bed.

Penny tried to fight him by clawing and pushing him, but it was to no avail. He pinned her shoulders to the bed, and stared intensely at her face. Penny struggled to the last of her strength, and she pleaded Mico to please stop and hear her for now…

“You dirty, dirty, dirty slut,” he slapped her face again. “So, how did he fuck you last night, huh?”

“Please let me go, Mico! Please!” She shouted and sobbed aloud. Penny’s throat was starting to hurt.

“Did he screw you like this? Huh?” Mico shoved two fingers inside Penn’s dry pussy. She shouted because of the pain, and she was scrambling to get out of the presence of this sadistic man.

He jabbed his fingers inside her, watching her twist in pain and shout. He was enjoying seeing the pained look on her face, the way she cried and tears fell down from her eyes.

Then suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. It was louder than a knock. Someone was pushing through the door. Mico heard this, then he out one of his hands on Penny’s mouth to shut off her sobbing and shouting.

“This is the security department of the hotel. We demand you to open your door and explain what is happening there inside.” The men pushed at the door again.

Mico was extremely irritated at the intervention happening by the door. He thought that Diana would let him have a silent moment with his girlfriend. Getting the keys from her hadn’t been enough.

With a curse muttered under his breath, Mico went off the bed and took his hands off Penny. He made his way to the door and explain to the security guards. On the bed, Penny trembled, shivered, and cringed as she put a blanket around herself. She curled herself on one corner of the bed, trying to calm down her own sobs.

Behind the door were three gentlemen geared as security staff, and there was also Mico’s bestfriend, Danny. When their eyes met, it looked like they could kill each other. Danny looked at Mico with eyes of disgust, hate, and extreme anger. Danny could’ve punched Mico in the face if it weren’t for the presence of the guards.

“Let me in,” Danny hissed at Mico. His voice was threatening and cold.

Mico smirked and smiled a devilish grin on his face. Danny has never seen him like this. They’ve always thought of each other as bestfriends, but now not anymore.

“And what are you planning to do in Penelope’s room?” Mico mocked Danny.

Just when Danny’s hands have curled into fists, one of the guards spoke. “We heard strange and loud noises in the room. It looks like something violent is happening. We just need to make sure that everybody is safe.”

“Oh,” Mico feigned surprise and embarrassment in his face. “My girlfriend and I were just having some wild sex, officers.”

The officers were a little shocked and surprised, but it was well-hidden from their faces.

“And our guest here probably wants to join in the fun,” he turned to Danny. “Wanna fuck your bestfriend’s girlfriend huh? Well sure, she’s just a little whore anyway.” He threw a dirty, disgusted look at Danny.

“Well, next customer please?” Mico made his exit, and jokingly smiled at the officers. He gave Danny a look that said: From now on, I have forgotten who you are.

As soon as Mico cleared out from the hall and the guards have followed him, Danny quickly went inside Penny’s room. He made sure to lock the door behind him.

“Penny,” Danny whispered into the room. He heard faint sounds of Penny’s sobs coming from the bedroom, and he quickly dashed there. Ever since he left Penny that morning, he felt like a piece of him was missing.

“Penny, Penny!” he saw her cringed on the corner of the bed. She had wrapped white covers around her. Her hair was dripping wet and her face was a mess.

“Oh my gosh, Penny,” Danny gently came to her side. When Penny felt his presence, she looked up at him.

“Danny?” her voice was already hoarse because of endless sobbing and shouting when Mico was there at her room. Penny’s beautiful eyes were swollen with tears, and her cheeks were also red from when Mico beat her.

Danny gently touched her cheeks, and she quickly surrendered to his arms. Unclothed, Penny’s entire body pressed against Danny’s body. he tried not to be distracted by the feeling of her soft breasts and sweet scent of her bare skin.

“I’m terribly sorry I didn’t get back in time,” Danny whispered gently to Penny. He combed her hair using his fingers and wiped the tears off her face. “Please stop crying now, Penny, I’m here.”

Danny cradled Penny until her sobs became quiet. They didn’t speak for a word until the room was completely silent. All that could be heard was their breathing, and the occasional hiccups from Penny. Danny patiently held her in her arms until she was ready to speak with him again.

“Danny,” she looked up at him, her face less red and swollen now. “You came back. Where did Mico go?”

“Don’t think of that bastard anymore,” he said gently. Then he kissed Penny’s forehead. “He’s never coming back, I swear. If he ever does, I will kill him.”

Penny drew a deep breath. “And you came back to me, Danny.”

“I couldn’t leave you,” Danny looked intently to her eyes. “I just can’t.” He smiled faintly at Penny, then he touched her face. There was concern and sadness in Danny’s eyes. “He has hurt you.”

