Missing our Date Night Sex

Missing You

Off & on this morning you have been texting me with provocative thoughts & images; bareback riding, eagle feathers teasing my aching nipples, a bear skin rug under my naked body, finally chocolate ice cream to be lapped off your nipples & mine as well.  

Ever chime of the phone makes me smile before I ever read the teasing words you are sending my way.  

Thinking about these things, about sharing such amusing & erotic things with you causes a surge of liquid fire to course through me, my pulse races a little, there is a distinct throb at my very core, I can feel my even my breasts tighten in anticipation.  

I glance at the clock, the hands read 12:00 and I wonder if you will be free to call.  If not I will certainly carry on on my own, but even with so many miles of highway between us it is so much better to share with you.

The phone rings.  My heart skips a beat, but picking it up I see it is not you.  I deal with the business at hand and hang up, returning to my paperwork.  

A second ringing, but again, it is not you.  I stifle a sigh, reply pleasantly to the caller, and again go back to my project.  Again the insistent chiming, but this time, against hope it is you.  

I smile even as I see your number, and answer with a lust filled greeting.  We exchange pleasantries, but soon you ask if I am naked.

I almost am, beginning disrobing even as I picked up.  “I am,”  I laugh, as I recline against the mountain of pillows & cushions I keep on my bed (and you wonder why I have so many!) my free hand already trailing along my burning flesh.  We continue to chat, our conversation, as always drifting from subject to subject, in this limited time even more heavily laced with innuendo.

You tell me how you have enjoyed watching me via the webcam run my fingers through my hair, and touch my face, my neck, my shoulders, my breasts.  I sigh.  

Those touches are erotic, and while delightfully pleasing to you are simply unconscious gestures.  

As you describe them I find myself responding to the desire in your voice, and echoing the touches.  My body arches up, hungry to be touched by your loving hands, having to be poorly satisfied with my own caresses.  I hear you groan, and ask you to tell me what you are doing.

I can see you, there in your crowded office, your clothing pulled partly aside to allow your hand to find your cock, and you tell me how you are touching yourself, how it feels, groaning with passion you cannot fully release.  

I am doubly turned on by the lust in your tone and by the images in my mind, and my fingers dance along my slick and swollen lips.  

I dip a pair of angled digits in, thrusting them in & out, desperately wishing you were there & we were engaged as you are describing, you kneeling between my legs on the edge of the bed, kissing me, then standing, my legs around your hips pulling you deep into me, as your hands deftly tease my aching breasts.  

I cry out softly as there is a sudden rush of fluid from my pussy, my hips rise of their own volition for more.  

You continue to draw me forward, teasing me with images of things we have done, things we have discussed doing, urged on by my increasingly guttural groans, and I continue to stroke my heated flesh, imagining you there beside me.  

I cry out again, feeling a jet of liquid on one outstretched foot.  I tell you so, feeling you reaction to this information, and we chuckle and continue our play, my body now pressing onto my feverish hand wanting more.  

I can feel your hands, your lips on my body, and there is another flooding between my trembling thighs.  I can feel something deep in me rising, rising, there is no turning aside, as I moan & cry out into the phone.  

I arch my back, rising off the bed and I feel several hot jets of liquid splash along my legs and onto my feet and ankles.  The blanket beneath me is soaked, there is a trail of wetness down the whole length of the bed.  At the peak of it, tears of joy flooding my eyes, I have cried out your name.

I lay there temporarily sated, tears streaming, hands & legs trembling, panting.  I can see you so close & so far away, and I ache to hold you.  

I wish there were time & privacy enough to satisfy you too…We hold each other for a few more minutes, with words, since that is all we have in this moment, and then it is time to part.


Warm Date Nights

It is a lovely spring evening.  Finally winter’s grip seems to have loosened and the sun holds its warmth into the evening hours.  Everything feels green and fresh.  

I arrive at the restaurant, but do not see your truck in the parking lot.  Going inside I stand for a moment or two in the doorway, scanning the room for you, in case you have parked elsewhere, but you have not yet arrived.  I tell the waiter I will have a drink at the bar while I wait for you, and I can feel admiring eyes on me as I walk through the room.  

I choose a seat at the bar with a good vantage of the door so I can watch for you, and adjust the hem of my dress.  It is knee length & black, cut to compliment my curves, and in response to the warmth of the evening, my arms are bare.  

