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Literotica: Siobhan and Andy

Here’s a quick unedited post. The O’Malley twins won’t have big stories. Sinead will fall at the Halloween party and I plan to have them both confess to father Despre at the convent.


Siobhan snuggled closer into Rick, their kissing turning even more passionate as their arousal grew. At first, the cold damp mist coming off the lake looked like it might ruin the evening, but they’d both turned horny and realized the mist helped hide them from prying eyes. Her parents wouldn’t let her or her sister stay out late enough to get in trouble and they certainly hadn’t allowed them to camp out at the senior bonfire.


As soon as her twin Sinead and her boyfriend Tom had excused themselves to go for a walk along the shore, Siobhan had practically attacked Rick, much to his surprise and delight. His hands ran under her shirt, cupping her bra, thumbs twirling around her nipples to tease them. The cold mist had made them pop out already and their stiffness made them feel uncomfortable against her bra. His hands moved between her breasts looking for the hook of her bra. He seemed confused when he couldn’t find it.


Siobhan sat up, reached around her back and unhooked her bra, slipping her arms inside her blouse so that she could pull it off. Then she returned to kissing him. He moaned into her mouth when his hands found her bare breasts.


They’d only had sex twice. The first, was his eighteenth birthday present. Her parents believed in abstinence and thought that contraception was a sin. She was conservative, but not nearly as uptight as her parents. She also had needs. Most of the girls were not only fucking their boyfriends, but doing nastier stuff with them like taking their penises in their mouths. That wasn’t for her either. Her priest had drilled into her the sins of sodomites or masturbation and she’d complied up until she’d had the crazy sex dream last month. She’d played with herself for thirty minutes when she’d woken up picturing her shadowy bearded lover taking her in all sorts of ways including making her suck an enormous penis. A fantasy dream penis nearly three times bigger than Rick’s.


Two days later had been Rick’s birthday and she’d told him she wanted to have sex. It had been awkward and horrible. He was so nervous he had trouble making it hard enough to slip the condom on. She had to squeeze the base to make it hard enough to break her hymen. She was still hurting a few strokes later when he’d ejaculated. Worse the sex hadn’t been worth the Catholic guilt she felt for days afterwards. The second time was slightly better. He was less nervous and fully erect. She’d agreed to it again, thinking that it had to get better. Just as it started to feel slightly pleasurable, he’d ejaculated into the condom again. She’d refused Rick’s advances after that until tonight when the mist came up. She felt as aroused as she had the night of her dream with the bearded man.


Siobhan O’Malley’s hand fumbled with the buttons on his jeans, opening them and pulling at his zipper. He helped her by lifting his hips and pulling them down. His hand rested on her bare knee, sliding up her leg to her modesty shorts under her skirt. She kissed him wantonly as her hand touched his white underwear. She gripped the small bulge, his erection jerked beneath her hand, his underwear turning wet and sticky.


“Oh my god!” he stuttered out, breaking the kiss. “I’m so sorry.”


Siobhan loudly groaned in frustration which only seemed to embarrass Rick more. “It’s okay, she sighed. Siobhan stood up. Her white blouse had run up exposing her belly. She grabbed the hems and tried to pull it down just as her sister and Tom came walking back off the lakeshore still holding hands.


“You too,” said Sinead.


Siobhan looked over at her twin. They were virtually identical though she had reddish-blonde hair and Sinead was more blondish-red. Siobhan’s eyes were also green where her sister’s eyes were blue. They were dressed identically too. Not something they normally did anymore since they were little and their parents thought it was cute to make them dress alike. On Saturdays, they had religious studies class with the nuns at the convent and had to dress in traditional uniform. Siobhan liked their classes more than Sinead. She’d even considered following her older sister, Nancy, in becoming a nun, but was leaning against it in favor of teaching. Saturday also gave both twins a chance to see their sister and Nancy sometimes taught their classes. This week, Nancy had been a little distracted as she was helping an unusual black priest reasearching Coxville history, particularly slave island out on the lake. The twins had rushed from bible school to the stadium to meet their boyfriends and catch the last half of the game before heading to the bonfire. Neither had thought to bring a change of clothes though Rick and Tom both liked the Catholic school girl look.