One of Penny’s fingers quickly flew to Danny’s lips. “Let’s not speak of him.” She smiled faintly at him, then Penny run her smooth fingers through Danny’s soft lips. She traced his jaw line, sending shivers down his spine. He wanted to touch her, but he didn’t want to rush Penny.

But Penny made the first move. She gently kissed Danny and rubbed their lips together. When their mouths crushed against one another, it felt like a very long time since their first kiss. It was only a matter of minutes when their gentle kiss became a robust one, and Danny found his hands on Penny’s breasts.

Penny laid her back flat on the bed, letting Danny kiss her entire body. He feasted on her glorious body with so much love and passion. His lips first went to Penny’s earlobes, then to her neck, and further below her breasts. Her tits were hard and tense in the flick of his tongue. Penny’s eyes were shut tight, but her mouth was opened wide. Moans and gasps of pleasure escaped her luscious lips.

Danny’s tongue traced circles on Penny’s breasts, while he kept his hands busy on rubbing her thighs. Penny’s fingers dug deep on Danny’s back as he bit and tugged Penny’s tits. Then he kissed her further down, down between her legs.

Penny spread her legs wide to welcome the hungry mouth of Danny. She was begging him to take her now. His tongue traced the lines of her bikini and they found their way between the folds of her vagina. When the tip of his tongue nudged Penny’s clitoris, Penny’s back arched in a sexy curve, and she pushed up her hips. “Oh my god!”

Skillfully, Danny licked her pussy up and down, making her beg for more and more. The lips of her cunt were soft and very wet with her own juices now. “Oh, Danny, please, I want you…fuck me now, please…” Penny’s voice was full of passion and pleading.

Without hesitation, Danny pulled his cock from his pants and gently pushed the head of it to Penny’s vagina. As he leaned down on her, Penny wrapped her legs around Danny’s waist. He kept on teasing the entry of her vagina with the tip of his cock. It tickled him, but he was so pleased to see Penny’s face twisting and begging to have him inside her. She was starting to grind her hips against his, to let the entire length of his flesh fill her velvety walls.

When Danny himself felt an undeniable hunger for her, he quickly pushed and slid his entire cock inside her. They quickly fit together, as if cock had always been meant to be inside her.

“Owwww!” Penny gasped as she felt Danny go inside her. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back to her. She writhed beneath him, and Danny enjoyed the sensation of Penny’s entire skin against his. She was soft, warm, and her soft breasts were locked beneath his hard chest.

Danny gently thrust his cock inside Penny at first, but he soon got his steady rhythm. He pushed his cock deep inside her, making sure that he was hitting the right spots. He made sure that with every hole, there was a gasp of pleasure that escaped Penny’s mouth.

“Danny, oh my, Danny please…I’m getting there…”

“We’ll come together, honey,” Danny crushed his mouth against Penny’s lips, and she crazily grabbed his hair. Her legs around Danny’s waist tightened as she neared her orgasm. Danny was also moving faster and faster, in and out of Penny’s sweet cunt, until the bed was already shaking violently.

They kissed each other and didn’t pull apart, until they were already biting each other’s lips. Their breaths became heavier, ragged, and hoarse, as two of them neared their climax. Penny shouted a muffled scream as she felt her hips break apart and her body trembled into a huge orgasm. She clawed Danny’s shoulders and her nails sunk deep into his skin. Danny went faster and faster, adding more pleasure and waves to her orgasm, until he made one final push and shouted on top of her. Danny’s entire body tensed as he poured hot semen into Penny’s body. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her until Danny has poured everything to her.

After their orgasms have subsided, Danny still stayed on top of Penny. He didn’t pull off his cock yet, and Penny enjoyed the feeling of the two of them being locked in a sensual embrace. The sweat on  their foreheads and faces have merged together. Penny kissed Danny’s lips, and she tasted a little bit of sweat from his sweet mouth.

Danny laid his head on Penny’s soft breasts. He rubbed his cheek  aginst Penny’s flashy mounds, and he pulled up one of his hands to grab and gently squeeze one of Penny’s boobs.

Only their exhausted breaths could be heard inside the room. Danny’s eyes were closed as he savored the feeling of being close to Penny. He loved the smell of her fresh breasts, and the feeling of her pussy clenching his cock.

“I wish we could stay like this forever,” Penny muttered, tracing lines from Danny’s back. The tips of her fingers made circles around his back.

“We will stay like this forever, Penny. Not just for the spring break,” Danny muttered while his face was still buried on Penny’s bosom.

Penny smiled, satisfied. “Do you take me now as your girlfriend?”

Danny’s face brightened up, then he looked at Penny. The happiness and cheerfulness was back in her face, and she looked just as happy as when they first met.

“Yes, I take you for a girlfriend,” he kissed her, and said, “and I will always let you ride on top.”

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