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Three Sex Wishes of a Mermaid

I always wondered if I was given three wishes, what would I choose. Maybe a superpower, physical, or mental power.

One day I got the chance. One day I had to stay in a hotel for a field trip in my sophomore year. I unpacked all my clothes for the weekend, and settled in. I went to go take a shower. I

I open the cabinets looking for some soap, and I find a magnum condom box. Someone probably left it in here, a really lucky guy. I opened it up and all that was in it a folded piece of paper. I unfolded it and it was labeled “3 Wishes”.

I stared at the numbered paper with confusion. I turn it around, and it says, “After writing your 3 wishes, cum on each wish.” What the fuck. I threw it the bed and went to take my shower. In the shower I think about my three wishes, even though I’m not planning on doing it.

I get hard thinking about all the women I can fuck with a huge cock. I come out of the shower, dry up, and lay next to the paper on the bed with my rock hard cock pointing towards the ceiling. “Fuck it.”

For my first wish I wrote that I would have a 12 inch cock when erect and 8 inch when not with a 7 inch girth.

For my second, is that I’m extremely intelligent. And for my last wish I wrote to have the power of complete mind control.

I have many plans fucking a lot of women with that wish. I order some porn on the big screen and relax. I jerk my 7 inch cock and finally I cum and I aim toward the paper. The paper is drenched. Then I knock out.

I wake up to find a sexy brunette tan girl sucking a huge cock. It’s my cock.

“Who the fuck are you?” “I’m your slut genie. You followed the directions I wrote on the paper and there you go, a big 12 inch cock that I’m currently jerking off, super intelligence, and total mind control over any human being.”

“You’re fucking with me right?” “No, I’m sucking your cock. Aha just kidding. No seriously go try it out.” She made me cum without any orgasm and disappeared.

At this point I was fucking confused. Why did a 21 year old get this lucky? Do I actually have these powers? Only one way to figure it out.

I got dressed in shorts and a white tee and walked down to the lobby.

I saw a couple of my classmates hanging around the lobby and at the pool. I went to the pool and decided to go for a swim to wake me up. I took off my shirt and all of a sudden I had rock hard six pack, big pecs and shoulders, and ripped arms.

I heard a voice in my head, “That’s complimentary.”

All the girls were staring at my ripped body. I jumped in the pool and started to do some laps. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around. The first thing I see are two wet, big tits right in front of my face. I look up and it’s one of my classmates Taylor.

I don’t really talk to her much though. “Hi.” “Hey what’s up?” “Nothing much. I’m Taylor, I think you went out with my friend Michelle.”

A lot of good wet memories with Michelle. “Yea, I did.” “Well, yea I just wanted to confirm.” Now was my chance to try it out. “Hey, you wanna get away from here and hang in my room?”

“Yea, that’ll be cool.”

Maybe I just got lucky. We walk up to the room and in the elevator I tell her, “Tell me your boobs size.”

“38DD.” She responded quickly. “Show me them.” She lifted her shirt and untied her bikini. They were pearl white with hard nipples.

My cock got hard and it looked like a rod is in my pants. We walk down the hallway, with her tits out. I unlock my door. “Get naked and spread your legs. She did it in 5 seconds.

I was about to lose my virginity. I whipped out my giant black cock and teased her pussy.

“Get very horny and wet.” All of a sudden she started dripping with pussy juices. I licked her up. “Enjoy and moan.” She was loud. I stuck my dick in. I fucked her with my dick all the way in while squeezing her tits.

I didn’t last long maybe 3 minutes, but it was my first time. I came all over her white busty body. “Swallow all the cum.” She picked it up with her fingers and sucked on them very sexually. “Tell your friends that we fucked and I have a huge cock.”

All of a sudden she got up, got dressed and left.” My whole weekend was filled with orgys, cum, and tits.

Back to school, where my grades are shit. But hopefully now my intelligence might help, or it might be too late. I can just order my teachers to raise my grade, but I want to have some fun with my math teacher. She was smart, funny, and married.

But she had big tits that she always showed off, a HUGE ass, and a thin waist. She always wears these tight dresses that show off her curves to everyone guy in class. I get so hard, I ask to go to the bathroom almost every other day to go jerk off. But now I don’t have to jerk off anymore.

I wanna do this more sexually and romantic than I did all the other hundred girls in the hotel room.

