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Literotica: Wendy and Dewey

Didn’t think I’d get this done, but my wife is taking classes Monday nights for about four weeks. That’s give me an unexpected 2 hours are so writing time each Monday night.

I added a line to the previous Wendy chapter where Dewey jokes about her having to be his slave for saving her life. She took it seriously.

“If you’re playing some kind of game with me…”

Wendy was kneeling in the center of the tent nude but for her panty. “The panty stays on.”

Dewey stepped close to her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts. White skin with pink nipples was something he’d never thought to see in the flesh outside of turning into a peeping Tom and especially not Wendy Williams’ white breast flesh and pink nipples. “What do you mean?”

“I’m saving myself for my boyfriend so the panty stays on. Otherwise, like you said, in some cultures, I have to repay you for saving my life by being your slave.”

“You’re fucking with me?”

Wendy looked down at the bottom of the tent. She but her lower lip, looking guilty and ashamed. “The Williams’ family were slave owners, Dewey.

We had a large prosperous tobacco farm with slaves purchased from the Cox family. I’ve seen the bill of sales for the slaves in the family bible.”

“So? You never owned slaves.”

“No, but it’s still shames the family name. Consider this reparations. What would you have me do, master?”


“Anything, but actual intercourse and of course you can’t tell anyone about this.” Wendy still hoped to win a hot boyfriend at some point and getting a reputation for messing around with a black man wouldn’t improve her limited choices any.

For a split second, Dewey wondered if he was the one that had drowned in the lake and this was just a dying fantasy. He still couldn’t believe this was happening. “Kiss me,” he ordered, testing the water. “Kiss me like you’d kiss a boyfriend.”

Wendy took a step forwards on her knees. Any other woman and any other man, this would be a subservient position to suck his penis, but with Dewey and Wendy, their faces were lined up. “Tell me when to stop.” Wendy bent her head slightly leaning forwards, her lips parted, reaching his lips.

She pressed hard against his broader black lips. His tongue touched hers tentatively, than they were dueling back and forth into each other’s mouths. Dewey reached up and grabbed her breasts.

Wendy shuddered and moaned when he pinched her giant nipples. Her own palms came up to rest on his hard chest, sliding over his flat dark nipples. She shuddered again, impressed by his hard muscular chest.

Dewey worked his tongue and mouth with Wendy working hers back. She moved closer smashing her breasts into his hands.

He moved his hands away and around her back. His fingers slid through her luscious black hair before sliding down her back. He pulled her tight against him, her nipples pressing against his chest before mashing into her breasts. Wendy moaned again as turned on as he was.

Dewey slid his hands down into her panty and grabbed her full ass cheeks. Her moan of lust turned to one of surprise as his bulge pressed into her pubic mound. “What the?” she grunted breaking the kiss and looking down at his pants.

“You broke the kiss,” he whispered, kissing her on the forehead. “I gotta punish you now, slave. Take my cock out.” He pulled down on her hair, forcing her face back up to his. Dewey mashed his lips against hers and started kissing her again.

Wendy reached down and felt his bulge. Her hands worked at his pants and pulled them open and down. It was hot down around his underwear. His penis was giving off a lot of heat. Her hand grabbed the hem of his underwear and stretched it out and down, something huge and mighty forcing its way out of confinement. It smacked her hard just under her navel before sliding up her belly leaving a wet trail behind it. She released his underwear.

Her hand brushed against the heavy scrotum beneath the massive penis. She cupped his sack surprised at its size. The only one she’d seen before was with a guy she dated about half a dozen times named Walt. It had looked like a couple small walnuts stuffed in a tight sack. She’d cupped them while she jerked Walt off once.

Dewey’s felt like a large water balloon filled with heated water inside his sack. It totally filled the palm of her hand, the second one hanging lower against the side of her hand. Second one? She’d only been holding one testicle! She pulled her hand away encountering the base of his shaft and let her fingers close around it. Her finge

rs didn’t meet, it was so thick. Wendy didn’t realize she was doing it, but her kissing turned more lustful… more aggressive as she slid her hand up the monstrosity. When her hand reached the fat rock hard plum on the tip, she broke the kiss again to look down at what she was holding.

