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Two’s a Number for Cyber Fun

After four years, Bryan is going to meet his stepsister once again. They’re both going to stay in his parents’ house for the summer. At first, Bryan hesitated to be at home with his sister, since they weren’t very good friends back when they were kids.

But now, Bryan realizes that they both have changed. Four long years had turned his step sis into a very beautiful woman with an ass that he was just dying to fuck. Plus, he finds out that she was just as lusty and sex-hungry as he is when it comes to cyber-sex.

Fighting with his conscience and doubts, Bryan finds a way to be with his step sis by teasing her in the camera. How far will he get?

Bryan wiped the sweat off his forehead, fixing the strands of his moist blonde hair. He sat on a sofa in the living room, fidgeting, waiting for the long minutes to pass. It was a bright and humid August morning, and it was going to be a big day.

“You are fidgeting, Bryan. Are you anxious?” his forty-year-old mother remarked. She had a slim figure and a beautiful face that made her look only thirty. Her hair was a golden blonde, like her son’s, and she had hazel eyes that stood out in her face.

Bryan smiled at her. He was the same beauty like his mother. They both had a rare, easy charm on them that almost instantly attracts the opposite sex. In Bryan’s university abroad, many girls would offer anything just to spend a night with him. However, the girls don’t really have to try so hard. Bryan was hot blooded and cocky as a stallion. He was willing to try many things, especially when they sound so sexy and very exciting.

“I’m just not used to sitting around and waiting for people, mom, sorry,” Bryan confessed. Of course, it was always the girls who had chased him.

“Just be patient, dear. She’ll arrive in a few minutes now. Your stepsister doesn’t really want to be fetched at the airport, so we’ll just approach her as she comes to our door.”

“Was she always like this?” Bryan asked in a husky voice, sounding handsome though slightly irritated.

“Yes, your step sis was always like this. You were never home for summer, so you never had the chance to welcome her home and spend time with her.”

Bryan and Anne had been separated for four years now. When Anne turned fourteen, she went overseas to study and live with her own father, who divorce her mother when she was still a baby. Bryan stayed at home with his mom and dad, but lately he had been studying abroad for college. In the last four years, they never met because Bryan studied during the summers, while Anne went home only during the vacation.

Suddenly, the door of the living room flung open, and both eyes turned to glance at the slim figure who opened it. The woman at the door was tall and had curly red hair, falling down her waist, and she had a pretty face that Bryan swears he has seen before. She wore red lipstick and thick mascara, and wore nothing more than a skimpy yellow summer dress.

She was his stepsister, Anne.

The eighteen-year-old beauty smiled widely and rushed to hug her mother. She barely noticed Bryan on the sofa, which surprised him a little.

“How was your trip honey? Glad to have you back home! Gosh, you’re looking so good, my girl!” Anne’s mother scanned her from head to foot, and Bryan did the same too but he seemed to be stuck at her hips…

His step sis was absolutely beautiful, in a delicate way but was also dangerous. She was slender, with a pale white skin that looked soft and gentle to the touch. Her ass was round and firm, slightly bigger than the rest of her frame. Bryan fought his urges to squeeze the thick flesh that was round, warm, and inviting.

“Hey, glad to see you again, step sis,” Just in time, Bryan caught himself and realized that he had been staring at his sister’s glorious ass. He stood up to meet her eyes.

Anne chuckled. “Hey, you’ve changed, Bro!” Her eyes burned with interest and amusement, but her friendly smile tried to hide it. “The last time I saw you, you were even shorter than me!” She put one hand on her head, and one on her waist.

Bryan blushed, remembering how things were like back then. Anne had been a brat, always teasing him and making his life miserable. She didn’t get along well with her brother, although they were almost the same age. He silently hated her and hesitated to come home for summer.

But now that he saw her again, in a perfectly developed shape, things felt different. Bryan could almost forgive the small fights they had as children. Anne had turned into a very beautiful woman, with a divine ass that he was now fighting the urge to fuck and squeeze. He felt very happy and fortunate to see her now.

“Everything in the past is forgiven,” Bryan extended a hand to her, unable to stand not making peace with a beautiful and ripe woman like Anne. He would also like to feel her delicate hands inside his.

“Oh Bryan, don’t be silly. Of course I’ve forgiven you!” Anne made a cute face, absolutely adorable and heartwarming. But instead of shaking Bryan’s hand, Anne stepped forward to press her body against his, locking him in an embrace. Their bodies were flat against each other, and Bryan was almost aware of the bulge that was beginning to form inside his pants.

“Thanks for being here for the summer.” Anne said, while firmly touching his shoulders.

“No problem sis,” Bryan tried to sound cool, but the softness of her breasts against his chest was making him nervous. He was reluctant to touch her back and embrace her properly, but Anne’s fingers were soon rubbing his back, gently. In one stroke, Anne rubbed a little too far down, almost touching the cheeks of Bryan’s firm ass. He tried not to gasp.

