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My First Time Cheating


Although it’s been a year now since I last saw Angie, I can remember to the smallest detail the time we spent together. I suppose though that’s a common occurrence whenever something is a first for you. For me, it was the first time I had ever cheated on my wife. I didn’t plan to, and I can’t even say that the reason I didn’t do it sooner was because my wife was so hot in bed.

As a matter of fact Karen (my wife) is about the most unimaginative lover that a man could ever complain about.

But during our ten years of marriage, I had just sort of gotten used to the idea that for me there would never be the kind of thrills and excitement that I read about in magazines or that I heard the guys at work talk about. Hell, she wouldn’t even go down on me! I guess that in retrospect, (they say that hindsight is 20-20),

I had accepted the idea that for me great sex would never exist. So instead, I threw myself into work with the same gusto that other guys give to their sex lives.

Because of my enthusiasm for work, I was a shop supervisor at a small specialty mold shop by the time I was twenty-six. It was because of this job position that I was to meet Angie two years later.

Because of the specialized work we do, we are always finding ourselves short of skilled labour, and as a result of that we regularly hire tradesmen from Europe.

I had been after the shop owner for some time now to get me a good man to run one of our trickier machines. I knew he had to go abroad to find one and since I was always giving him the gears about how important it was to get help, he used to refer to imported labour as my “Importants”.

Well, about fifty-three weeks and four days ago, roughly speaking, my boss came over to my office and said to me “Your new ‘Important’ is here”, and that I should go on up to the main office and show them around.

“Them” I said, “You told me you had found me a man, singular, I can’t use more than one right now.” He told me to calm down, that there was only one man hired but since the last man left he had attended some seminars on why imported labour is so quick to leave.

He told me that he had learned that it was not the worker who was eager to go home, since he usually made friends quickly on the job, but rather his wife who missed her friends and her previous social life.

All this he told me on the way to the reception area and just before we reached it he dropped the big bomb.

“It’s getting harder and harder to find workers who are skilled enough and willing to come to this country and work so here’s what I’ve planned. I’ve rented that empty house beside your place for them until they decide where they want to live. You will visit with them on a regular basis, take them out for fun filled evenings of joyful entertainment, take them shopping, teach them how to drive over here, and I’m making it your responsibility that they are so fucking happy that they never want to leave here, do you understand that?”

Well shit, not only do I have to train a new man on a complex job but now I find out that I have to wet nurse him too. The boss opened the door and said “Harry, I’d like you to meet Rick and Angela. Rick will be starting with us on Monday but I thought that you might find the time to give both Rick and his wife the grand tour.”

With that line the boss made his excuses and left. I felt like cotton baton had been wedged into my mouth. I shook hands with Rick and welcomed him to his new home, but my eyes were glued on Angela. She reached for my hand and I could feel the hairs starting to rise on the back of my neck,

“How are you?” she asked, and without thinking I answered “Decent”, an old line out of an old Richard Dreyfuss movie, and before I could even regret having said it, she replied ever so softly, “Pity”.

I just had to sit down. I had a hard on growing so fast and hard that it threatened to tear my jeans open right then and there! I made some lame excuse about how we should talk for a few minutes before I showed them around.

I tried to focus on Rick and make small talk about being neighbours and all, but my eyes kept wandering back to Angie.

Oh those tits, every time I looked they were looking back at me! Until now I had never given much thought to the expression ‘perky tits’, but these fit the description perfectly according to my definition.

She was wearing a pale blue knitted top that you could damn near see through, and I was certainly trying hard enough. I could see skin showing everywhere and I couldn’t see any sign of a bra. Well that only made me look twice as hard to see if I could see her nipples. What a cock tease!

I excused myself for a minute saying that I had to check on an order, and for them to help themselves to another cup of coffee. I promised to show them around just as soon as I got back. I awkwardly walked out of the reception area, grateful that I didn’t have to walk past them to do so.

If Rick was oblivious to my predicament, Angie certainly wasn’t, because just before I made my hasty retreat, she looked down at my bulging groin, then into my eyes and winked at me! I damn near ran to the ‘john’ and even before I had the door locked tight my one hand was already releasing my stiff prick.

I had never in my life been so hard. My cock felt like it was made of steel and so hot that I thought it would explode!

Three swift strokes, and I did explode! Cum flew everywhere! I probably could have made the Guinness book of records for distance shooting!

Hot streams of it splattered against the walls, flew towards the ceiling and arched back down to land on the floor. God! I had never in my entire married life cum so hard, and she hadn’t even touched me. And I was going to be their neighbor? No way! If she did this to me all the time, I’d be forever cleaning up pecker tracks!

I did my best to compose myself and headed back to the reception area. Rick seemed quite relaxed but Angie knew. You could see the look of triumph in her eyes. You bitch I thought, I’ll fix your wagon, two can play at this game.