“O god, have mercy,” gasped Siobhan staring at her sister curiously lit up by the full moon shining through the mist. Both twins had lost their ties leaving them in plaid skirts and white blouses. Sinead’s blouse had tightened and shrunk in the mist. Her belly was bare, the shrunken top barely managing to constrain her large Coxville DD breasts. She’d lost her bra sometime on her walk with Tom. The damp cloth clung tightly to her skin revealing her swollen areola and engorged nipples. To make matters worse, the spaces between buttons on the tight shirt were gaping revealing glimpses of flesh between them. Unlike her sister, Sinead had rolled up her skirt before going to the game. It stopped at mid-thigh where Siobhan’s was still the normal knee length. She appeared to have lost her modesty shorts as they would have been visible under the hem. “You look like a slut,” said Siobhan, staring at her.


Sinead put her hand on her side and looked her sister up and down. “And I’m looking in a mirror,” she said, perturbed.


Siobhan looked down at herself. Her blouse had done the same and somehow, she’d lost a couple buttons at the top, showing off her impressive cleavage. Her top was as wet, clinging tightly, and fully displaying her now breasts. “Sweet Jesus!”


“You look hot,” said Rick.


“Yeah,” agreed Tom. “It’s like your suddenly wearing slutty Catholic school girl Halloween costumes instead of real uniforms.”


“Maybe we should head back to the bonfire to warm up?” suggested Rick. He turned away trying to button his jeans without Tom or Sinead realizing what they had been up to.


“No way,” said Sinead. “Not looking like this with all the riffraff hanging about the keg.” By riffraff she meant their black classmates. They’d been acting mighty forward of late.


“Come on,” said Tom. “I could use another beer.”


“Alright, but I don’t know what I did with my bra,” she whispered.


“I think we left it hanging on that branch,” he whispered back.


“Let’s go get it.” Sinead turned to her sister. “We’ll meet you at the fire.” Sinead and Tom turned and headed back to the shoreline.


Siobhan turned to Rick. “I need to go pee. I’ll be back.”


“Okay,” he sighed. “Don’t get lost in the mist.”


“If I’m not back in twenty, I’ll meet you at the bonfire.” Her boyfriend looked dejected. “It’s fine Rick. It’ll get better. Neither of us really knows what we are doing,” she assured him. He nodded, pulling out earplugs and putting them in his ears.


Siobhan walked between the brush glancing back at Rick. He was sitting at the table, head laid on his hands listening to music. She hoped things would get better. Either sex wasn’t as great as she’d heard or Rick was a complete dud. She really liked him, but if this kept up, she might have to go looking for another boyfriend.


It didn’t take her long to find a decent sized bush to squat behind. This time of year, the porta pottys were gone. There’d been talk of modernizing and installing a real bathroom, but that hadn’t materialized yet and it would have been locked up this time of year if it had. She was left squatting in the woods.


Siobhan urinated then reached down for her shorts. “Shit,” she muttered, finding them wet. She’d accidently peed on them and she hadn’t worn a panty underneath. Siobhan hadn’t thought she could have felt any sluttier in the wet uniform, but not having any underwear on sure upped that a degree.


The moon disappeared behind a cloud turning everything eerily dark. Scarily dark. Worse, she was confused over which way she’d come. She took a few steps soon realizing she was going the wrong way.




Siobhan’s ears were starting to hear more of the night sounds. They picked up music from the party in the far distance. The FWAP FWAP noise continued, closer. “Maybe it’s the base coming from Rick’s ear buds,” she hoped aloud following the noise.




The cloud moving over the moon was less dense now and things started lighting up a little. She stepped into the clearing and sighed with relief when she saw the dark figure leaning over the picnic table, doing something in his lap. FWAP FWAP was the noise coming from his lap.


She stepped forwards and froze. The figure was too big to be Rick or was it just the mist obscuring him? She moved closer, crinkling her nose when the sweet smell of marijuana hit her nostrils. No, this wasn’t Rick. She moved forwards anyway, stepping out of the mist just as the moon lit up the picnic table. “Excuse me?” she called.


The giant black man stood up tall and straight, turning towards her. Andy Gooch, a self-described ghetto nigga and pothead. A great basketball player, but she wasn’t even sure if he would be playing this year as he’d been caught with pot several times suffering a variety of consequences.


FWAP FWAP FWAP came from the hand moving back and forth in his crotch.