Anne soon turned to their mother. “Mom, can I move to my room now? I’ve got a few dresses to hang in the wardrobe.”

Her mother made an apologetic look. “I’m sorry honey, but Sally’s still renting the other room and won’t be out in a few days. Perhaps you can share a room with Bryan first? “

There was a twinkle in Anne’s eyes. She turned to look back at Bryan, who was still flush with surprise and wonder. Anne said, “Would you like us to share rooms, just like the old times?” She winked.

“Oh, it’s okay,” Bryan said with a wide smile. “There’s room for the two of us, step sis.”

In the afternoon, Anne was almost finished tidying her things up. She had lived in this room for years anyway, and she had shared it with Bryan for years too, until she turned twelve and moved to another room. While she was hanging the last of her clothes, her mom knocked on the door.

“Anne, dear, I just got a phone call from one of my clients, and they said that I’m urgently needed to visit a site in Ohio. I’m going there with my husband,” her mother sighed apologetically, “We might leave the house in two days. Will you just be fine with Bryan?”

Anne was a little sad about her mother’s departure, but an interesting thought sparked in her mind. Two days with she and Bryan alone. Imagine all the things they can do in two days…together, interesting things.

Their parents left early in the evening. At first, the atmosphere was awkward between Anne and Bryan. They barely talked to each other, but frequently they stole glances at each other. More than once they brushed skin to skin in the kitchen, and it felt electric whenever Anne’s skin touched Bryan’s.

When it was about 9 pm, Bryan talked to Anne who was busy in the room. “Hey sis, have you finished unpacking your stuff? I’m going out tonight, perhaps you’d need my help to set a few things up?”

Anne was a little disappointed about her step brother’s planned night, but she tried to hide it. She wanted to come with him, but was still too tired to be going out and partying. Perhaps she can do something to make him stay…

“I need some help fixing my laptop. Can you set up the wi-fi connection, please? Mom told me she got a new service provider.”

Anne reached for her laptop on the floor. She bent very low, turned against Bryan. She was wearing a skimpy skirt, so Bryan saw her firm white ass curved above her shapely long legs. Her butt cheeks were as firm and round as ever. They looked soft but tender. Bryan wanted to look some more, but Anne stood up and faced him.

She gave him a teasing smile. “I hate being alone, so I need to chat with friends while you are gone. Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom that you left me home alone during my first day here.”

Bryan made a nervous smile, and proceeded to fix her internet connection. While doing it, he was beginning to hesitate about continuing his night out with friends. He wanted to do certain things with Anne, very naughty things, but he was in doubt whether or not she would like to do the same things too.

“There, the connection’s fine now. Try opening your apps or visiting some web pages.” Bryan moved away to fetch something in one of his drawers, while Anne signed in on several websites.

“It’s now working bro, thanks! I’ll have great fun here with myself tonight,” Anne said coolly but brightfully, without looking away from the computer screen.

Bryan left the room and went to the garage, feeling a little disappointed about himself. He can’t almost believe that he’s going to leave a fine and sexy chick alone in his room. He’d rather play billiards and drink beer with his best buds! He’s definitely not going to get laid tonight, maybe not unless he stays home with his good looking stepsister.

Bryan knows for himself that he’s dirty to the core. When it comes to sex there’s no boundaries for him. Fuck till the world’s end was his motto. But now he was feeling a bit strange and nervous about Anne. He knows that he wants her so badly, but he was not sure whether she’s willing to go as far as that, too.

While driving down the block, Bryan realized that he didn’t have his jacket in the car. He muttered a silent curse, since he didn’t want to get cold tonight. He turned around and drove back home, quickly parking in the garage and climbing a flight of stairs, fast as the speed of light.

After almost half an hour, Bryan was now standing in front of the door to his room. Just when he was about to turn the knob, he heard an unusual sound from his room. He listened closer. Soon he figured what it was: it was the sound of someone having cyber sex, a girl orgasming loudly and gloriously.

Was his step sis really having cyber sex? Bryan slowly opened the door, peeking inside the room.

What he saw was breathtaking, making his eyes widen with lust. Anne was seated on a swivel chair, but her legs were spread wide. One of her long legs was resting on the table, beside her laptop. She was shirtless, exposing her small but round breasts to the camera. Bryan saw her pink tits hardened and he was fighting the urge to rush to her side and lick her tits with his soft tongue. Anne moaned loudly while her fingers jammed inside her boxer shorts.

Her eyes were firmly closed, and she was trying to moan as softly as she can. But she was having so much pleasure from the cyber sex, her moans came out loud and hoarse from her throat.

