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Sex with the Neighbours

It was a Saturday afternoon and everybody at our local church were getting things ready for the annual church bake sale on Sunday afternoon at the State Fair. My mom was the the organizer for the church so she was in charge of coordinating everyone’s efforts. It was 1 PM already, and I had just gotten up and showered; it had been a late night. And that’s where our story takes off…


“Hey Aaron, since you’re finally up, you think you could help me out?”


“Mom, I’m not running to the store. You made me go like 4 times yesterday, so if you forgot something, tough luck!”


My mom laughed, “Ha, I didn’t forget anything, I was just hoping you’d go pick up something up from the London’s house. Bridgett was supposed to make a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies for the fair, and I want you to go over and get them”


“Fine,” I said in fake disgruntlement. That errand didn’t bother me at all, Mrs. London was fine as hell and I’d be more than willing to go over and check her out for a few minutes, as long as that’s all it took.


I left my house and started across my yard, hopped the small fence and jumped into the London’s yard. All the while I was thinking about how much I’d rather be out with my friends than helping my mom with a church bake sale. I ring the doorbell and within a couple moments she slowly opened the door. She was definitely dressing down today, a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and barefoot, but I’ll be damned if she still wasn’t the hottest lady in the whole damn town.


“Oh, hi there Aaron, how can i help you?” she said with a smile.


“Yeah my mom sent me over here to get something for the, uh, church bake sale.” I had always been amazed by Mrs. London. She had always turned me on, always. Many a nights she was what I fantasized while I’d jack off, and even today, dressed so casually, I was still dumbfounded by her beauty.


She paused for a moment, then smiled again, “Oh yes, the cookies, well they are still cooling right now, so they’re not quite ready to go yet. You can wait here for a little bit until they’re ready, if you’d like, but only if you have nothing else to do,” she said, staring deep into my eyes.


Stammering from here stair I was barely able to mutter out, “Uh… um, no, no I can stay, you know, if it’s cool…”


“Well here, come into the living room, we’ll hang out for awhile, while those cookies cool off.” She lead me to their living room and I sit down on the couch, looking around at the pictures on the wall of her and her husband from years past, and damn, she was always beautiful, more so than I could ever explain with words on this page.


“Can i get you anything Aaron?” she said as she sat down next to me, nonchalantly playing with her hair a little, reclining a bit into the couch. Her sweater shirt was forming over her breasts very well, and just the hint of nipple could be seen through her sweater shirt. Needless to say, my eyes were glued to her chest.


“Aaron? You okay?”


“Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, can I have a glass of water or something, please?” My cock was getting hard just staring at her chest, and I need to adjust myself soon or it was going to be way too obvious that I had a huge hard-on; I needed to buy some time.


“Certainly.” She got up and started walking away into the kitchen, “I’ll be right back with that.”


Wondering if she noticed anything, and staring at her ass intently as she walked away, my dick just continued getting harder. When her ass was out of my view, I quickly reached down into my shorts to try and push my dick down, or move it to the side, or anything, just so it can be hard without being seen. She soon returned with the glass of water.


“Here you are Hon,” she said, sitting back down as she handed it to me. She was staring at me, watching my drink the water, slowly running a hand through her long red hair. “So, how’s things been with you, Aaron?”


“Well, Mrs. London, we just got out for Spring break, so I’m just working as a busboy and kinda hanging out with my friends, you know, causing trouble and picking up girls, mostly.” You see, I’ve always thought that if you can get a girl to think that get a lot of girls, that girl will be more likely to think you’re a stud, thus giving yourself a much better chance of getting that girl. It was a theory mostly, but I was going to try and see if it worked on Mrs. London. Why not, I didn’t have anything to lose.


“Ha,” she chuckled, “oh yes, i remember those days very well. Boys like you prowling around on Spring Break for parties and girls. Hey, those were the days.” She smiled at me, her eyes glancing me over occasionally.


Then came my break, I caught her looking at me, in a very obvious way, down towards my crotch. So, I kind of shifted in the seat, just so I could look at her more, and all of the sudden, my dick moves and is pointing straight up in my shorts! It looked like I had just gotten hard in a seconds time!


“Oh shit!” I blurted out.