After a quick tour around the shop I offered to show them the sights around our town and then take them home.

A quick spin around and I found what I was looking for, a donut shop. “How about another coffee and a snack?” I asked, “Then you can tell me more about what you’d like to see.” Rick seemed like a pleasant kind of guy, more absorbed in his new job I thought then the sexual tension building between his wife and me.

The name of the game was revenge, and I honestly didn’t think that it would go any further, but for now, it was my turn to make her squirm. Our coffee and donuts arrived.

I had purposely ordered a cream filled jelly donut, and as we sat and talked, I literally ate my donut out. I started slowly, just licking the little hole where they squirt in the jelly.

I watched Angie out of the corner of my eye but made sure that it seemed that I had all of my attention focused on Rick.

As we chatted, I would give a few quick licks and then innocently use my finger to rub over the same little hole. Then I would look at my donut, give it a little squeeze and watch the cream rise up.

With each squeeze I saw Angie take deep breaths, and when I knew she was watching me I would dart out my tongue and scoop up the cream.Angie was getting red in the face now, and her breathing was becoming erratic.

As fate would have it, Rick looked away for a minute and when he did I looked Angie directly in the eyes, stuck my finger into the donut, pulled it out and stuck it into my mouth and sucked off the cream. I gave my donut a few more licks around the hole, and when she was squirming to my satisfaction, I bit into it, nearly swallowing the thing whole!

Angie shuddered and sort of went limp. When Rick turned back to us he saw his wife looking very pale and breathing funny.

He said, “Harry, if you don’t mind I think we should go home now, I think that Angie is worn out from all the travel.” Well, I thought that would be the end of that game but imagine my surprise when two days later Rick called me and invited my wife and me over for a drink and a swim in their pool.

That was another thing that had me pissed off at my boss. I had been with him all this time and I didn’t have a pool, but the house he rented for Angie and Rick did.

Anyway, my wife was not overly thrilled by the idea of going over to visit, saying that it was my job not hers. I ended up going by myself and saying that Karen had a headache.

Angie was lying beside the pool sunbathing when I got there, and Rick was swimming laps. He hollered for me to get myself a beer.

When I asked where, he told Angie to get me one, but she replied that she would show me since she was going in anyway to change. I followed Angie into the house, and as soon as we were out of sight from Rick she turned around abruptly and kissed me hard! I sputtered, not knowing what to do or say.

“What’s the matter Harry? Don’t you like girls” she asked.

I stammered out that she and I were both married. “Well, isn’t that the way it’s done here?” she asked. She reached past me, opened the fridge and gave me a beer, then asked “Don’t married people make love in your country?”

I know that I said something about only when they were married to each other, but she just laughed and started to undo her top. I said that I better leave before I did something I might regret and she said, “Oh, I’m positive you wouldn’t regret it.”

Just then I heard Rick shout for Angie to bring him out another towel, and I took my cue and went back outside. Although I was talking to Rick my mind was off somewhere else fucking the daylights out of Angie.

That day ended quietly enough with no more serious hard-ons to worry about. The next day Rick started at the shop. For the first couple of weeks things went smoothly enough, we took them out as a couple and they proved to be fun to be around.

We went shopping and just driving and then one night to a night club. On the way home that night everybody was feeling a bit tipsy and Rick and Karen were talking up a storm. I had a customized van that we have been using to get around, and while Rick and Karen talked I felt a hand on my left hand side slowly pulling my shirt loose.

I knew that Angie was sitting behind me and that it was dark enough so that no one else could see what she was doing. I didn’t know what she thought she was going to do either with everybody there to see. I felt pretty safe and thought that I would just relax and keep driving. I mean what could she do? I soon found out!

Angie loosened my shirt just enough to let her hand snake in and start stroking my side and stomach and part of my back. She was using her fingernails, and before too long my cock was really paying attention.

“What are you two whispering about?” I heard Rick ask.

Angie reached just a bit further, gave my cock a squeeze, leaned back and replied,

“We were just planning how to get rid of you two so that we could climb into the bed in the back and make deep passionate love!”

I thought that I would just die! Then I heard both Rick and Karen laugh and start into their discussion again. I felt her hot breath next to my ear before she spoke. “See, they think it’s just a joke.” I then let go and enjoyed the stroking and scratching for the rest of the ride home.

The very next day I had to make a delivery in a city about 500 miles away. I had planned to go out that evening with Rick, and when I told him that I would have to cancel our plans because I would not get home till very late, he asked if I would take Angie along for the ride.

“You know,” he said, “She doesn’t get out as often as she would like and I think that she would enjoy the big city, if you don’t mind taking her along.” I told him that I thought it would be okay but that she might get bored.

“Nonsense”, he said, “She’ll probably bore you to tears with her constant chattering.”

