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Literotica: The Virgin

In a few nights, Angie, a virgin, is going to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. But before this, her friends also discover the state of her virginity.

They tease her and tell her that they’re going to “prepare” her for the night that she will get fucked for the first time. But secretly, her friends also plot to find the perfect man for her unforgettable first night. They wanted to make things special for their dear friend. But just when their plans were going right, they soon find out that Angie has been doing her own dirty work, too.

        Five lovely girls were closely huddled together in a large bedroom. There were two blondies, Jennifer and Ashley, two brunettes, Clara and Mae, and a lovely young redhead named Theresa. The entire room was filled with pillows scattered everywhere, pink wallpapers, pop corn, chips, and chocolates. It was a typical slumber party, with stuff toys everywhere, but the girls are quite older than the usual slumber partygoers.

    Of course, these girls are not your ordinary chicks. They have the reputation of being millionaires’ daughters, rich sluts, and high-class bitches. Jennifer’s dad owned a casino, while Ashley’s dad managed a luxurious resort. Both of Clara and Mae’s fathers were running an automobile business. Theresa’s family was into real estate.

    Coming from such wealthy families, it is only expected that the girls will look fine, glamorous, and extremely beautiful. All of them had smooth, tanned skin, sunbathed in the fresh and most beautiful beach resorts in the country. The girls wore designer brands, expensive perfumes, and were only groomed by the best hairdressers and dermatologists in the field. They were like little princesses, having everything they want in their lives, and of course when it comes to sex, they were all queens in bed.

    Jennifer, for example, has a favor for musicians and actors. She has slept with the so many celebrities who often gamble and visited her father’s casino in Las Vegas. Many of them were one night stands, but Jennifer has been the reason why some celebrity couples have broken up. Ashley also had a wild sex life, although she is far from the limelight. Her flames just included other millionaires and rich men who offered her diamonds and cars just for a date. Clara and Mae were more laid-back in their choice of men, but most of their flings consisted of models, young businessmen, budding actors. These girls have never been fuck by simpleton guys. Only the most prominent men landed in their beds and fucked their millions-worth pussies.

    But among these five girls, the biggest exception was Theresa. Not just because she was redheaded, but because she was the only virgin in the group. While her friends never run out of erotic stories regarding their wild sexcapades with equally wild and gorgeous men, Theresa only listened with curiosity and delight.

    “I remember losing my virginity when I was fifteen,” Jennifer said in her deep, feminine voice. She was licking a pink lollipop and popped it out of her mouth. “To the guy you see in every Calvin Klein billboard out there.”

    Her friends widened their eyes in surprise, some in jealousy. Imagine a fifteen year old fucking a hunk almost twice her age!

    “It was fun,” Jennifer continued. “Although it was not so exciting. Seeing him in every billboard, almost naked in every photograph, there’s little left to the imagination.” Jennifer shook her head, then her friends followed her story with a chorus of laughter.

    “I think mine’s a better one,” Ashley cut through the laughter. She had blue eyes just like Jennifer, and they almost looked like sisters except for the fact that Ashley’s face was cuter and more charming. Jennifer’s face was bold with square jaws. “I lost it to someone I just met that night, and it was because of a bet in the casino.”

    Her friends made amused sounds, and Ashley continued after popping expensive chocolates to her mouth. “I bet him, that if I win 10 to 1 with him, he can take my virginity to we can settle our scores!” she made a soft laugh.

    “You’re unbelievable,” Clara cut in through Ashley’s laugh. “You must be real crazy and lusty over that man, so you not only give him lots of money, but also offer your virginity.”

    Ashley nodded, pride in her eyebrows and chin. “I really liked him, you know, and losing my virginity with such thrill and adventure,” she sighed contentedly, “it was the best thing. Happens only once in your life. And I was also fifteen, just like our Jennifer here.”

    Jennifer replied, “And you’re not even allowed to gamble,” she motioned to Mae, “how about you sis? What do you got? Share us that one special night,”

    Everyone laughed at the dramatic voice of Jennifer, and so Mae spoke. Her voice was crystal smooth and very gentle to the ears. “Well, I lost it when I just turned seventeen. A little different from you,” she smiled gently. “It was our first anniversary, you know, Jake and I. I wanted to give it to him as a gift.” Mae blushed. It has been three years since, and she’s still together with her boyfriend.

    The girls were giggly and pink because of their remembering, when Jennifer decided to cut through again and speak. “How about you, Angie? You’ve never told us about your virginity night,” Jennifer winked at her friend and took a sip of red wine.

    “M-Me?” Angie almost couldn’t believe that Jennifer was talking to her. “I, I have nothing to tell you.” Her face was flush.

    Ashley’s mouth gaped open. “Seriously, Angie? We thought you were just looking for the right time to tell us.”

    “But you’re almost eighteen now, Angie,” Clara said with a hint of concern. “You don’t want to be a virgin debutante, don’t you?”

    Angie blushed in embarrassment. She was wearing a pair of thick-rimmed eyeglasses, and also a pink pajamas and t-shirt. The rest of her friends wore either bikinis or their barely-there night gowns. She was really different from the rest.

    “Oh, she’s too busy in calculus perhaps, finding the length of parabolas or whatever,” Jenifer teased.

    Angie turned to Angie, slightly irritated. Yes, she was a math major, and an A+ student for that matter. “No, I am not –”

    “Or maybe she’s afraid that her parents will find out,” Clara and Mae giggled and gave a high-five at each other.

    Ashley laughed at her friends, and the poor little Angie, always ambushed and teased at. “Or maybe she was just kidding, ladies. Let’s see it to believe it!”

    “Great idea!” Jennifer seconded. She crawled towards Angie.

    Angie’s eyes flew wide open, horror and excitement both flooding her chest. She tried to scramble away like a scared cat, but her friends quickly grabbed hold of her shoulders and legs. Behind her were Clara and Mae, while Jennifer and Ashley were on either one of her legs.

    “Stop it! Stop it! Stop!” Angie shouted.

    “No one’s gonna hear you babe, your room is soundproof!” Jennifer tightly held one of Angie’s legs. Together, Ashley and Jennifer pulled off Angie’s pajamas, revealing silky long legs. Angie was full of terror and surprise.

    “What are you doing?!” Angie asked with extreme fear and excitement. “This is unbelievable!” she scrambled, but to no avail. Four against one is quite a difficult match.