Her eyes quickly gravitated down towards your crotch, seeing quite plainly the tenting that formed there. But she didn’t turn away, she just kept gazing at it. Slowly she brought her hand to her mouth and softly

said, “Oh my!”


“Oh Jesus, Mrs. London… I’m, oh shit, I’m way, way sorry! Please don’t tell my mom! I’ll do anything!”


She shifted over on the couch closer to me, chuckling slightly, “Well, what do we have here?” as her left hand suddenly came down on my left thigh, “seems you’ve been prowling right now, huh?”


Slightly moaning as she rubbed my thigh, “Oh, Mrs. London, I, I mean, you’re so gorgeous, and you were sitting here, I just, I couldn’t help it…” My words trailing off as her hand continued to rub my thigh.


“Oh, I know Aaron, you’re so young, and well, as for me, it’s rather nice to know I have someone like you in my home,’ she purred as she leaned in a bit, pressing her right breast pressing against my left arm.


“Mrs Jones, you’re hotter than any girl I’ve ever met. I only think about you when I, you know, jerk off,” I stammer as my cock involuntarily twitches from the feeling of her chest pressing into my arm and her hand slowly rubbing higher on my thigh.


“That’s good to know Aaron, “she whispers. I could feel her breath on my neck from being so close. “To be honest, my husband isn’t all that interested in me anymore, and I just need someone to pick up the slack? Perhaps that someone could be you,” she says as her hand moved even higher up my thigh, inches from my straining hard cock.


How the hell??? Mrs. London is the hottest lady I’ve ever seen, she even blows all the young High School girls away! How could her husband not want to fuck her at least twice a day, I mean, I do! “Well, uh, ya know, I mean… yes… I’d do anything for you Mrs. London…”


She suddenly started making a purring sort of noise and softly stated, “Smart boy… and call me Bridgett.” Before I knew it, she suddenly leaned in completely, and I could feel her lips on my left ear. Her tongue started licking at my left ear and then her teeth were nibbling on my earlobe.


I moan softly, my hands still at their sides, unsure of how or when I can touch her. “God, Bridgett…” my moans trailing off in exctasy.


“Mmm, I love how you taste,” she mutters lowly, as she continues to nibble at my earlobe a bit more, before her lips drag themselves down the side of my neck, trailing kisses here and there, with an occasional nibble.


“God Bridgett, that feels so good,” I whisper quietly, caught in the pleasure. “Yes, that feels so good,” moaning softly, my left hand reaching over a little and rubbing her thigh.


“Mmm,” she moans with slight chuckle, and as she continues to bathe my neck in her sweet kisses, she slowly shifts around on the couch, until she is actually squatting over my legs. She comes face to face with me, her eyes looking into mine with wicked intention. Suddenly, she moves her right hand around, cradling the back of my head, and brings her lips to mine, kissing me roughly.


A bit taken back, at first, by such a forceful kiss, I push back into her, my right hand around her back, pulling her body into mine, my left hand now reaching around and rubbing her ass. Feeling my arm around her and my other hand rubbing her ass, her tongue slowly snake it’s way into my mouth. Finding my tongue, she wrestles with it, her blue eyes still gazing into mine with something of a fierceness. Her left hand now also moving to cradle the back of my head.


Moving my tongue around with hers, the slurping sounds of our passionate kissing, the only noise in the room. I reach my left hand into the back of her jeans, trying to grab all I can of your luscious ass, while still pulling her body into mine, closer…


She suddenly breaks the kiss, pulling at my lower lip as she does. She bring her lips to the left side of my neck, nibbling and practically biting at it, as she grunts out roughly, “I want you Aaron. I want you so goddamn bad,” biting roughly at my neck again.


“Oh fuck Bridgett, i want you too. My cock is so fucking hard right now, you’re turning me on so much,” i growl pulling her ass into me with my left hand and dry humping my dick into her. It’s rock hard and straining, rubbing up against her.


As soon as she feels my hard cock humping into her, she makes a primal scream, similar to an animalistic snarl, and she pulls herself off of me. She roughly runs a hand through her hair, before she points a finger at me and says with force, “Take those fucking clothes off right now and follow me!” She suddenly turns and starts walking towards the master bedroom, pulling her sweater off as she sways her hips away from my direction.