“WHAT THE FUCK DEWEY!” Wendy stared at it in awe. Walt “walnut balls” penis hadn’t even been six inches. Dewey’s was bigger and thicker than her track racing batons by a good four inches and a regulation size baton was 11.5”.

Dewey snorted, proud at the way she was gazing at his cock. “Not everything about me is little,” he said with pride.

“How b…”

“Fourteen inches. On the big side even for a brother.” Dewey loved his junk. A fourteen-inch cock was a monster, but looked even bigger on a 58” man. He could easily suck the end himself and had on many occasions though he’d quit after Stacy’s amazing blow job.

“I never imagined,” she stuttered in disbelief, letting her hand slide up and down his shaft.

Despite her disbelief, it felt somehow familiar to her to be holding a Coxville negro’s cock in her hand. Like she’d done it before which was ridiculous as she’d only ever touched Walnut ball’s penis before and he’d filled her hand completely.

He laughed. “Well if you’ve only seen whitey’s little penis than it’s about time you saw a real man’s cock.”

“A superior cock,” she whispered, in awe of it.

Yeah, superior, I like that. Now I think it’s my superior cock’s turn to get kissed.”

A thousand things raced through Wendy’s mind as she held and stared at his… superior cock… duty… surrender… virginity.

There was no way that thing was every getting near her vagina. There was no way she’d ever fit it in her mouth or anywhere else. “I can’t,” she said, feeling like she had failed him.

“You disobeying your master, slave?” He growled, seemingly genuinely angry.

“N-no master,” she stuttered.

“Better not be,” he reprimanded. Dewey slid over to her sleeping bag resting on a nice soft air mattress. “Just do your best.”

Wendy got on all fours and crawled between Dewey’s legs. He was holding his cock straight up for her with just a few fingers pushed into the base so she could take the entire glorious thing in.

Though she was amazed by it, she felt a little sorry for the short black man. No woman could properly take such a thing. “I.. I don’t know where to start.”

“Lick around the head, suck in as much as you can, and jerk off what you can’t swallow.”

Wendy nodded.

“Okay, just don’t squirt it in my mouth, please.” Some of Walt’s semen had gotten on her hand and she’d found the smell distasteful as she wiped it off into a tissue. She couldn’t imagine what it would have tasted like.

“Your master wants you to swallow his cum, slave,” Dewey commanded. Wendy looked at him. “But if you won’t let me cum all over your tits,” he relented. He liked this game, but wasn’t sure how far she’d go.

Wendy nodded again. “Yes, master.” She reached down and took a hold of his thick black penis allowing him to release it as she held it up. Wendy leaned forwards and was just sticking her tongue out when he came.

Even Walnut Walt had lasted half a dozen strokes before he squirted. She sighed, looking regretfully at his shaft, wondering why she was disappointed and a little surprised the shaft was remaining steel hard.

“Whatcha waiting for?”

“You just ejaculated!”

“That’s just precum. My cock is trying to lubricate itself for you. Get to it, slave.”

“Oh,” she said, a smile spreading across her face. She quickly suppressed it. She didn’t want Dewey to believe she wanted to put his penis in her mouth. She wasn’t enjoying herself. She was doing this to reward him for saving her life.

Wendy leaned forwards again, the penis giving another little squirt. His precum was flowing down to coat the whole head of his big pen… no “Cock.”


“I was just thinking how cock seems more appropriate a term for your penis.

“Yeah, no brother will call his junk a penis. We prefer cock, big cock, big black cock, and some like ugly dude or ugly  cock.”

Wendy was aghast at the latter. Her father threw the “N” word around a lot when referring to blacks and she’d caught her mom saying it a few times. Her dad would have a heart attack if he knew his precious little angel was preparing to suck a ugly dude cock.