Siobhan’s eyes looked down at the movement. “SWEET JESUS!” she cried in utter disbelief. Andy Gooch was jerking his penis off and the thing was a monster. His hand was a blur, but it stopped just under the head which Siobhan swore was as big as an apple and the part he was stroking must have been a least a foot long with that swollen bulbous tip adding to its length. The shaft looked thick too at least as thick as her wrist, normal in his large hand, but she didn’t think one of her dainty white hands could have reached around it. He quit stroking it and let go when he noticed her interest, the huge black penis bobbing before him.


“T-that’s a sin,” she gaped, staring at it.




“Masturbating. It’s a sin.” She looked up at him. His eyes were half-lidded, probably stoned. Andy had a reputation for being mean. Rick hated him for bullying him a couple grades back, but pot seemed to have mellowed Andy quite a bit.


“Couldn’t help it. The mist came up and my junk got hard all of a sudden. It started hurtin it was so swollen.”


Her eyes went back down to his “junk”. “Oh my god, it’s huge.”


“Damn straight it’s huge. Doesn’t normally get this big until I’m about to cum, but I aint even close.” He grabbed it again and started jerking off. This time he wasn’t looking at his penis, but at her breasts pushing out through her blouse.


“Stop that Andy,” she begged. A part of her didn’t want him to stop. She wanted to watch him ejaculate. His testicles were sized to go with his penis. He made Rick look like a child. “You can’t waste sperm. It hurts god.”


He snorted. “Bull shit. Why’d god make it feel so good then.” He stepped closer, aiming his penis at as his hand slid up and down the shaft.


“Oh, god have mercy,” she muttered, unable to take her eyes off it. “Stop… so big… stop sinning Andy… such a big penis… why?”


“This aint no white penis, it’s a black cock and if you want me to stop sinning…” He released his cock, the monster bobbing before him, head pointed at her navel. He reached down and grabbed her arm, pulling her hand up and placing it on his cock. “Then you do it for me,” he finished.


Without thinking, Siobhan’s hand moved down to the base of the shaft and up, feeling its size and power, its heat, its life with each pulse along the veiny shaft. “I can’t do that,” she mumbled, staring at the bulbous head sticking out above her hand.


“Why not? It’s not masturbation if you do it.”


“I c-an’t. I have a boyfriend. It’s not right.” Something inside Siobhan really wanted her to do as he asked. She was fascinated with the huge black cock in her hand. It made her nipples throb. It made the hunger between her legs grow worse. Were they all like this? She was tempted, tempted like Eve in the garden of Eden by the serpent presenting the fruit. “No,” she said, fighting it.


“Yes,” argued Andy. “Jerk it off. I think god sent you here to save me.”


Siobhan hesitated. Was he right? Had god sent her to him? “I can’t,” she said, again, but her hand slid down the shaft and back up just under the head.


“There’s another way,” he told her. Mama Gooch had drilled a lot of the bible into him. “Will you help me?”


Siobhan nodded. “I want to save you. Tell me how?”


“It’s biblical. God’s will. Will you do it?”


“Yes,” said Siobhan. The thought of saving him filled her with happiness and she let her hand slide up the serpent to take the apple-sized head.


“Follow me.”


Andy backed up. Siobhan squeezed the head of his cock. She didn’t want to let it go. Her hand grew sticky. For a moment, she felt he’d ejaculated. The black cock was spewing out as much fluid as Rick had ejaculated in his underwear earlier, but the cock was different from a penis. It was only trying to lubricate itself and remained steel hard squirting more fluid into her hand.


He backed up to the picnic table’s bench. Andy reached up and started unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse. “What are you doing?” Her hand came up to grab his wrist to stop him. Her other hand remained on his cock head, working its way around the know, rubbing the fluid in.


He grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm away as he opened her blouse. “Proverbs 5:19.”


Her blouse was now open exposing her breasts. Andy released her arm and put both hands on her shoulders pushing her down, increasing the pressure until she fell to her knees. She found herself staring right down his shaft. Her hand slid down to his crotch. More fluid erupted from the head, shooting out about an inch. Surely, he didn’t think she was going to perform oral sex on him? She didn’t even do that for Rick and there was certainly nothing biblical about it. Some natural instinct had her hand pulling the shaft down, pointing the head at her mouth. But then Andy sat down, his cock pointing outwards and upwards. “What is proverbs 5:19?” It embarrassed her that she didn’t know and had to ask him.


He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her between his legs. Her breasts engulfed his black cock. “Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love,” he told her. “Now titty fuck me.”