    Clara took a glass of brandy and held it close to Angie’s mouth. “Drink, sister. This will set the mood.” She smiled at her friend. Clara was obviously nearly drunk.

    Angie stared at the glass of brandy, unable to say anything. Then, realizing that her friends will not let her go, she just closed her eyes and swallowed the brandy that Clara gave to her. She felt the trace of fire wash down her throat, and down to her belly.

    “It tastes sick, oh!” Angie exclaimed as fire sprung within her.

    “That’ll make you feel better later,” Mae said then she kissed Angie’s cheek.

    “You’re such a sight, Angie. We can’t really believe that you haven’t been devoured by a man yet,” Jennifer said while rubbing Angie’s legs. Her hands soon came close to the inside of Angie’s thighs. Angie no longer protested, but she let her dear friend massage her legs.

    “You are very beautiful Angie,” Ashley said. “But you are too full of clothes.”

    “Let’s see the boobsies that you’re hiding there,” Mae said as she and Clara slowly pulled up Angie’s shirt. Angie barely protested. The brandy was probably kicking in and letting Angie’s spirits get loose.

    “Your body looks nice, Angie, want to become a model?” Jennifer half-seriously said as she looked at the entirety of her friend’s body. Angie’s boobs were cupped by white, lacey brassier, about size D, while she had a small waist with no tummy fats at all. Between her legs was a small size of panties, also lacey and white like her bras.

    “Ooh, I like your knickers, Angie,” Ashley giggled.

    “Get my vibrator,” Jennifer whispered to Ashley.

    “I heard that!” Angie said, almost quite a shout. But she wasn’t angry. Clara gave her another swallow of brandy.

    “And do you like it?” Ashley asked, looking with tease in Angie’s eyes.

    The fire in Angie’s chest was slowly springing up, and exposing the slutty girl inside her. “Yes, Jen. I like your…your vibrator…”

    “What do you want Jen to do with it?” Mae said as she licked one of Angie’s ears.

    Angie gasped, then focused on the question. “I…I don’t know, whatever she wants…”

    Ashley returned from looking through Jennifer’s bags and held a vibrator in her hand. She gave it to Jennifer.

    “Say what you want me to do with the vibrator, little Angie!” it was a firm command from Jennifer.

    Then she felt fire and desire in the bottoms of her stomach. “Stick it in my pussy, bitch!”

    Clara and Mae started giggling at the dirty talk. Angie herself found her mouth chuckling.

    Jennifer smirked. “I’m no lesbian sweetie, but I just want to take a look, okay?” she switched on the vibrator and put it near Angie’s panties. She moved it around the tiny piece of lace, and Angie started moaning.

    “Ohhh, oh Jennifer, that’s so…ooh, nice…” she asked in a raspy breath.

    “It will feel better if your panties are off,” Clara whispered to her ear.

    Out of instinct, desire, and a certain degree of drunkenness, Angie began to fumble the sides of her small panties and began to pull it off. When she tossed it to a corner in the room, Angie felt a little awkward, when she realized the she was not actually more naked than her slutty friends.

    “Oh dear,” Angie exclaimed, as some of her senses were coming back from the influence of the alcohol.

    “Spread your legs now, and let’s see if you’re really virgin,” Jennifer demanded.

    “But, you’re not a doctor aren’t you? How could you possibly know?”

    Jennifer rolled her eyes. “If it’s true that you don’t use vibrator and stick it up your cunt, we can tell it exactly if you’re a fucked slut or not. So spread it up. I’ll make his fun, I promise.”

    With all hesitation aside, Angie spread her legs in front of her friends. Her face was flush and a little embarrassed, but she just let go of it. They’ve been with each other for years anyway. She leaned her head backward and rested her back on the bed, where Clara and Mae started fumbling on her breasts.

    “Ohh, Ah, god…” Angie muttered as she felt the cool room air brushed between her legs.

    Ashley chuckled a little. “You have one wet pussy, Angie. Relax.”

    Angie breathed deep. “So where’s the vibrator?”

    “Here it is,” Jennifer held up her hand and switched on the vibrator. The sound was pleasant and arousing in Angie’s ears. “Since your birthday is near, we’re going to give you a present. We will make you cum using my toy,”

    Ashley looked at Angie’s pussy, which was pink in color, and had few thin pieces of pubic hair. “And we’ll also loosen you up, so your first night will feel better.”

    Angie swallowed. She could feel her own sexual desires waking up inside her. She has never been exposed like this before, because she kept herself conservative. But now she’s in a room with four lovely girls, all sluts, and her legs were spread wide in front of them.

    Angie felt the vibrator touch her pussy lips. It was cool and teasing, and her vagina lips felt like they were swelling and itchy. “Ahhhh,” Angie gasped. Her hips began to grind against the floor, following the pressure and the direction of the vibrator.

    When she was about to move her arms, Clara and Mae came over to grab hold of her arms, so that Angie couldn’t move.

    “Stay in place,” Ashley said to Angie. She looked at Angie’s pussy once again, and this time it was hot pink, swelling, and full off juice. “Maybe we can wipe away some juice from her cunt. What do you say, Jennifer?”

    “Sounds like a good idea,” Jennifer gave the sluttiest of her smiles. Then, she put the head of the vibrator closer to Angie’s fuck hole.

    “Oww!” Angie shrieked. “Gentle!”

    Jennifer looked at Angie’s pussy, and there she saw a thin membrane that hasn’t been torn nor stretched. She was amused. “Oh, Angie doesn’t lie girls. She is as virgin as an eighty-year-old nun,” Jennifer laughed, and the other laughed too.

    “So we’re giving you a great favor, dearie. Because we girls love you, we will prepare you for your first night,” Jennifer put the vibrator close to Angie’s pussy again, sticking it from her fuck hole then back to her clitoris. When Jennifer flicked and slapped Angie’s clit using the vibrator, Angie gasped and her hips grinded the floor.

    “Oh my gosh it feels so good, Jennifer, don’t stop don’t stop! Ohhh!”

    The vibrator was moving up and down Angie’s pussy. Then, Jennifer shifted position so that the shaft of the vibrator was rubbing Angie’s entire pussy.