A gentleman a few seats down from me strikes up a conversation, and I amuse myself flirting with him a little.  I know I shouldn’t, but I get a thrill out of knowing he is attracted to me.  I am still not used to feeling like this, and I love it.

And then something almost primal in me stirs and I look up.  There you are, where I stood not long ago, scanning the room for me.  I catch your eye, and raising one eyebrow I smile & lick my lips.  

Crossing the room you do not take your eyes off mine, and as you arrive at my side you glance at the man desperately trying to catch my gaze again.  

As big a tease as I am you offer me the oldest & silliest pick-up line you can recall, and I respond in equal measure.  “Sorry,” I smile at my new admirer, “I just can’t resist that smile.  Enjoy your evening.”  

You take my hand to help me down off my perch, and we follow the waiter to our table.

We have a magnificent view of the sunset over the coulees, but can scarcely take our eyes off each other to enjoy it.  

We chat & catch up, sharing stories, flirting and teasing.  As we eat I slip off my shoe and run my bare foot up your leg, your hand is on my knee, edging up under the hem of my skirt.  

Our waiter is a sweet young man, very attentive, and I tease him a little, especially once I catch him admiring the neckline of my dress, or rather, the swell of breast it highlights.   

You laugh at how flustered he gets, and tell me to behave.   I trail a finger through the chocolate sauce left on my dessert plate and pout at you, before slowly sucking the sauce off my finger.

You wait for the cheque while I excuse myself to the ladies’ room, enjoying watching the sway of my hips as I walk away, enjoying watching the heads turn as I pass.

In the parking lot I ask if you plan on following me home for coffee, but you suggest a drive instead.  It is a beautiful night, and there is a full moon rising.

You open the truck door for me and offer me your hand to help me up and as I step up into the vehicle my skirt rides up a little.  You run your hand up the inside of my leg and realize I have removed my underwear.  You grin at me, surprised by my boldness.  

I feign innocence.

We drive a while, our conversation slowly becoming more and more provocative.  

I have slid across the cab to sit beside you, my hand gently caressing your thigh, occasionally leaning in to kiss you.  

Finally we find ourselves down in the river bottom, in a secluded spot, and you park, reaching for me.  

We kiss, groping each other like teenagers, laughing and playing.  

Perhaps it is the full moon, perhaps it is just us, but the passion is almost palpable.  You break our embrace and get out of the truck, walking around to the passenger side door.  

You stand in the open door and draw me to you again, kissing my neck, my throat, your hands pushing my skirt up.  Even in the pale moonlight I can see you breath in my scent, and you dip your head and kiss me , thrusting your tongue suddenly into my pussy.  

I gasp with pleasure, my hands in your hair urging you on.  You lap up those first juices, and take my hardening clit into your mouth an suck it gently.  I moan with pleasure, and you know I am almost ready to cum already.  Standing again you kiss me deeply as you unbuckle your pants and pull me closer, thrusting hard and eager into me. I wrap my legs around you and pull you close.

I am reclined across the truck seat, neither of us is completely comfortable, although we are having fun.  You pull back, help me sit up again & hug me close.  

I laugh, a deep, throaty chuckle, saying I feel a little like a teenager.  The moon overhead is huge, it almost looks close enough to touch, and the breeze is cool on our skin.  

I suggest that we might want to continue this some where slightly more comfortable, and you nod in agreement.  

You kiss me again-oh, I could lose myself in your sweet kisses! and I kiss along your jaw whispering, as I run my tongue along your ear, “take me home and make love to me properly.”  

You reply that you have a better idea, but refuse to tell me what that might be, as we resume our drive.  My head is on your shoulder, and our conversation continues to ebb and flow, easily from flirting and provocative and suggestive banter, to more serious topics and back.  

I enjoy being out with you, and have been watching the moon, not paying much attention to where we are, when you pull into a quiet parking lot.  

We are in front of a secluded bed & breakfast.  You take my hand, kiss my palm, my wrist, kiss me gently on the lips & help me down, murmuring appreciation as my skirt catches on the seat & slides up my legs, exposing my bare thighs to the cool air.  I shiver slightly, the balmy evening has grown chilly now, and you lead me to our room.  

I gasp with surprise & delight as I walk through the door.  There is a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table and a huge king-sized bed in the middle of the room.  

