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Part 2 of Having Sex with Strangers  

My most memorable and only moment of sex with a Stranger was completely out of character and was just extremely spontaneous for me and the guy I had sex with.

I was 18 years old and I was walking from College to a place for me to eat lunch and on the way I bumped into a tall guy. He looked like he was twenty years old and he was super hot. I told him I was sorry and when our eyes met we sort of just talked a bit. Slowly I learned that he went to the same College as me and we went for a walk together. We ended up walking into nearby woods and he was such a sweet and good looking guy. My heart was pounding out of my chest. We were so caught up in looking at each other and talking to each other that we didn’t even know each other’s names.

We were asking each other random questions, and I, for some stupid reason, asked him: “If I were to ask you to have sex with me right now… in this forest… all alone… would you agree?”

And before I knew it, he was pressing me gently against a large tree, kissing me like he had never kissed anyone before while he unbuttoned my shirt as I took off his jacket. It was so hot, I didn’t want to stop. Soon enough we were both stark naked, massaging each other’s body, pressing our warm bodies together, kissing, moaning, panting in exhaustion. And soon enough we were having bareback sex in the middle of a forest when we had met not even an hour before. And when he finally let his spunk in me it’s like we realized what we had just done.

It was so spontaneous and the thought of it happening so fast and in such a public place only added to how stimulating it was. We only started to care about the fact that we had just met, gotten naked and had unprotected sex AFTER he took his member out of mine after his orgasm. After we sort of came out of shock, he quickly gathered his clothes while constantly telling me he was sorry and sort of just left me there: naked, exhausted and my downstairs filled with his ejaculation

I was pretty humiliated after I fully processed what happened, you know? We had seduced each other without knowing it, we didn’t take into account the fact that the other was actually attracted to us, and when we brought up sex… well, it just happened. I wasn’t the type of girl to just go Rambo and just have sex with a random guy I just met, and yet this had happened so fast, and yet it felt so good.

Two days later I crossed him in the hallway. He was trying to avoid me but I finally managed to catch him and we got to talk. He felt so guilty about having sex with me and just leaving me there like he did that I could see just how much he was deprived of sleep because of it. I felt so bad for him, and to put him out of his misery I forgave him, because it really wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t either of our faults. It just happened spontaneously. He was relieved and said that he’d love to get to know me better but only as friends. I agreed with him and we’re still pretty good friends to this day. Hard to believe that in the first hour of us meeting we were shacking it up in a forest like cavemen…


Person B

I was a courier in Atlanta in the early to mid 90′s and actually, picking up women was pretty easy as I also was a successful drummer at night.


There was this parking deck elevator reasonably far from the office building. I’d ridden many times with nothing out of the ordinary ever occurring. Aerosmith had just released “Pump”&the song “Love in an Elevator” was popular.


This extremely attractive brunette, dressed in a black business suit with purple trim was finishing a cigarette and getting on the elevator as I approached. Just as we got on, Love in an Elevator started playing inside. I had been running around Atlanta all day in the summer heat, was pretty sweaty and kind of pumped up from all the exercise, when this probably 30–32 year old woman whose name was Sandy as I would find out later, pushed the stop button, pushed me against the far glass wall, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and slid them down to just past my knees, caressed my penis until I was rock hard and throbbing. She then gave me the most sensual, perfectly delivered blow job I had EVER had or have had since. She would not, however, allow me to cum. She proceeded to hike her skirt and VERY unapologeticly and deliberately mounted me standing up and fucked me as hard as I’ve ever,ever been fucked. I came so hard, that it ran ALL down my pants and left leg and left a tennis ball sized pool of cum on my left shoe. She pulled down her dress, told me that her name was Sandy,then we stepped out, smoked a cigarette each and then she kissed me ! We went on about our respective days and I never sawher again.

Person C

I’m not proud of this, but when I joined Quora, I had promised one thing that I shall not try to sugar coat myself or present it in a rainbow hued wrapper. That I shall be as honest as I possibly can. Just like any other human, I too have my secrets. This is one of them.

This happened in one of my trips to Africa. I was on a research program there for a few months that started from Egypt to Ethiopia and ended in Tanzania. By the time my days under the African Sun drew to a close, I realized that I hadn’t quite explored any of the cities or towns I worked in. I was surrounded by work and that was all that I cared about.

A few days before I were to leave the country, I decided to go out with a couple of my friends for drinking. However, I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t go as far as get drunk. Drink a little, enough to have a good buzz, and then head back to my hotel and read a little. The pub we visited wasn’t all that crowded and my friends’ banter about latest gossip was getting close to boring. As my attention wavered and my eyes scanned the room, I noticed a tall black figure staring at me.

There was something that caught my attention. Maybe, it was that he looked eerily similar to someone I knew or perhaps it was his light eyes. I don’t know. But he did get my attention. However, my mind decided to thwart that and I got back to my friends’ rant.

In a bid to attract some crowd and to liven up the dead room, the ‘DJ’ (if one could call him that), blared some ear bursting songs. Like little children everyone got up from their tables and began dancing- if one may call that- to the horrendous tunes. I decided that I’m better than the rest and stayed at the table with my glass of vodka.

From the stroboscopic lights and blaring music, the tall, dark man, came and sat at my table. I wasn’t surprised. From the initial hiccup in our conversation, we began to talk freely about the pub and the recent political scenario of Tanzania. He was an amusing fellow- with a distinct charm of his own. Pretty soon, he asked me for a dance. And again I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t keen to dance to those trashy songs, but I still did want to dance.

He maintained his distance in the first few minutes but then with the increase in beats and the dimming of lights, his proximity reduced, until he was touching me. If at first I was unsure, now I was even more so. With every song, the tension between us swelled, and I was aware of his.

We looked at each other and somehow we began to communicate through our eyes. Eventually, without even uttering a word, we exchanged what we wanted. Do you want to? Yes. His place? No. Car. Okay…

An hour or so later, I got out of his car and I never looked back. I ditched my friends and took my cab and went straight to the hotel. I never saw him again and I don’t plan to, but that night will remain with me.


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