Sex Confessions

Sex with a New Neighbour

I was bored.  There were still too many weeks before my classes at the university started again, all of my friends were out of town and the latest book from the summer reading list, while very good, was not holding my attention as I stretched my bikini clad body in the sun.  I checked the time on my phone, still several hours before I needed to get ready for work.  Waiting tables was a drag, but the tips were good.  I liked chatting with both the locals & the tourists; I was often called on to recommend sights to see in the area having lived here all of my 19 years.  I especially liked the flirting; harmless & fun, a great ego boost, with the men.  I was adept at sidestepping the occasional attempted pat on my backside, and at brushing off invitations to meet when my shift was over without leaving them feeling rejected

I flipped myself over on my lounge chair to sun my front, and as I did I noticed the good looking guy who lived next door out trimming his hedge.  He was older, divorced.  I had noticed his kids playing in the yard on the weekend.  I wondered why his wife had left; the neighbourhood was buzzing with rumors.  He was attractive, and always polite & friendly when I saw him.

I waved at him and went back to my book, peering at him now & again over the top of the cover.  He seemed to be spending a long time on that section of the hedge, and I smiled to myself, undoing the strap of my bikini bra when I turned over again.  An idea flitted through my head, and I sat up & stretched, my partly undone top riding up over my breasts, exposing their creamy white underside.  Then I stood and collected my things and went back into the house.

I pulled on a pair of denim cutoffs and a halter top and pulled a couple of beers out of the fridge, peering through the French doors that opened on to the patio to see if he was still outside.  I could hear the hedge trimmer, but could no longer see him from my vantage point. Barefoot I padded across the lawn, holding aloft the second bottle when I caught his eye.  He shut off the trimmer and met me at the gate between our yards, pulling it open as he invited me to sit with him under the gazebo he had just built in the middle of his yard.  \

We drank in companionable silence until I asked about his kids.  He enthused about them & made me laugh as he described some of their antics.  He asked me about school & I told him a bit about my classes & how much I was looking forward to going back in September.    Suddenly he set down his almost empty beer and crossed the space between us.  My heart skipped a beat.  I had been hoping for this; but now that he was here in front of me, did I really want it?

He knelt, so we were face to face again, and holding my gaze took my bottle from my hand, setting it carefully aside.  He moved a fraction closer, lips parted.  I licked my own lips and nodded imperceptibly, as he leaned in & kissed me softly.  I smiled under his kiss and placed my hands on his shoulders, kissing him back.  His kisses were sweet & gentle, so unlike the insistent ones of the boys I had dated, shoving their tongues into my mouth without preamble, hands  groping before I had even responded.  Peter was different, almost shy, cautious.  I sighed and pulled him closer, sliding my hands behind his head, parting my legs so he could move closer to me.

He kissed me along my jaw line, and I gasped with surprise at the pleasure I felt when he kissed my neck just below my ear.  I had never been kissed like this before.  I tipped my head back, exposing my throat, and he kissed its length, and then along my collar bone.  I sighed, hoping he wouldn’t stop.  I felt I should reciprocate somehow, but was not sure how to.  I had been kissed before, but this was almost worshipful, different from anything I had ever felt before.  My heart was pounding wildly in my chest and my knees were trembling.

I ran my fingers through his hair, sliding one under the collar of his t-shirt to caress bare skin.  I heard him moan, his lips now in the cleavage exposed by my halter top.  Placing one hand on either side of his face I pulled it up to kiss him full on the lips again, my tongue dancing now with  his.  He held my face now & kissed me again, hungrily, as I reached behind me to untie my top letting in fall between us.

He gasped, and pulled away to look into my eyes.  “Are you sure?” he asked.

I bit my lip and nodded, my mouth to dry to speak, as he again kissed his way down my neck until he found my hard nipple.  I gasped with pleasure as his soft lips closed over it, my back arching to get closer still, as his fingers began to tease the other one.  I was beginning to see that perhaps what I had read in all those novels was not entirely fiction.  Oh, what I had been missing out on!