You push the door closed and take me in your arms and kiss me, trailing kisses from my mouth down my neck, along my throat, feeling my erratic pulse in that hollow at the the top of my breast bone.  

As you do you caress my breasts through the soft fabric of my dress.  

My nipples respond, already they are hard again.  I pull away from you and lead you to the bed, ask you to sit.  You do, always happy to oblige me, and I kiss you briefly before stepping back, just out of reach.  

I reach behind me and unclasp my bra, and turning my back to you, looking over my shoulder, slide it off.  

I toss it to you and you catch it, pressing it to your face to inhale my perfume.  I am naked now under my dress, my panties in my bag, removed in the ladies’ room at the restaurant.  

I am watching you in the mirror, and I turn again to face you, slowly untying my belt.  I reach for the hem of my dress, lift it slightly, then drop it again, turning my back once more, then slowly slide one shoulder out of the dress,  then the other.  

I turn back to face you, cupping my breasts in my hands, my nipples erect & huge.  My dress half on, half off, clings to my hips as you reach for me.  

I take a step toward you, let you kiss, lick & suck my breasts, as I fumble with the buttons on your shirt, caressing your chest as I bare it.  I kiss you again before moving back again to push my dress finally off my hips and I stand before you naked except the pendant at my throat & my red high heels…  

My skin glows in the moonlight streaming through the window.  

I sit on the counter in front of the mirror, my nakedness reflected again.  I cross my legs, swinging my feet, and tell you it’s my turn now, nodding to at your half undone shirt and the bulge of your cock in your pants.  

You stand and remove your clothes without much ceremony, never taking your eyes off me as my eyes follow your disrobing, smiling appreciatively at what I see.

As you come to take me in your arms, I uncross my legs so you can stand between them, and lick my lips in anticipation.  

Again we enfold each other in a long embrace.  Skin to skin, you feel so wonderful in my arms, we fit together well.  

You trail soft kisses from my temple down my neck and along my shoulder, as I trace the contours of your back with the lightest of touches.  

You step away, and ask me to lie down on the bed, as you remove one partly opened rose from the bouquet.  

“Close your eyes,” you whisper, and as I do I feel the velvety petals of the rose caressing my skin.  I sigh as you trace my nipples with it, and part my legs as you tickle my thighs with it.  I open my eyes and see you inhaling the scent of the flower now kissed with the moisture seeping out of my waiting pussy.  

Laying the rose on my belly now you move between my thighs and kiss me there, easily slipping fingers in as your tongue laps at my flowing juices.  

As you take my clit in your mouth and suck gently, fingers massaging the inner walls, I cry out and spray your face with cum, bucking wildly against your hand and face, as you continue your feasting on me.  

The wave of passion ebbs & rises again and again and I am gasping in pleasure, until you sense I need a rest.  You come and lay beside me, holding me, caressing my breasts, and I turn to you, kissing your wet face, pressing my trembling body against yours.  

I move my head to flick my tongue over your nipples, knowing what pleasure it gives you, as I take your cock in my hand, stroking you tenderly.  

I kiss and lick my way down your body, desiring to love you as you have just loved me.  I take the discarded rose and dip a finger into my pussy, and paint my juice over its soft & fragrant petals.  

Holding your gaze I suck my finger clean, and then, much like you teased my flesh with this tender bloom I tease yours, focusing on your face, trailing it under your nose so you can inhale the scent of 2 roses together.

I shift my body to straddle you, your hard cock teasing my dripping pussy, and I move slowly against you.  You groan with pleasure..  I lean forward to kiss you, pressing your hands under mine onto the bed and begin to move my body over yours, your hard cock rubbing against my clit &  pussy lips, my breasts grazing your chest, my lips on your face.  

We are lost in the sensations.  I am ready to cum again, and the pace of my movements increases, I sit up, nails digging into your chest as I arch my back and you feel me explode over you.  

As the wave subsides I shift again, pressing you up into my still spasming pussy, and I hear you moan again.  

I continue to move over you, your hands on my breasts, fingers pulling at my nipples, you look into my eyes & I nod & smile, too far gone for words.  

You take hold of my hips to steady me, and I plant my hands again on your chest, my thumbs circling your nipples.  We thrust together and as I feel you tense briefly I lean in to kiss you and we cum together, your hard cock shooting up into my still pulsing pussy.