Siobhan complied, squeezing her breasts together. The fluids coating his cock and the way the mist was embracing her breasts, covering them with dew acted as lubrication. This felt dirty, not biblical, but at least he wasn’t masturbating so in a way she was saving him from sinning.


At first, Siobhan “titty fucked” him by raising herself up and down on her knees, but her legs quickly grew tired. She switched over to sitting still while hefting her breasts up and down his shaft as rapidly as she could. She glanced up at Andy to see if she was doing this alright. He grinned and nodded his approval at her.


Siobhan’s nipples were protruding out from her bouncing breasts nearly ¾’s of an inch. Andy reached down with both hands and pinched them hard. Her nipples stretching out from her breasts as she lifted them up his shaft. The sensation sent shockwaves through her vagina intensifying her earlier arousal. “You feelin this in yo pussy?”


Siobhan mewled in response. Her vagina… her pussy was throbbing with lust, leaking so much arousal, she worried she might be peeing all over her thighs. It got worse when Andy switched to grabbing the ends of her breasts and rubbing his thumbs back and forth over her nipples. Her arousal grew so bad, if her hands weren’t busy squeezing her breasts, she would be committing the sin of masturbation again.


“Spit on my cock. Needs more lube.”


It was getting a little dry from all the friction. She leaned forwards and spit some saliva over the head. Her pussy was still screaming for attention. It wanted something in it badly. She wished Rick were here, just to push his little white penis inside her again though he wouldn’t have lasted long. Just the thought of it and the constant working of Andy’s thumbs over her nipples had the pressure growing inside her. Then like a damn, it burst.


“OOOHHH!!!” she groaned as she orgasmed. Her mouth was still open and over Andy’s cock. Swiftly, his hand came up to her head.


“Needs more lube,” he said again, pulling down.


“AAAHHH!” she cried, still cumming as her lips came down over his cock and opened around the head. Her “AAH” becoming, “Mmmmph!” Siobhan’s jaws stretched wide around his huge cock, but she didn’t pull back. Her tongue twirled around the tip and she started bobbing her head while she continued squeezing the shaft between her tits.


“Damn gurl, you know how to treat a big black cock.”


His crass words filled her with a sense of pride and she bobbed her head harder. The bulbous glans pushed into her throat, the tip reaching her tonsils, the corona stopping at the back of her mouth. She wanted to gag at the intrusion, but she breathed through her nose and kept sucking. The fact that the head seemed to be swelling up even larger wasn’t helping either.


“You makin me cum, gurl,” he growled.


Suddenly disgusted with herself, Siobhan pulled her head back before he could ejaculate in her mouth. Just in time to as the head erupted in a fountain of white semen that shot up nearly a foot from the meatus of his black cock.


“Shit!” he grunted as his semen fell down to splatter all over her breasts. “We wastin sperm. Hurtin god.”


He was right! Siobhan lowered her head again, mouth open as a second geyser covered her face in sperm. More was shooting into her mouth as she lowered it over his cock head. Her mouth filled quickly with his seed and it was the most succulent delicious nectar she’d ever tasted. The religious teenager had never felt closer to god then at that moment. She swallowed his seed down, her mouth already watering with desire for more and her desire was filled almost immediately as her mouth filled again and again.


At some point, Siobhan had released her breasts. Her head was bobbing over the end of his cock and both her hands were now jerking his shaft off for every last drop of his seed.


“That’s ‘nuff gurl. You done drained my balls dry.”


Siobhan felt suddenly sheepish over her behavior. She pushed down on his knees so that she could stand. She still had her blouse on, but it hung open back behind her breasts “Sorry,” she apologized. “I don’t know what came over me. You tasted really…” Siobhan stared down at a large dollop of semen sliding down her breast to her areola where is absorbed her nipple. She hefted her breast up and sucked his cum off before it could drip down to the ground. “Good,” she mumbled, sucking her nipple clean.


Andy Gooch stood. “Well, thanks for protecting my soul, gurl, but we got a problem.” He took her shoulders and led her over to the end of the table.


“What’s wrong?” she asked.


“You done sucked me hard again.” Andy grabbed her hips and lifted her up on the table. Her legs opened immediately as he stepped between them. “Need to jerk off again.”


Siobhan stared down in total disbelief at his engorged cock. How could he possibly be hard again? Rick’s little white penis seemed to shrivel up into his scrotum soon after he ejaculated. Andy started running his hand along the shaft again just over the reddish curls of her pubic mound. “You need to learn some self-control,” she stated, entranced by his cock.