Dewey sighed with growing frustration. Wendy looked him in the eyes as she leaned forwards. “Thank you for saving my life,” she told him before kissing the wet tip of his cock. When she pulled back a sticky strand of his pre seminal fluid ran from her lips to his urethra.

She licked it away and leaned down again. This time she stared at his big black cock as she began to lick around the head.

“Yeah, that’s it, gurl,” groaned Dewey thrilled to have his cock sucked again. The first time had been Stacy and she’d been a world class cocksucker, but she’d sucked half the brothas in the senior class.

This was Wendy’s first time and he was thrilled to break her in. If he didn’t push her to hard, he fantasized he might be the one to pop her cherry.

Wendy started sucking. Her jaw wasn’t used to stretching this far open and it soon started to ache as she bobbed her head over the tip of his cock. She ignored it keeping the pace up. She didn’t want him to be disappointed in her.

The more she sucked it, the more saliva began running down his shaft. She used the added lubrication to stroke his shaft. His groans told her she was doing something right. The head was pushing into her throat now as she grew used its presence.

“Come around here, gurl,” he told her.

She paused confused at what he was asking. She released his shaft causing it to slap hard against his stomach and his abdominals and his chest.

The monster took up most of his small torso. She moved beside him and facing down, lifted his cock back up and returned her mouth to the tip.

There were some noisy slurping sounds before she got used to this new position, but he interrupted her again. Dewey’s hand was on her thigh, rubbing the insides. Any further up and he might feel how wet her vagina had grown.

Instead, he tugged at it until she got the hint and straddled his muscular torso.

Facing down was a little easier and soon she found she could swallow the entire head. It was difficult, but it could be done if you breathed through your nose and suppressed the gag reflex. Her throat muffled her groan of lust for his big black cock.

She was enjoying her first blow job. Her moan turned to a whimper of desire when his strong hands came up to fondle the large ends of her dangling breasts. Her pussy practically creamed when his fingers pinched her swollen nipples.

Then she felt his tongue pushing against the thin panty forcing some into the folds of her vagina. “Yes,” she moaned. She didn’t object when his hands slid from her breasts down her belly to her pubic mound.

He grabbed her panty and pulled it out of the way so that his tongue could enter her pussy. Wendy gasped in surprise. She’d never felt anything so good. Her body reflexively pushed back into his tongue as she took his cock head back in her mouth.

Dewey tried to pulled her panties down, but they were stuck on her thighs and in his way.

She felt his hands grab the hem, stretching the material out until they began to strain and then tear. Wendy was about to object, but the act of ripping her panty off her was so manly her pussy squirted again. Only one leg ripped open.

Dewey pushed it over to the other leg where it slid down to her knee. Any objection she still might have had, faded with the easier access his tongue had to her pussy.

Dewey sucked her engorged clitoris between his lips. The sensation was so strong Wendy had to pull her mouth off his dick to keep from choking.

His tongue wiggled its way up between the folds of her labia, pushing in as he licked up and then back down to her clit. Wendy gasped, burying her head on his thigh, one hand stroking his cock.

Dewey was a freak.

His tongue moved rapidly, clit then up her pussy lips, down to her clit up over her pussy to her perineum, down to her clit, wiggling up her labia and into her pussy, over the perineum, his tongue tip grazing her anus before moving back down to suck her clit in. His tongue flickered back up spending more time on her anus.

Disgusting, but it felt strangely pleasant and she didn’t stop him as it pushed at her rosebud. Wendy was gasping for breath now as he reamed her anus, her hand jerked his cock off more rapidly. She kissed his scrotum just as his tongue licked back down to her clit.

His tongue flickered back and forth teasing her clit just as his hands tugged down hard on her nipples. Wendy’s world exploded as she had her first orgasm.


She nearly passed out, coming to her senses to feel his tongue probing inside her pussy. She came again. Wendy forced herself up, taking his cock back in her mouth. She needed to thank him for the pleasure he’d just given her.

If a tongue felt this amazing, what would a penis feel like? What would a cock feel like?