    Angie’s eyes flew open, and her arms fought Clara and Mae. But the two girls gripped her arms hard, and soon they were also flicking her nipples using their other hands.

    “Oh, sluts. Fuck, dammit, oh my god, it feels so good, don’t stop..oh oh oh!”

    At the sight of her friend, Ashley soon put her hand inside her panties. “Oh why haven’t we been doing this, Ashley? It’s so fun and hot. My god! Ahh!”

    Jennifer simply focused on Angie’s cunt, and she listened very well to Angie’s sexual moans and sighs. Her hips were now moving faster and faster, rubbing her pussy even harder to the vibrator. Angie’s moans soon became cries and were on the verge of shouting.

    After a few minutes, Angie wailed loud as her orgasm exploded into her entire body. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and Jennifer quickly shove the vibrator inside Angie’s pussy. Angie’s eyes were wide open and her legs froze. Her mouth twisted into a mix of pain and pleasure, as Jennifer fucked Angie’s pussy using the vibrator. The vibrator went in and out of Angie’s juicy and dripping wet cunt.

    “Oh my fucking god! My cunt!” Angie screamed at the top of her lungs. She was blinded by the power of orgasm, and she felt like her legs were being torn apart. Her orgasm lasted for a good half minute, and after she relaxed a bit, Jennifer quickly pulled the vibrator from her pussy. It easily slipped away, since Angie’s cunt was practically dripping with love juices.

    Angie was panting, then she fell on the floor. She was a sight to behold. Her entire body was covered with a silky sweat, her bras were out of place, revealing two pairs of stiff but large tits. She was butt naked, and she brought her legs together. Her vagina felt very, very sore, but when she held it, there was no trace of blood in her hands.

    “Oh my god,” Angie whispered in her raspy breath. She looked like she had been running for miles and miles.

    “Are you fine, sweetheart?” Ashley said, she just had her orgasm earlier before Angie. “Damn, you looked so hot there, sister.” She arranged Angie’s red hair, which were now wet with sweat and strewn across her face.

    “She’s going to be fine. No blood, see?” Jennifer held up the vibrator. She smiled. “I know you’re sore, my darling, but that will be gone in about an hour. You should take me for doing that, because if you lost your virginity unprepared, you will not be able to walk for a few days.”

    Clara and Mae nodded in agreement.

    “Oh really?” Angie looked up from the floor, still tired like a horse.

    “Yes, dear. I’m not kidding. Besides, this is my thinnest vibrator. Just for the vibration effect you know. I swear there are no cuts, just a stretch.”

    “And you’re still a virgin!” Ashley laughed, then handed over Angie’s clothes.

    The slumber party ended a little sooner than usual, because Angie was tired as hell because of the orgasm and the sex exercise her friends had just given her. The girls easily tumbled to the bed and slept like kittens. Jennifer was right, after about half an hour, Angie couldn’t feel any pain in her pussy anymore. Then she awoke in the middle of the night, looking at the four of her rich friends. She was lucky to have them, and they were true friends to her. And they were kind enough to think about the sake of her sex life, although that matter was too private and personal.

    Angie looked at her friends, who were all in the prime of their lives and worried not a single thing. Heiress of millions of dollars and wealthy businesses, her friends had to think of nothing but sex, fun, fashion, food, and other things that rich women think of.

    The next day, the four girls went home and Angie was left in her room to study her math. Angie told her friends that she’s going to start meeting with her event coordinators and plan her upcoming debut. The four ladies went about their usual lives and current occupations, but Jennifer and Ashley went together to have a small talk and a big plan for Angie.

    “Ashley, we need to find the best man who can take Angie’s virginity, for real!” Jennifer scrambled through dozens of pictures of males and other bachelors. Some of them were applicants and amateur models from the few agencies that her father owned.

    “That’s not quite easy you know, Jennifer. First we need to have a lot of men to choose from!” Ashley was a bit confused.

    “Dumb blonde!” she teased at her friend. “We don’t have to scan every man’s ace and the world, or look the pictures of their cocks so that we can decide who’s bigger, or whatever, or what,” she mumbled.

    “And we can’t also just pass on men, you know. Dumb blonde! It would feel like we’re giving Angie second-hand gifts!”

“But that’s what we have to do, silly girl!” Jennifer was losing her patience. “We gotta have a brief taste of some of the best dicks we know – but haven’t exactly toyed with – and we’ll serve the best one to Angie on the eve of her debut.” Jennifer brushed her hands on her expensive pants. “I need you to call Clara and Mae, so we can have a list of the good candidates.”

Clara and Mae also had several men on the top of their heads. When the four girls gathered together in Jennifer’s room, they had a total of 100 men – almost 25 for each of them – who were some close encounters, one night stands, or close friends. All of them were good bachelors, handsome and rich, but they varied with skills and qualities in bed.

“Cross this out,” Jennifer said. “That guy’s too wild. He will rip Angie’s pussy in the next five minutes.”

Mae crossed the name out. “What about this guy? He has a nice cock,” she giggled.

Jennifer cocked her head to one side. “No, I don’t think so. That guy is a blow job addict, and our virgin Angie wouldn’t get a treat by getting her mouth fucked all night. We need someone who’s good at fucking pussy, but he must also be gentle and skilled.”

With this in consideration, the girls quickly slashed some items one by one. And then, they were left with only three names.

“This is very good! Now the most difficult part is deciding which of them is the most deserving.” Ashley said.

Clara and Mae were also having difficulties about it. “Don’t you want to ask Angie?”

“No! It will ruin it. It has to be a surprise. You know that Angie, she wants everything to be a surprise.” Jennifer said.

“And that’s also why she’s still a virgin until now,” Mae said.

The girls giggled. But after Jennifer called for silence, the girls stopped.

“We only have three days left to decide which of these bachelors will find their way to a virgin’s bed. Who shall be the first one for us to taste?” There was a hint of sluttiness in Jennifer’s voice.

“Louis Anthony is the first one here,” Clara read. “He is a musician, Mae’s encounter,” she glanced at Mae, and the pretty girl blushed. “Has good oral skills, a great kisser, and doesn’t rush things. He waits for the right timing.”

The three girls nodded. “He sounds fit enough. But do you think Angie will like him?”

“We’ll see for ourselves,” Jennifer said. “We gotta find him first.”