I quickly strip my shorts and underwear, then my shirt, kicking off my shoes and socks as I quickly hurry up after her, following her into the bedroom.


She turns around when I enter the room and her eyes take in the full glory of my nude form. She abruptly strips off her bra, letting her breasts bounce free, then she undoes her jeans and throws them at me roughly, as if a dare, before she slides her panties down and casually toss them aside, revealing her full nude body in the, now, somewhat stuffy room. Watching her strip is turning me on even more. Her red hair flowing over her shoulders as she reached down to take of her jeans and white, cotton panties; her body is amazing. She does a seductive pose, piercing me with lustful her lustful blue eyes.


“Damn, Mrs. London, I mean, Bridgett, you blow away any chick I’ve ever seen,” I say, licking my lips slowly. My eyes taking in her full glory; her gorgeous big breasts heaving in anticipation.


“Get your ass over here, Aaron.” She motions to me, already breathing faster, her eyes glancing up and down at my body, lingering on my cock.


Quickly moving to her, I push her to the bed, and get up next to her, biting softly at her collar bone as my right hand plays with your left breast. Her face contorts and she lets out a grunt, her right hand going to the back of my head, grabbing onto my hair, while her left hand just grips at the sheets of the bed.


Moving over and biting at her other collarbone, licking at her long neck, i move my left hand and start to fondle your big breasts. She’s loving my bites, feeling both of my hands upon her breasts. She releases my head and stretches both of her hands out over her head. Lounging on the bed, she’s taking in all the sensations she has not had in such a long time; loving my tongue as it licks up and down her neck.


“Oh Aaron, that feels so damn good on my neck…” she purrs, her voice trailing off.


Moving my body down, kissing her upper chest as i trail a finger over her smooth, beautiful stomach; my cock leaving a trail of pre cum on her leg as it moves along it. She let out a couple of deep sighs of bliss, adoring the sensations I was giving her by my finger and my lips.


“Oh yes Aaron, that’s it,” she mutters aloud; she cannot help but smirk at the pleasure she was receiving.


Moving down farther, with my face in front of her luscious breasts, I slowly lick at her left breast, starting around the outside, in slow circles as my left hand gently fondles her right breast. She leans her head back slightly into the bed as I begin to adore her breasts. She’s moaning lightly as she’s feeling my tongue slowly making its way around her left breast in a slow circle, while my strong left hand gently cups the other. Her breasts are mine to enjoy, and to adore. She’s still smirking in pleasure as a few more deep breaths escape from her mouth.


Slowly sucking her left nipple into my mouth, I begin to nibble on it softly, and gently I begin to pinch her other nipple within my fingers. Her face contorts slightly as she feels me suckling her left breast and teasing her other with nimble finger’s slight pinching. She now tilts her head some on the bed.


Watching her head start to swivel around, I know she is enjoying the attention I am lavishing her with. I move my mouth across her chest, gently kissing along the way, until I get to her right breast, and slowly start licking it in a circle, from the outside towards at first, working my way towards her hard nipple. My left hand venturing down to her trimmed pussy.


Her head suddenly tilts the other way as I tease her right breast with my tongue’s circular journey and as she feels my left hand moves down her stomach towards her pussy, accented with her red, trimmed hairs, she moves her thighs open in want. Her little pussy is already, in fact, very wet.


As I suck on her nipple, my fingers gently start to rub her wet pussy, just gently rubbing. Seeing a lost look on her face, I know that she’s loving my touch. Her legs shift a bit as my hand begins to rub and explore her defenseless pussy, farther apart with every motion of my hand. My mouth still suckling on her left breast, a couple of deep moans escape from her mouth; her body lost to all of the pleasure.


I start to move my head down, leaving a trail of kisses down her sexy stomach as I take in her wonderful aroma. The smell of her sex is so intoxicating. I begin to lick my tongue out at her clitoris as I start to push my middle finger into her wet little pussy. She suddenly shudders and lets out a series of fast breaths, as my finger pushes into her. She moves her hands down every time my tongue comes in contact with her clit, and I continue with my middle finger, beginning to prepare her for what will truly be me entering her tight pussy soon.