She sucked him harder and faster. Now she was swallowing nearly half the monster shaft, but it was becoming more difficult as the thing seemed to be growing even larger. The head went from the size of a golf ball to the size of a large plum or a small apple.

“FUCK! I’m cumming,” he groaned into her pussy.

Wendy’s mouth filled up so quickly, she was forced to pull her head off his cock to keep from choking.

His sperm poured down her chin even as another huge wad splattered on her face. She bent down, wrapping her lips around the head, letting her mouth fill with his hot seed and it was delicious.

She gulped it down just as her mouth filled again and she gulped it down. She wanted more, but she needed to breathe. Wendy say up, forcing his tongue inside her. Both of her hands stroked his huge shaft. His cum splattered all over her chest and tits.

His tongue thrust rapidly in and out of her as his cum coated her tits. Wendy came again.

She dropped his spent cock and climbed off him, gasping for breath. She sat up, kneeling at his feet. She looked down at herself and snorted a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, reaching a black hand out to squeeze her bare ass.

“Well, I swallowed your semen and let you cum all over my tits.”

“Yeah, I cum a lot. What did you think, gurl?”

Wendy blushed with embarrassment when she noticed that his chin was as soaked as her own. “It was fun,” she said. “I liked it… a lot.”

Wendy noticed a large wad of sperm covering her left nipple. She wanted it. Dewey watched with delight as she lifted her big breast up to her mouth and sucked his cum off her nipple. “Your seed tastes really good,” she explained, staring at his cock.

It seemed to have expanded a little. “Next time, I’ll do better.”

“Next time?” he asked, smirking.


“Sure. I owe you my life, so I think unlimited blow jobs for life isn’t an unreasonable reward. Besides, I really really like your cock. So long as you’ll be discreet and provided you want me to suck you off again.”

“I think your lips are going to become very familiar with my cock.”

“Good,” she said, reaching down and pulling the hard shaft back up.

“Because I really like your cock, Dewey. She leaned forwards and kissed the head again, her mouth wanted to spread out and suck it some more, but her jaw was sore and she wasn’t sure he could go again either even though it was as hard as the first time.

Wendy squeezed his cock and looked up at the short black man. She felt a growing affection for him. “Would you like to stay here tonight?” she asked. “I want… I want to sleep in your arms.”

“Oh, I ain’t going anywhere. You still my slave?”

“Yes, until morning.”

“Got any lotion?”

“Some hand lotion in my purse over there. Why?”

“Get on all fours.”

“What are you doing?” Wendy looked over her shoulder as Dewey grabbed her hand lotion. His cock bobbed before him as he walked over to kneel behind her. “We can’t have sex,” she said, a little worried now that her protective panty was gone.

Dewey squirted lotion all along his shaft and started stroking himself. “Well if I can’t fuck your pussy then I’m gonna have the next best thing.”

“You’re crazy!” she practically screamed when she felt the pressure on her anus. “I can’t take that thing.”

“Relax.” Dewey pushed down.

“Aaah!,” moaned Wendy scared, but her tight anus opened up for him and she relaxed.

It was only his thumb. It was soaked with the lotion. “Ohhh!” she moaned, surprised that it was a little pleasant, but just as her rear began to get used to it, he pulled his thumb out. The pressure returned.

This time when he pushed down, her anus began to stretch a whole lot wider. “No way Dewey. You’re too big.”

“You my slave or what?”

Wendy whimpered. “I’m your slave,” she relented.

“Ask me to fuck your ass, slave.”

“Please f—AAAH—ck my AAAHSS, MASTER,” she cried through gritted teeth as her tight rosebud opened so wide, she knew it was about to rip apart. Just as she was about to crawl away from him, the end of his cock slipped inside. “Ohmygod, it hurts. Too big. Too big.”

“Relax and unclench your ass cheeks. We’ll let you get used to it.” Even Stacy who loved it up the ass had been nervous taking him up her backside.