“Think you could suck it again?”


She wanted to. She wanted his seed filling her mouth again. “I don’t think I can.” She wished she hadn’t drank that beer from the keg so that she’d have more room in her stomach. It felt like a gallon of his sperm was already sloshing around in her stomach.


“I’ll use your thighs then.” He grabbed under her knees and lifted her legs up. “That way I’m not masturbating.”


Siobhan’s crotch angled up as her hefted her legs up and open. He flexed his cock, lifting it up so that it fell on her stomach. Andy pulled back, sliding his cock back and forth. He wasn’t squeezing it between her thighs though. He was rubbing it along the slit in her vagina and her body was responding. Her hips lifted up pressing her labia as hard as she could against the shaft. “Ohhhh,” she moaned, falling back to lay down on the table.


Siobhan watched between the gaps in her breasts as the tempting black apple rose up and back, again and again. She wanted to reach out for the apple again, to guide it down where it belonged, but the bulbous black fruit was receding. It rose up further and further away each time he slid it forwards until she could no longer see it. Siobhan could only feel pressure against the slit along her pussy. The head was pushing down, spreading her lips apart, further and further. They opened and spread around his glans as his cock pushed in up to the corona.






Sinead and Tom were still holding hands when they came back. She hadn’t put her bra on yet. It was bunched up in her hand. They found Rick with his head still resting on the table. His fingers tapping out a rhythm to whatever song was playing on his mp3 player. He jumped, startled when she grabbed his arm.


“Where’s my sister?” she asked.


“She went off to pee. Should be back by now,” he said. “Must have gotten lost. I’ll go find her.”


“No, I’ll go get her. We’ll meet you and Tom at the fire.”


“Be careful, Sin,” said Tom.


“Sure,” she replied. “I’ll hurry. It’s probably getting close to curfew.” She watched the boys go before slipping off into the darkness.


Sinead undid the buttons on her shrunken blouse as she walked along, opening it. She was wringing some of the moisture out of her bra when she heard the constant gasping and moaning. She stepped out from a bush and walked around a tree. Ducking back behind it when she saw the couple on the picnic table. She wasn’t surprised, she was jealous, there had been dozens of cries of pleasure that night and her special night had been a complete disappointment.


Tom had taken her virginity not even an hour ago on another picnic table. She’d been thinking about it for weeks. The senior bonfire was a traditional night for cherry popping and Tom had been begging for it. He was shocked and thrilled when she slipped the condom into his hand.


It went downhill from there. He looked like he was straining as he looked down, trying to get the condom on. Either sweat or dew from the mist covered his forehead. Sinead had sucked her lower lip in her mouth in anticipation as the rubber covered head of his penis pressed down upon her vagina. He gave a grunt and went pale before pushing forwards.


She was pretty sure he’d ejaculated before even pushing it in. His penis was still bucking as it broke her hymen and withered almost immediately. She felt zero pleasure from it, only soreness and her arousal was left totally unsatisfied. He knew she was disappointed and apologized. They were silent as they dressed and she forgot her bra hanging on the branch.


They remained silent on the stroll back along the beach even as she felt her blouse tightening up around her breasts as it shrank.


Sinead peeked out at the couple. The male was a black guy. The woman was laying on her back on the table. Sinead was even more shocked to see that her legs were white. Kitty and Samson? She wondered. They had shocked the school by openly dating over the last few weeks. The guy stepped back and she was even more shocked by the size of the penis jutting out like a steel rod between his legs. It was twice as long as Tom’s penis and a lot thicker. It disappeared when he lifted the girls legs up around it.  


Sinead stepped back behind the tree and crept over to the other side for a better view of the girl laying down. She could see the penis again rising up over her belly. She had what looked like a blue plaid skirt bunched up around her waist. A skirt just like Sinead was wearing? Her eyes swept up the body like looked like her own, breasts that looked like her own, and a FACE that looked like Sinead’s.


She gasped in horror as the black man’s phallus slipped down between her legs and disappeared. The girl’s back arched, thrusting her breasts upwards and in a voice like her own, screamed.






Sweet Jesus! A smile spread across Siobhan’s face as she stared up at the lord. Jesus was smiling down at her, dark skinned and bearded. She wasn’t surprised by the look. He resembled, the old statue of Jesus in the convent and it had always looked vaguely negroid to her. None of it mattered. What did matter was that he was happy with her. Jesus approved of what she was doing. “Let’s fuck, gurl. This pussy is begging for some black cock,” said Jesus.