After hours of phone calls, surfing the internet, watching videos and checking out bars and concert venues to find a lead, the girls eventually found a contact to Louis. Lucky for them, he was taking a time off from performing with his band. According to one of his profiles in the net, he was “having fun at the condo, fucking whores, tuning my guitar”. He was a lot like other musicians who were twenty-three years old.

But he’s gotta be more than this, of course. The girls were looking for the perfect man slut who can give Angie the best satisfaction for a first timer. The girls’ search for Angie’s virginity-taker was a secret. So to make their search less obvious, the girls agreed that Clara will be going to New Orleans, where Louis was, get a brief taste of him and drive him to New Orleans, where he will be meeting Angie for her debut eve.

Because it was just going to be a brief trip, Clara tucked little lingerie in her suitcase, some dresses, and then a pair of shoes to match different occasions. The instructions from Mae were clear. Just find him in New Orleans, spot him near his house, talk to him, flirt, and get things hot.

Other girls will find this challenge a heck of an experience, but for a slut like Clara, this is a very little challenge. It was almost like delivering a mail to a neighbor.

In her first day, Clara got herself a nice hotel suite and quickly slid into her costume for the day. She wore some French garters, fishnet stocking, and a simply plain red silk dress. The elegant fabric flowed freely on Clara’s slim body. Because her boobs only had a small cup size, Clara didn’t bother wearing a bra.

And so, when she walked across the subdivision where Louis was staying, all eyes, lusty and thirsty, were pointed at Clara. Her boobs freely bounced inside her silk dress. A cool breeze would tease her nipples and they could be seen through her red dress.

Clara liked the attention everybody was giving her. Men stared at her butt, her breasts, her tiny waist, and she felt like a sex goddess. She wanted to talk and hook up with a few men, but her goal there was to find Louis and see if he really has the temperament and the skill to be with a virgin.

When Clara approached a billiard table, she found a man in his mid-twenties, full of beautiful tattoos in one arm. He had copper brown hair like hers, and they were uncombed. He wore a simply white shirt and faded brown jeans. At first glance, Clara could easily read the man. He reeked of confidence and free spirit, qualities that will make Angie’s experience better.

Angie provocatively sat at the edge of the billiard table, where Louis stood. She met his eyes and she gave him a friendly smile. Louis smiled back, but his eyes couldn’t betray his attraction and soon his gaze was fixed between Clara’s breasts. The nipples were erect and firm beneath the soft cloth. If he could only pull up the dress and start licking those beautiful pair of tits…

“Hey,” Clara called, catching his attention.

Louis’ eyes flew from Clara’s chest to her face. Louis didn’t show any igns of embarrassment. Instead, his eyes were full of the animalistic thirst that were hungry to have a taste of sweet Clara.

“Uh, hey Miss. I don’t think I’ve seen you here,” he spoke with a cool confidence. He set down the billiard stick on the table.

Clara gave him a proud seductress’ smile. She leaned her head back, just a little. She displayed her magnificent chin. “Neither have I seen you. Care to show me around?”

Louis smile was wider than before. “Sure miss, wanna stop by at my place? It’s got a good view of the entire subdivision.”

Clara smiled at Louis, then took his hand. They walked across the bar and into the parks of the subdivision. After half an hour of flirting, walking around and joking about sexy stuff, Clara found her privacy and walked towards a small booth, where she gave her friends a call.

“He’s fine, really. He’s very confident, cool, kinda full of himself.”

“Has he invited you to his bed yet? Has he asked for sex? A blow job?” Jennifer asked.

Clara shook his head. “No, not yet really. What should I do?”

“Put him in a position where he could just eat you up. If he can resist that and he is patient enough, then he could be our man for Angie. Okay?”

Clara understood Jennifer’s instructions, then she made her way back to where Louis was. He was waiting for her in a small park. “Can you show me the edge of this subdivision? Maybe we can drive around?”

Louis eyes sparked. “Sure, lady. I’ve got a car by the clubhouse.”

After some minutes of more walking and flirting, Clara and Louis were soon sharing a car. The drive was smooth around the luxurious subdivision, and Clara simply slid a hand on Louis thigh. The guy pretended not to feel Clara’s touch, and so Clara went on. She stroked his thigh and when her fingers reached near between his legs, she felt a hard-rock erection that had just popped out there. Clara felt her own fire starting to burn, and she was almost forgetting about her goals in this place. Her mind was becoming full of lust, and all she’s asking for is to get fucked and touched now.

While Clara was stroking him, Louis suddenly pulled over to a shady place. Clara casually said, “Is this the end of the subdivision now?” her voice echoed in the silence of the dim park. But there was a teasing, lusty edge to it.

“No, but this is an end to the flirtations that we’ve been doing together,” Louis said in a raspy breath. He looked Clara sharply in the eye. Before Clara could respond, he pulled her neck close and crushed his mouth into hers. Louis stuck his tongue out and gave Clara an open kiss. He bit Clara’s lips and poured his saliva in them. Clara was feeling lusty too, and she sucked back Louis lips in a sensual kiss. It was hot, and Clara could feel her skin becoming feverishly warm.

While their mouths were busy with each other, Louis skilled hands went to Clara’s thighs and held up her dress. His touch felt cool and his hands were trembling with excitement. And since Clara didn’t wear a bra, Louis was able to easily grab hold of her tits.

    “You’ve got soft breasts,” Louis whispered to Clara’s ear. Clara didn’t mind, and she just proceeded to kiss Louis and his expert tongue. She put her arms around his neck.

    When Louis pinched one of Clara’s nipples, she moaned aloud in pleasure. It was sharp, sweet, and it tingled. She grabbed Louis hair and she gasped, “Oh oh oh!” when he flicked and pulled her nipples. At this time, Clara has forgotten about her mission for Angie. All that she could think of was to fuck with this handsome and gorgeous Louis. She wanted to taste his salty cock.

    “Grab this, honey,” Louis unzipped his pants and let out his huge and bulging cock. Clara’s hands scrambled to where his rock hard penis was, and she grabbed it with her hand. It was very long, very hard, and very warm. The tip of it was becoming moist with pre-cum, and it helped Clara give Louis a perfect hand job.

    Clara’s soft hands moved up and down Louis shaft, and he was starting to feel an intense pleasure. Little did he know that Clara was skilled in hand jobs. He grabbed her breasts a little harder, and his tongue started to go in and out of Clara’s mouth. Clara’s hands were wildly grabbing and touching Louis cock, returning the aggressive passion.