Wendy whimpered, panting with exertion of just having the head present in her anus. Tears ran down her cheeks. The bad pain faded faster than she would have thought turning to a dull ache. “Better now,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

She whimpered again when he started working the head in and out, pushing it deeper and deeper. “Aaah!” she moaned at first thinking it was from pain, but it had felt pretty good. “Ah! Ah! Yes,” she whispered.

“Not so bad once you get used to it,” he said, grabbing her hips.

“No. AH! Kind-AH nice,” she moaned, pushing back on her arms so that her ass pushed into his thrusts. “Fuck me,” she muttered, feeling dirty for saying it, but then she felt dirty being sodomized by a black man and liking it.

“Fuck my ass, Master!” Wendy rocked her body, fucking Dewey back, his cock speeding up like a pile driver. She wanted to touch her pussy. She needed to touch her pussy to get off again, but she needed her arms for leverage.

“Fuck my ass with your big black cock,” she moaned, falling forwards onto her arms, head down on the ground, ass up for him to fuck.

Wendy moaned loving the feeling of his thick black cock gliding smoothly in and out of her ass.

She turned so that her arm could slide beneath her, through her squashed tits, over her belly. Her fingers found their way to her pussy, moving rapidly even as Dewey’s thrusts turned erratic. He thrust forwards, burying maybe eight inches in her bowels.

His cock began bucking inside her ass, pumping his sperm deep inside her just as she came again.


Dewey grunted as he pulled his cock out. It shot several wads over her back, before collapsing on her ass, deflated, and spent. He groaned from the exertion and shakily crawled over to collapse on the sleeping bag.

Wendy didn’t have much strength left in her, but what felt like a gallon of sperm was about ready to pour out of her innards.

She grabbed a blanket and crawled out of the tent flap. She stood once she was in the open, adjusting the blanket. Freezing when she saw Carol sitting in a chair.

Carol was surrounded by the mist, but Wendy could see she was pale and shaky. Her hand shook as she lifted a beer up to her mouth and sipped.

Her only real friend stared at her with a look of disgust and horror written on her face, but her body showed signs of arousal. She was in a short tee shirt that exposed most of her belly, the cloth soaked by the mist. It clung to her body, highlighting her breasts and her erect nipples. Her sexy lace panty was darker and wetter between her legs.

Carol closed her knees quickly. “Gotta pee,” said Wendy. Carol just nodded, her eyes glancing down at the white pool forming between Wendy’s legs.

Wendy opened a bag containing some toilet paper, grabbed a roll and took off into the bushes. She did have to pee, but she really needed to clean her bowels out.

She squatted letting his sperm flood out while letting the toilet paper dampen so she could wipe his dried sperm off her face and torso.

The flood of semen turned to a trickle and soon into drops. Wendy stood, wrapped the blanket around her and headed back to the campsite. Carol was still sitting there.

“But he’s a ugly dude,” whispered Carol.

“I don’t care,” she retorted. “I’m having a great time. The best night of my life in fact. It’s…special.”

“But he’s a ugly dude,” she whispered back as if that explained everything.

Wendy just stooped down and crawled back into her tent.

Dewey was laying on his back on her sleeping bag. He looked on appreciatively as she dropped the towel revealing her magnificent Amazonian body. “Get it all out?” he asked.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get it all out,” she retorted. She kneeled and crawled next to him. He wrapped his arm around her.

They laid down together and soon his lips found hers. She ran her hand over his arm, feeling the bulging muscles before sliding it over his chest and down the hard abdominals of his stomach.

She went down a little further and felt his limp shaft. Her tongue danced with his, kissing each other lustfully as she squeezed his plump cock. It expanded in her hand as swelled and hardened again.

In no time at all, she was holding his fully hard black cock in her hand. She stroked it, breaking the kiss. “Did you bring a condom?” she asked.

Dewey raised an eyebrow questioningly. “No, why?”

“I want you to be the one,” she whispered. Tonight, was special and it was about to get even more special. “I don’t want to be a virgin any longer. I want you to be my first. Just don’t cum in me.”

Dewey leaned over and kissed her passionately. She guided his hard cock down as he climbed on top of her.

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