Literotica, Sex with Strangers

Literotica: When My Sexy Neighbour Came KnockingĀ 

I opened the door to the cool rush of the early morning spring air. Standing in front of me was my neighbor wearing only a small silk robe. In one had she was holding the Saturday morning paper offering it up to me. She was missing her belt so she was attempting to hold her robe together with her other hand. She was not very skillful at this task and let her robe slip just enough for me to catch a peek of her b-sized breasts.

I could not help but notice that her nipples were very erect as my cock was quickly becoming by the sight. I had often watched my neighbor wash her car and do other domestic chores around her house. She was a medium length brunette about 5’8″ very long legs and a killer athletic body. One of the greatest things about living in that neighborhood was watching her go for a jog in her little bike shorts and sport bra. I can’t even count how many times I have pleasure myself thinking about her.

When I opened the door she looked up at me and while offering a the newspaper showing her stuff she said “Here I thought you may want your paper” I took the paper in my hand and realized that I was standing there in only very loose fitting boxers and I could see that it was very evident that I was beginning to pitch a tent with my rising cock! “Thanks.” I said catching her eyes wonder to my shorts. “It is a bit cold out here, can I came in?” She asked “Please do” I responded. She entered into the front room and I shut the door.

Once in the house she let go of her robe and it opened revealing her hot sexy body. My eyes lingered on her firm b-sized breasts that had a very low cut tan line. My eyes then traveled down her rock hard and very defined stomach then on to her very small bikini tan line, finally traveling to her very small and smoothly waxed pussy. I also admired her long beautiful tan sexy legs. I think I must have started to drool at the sight. “I take it you like what you see!” She said with a sly smile. “Oh yes I do” “I liked what I saw last night, that was hot! I was up all night thinking about what you did with those girls in your Jacuzzi.

I think I made myself cum six times!” She admitted. “I think they made me cum six times too!” I said “I am sure they did, Now I want you to make me cum six more times she demanded.” I did not hesitate, I did not ask where her husband or her kids were, I did not care, I lost all sense of reason and control. My mind was racing with all the nasty thoughts that I had of her over the years and what I would do given the opportunity. My loosely fitting boxers dropped easily to the floor and I stepped out of them and approached her.

I gently roved the robe off of her shoulders and let it slip to the floor while our naked bodies embraced for the first time. Her body was very firm and I pulled it close to me in a very tight and strong embrace. Our lips met and I began to gently kiss her while still holding a firm grip on her body. My now very hard cock met her very moist and warm pussy as our tongues found each other. We kissed deeper and longer for some time as our gentiles pushed harder and harder together until we were in a gently rhythm.

She started to stroke my ass and groan when I took my left hand and started to play with her hair. I held her firm with my right hand and ran my fingers through her hair and listened to her breathing get deeper while feeling her breath get hotter as we continued to kiss.

I let go of her and took her face and both of my hands and gave her a long deep kiss in which her body responded by pushing harder against mine. I then took one of my fingers and slide it into her mouth let it explore as she sucked. With the other hand I gently ran it down the front of her body feeling her hot firm sexy body. She gave out a slight moan when my had reached one of her lovely breasts.

I then took the wet finger from her mouth and gently massaged her nipples for just a bit, teasing then moving my hand further down the length of her body. As I was doing this I began to kiss her neck working my way to her nipples give attention to each by kissing and licking one then the other. Her breathing became deeper as my hand continued down the length of her body to just above her pussy where I let it linger. I then moved my hand to her thighs, in the process I let my hand brush against it her swollen lips.

She let out a moan. I teased her in this way as I worked my mouth down her stomach with dozens of little kisses and licks. I then got on my knees and began to lick the outside her smoothly waxed lips. Her smell was so sweet. I let her build with anticipation and until she could take no more teasing and she grabbed head and trust my face into her hot throbbing wetness. My tongue slide inside and she began to moan louder and thrust her hips into my face. I licked everything inside from her clit to her anus.

She moaned and started to scream for me to fuck her. I knew that she wanted it hard so I picked her up and forcefully put her on the couch and spread her legs apart and continued the enjoyment of licking her. While licking I placed both hands on her breasts and gently played with her nipples. She responded with more moans of delight. I did this until she was close to cumming. “I am going to cum! Fuck me now like a dirty whore like the ones that you did last night!” as she pulled my hair forcing me up to face her.

She did want it hard and I was going to give it to her. I got up pushed the coffee table out of the way, things went flying all over the place. I then picked her up and firmly put her on her back on the floor. I then sat up and placed my cock near her face. “First you are going to suck my cock!” I commanded as I began to straddle her. She took it in her wonderful mouth and began to suck it vigorously. I let her do this for a bit then I pulled it out of her mouth and brought to her pussy. She was so wet that my cock slide in with only a few pumps.

“Fuck me! Hard!” She said “Oh I am just getting started!” I exclaimed. We began to thrust harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her cervix. We were both getting louder and louder calling each other all kinds of dirty names and expletives. We both loved it and were in total ecstasy. Then I took my hands and put her arms above her head and held her wrist firmly to the floor as I got some good leverage and began to pound her as hard as I could. After a bit I forcefully turned her on her belly and began to do her doggy. I was able to get some good leverage and fuck her even harder.

While doing this I slipped a finger in her ass with one hand and grabbed and pulled tightly on her hair with the other. “Harder! Harder!” she screamed. So I did. I could feel her pussy begin to swell up as she got closer to cumming. She started to tremble and groan. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and started to stimulate her clit with my finger.

” I am going to cum in your ass” I said as I began to work my very wet hot cock into her tight anus. “Yes!” She said, “Do me in the ass, cum in it oh yes!” As I worked it into her she came all over my hand. She was a squirter! After a few pumps in her tight little ass I began to cum. It was hot! We were both exhausted and covered in sweet sexual sweat.

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