    “I want to fuck you, Miss! Oh, you make me so so hot,” Louis said aloud, and without waiting for more seconds, he switched open the car door. He stepped out into the dark shadows and Clara followed.

    “Na-ah, don’t follow me out here. Stay there. Sit,” there was a devilish smile in Louis lips. “Suck,” he said to Clara, and pointed his huge cock at her.

Clara hesitated, but still she took the whole of Louis cock into her mouth. It was hard, but it had a good sent and a salty-sweet taste. At first she gagged because of its size. Then she remembered her first night when she had sex with one of her father’s millionaire friends. He was older than her by almost her entire age, and the first fuck that Clara experienced was a throat fuck. Then, the man fingered her pussy until it bled and she was ready enough to get fucked in the cunt. It was painful at first, but Clara had survived to this day.

    But back then Clara was inexperienced. Now, she was no longer a virgin, and was actually an expert in giving blowjobs and throat fucks. She wanted to show Louis what kind of slut she was.

    Louis was indeed aggressive, and in the back of her head, Clara was thankful that he didn’t end up with their precious Angie. Louis grabbed hold of Clara’s head and pushed his hips against her mouth and throat. His fingers were grabbing Clara’s hair, and he pulled it hard. He fucked her hard on the mouth, but Clara was still okay and in the mood to fuck. She was still able to experiment with her mouth and lick the head of Louis cock. And she also did this while she was touching her clitoris. She flicked it with two of her fingers so that she was getting a share of pleasure. Her pussy was already wet and dripping like a wild river. She’s already itching to get fucked hard by a gigantic cock.

    When Louis speed was growing faster and faster, Clara pushed her head back and stood up from the car. Louis was panting and he grabbed his cock using one hand. He didn’t protest as Clara turned her back against him and bent down inside the car. Clara’s butt was smooth and soft like a baby’s, and it was offered freely to Louis and whatever his desires. But when Louis saw this glorious offering, he slapped it hard before he shoved his hard cock in.

    “Ahhh, ohhh!” The two of them gasped and their faces twisted once Louis cock was inside Clara’s pussy. It was warm, hot, and soft, and Louis firmly grabbed Clara’s thighs as he fucked her like an angry dog.

    “Damn, damn, damn,” the words poured out of Louis throat as his cock slid in and out of Clara’s vagina. Their fucking was the only sound that could be heard in the shady park. Once in a while, he would slap Clara’s soft butt.

    Clara liked to be fucked hard, and she was still touching her clitoris as Louis pounded her cunt. The motion of her fingers went faster and faster, until her face crumpled into a pleasurable emotion and her toes curled. Her legs stiffened as she orgasmed, and Clara shouted aloud. “Oh my! Oh oh! Aaaah!” Clara came fast and again and again, her cries becoming wild howls. The pleasure was all around her body, and she felt it like an earthquake each time Louis pounded her and fucked her deep.

    “I’m coming! Oh! Ahhh!” Louis went faster and faster as he tried to reach his orgasm. Clara felt like her vagina was going to be torn apart because of the intensity. “Ohhh! Ohhhh!” Clara came one last time with an orgasm that almost made her blind, then she felt a hot flush of semen on her back.

    Louis trembled and shivered as he released his thick cum on Clara’s back. “Ahh! Ahhh! Fuck it! Oh!” He exclaimed until he was empty, and panting like a tired horse. Louis leaned on the roof of his car, while Clara rested inside. It took two full minutes before the two recovered with their hot fuck and lusty, animalistic desires.

    Louis was good at handling encounters with women and so was Clara, so there wasn’t much fuss when they started to drive home. Although there were a few stolen kisses, a few touches on Clara’s breasts, and a few blowjobs as Louis drove around the subdivision.

    At the end of the day, Clara had to bid goodbye to musician and candidate Louis Anthony. She had a fun day with him, although she failed her mission. Louis asked her if she would return soon, and all that Clara gave him was a little wink and a final kiss.

    It was close to midnight when Clara returned to her home, and all three girls there. Angie was an exception, of course, since they were planning for her virginity night. The girls welcomed her at her door, and Clara felt like she was ambushed by her friends.

    “Let me wear proper clothes just yet!” she said with a little irritation as she set down her suitcase.

    “How was the trip? Why weren’t you answering our calls?” Mae asked Clara.

    Clara sighed, out of tiredness, but her eyes were full of delight and excitement. Jennifer was eagerly looking at Clara, questioning her with envious but curious stares.

    Clara threw herself on a sofa. “I’ve got news, which is both good and bad at the same time.” She crossed her arms on her chest, collecting herself. She started to touch her nipples again, remembering how Louis had touched them.

    “Louis is a man slut, and he was a hungry lion who devoured me.” She run her fingers through her belly, and down to her cunt. She pointed there. “Earlier today, Louis was inside this cunt. And he fucked me like I was a whore he’d paid off the counter.” Clara spoke in a voice that made everyone envious.

    Jennifer raised an eyebrow at Clara, as she was doubting what her friend just said.

    Clara held up a palm against Jennifer. “I know, I know I’m a slut. But I wasn’t doing anything. My hand was just on his thigh while he was driving. And he got an erection? Can you believe that?”

    The girls were intently listening, full of interest. They were imagining the adventures Carla had today, and they were jealous.

    “I mean, it wasn’t like I was giving him head yet. He just pulled to a dark lot and started doing sexual things to me,” Clara continued, recalling every bit of the memory. It was sweet, but a little bitter too because Clara knew she has had her fair share of men. But the guy that could’ve been her friend’s fucker still ended up at her pussy.

    Jennifer tried to weigh the events, and then she realized that Louis is indeed too rough, and not quite a gentleman fit for a virgin. “Okay, so he’s off the list. We’ve gotta find someone else.”

    “We gotta hurry, Jen. Only one more day to spend before it’s Angie’s debut eve,” Ashley reminded Jennifer.

    “I know, I know,” she replied. “So we have last two candidates. We choose one tonight and see if his dick can resist us tomorrow. If he comes too fast, then we’ll have no choice but to let Angie have the remaining one.” Jennifer was a little disappointed at how their plan was turning out. She realized that they should’ve started planning sooner. She still wanted Angie to have the best night of her life.