Bryan realized that his cock was now fighting to get out of his pants. He quickly grabbed it with one hand, trying to satiate its hunger and lust for his slutty step sister. He just wanted to enter the room and fuck his sister’s wet pussy, right away. Then he would put her breasts inside his mouth…

But he tried to save his fantasies for later. He silently closed the door and let out a deep sigh, just before making three knocks at the door.

“Anne, are you there?”

“Oh, Bryan, I thought you were – wait, I’ll, ugh, I’m going to go the bathroom, you can come in a few seconds,” She sounded startled and surprised, but Bryan was just the same.

Bryan breathed deeply, calming himself down and composing himself. He congratulated himself for keeping his cock in his pants and not rushing too quickly to Anne. But he knows that his hunger was not over. He will claim what his body deserves, and he wants to share it with his step sis, who was just equally as lusty as him…

Now he knows that they’re truly sharing the same hot blood. But can she fuck her very own step bro too, just as he wants to slam his hard cock into her? Bryan didn’t want to get into trouble with his parents, of course. He has to move surely.

When Bryan heard the bathroom door shut, he came in.

He took a peek at his stepsister’s laptop, which she had left open. “Just my luck,” Bryan muttered in his breath. He stared at her profile page for several seconds, memorizing all of the information that he saw, including the website and Anne’s username.

Bryan has a naughty plan, and the cock that was rock hard in his pants will have something to carry out. He’s gotta have some pussy to fuck, and some online profile to make for his sister…


The next day, Anne found herself waking up alone in the room. It was almost noon. Bryan was not sleeping in the bed opposite hers, and she was a bit disappointed. Last night she checked almost every hour to see if he was already home. Perhaps he slept at some woman’s house last night?

Anne was irritated, but didn’t bother to think anymore. With a handsome face like Bryan’s and a body firm and well-sculpted as his, fishing women wouldn’t be so hard. As a matter of fact, she wants him, too. But if Bryan wanted her too, why wasn’t he making a move yet?

After making herself a nice breakfast and taking a shower, Anne went back to her room. She was still wearing the lacy black blouse and silk shorts that she had hoped Bryan would see when he gets home. She switched on her laptop and checked her notifications. There was a new user request in the adult site that she frequently visited. The profile picture was hot, a guy pulling his shirt up. Anne was a sucker for gym trained men with nice abs.

Anne felt familiar warmth burning up inside her. She started to touch her belly, then down to the soft bush between her legs. She kept her naughty fingers there.

The new guy on her friend list was online, just to her luck. He didn’t have pictures of his face, but the account was filled with hot photos of his abs and hips.

She messaged him right away. Hey, hottie. Wanna have a really good morning with me?

The reply was quick. Sure, but your pussy might need its breakfast served first.

Oh, you’re making me hott! :> May I see the menu? Can I get some sausages and eggs?

A web cam request flashed on Anne’s screen. She quickly turned it on, and saw a guy wearing a crispy shirt, with unbuttoned denim pants. She didn’t see his face.

I want to see my pussy’s breakfast unwrapped! She eagerly typed.

I wanna see pussy first, to see how much serving she needs.

Anne chuckled and began to lift her lacey shirt, then she tugged at one tit. Like what you see? I’ll show you more if you show me your chest, sexy honey.

The man in the screen lifted his shirt off without hesitation. He was a bodybuilder and was used to being seen shirtless. When Anne looked at the screen and checked the guy’s sexy chest, she saw a very familiar mark just below his neck. Her eyes narrowed. Bryan had the very same mark on his chest. The person online could only be her step brother!

With her heart thumping, Anne asked, excitedly. Are you a blondie?

Yes, blondie with hazel eyes, miss


Anne couldn’t believe her luck, and so she rolled her eyes with both excitement and eagerness. Bryan! Can you come home now and just fuck me hard please? I want my pussy’s breakfast served in bed, quick!

At the other side of the screen, the man hesitated to make a reply. In a minute, he answered: Do you really want me to fuck you now, Anne?

She rolled her eyes again. Stop asking silly questions and just drive home now. You deserve punishment for leaving me alone last night!

The man left her a winking emoticon reply and suddenly went offline. While Anne waited in her room, her heart was thumping loudly and excitedly. Thank god her parents were away and they can fuck inside the house. She could feel her pussy dripping wet, but decided not to stroke any further. She was damn hot, but her first orgasm for the day is going to belong to her step bro. She took off her clothes and decided to arrange the room, putting her bed just beside her step brother’s, to make a larger bed for the two of them.

After several minutes, Anne heard a knock on the door. Finally. Her head cocked to one side, and quickly knelt on the bed and faced the door. She wanted to strike her brother in a very sexy position.

“Come in, step bro.”

Bryan slowly opened the door and he was greeted by the gorgeous sight of Anne. Her naked, slender body revealed everything, and she wore nothing but a teasing smile on her face.