I stick another finger into her, slowly but efficiently fingering her little pussy. I move my face into her and bury myself into her wet cunt, lapping at her clit as her juice begins to get all over my mouth and chin, as she continues to moan loudly.


“Oh goddamn Aaron. Oh yes!” she huffs out, her chest rising high with each of her breaths. “Oh, it’s so fucking good,” she whimpers.


I take my mouth off of her, my two fingers still slowly fucking her. “Tell me Bridgett; tell me what you want. Tell me what you really want,” I say to her, my eyes intently watching her chest rise and fall as I steadily continue to finger fuck her extremely wet pussy.


With her chest quickly rising and falling, she huffs out a couple of times, opening her mouth but not speaking. Finally she grunts out, roughly, “I want, I want you to fuck me, Aaron. Fuck the shit out me! Fuck me, fuck me, Aaron! and when you cum,” she pauses for a second, moaning out from my finger fucking. “When you cum, I want it all over my face, all over my goddamn face!” she shouts, before a few more moans escape from her mouth.


“Mmm, that’s what I wanted to hear,” I growl, getting on top of her, moving her legs apart, I push closer to her, slowly inserting my hard cock into her wet little pussy, slightly moaning as I do, “You feel so damn good, and your pussy is so tight and wet.”


Her face contorts and she groans loudly as the head of my cock stretches her lips out before slipping in. My cock slowly following, pushing into her inch by inch, her hands move to leave her breasts as they now grip the sheets, her stomach and chest rising up and down in ecstasy.


I push all the way in, feeling her warmth engulf my cock; her pussy is so tight, it must’ve been a long time since her husband has given her what she needs and deserves. “Fuck Bridgett, your pussy is so fucking tight,” I moan out as I push deeper into her.


“Oh, it’s, it’s been so long,” she whimpers out, before she grunts as my full length slides inside of her, my cock penetrating my tightness, pushing into her cervix.


Face to face with her, I start to kiss her lips, passionately, as I begin to thrust my hips into her, moving faster inside of her with each passing moment.


“Mmm,” she moans as she tries to return my kiss as well as she can, moaning into my mouth, as my hips start slamming against her. Fucking her so deep, thrusting into her so strong, my young body against her mature one.


I reach under and grab her ass and hold it as I pound my cock into her little red-haired pussy, moaning loudly. Trying to kiss her neck; breathing heavily into her ear. She moves her head side to side, her face continuously contorting and her mouth moaning as I breathe heavily into her ear. Her breasts bouncing with every thrust I make; my strong hand gripping her ass, giving myself more leverage. I know she’s beginning to feel something within her sex; heat growing more and more. For each thrust, she’s crying out loudly. My lips upon her neck; my body sweating.

“Oh fuck! Oh take my cock Bridgett, take it!” I scream loudly, ramming my cock into her pussy hard and fast, unsure of how long I can hold out.


“UGH! Oh my fucking god,” she suddenly cries out as her orgasm explodes within my body. Her body spasms as she screams out loudly, “Oh god!” She continues to scream out over and over again, her hands gripping the sheets, her eyes shut tight, as her body convulses beneath me.


Pounding your pussy faster, trying to make her cum last as long and as explosive as possible. “Fuck yeah, cum for me baby, cum on my hard, young cock,” I whisper into her ear as she continues to writhe.


“Ugh! Oh god!” she screams out again as her orgasm continues last amidst my strong, relentless pounding, her eyes practically rolling back inside of her head.


“Oh fuck,” I growl, feeling her already tight pussy contracting around my cock; feeling that feeling. My balls beginning to tighten up. She pants heavily as her orgasm begins to die down. Her eyes closed and there’s a lost look on her face, as her body starts going limp. Her pussy contracting in only little bits now as her orgasm begins to subside.


Pushing deep into her pussy, slowly, trying to subside that all to familiar feeling of my own. Looking at her, a needy look overtakes her face. “If you want my cum, all you need to do is ask baby,” I whisper into her ear.


With her head resting upon the bed, she lets out a deep breath and growls back at my whisper, “I want your cum so goddamn bad, Aaron. Give it to me! Give me all of it, now!”