    When the next day came, Ashley was supposed to be the one undercover. She has prepared her plans the night before, but unfortunately, there was a small mishap that happened to her plans. When Ashley woke up, she found a text message from Bryan, one of their last candidates.

       I’m sorry, Ash. Can’t meet you today as I have promised my morning to a sweet woman. I’ll get in touch soon. I didn’t mean this, sorry.”

       Ashley’s eyes flew wide open. “This can’t be!” She exclaimed. She tried to call Jennifer, but her friend was out of reach.

    Then suddenly, in the middle of her panic, she received a call from Angie. Ashley’s heart began thumping inside her chest, like it was trying to come out of its cage. She took Angie’s call with all her doubts and nervous thoughts.

    “Good morning my sweet friend,” Angie called out. Her voice was warm and happy.

    “Hello, Angie. Such an early hour today.”

    Angie giggled. “I know. I was trying to call the other girls, but they were all asleep. I just wanted you to know that I’m having an appointment now, a date actually.”

    “What? I mean, um, wow, I’m happy for you! Who’s the lucky guy?”

    “I’ll tell all about it, Ash. Now get back to bed. Lovelots!”

    Then Angie hung up. Ashley couldn’t stay on her bed while one of her bestfriends was on the verge of getting date raped, possibly. Quickly, she took a shower and sped up to the town. She also called the help of her other friends to track down Angie and whoever her surprise date maybe. As for her, Angie will try to see where the hell was Bryan. If he’s still in town, she will know it.

    Angie drove along the city outskirts, quickly to where Bryan had checked in last night. Luckily, she just spotted him get to his car and speed along the highway.

    “Son of a bitch,” Ashley cursed under her breath. “No one cancels a date on me.”

    Ashley was a very good driver, and through the tangles and heavy traffic of the city she managed to follow Bryan’s car. It was a short trip, lasting 20 minutes only. But if you’re following a car through a tangle of highways and traffic, it could feel like forever.

    Finally, she saw Bryan park his car at a tropical restaurant in one of the less busy parts of the city. He was wearing a nice suit, but not too formal. But what caught Ashley’s attention and almost made her mad with excitement was seeing Angie’s car parked at the same restaurant. Then suddenly her thoughts made sense. If Angie was meeting someone today, and Bryan was also meeting someone today, then it’s possible that…

    “My candidate has found his way to Angie,” the realization made Ashley dumbstruck. And when she peered at the window of the restaurant and saw Bryan and Angie approach each other, it just felt like the world made sense.

    Ashley sped away to bring the news to her friends, while inside the restaurant, Angie and Bryan got cozy. It was a day to remember.

    Angie wore her red hair flowing free against her back. She had combed and ironed it, so it fell gracefully to her shoulders. She tied a ribbon to her hair, making her look slightly younger. She wore a yellow dress with flower prints, matching the tropical theme of the restaurant. When Bryan approached her table, she smiled wide at him. Her lips were pink, and her eyes glowed with excitement and happiness.

    “Good morning, my dear Angie.” Bryan spoke in a cool baritone. He was only twenty-four years old, but he looked manlier than that. He had a soft trace of stubble on his face, and his jaw line was proud, as well as the dark shades of his sexy neck.

    “I’m glad to see you again,” Angie was so happy that she almost chuckled. She radiated with happiness.

    Bryan sat across Angie, and they spent an entire minute just staring at each other, smiling. “The rest of my life would be wasted if I couldn’t spend it with you.”

    Angie flushed. Bryan was a complete gentleman, and he was very gentle with words. He took great care to look squarely at her face and into her eyes. Bryan didn’t make any malicious glances to her breasts or chest. She liked him more.

    “I couldn’t thank you enough from saving me last night. I could’ve been stabbed, plus my car stolen.”

    “I’m only doing the duties of a man to his fair lady.”

    Angie chuckled aloud. “You speak like you’re in the old times.”

    “I have the manners of the old times,” Bryan grin widely, “but I assure you I am a very modern lover.”

    Something about the way he spoke made Angie excited. She began to wonder what kind of lover he was…in bed.

    Before Angie could speak, the waiter arrived with their breakfast. It was a fresh seafood meal, with orange juice and lemon cakes.

    “You have good taste in food, Angie.”

    “Oh yes, I’ve been tasting a lot of food these days. Looking for caterers, you know.”

    “I see. And what’s the occasion?”

    “It’s my eighteenth birthday, this coming Friday.”

    Bryan did a quick calculation in his head. Friday was two nights from now. “I didn’t know you were just eighteen. I thought you were older, just my age. A woman in her prime days.” He smiled warmly as he took a bite of shrimp.

    Angie was flattered, but she tried not to show it. “Would you come to my debut? I want you to be there, you know. I want to introduce you to my friends and family.”

    “Certainly,” he replied politely.

    Angie and Bryan spent the rest of the day together. They visited museums, gardens, and even went to the movie house. Angie loved Bryan’s company, and he was friendly and very gentlemanly towards her. He never pushed her, and he never ran out of sweet words to whisper to her ear. Towards the night, they were walking hand in hand to the parking lot.

    Angie stood by the car and leaned on it. Bryan stood, facing her, only inches apart from her.

    “Thank you for giving me a lovely day. Thank you for letting me thank you,” Angie said in the gentlest of her tones.

    “The pleasure is all mine,” Bryan whispered to her. He looked intently into Angie’s eyes, and there he saw a flicker of desire. Of affection. Of excitement tangled with doubt and hesitation. Bryan knew how to read the eyes of young girls, and Angie’s eyes were as clear as polished glass.

    Slowly, Bryan moved his face closer to Angie’s. Angie felt like the world was slowly coming to a stop, and the air around her was getting heavier and difficult to breath. As Bryan’s face neared her, she could smell the scent of his perfume, his face, his mouth.

    When their lips met, Angie swore that she felt the softest lips on earth. He kissed her gently, brushing his lips against hers only ever so slightly. She felt the edge of his tongue, but it didn’t enforce itself into her mouth. Angie moved herself closer to Bryan, fitting her body against him, and putting her arms around his neck. Angie was lost by the fire of their attraction and the flush of her hot skin. Bryan had put his hands on her slender waist, but one of Angie’s hands bravely grabbed them and out one to her breasts.