He pulled away from me long enough to pull his t-shirt over his head, tossing it to one side, before he returned to kissing my trembling body.  My hands tentatively explored his bare torso.   He gasped & moaned when my fingers skipped over his nipples & I stopped, asking, unsure, “Did I hurt you?”

“Noooo,” he groaned.  “That feel so good.”  Curious now I bent my head & kissed him there, in wonder as he cried out at my touch.

I stiffened as I felt his fingertips at the button of my shorts.  Sensing my hesitation he moved his hand away to caress the length of my tanned leg, murmuring he would not do anything I didn’t want to do.  I felt safe with him, and relaxed again as his lips skimmed over my shoulder, along my arm.  He kissed my palm with an open mouth, grazing his teeth over it before drawing my index finger into his mouth.  His tongue swirled around it as he sucked gently.

Skimming my hands down his back I found the loose waist band of his shorts.  I hesitated a moment, then slid my hand lower still, scraping my nails gently over his ass.  I moved my hand again, registering with some surprise the shorts were all he wore. He groaned and shifted, still on his knees between my legs, and I felt his erection insistent against my calf.

I stood, pulling him up with me, and hugged him as I pushed his shorts to the floor, reaching between us to stroke him.  I heard his sharp intake of breath as I ran my palm over the tip, wet with his juice.  My shorts were wet too, he commented on how wet I was as he slipped one hand between my legs to cup my sex through my clothing.

He kissed me again, this time with passion and real desire flared in me.  I felt a surge of heat and liquid in my core.  This time I didn’t protest when he reached to divest me of my shorts.  He left my white lace thong in place, although it did nothing to shield me, and I heard him moan in appreciation, kneeling again he kissed his way up my leg, eventually pressing kisses into the damp fabric, before he pushed it aside and lapped at my pussy greedily, pushing aside my embarrassment at how wet I was with his overt pleasure in it.

I cried out as he pressed his hard fingers into me,  my hands in his hair urging him on.  This was nothing like the fumblings I had experienced before as the young men I had dated had tried to please me.  Our combined inexperience had always left me feeling half satisfied, wondering what all the fuss was about,  if something was wrong with me, or perhaps I was just missing something.  Now I knew, and I gave myself over to the sensations.  Again & again he brought me to a place where I thought I could go no further, and then pushed me on farther still.  I don’t know how long we were there, or how many times I came, but eventually I lay back on the banquette trembling and gasping for breath, as he came up and kissed me again, sweetly, tasting of my own juices.

He was still hard, and I shifted to take him, hungry now to have all of him, but he held back, explaining he did not have a condom.  I stroked him gently, encouraging him to sit beside me.  He shuddered at my touch and gasped with surprise when I took him in my mouth.  I moved my head awkwardly, as he wove his fingers through my hair.  I lapped at the fluid at the tip then looked up at him.  This was a golden opportunity.  “Show me, ” I murmured.  “show me how to touch a man.”

He seemed surprised at my request, but nodded, almost shyly taking his cock in his hands, showing me, his hand over mine, how to stroke it, how to vary the rhythm, long & slow with shorter, faster strokes.  He took my other hand to cup his balls, squeezing & caressing, explaining I could do the same with my mouth.   Eventually he moved his hands away, leaving me to pleasure him as he had pleasured me.  As I caressed and stroked I leaned over, brushing my hair across his chest, and recalling how he had responded earlier lapped at his nipples, then flicked them with my tongue.  I could feel his hips rising off the bench, thrusting into my hand, and in my hand I felt his balls tighten.  “Lay down, ” he urged.

I stretched along the bench again, and continued to pump his thrusting cock with my slippery hand, surprised at my own heat rising again.  My hips thrust up to meet him.  I felt his rhythm shift, I struggled to accommodate it, when he reached down to stop my hand.  He groaned & thrust once, twice more, then cried out, almost as loudly as I had, spurting hot come across my breasts & belly.

He offered me his t-shirt to clean up with, holding me close as he kissed the top of my head.

“Thank you,” he murmured into my scalp.  “You are amazing.”

As I slipped back into my clothes we made plans to meet later.  It was going to be a great summer after all.


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