“Yes, fuck me Jesus. Please fuck me.” She watched the smile broaden across his face before the image faded merging into and becoming the smug face of Andy Gooch. “Fuck me, Andy.”


“Tryin babe, but yo shit is tight.” He worked his cock around before pushing it deeper by an inch. “You likin yo first taste of black dick, gurl.”


“Lovin it, it’s so big. I love your big black co…OOOOOCCKK!” A powerful pulsing began in her womb spreading out through her pussy which clamped down around the six inches of thick black cock penetrating her. It felt like a volcano erupting up from her pussy causing tremors throughout her body as an intense heat so pleasurable it was almost painful made her cry out in pleasure. Siobhan was filled with a peaceful calm as the tremors and heat slowly dissipated. She looked up at her black lover. “Kiss me,” she ordered.


Andy laid down over her, pressing his flat brown lips against her pink one. His tongue entered her mouth. Her tongue fought back. She wrapped her arms around his head, grasping his hair as she kissed him with more passion then she’d ever shown Rick. She held tight as he tried to back away, but he wasn’t going far. Andy moved his head down to her left breast and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth, his tongue flickering over the erect nub. His hips constantly moving, working his cock deeper and deeper. “Love this tight white pussy, gurl,” he growled, moving over to her next nipple.


It was too much for Siobhan, her muscles started to tighten, her thighs quivering around the continuous pumping of his incredible black cock. Her body tightened, clenching up and locking as the volcano erupted again. Her pussy spasmed all around his cock, soaking it with wet contractions. Her body unlocked and she went as limp as a wet noodle.


A brief moment’s pain brought her back to her senses. He was sitting up again, looking intense as he tried to squeeze every last inch inside her. Andy’s cock was pushing though her cervix. The pain and the fact that his huge cock was pushing into her womb reminded her that they weren’t protected. “Andy, it’s not safe,” she gasped. “Do you have a condom?”


“Nope.” He grunted. He was angling his cock up to push it in deeper. “Want me to stop fucking you?


“NO!” she cried in alarm, then settled down. “I never want you to stop fucking me.”


“I believe my big ghetto nigga cock’s done turned you into a slut, gurl.”


“NO!” she cried again, in denial. But here she was laying on a picnic table, her own hips lustfully lifting up into the constant thrusting a this ghetto nigga’s black cock, speaking in colloquialisms like “fuck” and “pussy”, her belly full of a black man’s sperm, and coming down off of orgasms more powerful then Rick would ever give her. “Yes,” she admitted. “Your black ghetto cock has turned me into a slut. I want every inch. Just don’t cum in my pussy.


“Sure thing gurl and for the record, I’ve been balls deep for a while now. Doncha feel my nuts slapping the back of your ass?”


Siobhan was aware of a painful slap slap against her rear. She raised her head to looking down at their crotches. A few inches of slick black cock were coming out and in at a slow steady pace. “Wow,” was all she said.


“Wanna see it all?” he asked, pulling his hips back. Soaking wet inch after inch of black shaft came out, her pussy lips spreading open as the corona came out, but he kept the very end in. Andy slammed forwards, her hips bucking up into the thrust of his cock as she had a small orgasm.


Siobhan moaned, writhing on the table like a bitch in heat beneath his powerful thrusts. “Fuck me, Andy,” she growled. “Fuck me hard. Full length. HARDER!”


Andy increased speed, fucking her as fast as he could. “Like this, gurl?”


“I said HARD!” she screamed through clenched teeth. “Is that all you got ghetto nigger?”


Andy growled. He leaned down over her bracing himself on the table with his hands. His hips moved with every bit of his strength. Siobhan aided him. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling his into her with each thrust of his cock.


“You’re making me CCUUMM!!”




She came all over her fingers. Sinead’s pussy no longer felt sore. It felt alive. She didn’t even know at what point watching her sister turn into a slut that she had started playing with herself. Her other hand’s fingers were twisting and tugging at one nipple. “Lucky slut,” she hissed through her teeth.


“Gonna cum gurl,” said Andy.


“NO! Not yet,” begged her sister. “Keep fucking me. Just don’t cum in me. You can’t get me pregnant.”


“Can’t hold off, bitch,” he grunted.


“Try. I need to cum again.”