Before I could say anything else he went to the phone and called Angie. When he got off of the phone he said she’d love to go if I didn’t mind picking her up on the way. What could I say?

I stopped off at Rick’s house and found the door open with a note on it. “Just getting dressed, come on in.” I went in expecting to find Angie brushing her hair or something but when I hollered out that I was there, and I heard her shout “I’m in the bedroom, come on in”, I was in for the surprise of my life!

Angie was brushing her hair alright, only she was doing it topless! Oh those beautiful tits again! This time I couldn’t tear my eyes away. They stood up so jauntily, their nipples pointing to the sky, hard and crimson in color. For nearly a month I had dreamed of seeing them. Night after night I had either fucked my wife pretending it was Angie or gone to the bathroom to jack off over thoughts of what I was now seeing. Angie stopped brushing her hair and said while looking hungrily at my crotch. “You’ll never be able to drive in that condition Harry. Come over here and let me help you.”

I slowly, awkwardly made my way over to where she sat, not knowing what to expect next when her hands reached out, took mine and placed them over her breasts.

“Do you like the way they feel Harry?” she asked as her hands busied themselves with my belt and fly. Before I had a chance to tell her how terrific I thought they really were, she had my cock out and without a seconds hesitation leaned forward and locked her lips around it!

She only sucked for a few minutes before I felt the cum boiling up. I tried to warn her that I was about to let loose, but when I tried to gently push her head away before it was too late, she pushed my hands away and sucked me in completely, right to the hilt!

That was it for me, I blew my load right then! Gallons of cum shot out of me and filled her mouth. She just swallowed it all down and kept on sucking until I was bone dry! My knees went all weak on me and I had trouble standing up so she just let me fall on the bed. Then she went back to sucking my cock again! If I hadn’t been there, I would never have believed I could get hard again so fast.

“What about you”, I asked. “Don’t you want to cum too?”

“Later” she said, “I’ve seen how big your crotch gets when you get hard and this is what I’ve been dreaming of for a month now.”

“Oh God Harry” she said, “You don’t know how much it means to a girl to find a cock as big and hard as yours.”

She sucked me slowly this time, like a gourmet savoring a feast. When she felt I was ready to cum again she raised her head just high enough so that I could watch my spunk fly into her eager mouth. She then licked me clean, licked her lips and gave me a deep kiss.

Our tongue danced in each others mouth for a while as my hands discovered her body. Then abruptly she said “Let’s go”, and pulled on her top.

On the ride to the city she alternately played with me and got down on the floor to suck me. Rick had warned me that she might talk my ear off, but he hadn’t told me that she might try to suck my cock right off! We made the delivery, and instead of going shopping as everybody thought we would, we went fucking! I suggested a motel, but Angie wouldn’t hear of it.

“Why waste the money on a motel when we have a bed in the van” she said. “Besides, I want you to find us a nice deserted park!”

About an hour later I pulled the van into a deserted conservation area, and Angie jumped out.

“Outside?” I asked.

“Of course” she said, that’s where it’s best!”


The park was empty, and no-one expected us back until very late so we had the time to do as we pleased. We kissed long and passionately as we undressed each other. For the very first time I saw her fully nude!

The sun was going down so I thought I should too. I sank to my knees in front of her and started to lick her beautiful, luscious cunt lips. The more I kissed her twat the further she spread her legs, until finally I could get my tongue right inside of that honey pot.

The aroma of her nectar overpowered me, and the taste of her sweet juices made my cock grow even harder. I felt her shudder as her first orgasm hit, but my lips were latched onto her clit for the whole ride! I sucked and nibbled on her clit and drank her juices through two more orgasms until she was the one too weak to stand any longer.

She pushed me back as she sank to her knees and then with her hand on my joy stick she straddled me and sank that lovely pussy all the way down, slowly until our pubic hair looked as one. What a magical cunt she had.

She barely moved, yet I could feel her muscles rippling inside as she brought herself to another climax and then another one that we both had. I shot my seed inside her womb just before she collapsed on top of me.

After we had rested a few minutes, she rolled off of me and turned around so that she could lick my cock clean. I then picked her up and carried her back to the van where we spent the next three hours making love in every position ever thought of.

When we were finally, totally sated, we headed home.

Angie and I continued to be lovers for the next six months. Rick and Karen never did find out even though we openly talked about doing it. I guess they figured if we were talking about it we weren’t doing it.

Then one day Rick got news that his father was sick and that he should come home because he was needed. I don’t blame him for going back, I only wish that either Angie had stayed or that I could have gone with them.

For me life looks a lot different now. It might have been my first affair but if my wife doesn’t smarten her act up soon, it won’t be my last. Now that I’ve discovered the pleasures of good sex, I don’t intend to live without it!


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