I went to Ms.Burwell’s class, while she was starting to pack up. “Hey Ms. Burwell, I need some help on the homework.” “Sorry I’m leaving right now, come in the morning.”

“You are intensely sexually attracted to me.”  Her eyes got wider and she seemed more relaxed. “Well, I guess we can stay a few minutes late.” She sat in front of me.

“Well first you have to….” She leaned forward to show me how to do the problem and her titties were all over my face. “Oh I’m sorry.”

“No problem with that.” I said. She hit her pencil to the ground. “Oh!” She bent over to pick it up, but did it very slow and smooth, making sure to show off her ass. She walks to the door and locks it with her keys.

“I think I should help you in a different way. Let’s play a game. If you get the problem right, you get a point, but if you get it wrong you have to show me your dick.”

“Alright let’s play.” She wrote the most confusing problem I’ve ever seem on the board. “Fuck it.” I walked up to her and pushed her on the ground. I pulled my huge cock out and skull fucked her like crazy. She started to choke on my cock with spit flying everywhere.

I let her breathe and get up. “All you had to do is ask.” She unzipped her dress and and got in her underwear.

Her tits were bigger than I thought, and her ass compared to waist was insane. She pushed me on top of a desk and slipped my dick between her big white soft titties with her bra pushing her tits tighter together on my cock.

Then someone knocked on the door, it was Leanne, a sexy track star at our school. “Forget her, eat my pussy while I eat your cock!” We got in 69 position. 5 minutes later she still doesn’t leave.

My mouth is drenched by Ms. Burwell’s pussy, and my dick was on the verge of cumming, I need a break. “Let’s just let her join. She is pretty hot.”

“Yea, well she does have the nicest ass at school. But I’m not leaving your dick. I”m going to suck it.” I walk over to the door with her mouth attached to my cock. I open the door slightly, “What do you want?”

“Taylor told me about the hotel fun. She can’t handle your cock like I can.” I open the door more to let her in and show Leanne how desperate Mrs. Burwell is for cock.

“Holy shit, she’s crazy for your dick.” “I know, can you handle me now?” She walks in and closes the door behind her.

“Can I share please, Mrs. Burwell?” “Mhmm.” She said with a 12 inch cock in her mouth. She put it all the way down her throat gagged it and spit it out with spit dripping from my cock.

“Your turn.” Leanne got on her knees and observed my cock with wide eyes. Mrs. Burwell, sat behind Leanne with her hand inside Leanne’s shorts.

“Let’s see that pretty ass of yours.” She forced Leanne to the ground on her belly but she kept my head of my dick in her mouth and kept sucking. Mrs. Burwell ripped off Leanne’s tight, spandex running shorts. The only thing underneath were two wireless mini  dildos.

One in her ass and one in her pussy, both vibrating violently. “I wanted to keep them warm for you.” I lifted Leanne on top of Mrs. Burwell’s desk and threw everything off.

“Are you ready for my cock, Leanne?” “Mmm baby, give me your fucking big black cock. I want it deep in my wet pussy, fuck it non stop and cum inside me!” I had to force my cock out of Mrs. Burwell’s mouth.

I put Leanne on her back and spread her tanned legs. I slap my dick a few time on her pussy teasing her because I know how bad she wants my monster dick. Mrs. Burwell tongues Leanne down her throat and plays with her tits.

Her pussy is so hot and wet, but it’s vibrating! I forgot to take out the vibrator. I take my cock out. “Why did you stop!” I stick my whole arm inside Leanne’s pussy and grabbed the vibrator. She squirted everywhere. Cum flew all over my face and body.

My cock was completely drenched. I stick it back in hard. “AHHH so rough baby!?” I’m all the way in and all the way out easily. I fucked her at least for 30 minutes in that position.

I don’t know how I lasted that long or how she did. She came twice more.

Finally I was about to explode. I slip my cock out and start to jerk it hard and fast. My cum flew with very high volume. It was very thick and white, and it seemed like a gallon of cum came out and landed all over Leanne’s face and body.

Mrs. Burwell jumped on top of Leanne and scooped all the cum up with her tongue and swallowed it all. She rubbed their bodies together in the pool of cum.

I stood there jerking off more while they wrestled in my cum. I came more and more on top of them while they licked each others busty, wet, naked bodies.


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