“Can’t. Here it cums. Gonna pull out thought it’s a waste of seed.”


“Sweetjesus! Don’t sin then.” She wrapped her legs tighter around him to keep him inside. “In me. Cum inside me,” she ordered having made up her mind, not sure if it was her desire to keep him from sinning or her selfish need for another orgasm. “Give me yo ghetto nigga seed.”


“Take it slut! I’m seeding yo pussy good, Sinead.”


Sinead gasped. Her fingers were still furiously working inside her pussy. She came harder than the last time and from her sister’s screams, she was cumming hard too. Her legs turned weak and she nearly collapsed to the ground. He thought it was her laying beneath him on the table. She wished she was the one laying beneath him on the table.


Sinead collapsed crying from the pleasure coming from her pussy at the thought of taking her sister’s place getting fucked by the big black man.




Siobhan whimpered as she came to her senses. She felt empty inside as Andy withdrew his cock. He slapped it down on her stomach. One last squirt of sperm spat from the head, fanning out to splatter her breasts. She lazily lifted her head to watch. “You wasted some seed.”


“Oops!” He grunted, laughing. They both stared down at his cock, now spent and floppy making it look serpentine. “And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood. Revelations something or other.”


“Well this woman sure got carried away by your flood. That last orgasm knocked me out.” She held out her hand and Andy helped her sit up. “Well that sure felt like we were sinning, but I think Jesus approved.”


Andy picked his clothes up, jeans and a ratty white tee shirt, and started dressing. “Gave up that bible shit a long time ago.”


She looked upset by his statement. “You seem god fearing. You know your scripture.” Siobhan pulled her blouse around and started buttoning it. A flood of sperm flowed from between her legs as she stood there.


“Mama Gooch beat it into me.” Andy seemed angry at the memory. He took a case from his pocket, pulled a joint out and lit it. He inhaled, the marijuana seemed to calm him almost immediately. “Yeah, don’t like no bible. All I like is marijuana and fucking.”


“I think I like fucking too,” she said. He seemed to consider something then held the joint out to her. Siobhan took it and without hesitation, took a toke. She held it in a moment before coughing it out. He chuckled at her. “Never thought I’d be trying marijuana tonight.”


“Never thought you’d be fucking a ghetto nigga tonight either.”


She snorted, coughing out more smoke before laughing. She found the joke funnier then she should have. “Can we… you know… fuck again?”


“Sure we gonna fuck again,” said Andy. “We gonna fuck a lot.”


Siobhan was filled with a sense of joy. She hadn’t expected he’d reject her, but the fear of rejection was still there. She not only wanted his cock again, she needed it. “I want to learn how to suck your black cock really good too.”


“Gurl, you can practice on it anytime. Meet me under the bleachers tomorrow after school.”


“Gee thanks Andy,” she said, walking over to him and standing on her tiptoes. He pulled the joint from his mouth and kissed her. His free hand slid up under her skirt and squeezed her bare ass.


“You making me stiff again, gurl.”


“I need to go. Good Catholic girls have curfews.”


“What you gonna do about Tom?”


“Rick. I’m Siobhan, not Sinead.”


Andy snorted, bellowing out a loud deep laugh. She’d never heard him laugh before. She liked it. “Sorry, gurl.”


“Happens all the time. You can tell by the eyes.” She stared him in the eyes. “These are green. Hers are blue. And as for Rick, I think I’ll keep seeing him, but his penis isn’t going anywhere near my pussy again. Maybe, I’ll toss him a blow job once in a while to keep him satisfied.” Siobhan paused. “And maybe I won’t.” She shrugged.


“You won’t. You’re black cocks only from now on. Hear me?”


“I hear you.” She nodded, agreeing.


“Siobhan!” Came the call from the woods.


“That’s Sinead. I better go.” She leaned up to kiss her new lover again. He’d finished the joint. This time he used both hands to squeeze her ass.


She broke the kiss and found herself blushing like a lovestruck tween. “See you tomorrow under the bleachers.” There was a loud splattering in the leaves beneath her as a fresh trickle of semen leaked out. “Is this ever going to stop?” she asked, looking down at it.


“It’s going to be leaking out for days, gurl.”


“Darn. Looks like I’ll be leaving a pool in the backseat of Tom’s car.”


“Suspect you will, gurl. Bye.”


“Bye,” said Siobhan, strolling off, but glancing back over her shoulder several times, not wanting to lose sight of him.


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