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Literotica: Fuck me Like an Animal Part 2

After having the most amazing and brutal sex of my life with Marilyn Manson, we got onto the tour bus to leave for a hotel, I saw John Five, “Jesus Christ, Manson, is that the chick you pulled from the audience?! She’s fuckin Hot!!” Manson pulled his shirt open to expose his fresh bite marks, “that’s not all, she’s fuckin rough too”

Five looked at his chest, then looked at me, ” I take that back you didn’t grab a chick you grabbed a fuckin vampire!” I looked Five over, his tall slender body, with his platinum blonde hair and flawless face is just as sexy up-close as it is onstage.

I made up my mind, I wasn’t going to be made a submissive twice in one night! I closed the last few steps between us. I reached out and groped his crotch, and rubbed, “I guess I’m just too rough for a innocent little person like you.”

Five gasped at being touched and stammered “I guess…I guess I’ll have… have to…” I closed on his mouth with mine, forcing my tongue into his mouth, tasting his sweet esscence, I could feel him stirring to life in his pants.

Behind me I heard Manson chuckle, and a quiet tapping noise, I turned around and he was cutting lines of coke, I felt a hand grab my ass.

I turned around, tightened my grasp on his cock ” Did I give you permission to touch me?” Five quickly removed his hand.

“As punishment,” I said as I undid his pants, ” you will have to entertain me while I do a line or two, you are to masturbate until I tell you to stop, and you will not be allowed to cum until I tell you to do so.”

I dropped his pants, placed his cock in his hand and went and sat at the table with Manson. I felt a jerk, and knew the bus had taken off. He pushed a plate over to me with six very thick lines of coke and a straw.

I took the straw and did two lines, Manson did the remaining four. I scooted to the edge of the bench, spread my legs wide, and let my skirt ride up to expose my almost cleanly shaven pussy,

“Stop! Now come over here and get down on your knees,” Five did as he was told, he knelt in front of me and started leaning in for my cunt, I grabbed a hand full of his hair, “did I tell you to eat me out?!” Five looked at me like I had killed his puppy.

“You will only do what I tell you to, exactly like I want you to do it, or you will pay! Do you understand me?” Five nodded his head. ”

Good now eat my pussy until I cum, if you don’t I will make you cum so much tonight you will be screaming in pain and begging me to stop! You may use your tongue and your fingers.” He shook his head, and leaned closer, he licked my slit, then with his hand he opened my pussy lips, he flicked my clit with his tongue, and licked down again pushing into my pussy.

I looked over at Manson who was watching Five with a lot of interest, I motioned for him to come over to me, he climbed over Five, and bent down to me, and forced his tongue into my mouth, and sucked the moans out of my throat.

I pushed him away from my mouth, and pushed Five’s head into my pussy, he plunged two fingers into my cunt that was wet from his saliva. I brought my hands to Manson’s pants, for the second time that night I undid them and he took let them drop to the floor. I took his partially erect cock into my hand, stroked it a few times, then I put his head in my mouth and sucked while I stroked him.

I quit stroking then took the length of him into my mouth feeling him grow within me, which almost made me gag. I pulled back, and went back down, more prepared to accept his entire dick into my mouth.

I could feel him pushing down the back of my throat trying to find or make a new hole.

I came up gasping for air, Five was fingering me and sucking/ nibbling on my clit, I felt like I was going to cum soon, I started sucking and stroking faster, removing my hand from his cock so he could fuck my throat, he put his hand on the back of my head and thrusted his entire length down my throat, him and Five had found a matching rhythm, I grabbed Five’s hair with one hand and gently squeezed Manson’s balls with the other.

My body started to shake, and I pushed Fives mouth to my cunt, as I shook with an orgasm, Manson emptied his balls into the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow his cum.

After Five licked me ?dry’ I pushed him back and closed my legs, bent over and kissed him, forcing him to taste Manson’s spunk.

Manson pulled up his pants, and Five looked down at him self wanting to release too, I leaned closer, “When we get to the hotel room, I’m gonna tie you up and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week,” I kissed him again allowing my tongue to linger, “until then, down boy.” Once again I got a chuckle from Manson.

Five stood up, and walked to the back of the bus followed by Manson, they whispered, looked at me, shook their heads and laughed, ” Oh-no,” What are they planning. After I took a shot of a green licorice tasting liquer the bus stopped, and we got off in a parking garage, and got into the elevator. Manson and Five kept exchanging looks…

I should have known then something was up…


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