As we ride out passion I collapse onto you, my head on your chest, and you hold me close as we catch our breath, utterly lost in each other.

We doze a while, still clinging to each other, the moonlight washing over our skin, tired from our exertions.  It feels wonderful to lie here in your arms, my head on your chest, sleepily tracing the contours of your back.  

You sleep more deeply than I do, and a shift my head so I can watch you lost in your dreams.  You are beautiful, and my eyes well up a little as I am overwhelmed by tenderness and love for you.  

It is one of those moments I would capture & hold forever, if I could.  I close my eyes and rest a little more myself and waking again slowly edge out of bed in search of a drink.  I turn the light on in the bathroom so I can see & not disturb you and pour myself a glass of water.

Looking around the room I realize the tub is not only huge, but is a jacuzzi designed for two.  There are several votive sized candles artfully arrayed along the edge, and I smile to myself, stretching my pleasantly aching body.  

I close the door a little more, so I won’t wake you and fill the tub, adding some scented oil.

While I wait for the tub to fill I remember the bottle of wine I had seen earlier in the other room, forgotten in our rising passion and I tiptoe out to collect it & a glass.  

In the light I glance at the label & smile again-what a memory you have!  It is a favourite of mine.  I inhale the wine’s sharp bouquet and take an appreciative sip and then light the candles.  

There are enough to illuminate the small room, so I turn down the lights again, and step into the steaming, scented water, adjusting the jets to pulse against the small of my back.  

I lean back, sipping my drink and close my eyes, my hands dancing over my skin as I recall the past several hours, from the admiring glances of strangers in the restaurant, the look in your eyes when you saw me across the room, the feel of the night air on my bare flesh in the river bottom and the fervour of our lovemaking as the evening progressed.  

I sigh contentedly and let my mind drift.

You wake slowly and reach for me, and with the realization that I am not still curled up in your embrace wake more fully, opening your eyes to see if I have just moved away in my sleep.  

As your consciousness grows you become aware of a sliver of light in the darkened room and of the humming of the jacuzzi jets, the sound of water gently moving, and something else it takes a moment to identify.  

Your primal self recognizes this sound before your conscious mind does…and then you hear it again.  A deep and satisfied moan. Curious you walk across the room and push open the bathroom door.  

There I am, eyes closed, skin shimmering below the surface of the water, my hands slowly toying with my pussy, caressing my breasts. You stand quietly watching me, torn between watching me pleasure myself and joining me.

I open my eyes, aware of your presence in the room, so drawn am I too you.  I meet your gaze and smile, noting your reaction to what you see.

“I could use a little help here,” I say, turning slightly.  “There’s this spot on my back I just can’t reach.”  You step up and into the tub and I move to kneel in front of you, reaching for your cock caressing you gently, you have been put through your paces already tonight.

I stroke your balls as I lean in to kiss you, and you pull me close, kissing me hard.  Water sloshes onto the floor as you turn me to sit on your lap, caressing my breasts, my nipples responding to your touch.  

I relax against you, and we adjust our position to take advantage of the pulsing jets of water.  You feel me quiver against you, and I can feel you, stiffening against my back.  We continue to play & to tease each other hands, and lips and water, the bath oils making our skin slick.  

At long last, you move me again to sit on your lap, massaging my back, kissing my shoulders.  I lean into you and guide you into my still eager body, and you groan as I surround you, moving slowly.  

You turn us so the jets of water tease my clit as you continue to move in me, hands on my aching breasts.  

As slowly as we have begun our pace begins to increase.  I am ready again.  “Greedy girl,” you tease me.  

“You know I am,” I growl, “and you love it.”  You pull me  close and set me on the edge of the spa, burying your face between my legs.  

One touch of your tongue and I start to cum again, breathless, my body spasming to your insistent ministrations, the tub’s jets still pulsing against your cock.  The waves of my orgasm are decreasing now, but I remain hyper stimulated to every subtle touch, as you draw me back into the water, and push into me.  

Oh, you feel so good, as I wrap my legs around your waist to pull you deep.  

We move together, my lips and tongue caressing your face, breathing words of love and desire in your ear, my fingers massaging you chest, toying with your nipples, until hold me tight, kiss me deeply and cum again.


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