Moving out of her, i get up and straddle her chest, my cock glistening with her juice, pointing straight out at her face. She flicks her tongue out, teasing my cock, wanting my cum so badly, her eyes gazing out, alternatively looking into my eyes, and dreamily staring at my cock.


“Beg me,” I whisper, “and I’ll cum for you. All over your pretty face.” I jerk my cock fast, pointing at her mature face.


“Please Aaron, please shoot your cum all over my face. I need it so badly! Oh god, I need you so badly! Please give it to me, please give it all to me! Please!” she cries out, her eyes entranced by my hand jerking at the slick shaft and head of my cock.


“OK baby, I’m gonna cum for you,” I groan as I feel them cum beginning to flow from my balls, up and out of my pulsing cock head. “Here it cums!” I yell loudly. Her eyes widen, filled with suspense, and need. Her mouth opens slightly as I begin to cum.


“Oh fuck baby,” I moan, shooting my cum out, rope after rope hitting her pretty face, and red hair. She flinches quite visibly with the first spurt, the rest raining down upon her face and radiant red hair. It’s so thick, and there’s so much of it; I just keep cumming, with some of it even blinding her left eye. A few shots land partly in her mouth, she quickly swallows that has gotten into her mouth, and quickly opens it back up, in case of more cum entering into her mouth.


“Oh fuck Bridgett,” I say, still panting, “that was the most I’ve ever cum. I’m glad you’re letting me take up your husbands slack!” She licks her lips, loving so much cum weighing down on her face. She’s still panting as she smirks up at me and my remark.


“I just hope my mom doesn’t come over here wondering what is taking so long for the cookies!” I say, smiling at her cum covered face. I think I’ve fallen in love with my neighbor’s wife.


“Hey, well we can’t have that!” she laughs out, my thick cum decorating her face. “Whew,” she breathes out loud, just trying to regain her breath.


I move to her side, lightly kissing her shoulder, “Well, Mrs. London, um, what do we do now?”


She rolls over onto her side facing you, even then her breasts still attracting at least a glance from me. “Oh, Aaron, you made something come over me. You’ve released so much stress from me! Thank you,” she said to me with a soft smile.


“Eh, well you’ve definitely released something from me,” I say staring into her eyes; her face still covered in my cum. I think i’m in love, I say inside my head.


She laughs at my comment, “I think i definitely have, at least it sure feels like it! I love what you’ve given me today.”


“Well, is there anything else you want? Anything else I can do?”


She slowly sits up, “I would love it all over again, Hon, really, i would, but my husband’s going to be home soon, you know. But, and as much as I know what I’m getting into by saying this, I want to see you again. I really do.,” she says in a most sincere voice, while looking into my eyes.


My heart jumps. “I, I would love that,” I say as I wipe away any cum from near your mouth and gently kiss you. “I’ll be with you anytime you want.”


She gently kisses me back with a proclamation, “You are so sweet Aaron,” she says, running a hand down my chest, “I’ll let you know when we can meet again, we have to be careful, after all!”


“I know. But what I can’t understand is how any man in his right mind, would not want to make love to you at least 2 times a day. I just do not understand it,” I say as I gently trail a finger around her chest.


She lets out a sigh, “Oh, I know. My husband…” she trails off, lost in thought for a second, “but you , you are such a godsend to me, Aaron, I need you.”


“I need you too Bridgett. This was the most amazing time I’ve ever had, and that honestly was the largest, thickest amount of cum I’ve ever shot,” I say with certainty.


“Eh, I know that too! Almost took my damn eye out,” she laughs aloud, rubbing a bit at her left eye.


“Well, I wasn’t technically aiming for your eye, particularly, but your whole face in general. I kinda like it in your hair, though. That’s very sexy!”


“I’m glad you think so. You are so amazing Aaron; your cock, your cum, your body,” she says as she gently kisses me again, “you are amazing.”


“Mmm… Well, I should probably get going, my mom’s probably wondering about those cookies too! Do you think I can see you again, Mrs. London?”


“Definitely! I definitely want to see you again Aaron. I’ll let you know when we can meet, but yes, you should leave before my husband gets home, or if your mom stops by. I have to clean up myself anyway, ……. hey. And Aaron.. ”


“Yes, Mrs. London?”


“Call me Bridgett.”

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