He quickly slid off his jacket, and Anne rushed towards him to kiss him hungrily on the mouth. Their tongue explored each other’s mouths, without hesitation, with only pure longing and lust. Anne was a good kisser as much as Bryan was, and they were as hungry as two starving children.

Anne tried to remove the rest of his clothing, while Bryan’s hands did nothing but greedily fumble Anne’s body. He fulfilled the fantasies he had when he first saw her: he cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and squeezed her firm ass. Anne was very wet and she could feel her juices dripping down her thighs.

“Hey, hey, don’t rush too much,” Anne said breathily, “I don’t want you to come too fast, sweet little devil.”

“Don’t worry, sis, I’m gonna fuck you very, very well,” Bryan hissed to her ears. He lifted her legs and she put her arms around his neck. Bryan carried her to their bed, and he set her on the soft sheets.

Her body was a very glorious sight. Her red hair was spread on the bed, and Bryan proceeded to lick her breasts, while one of his hands cupped and teased her tit. One set of his fingers was jammed on Anne’s very tight and juicy pussy.

“Oh, Bryan, dammit, I want you to fuck me hard, now, please!”

But Bryan kept on teasing her aching body, making her want more. He wanted to beg for him, and he wants to make her body ache in pleasure and lust. Anne was starting to fumble for his cock and push his hard flesh into her.

“Fuck it, Bryan, Ahhh! I’m going to come now, please I want to come with your cocked slammed inside me, you bastard! Ohhh!”

Bryan couldn’t help himself anymore. Quickly, he moved and turned Anne’s body around. “Ass up, sis, I wanna fuck your pussy and see your firm ass, goddammit!”

Anne quickly obeyed and raised up her ass for Bryan to see. The sight on her was overwhelming. Bryan couldn’t believe that the best ass in the world was raised up to his face, and the pink pussy just beneath was throbbing with flowing wet for him. For a second, Bryan didn’t know what to do with this wonderful piece of pussy and ass, so he just cupped and clawed at her butt cheeks while licking and sucking her pussy.

Anne almost shouted as she moaned. “Ahh! Bryan, cock please! I want your cock fuck!” She pushed her ass to him and fucked his face.

Bryan couldn’t help it too. He took out his large cock, and started to screwed Anne’s pussy from behind. He grabbed hold of her hips as he slammed his cock in, inch by inch.

Anne’s face twisted with pleasure, and her mouth was wide open. She has never tried a cock as large and long as her step brother’s. At first she thought it was painful, but after a few pumps she realized the outrageous pleasure his gigantic cock was giving to her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Anne screamed with every push and pull that Bryan made.

He pushed his cock into her and slammed it hard. He made quick but hard thrusts, making sure that Anne’s body rippled and rocked with pleasure. He’d make her sore, and he’ll make her come like she’s never came before.

Anne’s pussy tightened around Bryan’s cock as he fucked her even faster. She began to feel a tremendous explosion blowing up inside her, causing her to grab the sheets and whimper as loudly as she can. She howled like a cat in heat. Her pussy overflowed with juices, while she closed her eyes tightly shut. Her whimper turned into ragged, coarse breaths, as she lost herself in ecstasy and blindness.

The pleasure was sweet and sharp, and Anne let go of herself as she shot up the sky, feeling nothing from earth but the slamming cock behind her. Her body was numbed except for the swelling pussy, which contained Bryan’s rock hard and quick cock.

Bryan was extremely aroused by Anne’s orgasm, and felt that he was now also about to cum. He also wanted her to come again. In a split second, he took his cock off her pussy, and slammed it into her asshole. Damn, her ass fit tight and clenched his cock. Anne moaned in a bit of pain, but as soon as Bryan was fucking her hole again, pleasure rippled within her and tore her apart.

He pulled her close to him, her back against his chest. They moaned together while Bryan cupped her breast, and they moved to a steady rhythm. He went faster, and faster, while they moaned and whimpered loudly together. Together, they came and shot up the skies, crying aloud while they froze into a position, as Bryan filled her ass with his sweet cum.

Anne fumbled her clit as she felt his large cock contract and throb inside her asshole. It sent her ripples of joy and pleasure. Her mouth started to drip with saliva. After seven seconds in heaven, Bryan collapsed on top of her. Anne laid face down on the bed, panting and catching her breath. Waves of pleasure were still tormenting her body. She had been with many men, but her encounter with Bryan was the most unforgettable and hottest of all.

She wriggled beneath him and moved to his side. With an elbow docked by her side, she looked at Bryan’s tired face, mouth slightly opened, droplets of perspiration in his forehead. He still looked sweet and handsome, despite the ragged look and exhausted face from a very glorious sex. His breathing was gentle, like he was half asleep.

Anne fixed the stray strands of his blonde hair. She laid beside him, on his arm, and they both stayed quiet and glowed together. Soon their panting slowed and their breaths were even, while they smelled the scent of sex and cum inside the room they shared.


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