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Adventures of Anthea (Part 8)

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Basketball vs Two Women

Had a real nice Saturday, knew what to expect because this type of thing happens quite a bit. In fact more like routine when there is some big sport thing and we can get together.


Anyway Sweetness and Lips came over to our house around noon. While the men went to become couch potatoes we girls went out to grab some lunch and do some shopping. Now what type of shopping do two horny women do? Well of course shopping for Lips and Sweetness boy’s birthday silly people! Three stops later after finding the video game we think he wanted at Target we were on our way home.


When we arrived rebound had joined the men proving me wrong and Rock right. Rebound had stated he did not know if he could make it but Rock was right in assuming the chance to play with Lips would make his schedule pop open. After some small talk with the guy Lips and I retired to the bedroom. There we got ready to have some fun. Mine took longer as I had to do some prep work on myself for we all knew Sweetness wanted my ass. But once done I joined Lips in bed.


There we waited and pace ourselves which is to say Lips lipped locked me and just a nice quiet time for a little bit waiting for our first man. Rebound was the first to choose two naked and horny women over basketball. The game must not have been good because he was there faster then we thought. One of the things that I love about having people in your life that are regulars to your bedroom is how much more relaxed and fun sex can be. Everyone can just enjoy themselves and familiarity may not bring pure excitement but it also does not bring questions and stresses. In this case Rebound was going to pay attention to Lips as he can get me practically anytime and he probably had not played with Lips in over six months.


Watching Lips give a blow job can be intimidating. I like to think I give good oral and I have been told I can give good oral but whenever I am around her I feel like at best a cheap imitation. She truly looks like she is making soft sweet romantic love to a cock with her mouth. I swear she could get a straight man interested in sucking a cock the way she makes it look like it is so much fun. Of course I am bias as I do think it is awesome! After the preliminaries, we settled in on Rebound taking her missionary and me helping out by licking her clit and occasionally Rebound’s cock.


After Rebound had finished up and left us to return to watching basketball Sweetness came into the bedroom about ten minutes later. Now it was my turn to get all the attention as both Lips and sweetness took turns both eating me out and rimming. Simply amazing and if I ever get tired of something like that then I will have become seriously fucked up somehow. An inside joke amongst us is for me to be called asshole when Sweetness plays with me. The man likes his anal sex and Lips says no no no to her ass. So most of the time his cock ends up in my ass and this time was no exception. While he fucked my ass Lips was sweet and played with my tits and kissing me.


Rock playing the good host in theory came in fairly soon after Sweetness finished up with us. Of course I know he likes all the senses and the visual of well used women so I guess it is a win win thing. When Rock wandered in I head my face buried in Lips pussy eating her out and continued as Rock got his cock sucked by Lips for awhile. Then for the finally of the afternoon Rock took Lips on a wonderful ride doggie style while I just gently caressed Lips in various places.


A very nice and enjoyable afternoon hopefully had by all but at least I know I enjoyed it. No repeat today, both of Rock and my teams are playing this afternoon. I mean sex is great but since you cannot do it 24/7 might well plan some other things.


I have always loved getting my tits fondled. I mean from my blog title and the nature of this blog stating I am easy is quite redundant. Pretty much someone gets to second base with me I am pretty much helpless to resist anything further if I theoretically wanted to. It really does not have to do with physical sensation as my experiences with being with other women and talking about it in general I place my sensitivity of my breast as only average.


There is just something about not only getting felt up but visually as well. When I see other women getting felt up it arouses me instantaneously. The sexiest thing though by far is when a person fondles me by getting their hand underneath my shirt whether from the top of an open blouse or coming up underneath. I just think when I am getting felt up it is a signal to my brain that I am now being thought of as a sex object by the other person and my brain can check out of all the other things I am and focus in on my favorite thing.


One time Rebound stayed over on a Saturday night and I entertained him to about one in the morning in the slut (guest) room and stumble back to Rock in the Master bedroom. Well Rock was not going to just let me go to sleep so I did not end up actually falling to sleep until around 2:30. I heard Rebound up too early the next morning, I am so not a morning person, so I dragged myself out of bed because I wanted to make him breakfast before he left. Rebound was in the mood for a morning fuck and I was not responding as we played the game of talk, making breakfast and him trying to get me to do something sexual. Rock walks into the kitchen and sees what is going on and my apparent lack of sexual interest and tells Rebound to start playing with my tits. Well in about two minutes from not really interested to on my knees blowing him with enthusiasm all from just my tits getting played with.


The state I stripped in had some of the most, if not the most relaxed rules in what can be done. Pretty much for $20 a dance touch anything that was not covered which the only thing being covered was what a G-string covers. So this meant the men got to feel you up as long as they paid the money. The state right next/short drive from us was a no contact state in its rules. Well between the dancers that worked their way through the clubs and ventured in from that state many had a very difficult time letting the men touch them let alone grope them. So along with the other dancers who preferred minimal tit groping and men coming from the non contact club experience I would often have to when giving the men a dance not only place their hands on my tits, common procedure in the club, but often if I took my hands off their hands their common reaction was to stop feeling them often. I would get so disappointed and we would repeat this step until it sunk into their heads it was ok with me to feel them up as long as they paid. It definitely helped me be a popular dancer!

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