    When Bryan squeezed her breast gently, Angie gasped in the middle of their kiss. This caused Bryan to become more alert and aware of what has been happening between them.

    “Oh my god,” Bryan whispered, still hot and fiery from their kiss.

    Angie buried her face into his chest. “Please,” she hugged him tight, begging to be with him, still.

    When Bryan’s breathing was a lot more even, he looked Angie squarely in the eye. The flame of passion still burned there, and there was still thirst deep inside Angie. She wanted to be with him, she wanted him that was for sure. But something in Angie’s eyes also revealed a secret. Being experienced with women, Bryan could easily tell the eyes of a virgin.

    “This is no place to make love, my darling,” he whispered to her ear, gently. It sent shivers that run down Angie’s spine. “You deserve a bed full of roses and expensive wine.”

    Angie found a voice inside her, and with enough courage she managed to mouth the words, “the meet me again tomorrow,” she looked lovingly at Bryan’s eyes, full of love and adoration.

    Gentleman that he was, Bryan drove Angie home. Most of the ride was silent, and all that could be heard inside the car were love songs playing from the stereo. Angie leaned against Bryan’s arm, and most of the time she looked up at him for a short kiss. He would hum love songs to her, and in some of the minutes, they chatted and joked at each other.

    It was just past midnight when Bryan and Angie reached her house. When the car stopped, Angie almost didn’t want to part with Bryan. She looked at him with longing and aching in her eyes, afraid that he might be gone in any minute. “Will you be with me tomorrow night?” she asked like a little child.

    He kissed her forehead. “Yes, my little lamb. I’ll be with you tomorrow night. We will make it unforgettable.” He kissed her again.

    Angie looked at him with flame in her eyes. She was excited to finally make love to a man, especially to someone she’s extremely attracted to. All her years of waiting seemed worth it.

    After they said their final goodbyes, and a few more loving thoughts, Angie was soon in the doors of her room and was throwing herself happily on the huge bed. She muttered Bryan’s name over and over, relishing the memories of him, and she slept like a baby.

    Angie woke up early the next day. Her first thought was Bryan, of course. She checked her phone and there was a message from him:

       I miss you right now, my sweetheart. My bed feels very empty. Tomorrow we will meet. Can’t wait to sleep with you.

    Angie’s heart jumped up and down her chest, while a sweet smile played on her lips. She held her phone close to her heart and decided that she will call Bryan later that day. She called each of her friends to tell them about her experiences yesterday. They were all happy to hear her good news, and Ashley sounded especially relieved.

    Angie also called the day off from her friends so she could focus on preparing herself for the night. Without a doubt, she will lose her virginity tonight. She will no more be left out in the conversations and erotic stories of their slumber parties. And of course, she will proudly be relating the stories of her most gentlemanly lover, Bryan, and how he took her virginity on a bed full of roses, with a wine on the bedside table, and a lot of candles.

    Although this may not be exactly Bryan’s plan, Angie was still excited by it. As a matter of fact, she didn’t care if Bryan would decide to take her in a dark alley or in the back of his car. All she wanted was to make love with him, and make sure that every part falls into the right place.

    Angie shopped for a new piece of lingerie. It was nothing so seductive, just a piece of silk entangled with lace and shiny beads. It was red, and she planned to tuck it beneath a plum dress with intricate ribbons at the back. She imagined Bryan pulling the ribbons one by one, revealing her soft back.

    Towards the afternoon, Angie took a very long shower, making sure that she scrubbed herself well, and that she smelled of wild flowers when they meet. While naked on the tub, Angie felt very anxious about her reflection and her skin. She wanted to make sure that Bryan will like her and that he will crazily make love to her.

    Angie spent another two hours just wearing her clothes and putting on a delicate makeup. When the maidservant called her downstairs, Angie had just finished putting on a new pair of stilettos. Her heart was drumming inside her chest, and when she walked down the stair to meet her lover, Angie felt like a princess descending from a tower.

    And Bryan was there, waiting for her. In one hand, he held a dozen roses. Angie’s heart leaped with joy. Tonight was the most beautiful night of her life.

“Are you ready?” Bryan asked coolly, trying to hide the overflowing excitement, admiration, and hint of lust in his voice.

Bryan took Angie to a 5 star hotel, and there he took the expensive suite that had a view of the entire city. After a dinner on the banquet hall with an anxious conversation, he led Angie up the elevator and they walked a few halls t their room. They stopped to gaze through the windows that gave a peek of the starlit skies. Bryan’s hands touched Angie’s hips, waist, and shoulders, more often than he did the other day. Angie could sense that Bryan himself was already eager to get a touch and taste of her entire body.

When Bryan led Angie to the room, Angie felt a different kind of nervousness inside her. The room seemed suddenly so large as if it was going to swallow her down. She looked around the room, which was elegant and very expensive. She sat on the edge of the bed.

“Did you like it?” Bryan asked, and there was a lump of nervousness in his throat.

“It’s perfect, Bryan. It couldn’t be better.” Angie asked in a throaty voice. Bryan sat beside her, and Angie felt his weight shift on the bed. He was so close that she could smell his entire face, his body. She could hear his breath in the silent room. Her haze intently pierced through his eyes, then to his jaws, then to his neck. Angie was about to lift her hand and touch him, but a chuckle escaped her mouth instead.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know where to start,” Angie laughed to herself.

Bryan grinned. “Let me, then.” He moved beside her, then he went to Angie’s back. He kissed her shoulders ever so gently, like the touch of butterfly wings. Angie’s eyes closed as she tried to feel him move around her. His hands cupped her waists, and Angie put her hands over his arms. Bryan kissed her nape, and started pulling the strings of her clothes using her teeth. While he did this, Angie felt his lips move along her back, across her spine. Angie gasped with the sensations brought by his lips on her sensitized skin.

Ever so gently, Bryan’s hands pulled down Angie’s dress, revealing her two perfectly shaped breasts. Angie felt her own nakedness as cool air brushed against her bare skin. Bryan’s hands gently stroked Angie’s breasts, lightly tugging her tense tits. Angie’s mouth gaped open, as Bryan continued to kiss her shoulders and lick her ears.

“Bryan,” her voice was a whisper, “I want to touch you.”

By her command, Bryan stood from the bed and he went in front of her. He took off his coat while he marveled at the beauty of Angie’s exposed breasts. They were fair white and bounced gracefully. When Angie stood up to bring herself next to him, the rest of her clothes fell off. What was only left was a small piece of lace between her legs.

Angie slowly unbuttoned Bryan’s clothes, and he gently ran his hands to her waist and hips. Angie reached up to meet Bryan’s kiss. They tongue glided with each other in perfect unison, and it soon their breaths were warm and heavy. When Angie has finally undressed Bryan, she out her chest against his.

“It feels so good, to have our skin touch each other,” she kissed him again.

“I have more amounts of pleasure and happiness to show you, my love.”

Gently, he lifted Angie’s hips and laid her on the bed. She looked at him in the eyes and never broke the gaze. He gently hovered on her, filling her skin with kissed. He kissed her shoulders, neck, and her breasts. The tip of his tongue made circles around her breasts. Angie closed her eyes and gasped with the pleasure.

After kissing her breasts, Bryan’s mouth moved further south, and it disappeared between her legs. Angie’s hands grabbed his hair as his soft mouth and lips caressed her now moist pussy. The pleasure was nothing compared to the vibrator that Jenny pressed against her cunt a few nights back.

His mouth was soft, graceful, and he truly knew his way around Angie. He licked and he sucked, until Angie’s breathing became ragged and irregular. He stroked his tongue even quicker and deeper, until he felt Angie’s legs tremble and her toes curl.

“Ahhh! Bryan! Ohh God!” Angie exclaimed while Bryan was still between her legs. She grabbed his hair even harder, and her face twisted in pleasure. When the last wave of pleasure made its way through the tips of her fingers, Angie made a loud sigh and Bryan crawled to her side.

He kissed her mouth, and she reached for his hard cock. It was the first time that Angie has ever felt a huge, erect cock in her palms. She moved it up and down her palms, and although inexperienced, she managed to make Bryan gasp a sigh of pleasure.

“I’m all yours, and yours as you please,” Bryan whispered to her.

“Will you take me? I want you to lead the way.” Angie requested.

Upon her request, Bryan told her to lay her tummy flat on the bed. Angie followed him with a delicate grace. He mounted her from behind and then he grabbed his cock. Angie raised her up butt, just a little, so that Bryan could enter her. They were like to elegant lions in the wild.

“Are you ready, my sweetheart?” he kissed her shoulders and icked her tongue.

“Yes, please, come inside me, Bryan!” her voice was hoarse, full of aching and desire.

And so Bryan slid his cock inside her. In one swift thrust, she was filled with his flesh. Angie’s toes curled as the sharp pain cut through her. From her throat came out a pained shout…

“Shh, shh,” Bryan tried to calm her down. “The pain will fade away, my sweet,” he kissed her shoulders once again, and slowly he started moving above her.

Every move Bryan made caused a sharp pain between Angie’s legs. But he moved so gentle, doing his best to cause so little pain to her. Bryan had great control over his desires and moves.

“Oh, you’re so tight Angie…you feel so good, oh,” he wanted to go faster and fuck Angie much harder, but he was trying his best not to hurt her. But when Angie’s painful moans became sounds of pleasure, Bryan took the cue and he thrust faster into her.

Soon his careful moves became a wild dance, ravaging Angie beneath him. She kept her legs tense so that Bryan can swiftly and gently enter her cunt. Soon she was also swaying her hips to his movements. She was meeting his thrust, and together they wailed and howled as their orgasms tangled them together. Bryan bit Angie’s shoulder as he filled her with his cum. Angie’s entire body shook and trembled with sweet pleasure and desire. They were both blinded by the climax of their sex, and the room smelled of their sweat and sweet love juices.

And it was not yet over. When Bryan pulled his cock from her cunt, it was still hard as stone. His cum dripped to Angie’s thighs, which was also wet with her own juices too.

Angie rolled over and sat on the bed, then she reached for Bryan and pushed him down. “One more, my sweetheart,” she smiled sweetly at him.

“You’re in charge captain,” Bryan was still breathing heavily from their last round.

And so Angie mounted him, and his cock quickly slid inside her very very wet pussy. The two of them gasped once more as their flesh became one again. Through the pale light of the room, Bryan could see the glory of Angie’s finely trimmed body. Her breasts were round, soft, and they bounced to every thrust and shake of Angie’s body. Her waist was slender and smooth, and they transition to her wide hips was a very soft curve.

Angie’s strawberry blonde hair waved as she rode him with uneven strides. At first she couldn’t find her rhythm, but soon enough Angie was riding him with mastery. Her mouth gaped to let out the pleasurable sighs and moans from her mouth. Her eyes were fixed into an intense gaze with Bryan, and although wordless, they were communicating to each other how much love and pleasure this was giving them right now.

“Bryan, I love you, Bryan,” Angie’s hands were on Bryan’s chest, and he cupped her breasts while she made her quick rhythms.

“I love you too, Angie. Don’t stop, please…”

While Bryan pinched and held Angie’s nipples, she kept on riding him quick and fast. She rubbed her clitoris against his body, and Angie was once again starting to feel a spark between her thighs.

“Oh, fuck god, I’m gonna come again, Bryan,” she hissed between her ragged breaths.

“Then let’s come together, honey.”

Angie moved her hands back so that her chest was out. She rode and rode Bryan until the spark came closer to her. While she went up on down his long cock, Bryan slapped Angie’s breasts, and they bounced gracefully. After a few more slaps, Angie’s strides became uneven but harder than ever, and then she let out a sharp cry from her throat.

Bryan felt the walls of her vagina squeeze his cock, and he himself broke into a huge, mind blowing orgasm. He felt his entire body tremble as Angie fell into his chest. His cock throbbed inside her and filled her even more with thick, hot semen. His head was spinning with pleasure, and soon he collapsed with Angie in his arms.

When Angie opened her eyes, dawn was already approaching. She almost couldn’t believe that together they had slept like a baby. When Angie looked at the sheets, it was filled with crimson blood, and some white stains. Between her legs was also a mess, with a mix of blood and semen.

But Angie felt different, like she was a new woman now.  And most importantly, she felt that her heart had changed, now that Bryan was inside it. In her last thoughts before going back to sleep again, she was aware that she was no longer a virgin debutante.

Angie smiled at the thought, and at the story she will be telling her friends.


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