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Literotica: Joy Ride

By: Aiki

It had been several months since we’d gotten together; she had started her first year of grad school while I was busy with my own classes.

We usually tried to get together at least every other weekend, but starting this semester she was going to school far upstate. And on top of that we both were overloaded with work, so we both knew it would be a while until we could get together again.

I was excited to see her, and from the warm hug and steamy hot kiss I received upon greeting her at the bus depot I took it she missed me too.

She was in town for the whole week, but to my dismay any alone time would have to wait, as we had an invitation to dinner at her brother’s house that afternoon. Her bus had a flat on the way, so we were already running late; I put her bag in the car and we were off to my place before leaving for her brother’s house.

There wasn’t any real rush, but she hadn’t seen her brother since the beginning of the semester, and he was leaving for Johannesburg the next day, so she was anxious to see him before he left.

I’d showered and changed before leaving to pick her up, so while she showered I checked the traffic. No big surprise, every major road was backed up; driving into Brooklyn in the middle of the day, you’re bound to run into some traffic.

“Hey, the BQE, the Jackie, the Van, the Belt, they’re all packed.” I said as she came downstairs, running a towel through her moist hair. “How bad?” She asked.

“None of them are looking too good” “Shit, we’re running late as it is” “Look, none of the roads are going to save us any time, what do you say we just cut our losses and take the subway? This way we won’t have to worry about finding parking either”

“Alright, let me just grab my runners and we can go”

It was a cool autumn day, I’d put on some black slacks and a navy blue shirt and she had on some sweats, a tank top and a denim jacket over that.

As soon as she put on her sneakers we were on our way. She was walking pretty quickly when we first got out of the house, she was obviously anxious to be on her way, but she eventually calmed down.

We didn’t say much while waiting at the subway platform, just enjoyed being in each others arms again. I knew she wanted to see her family again, but it felt so good just standing there holding her I wouldn’t have minded if we never got on our way.

It took a good 20 minutes for the train to arrive, plenty of time for a large crowd to gather at the platform.

A few people got off the train, and many more got on. The two of us could barely fit, and with an hour and a half ride ahead we didn’t want to be packed like sardines the rest of the way.

We tried the next car but it was no better. We kept moving ahead until finally we got to the front car, it was a little better, but still crowded enough such that we had to stay pressed close to one another (not that I had any objection).

We ended up moving to the front of the car so she could look out the front window. The train started with a sudden jolt, I held on to her to keep from losing my footing, and she in turn held on to the door handle.

We both stayed pretty quiet, she just stared out the window at the tracks passing by, and I just stared at her, taking in the scent of her freshly washed hair.

It was a pretty noisy ride, the sound of everyone talking, the roar of the train speeding along the tracks, not to mention being bumped from every side.

It wasn’t immediately obvious from the loose clothes she was wearing, but with my arms around her I could tell she’d really toned up since I last saw her. I could feel her well defined obliques through her t-shirt. She squeezed her hands over mine as I kissed her cheek gently.

She took a deep breath as I kissed across her cheek and slowly nibbled at the top of her ear. She reached up and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling my mouth to hers, our lips met in such intense passion that the rest of the world seemed to disappear.

She broke the kiss and whispered “not here, I don’t think a public indecency arrest would make a great start to my week off”.

As much as I hated to admit it, she was right; we’d already gotten a few stares with our kiss. But being tucked away in the corner as we were, my hands were well out of sight to anyone standing behind us.

I held her close with my left hand while my right slowly traced the bottom edge of her tank top. She tried pushing my hand away, but avoided struggling so hard as to draw attention.

My hand eventually slid up under her tank top, my fingers caressing across her perfectly flat stomach, moving up and gently cupping the bottom edge of her left breast. I hadn’t seen the bra she was wearing, but I was sure it looked very sexy.

From what I could feel it was some sort of silk or satin material, and it was stretched taught across her large C cup.

As my fingers continued to make their way up I could feel her nipple through her bra, it was already hard as I pressed it between my thumb and middle fingers. I could see goose bumps dotting the back of her neck as I caressed her nipple through the thin cloth. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, enjoying herself as I kept busy, my palm softly working over her firm, round breast.

With her not giving any opposition, I continued working my right hand across her chest while my left slowly began undoing the drawstring on her sweats.

I snuck two fingers under the waistband, feeling the top edge of her panties; they were made of the same material as her bra. I slide my middle finger further down the front of her panties, moving down between her legs.

She spread her legs ever so slightly; it was all the encouragement I needed to gently press my finger to her mound, circling the top of my finger over it, massaging it through her panties as my other hand continued working her nipple through her bra.

All the while the train kept moving along its route, going from one stop to the next, the rest of the crowd seemingly oblivious to what was happening at the front of the car.

I pressed firmly at her crotch, moving my finger in a tight circle as I felt her panties growing wetter by the moment.

Her breath had grown shallow as she dug her nails into my arm and pressed her ass back towards me. My right hand now cupped at her breast, squeezing it as my left fingered her through her panties, rubbing furiously at her clit.

She lowered her head to hide the fact that she was biting her lip. I took a quick glance around to make sure we hadn’t drawn any attention to ourselves, but everyone was too wrapped up in reading their books or listening to their iPods or just staring at the walls waiting for their stop to notice us.

My finger kept moving, she kept biting her lip, her panties stayed wet, until finally I heard a slight whimper escaped past her lips as I felt a surge of moisture soak into her panties. She let out a sigh before falling limp into my arms.

I held her close with both my arms wrapped snugly around her waist.

We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride, we just stood pressed against one another, and I savored the scent of her that had filled the air (I’m sure some of the other nearby passengers must have noticed it too).

At her brother’s house we were greeted with bright smiles and warm hugs. She went into the kitchen to help with dinner while I took a seat next to her brother who introduced me to the rest of the family.

The evening went smoothly with plenty of conversation and drinks to go around. When it came time for dinner we all headed to the dining room, it was quite a spread with a whole turkey, pot roast, biscuits, grilled vegetables, pasta and several different wines. Her brother sat at one end of the rectangular table, her father at the other, and the rest of us found spots somewhere alongside.

I pulled out a chair for her and took my own seat to her left. We bowed our heads while her grandmother led everyone in a prayer before dinner, and following that everyone jumped right in.

It was hard to believe, but the food tasted even better than it looked. After the few moments it took everyone to fill their plates the air once again filled with the sounds of several conversations going on at once.

This was the first time I was meeting her father, and I was happy to see that he was taking this opportunity to get to know me.

We talked about how she and I had met, how long we’d been seeing each other, about what my educational and career goals were.

I was a tad nervous about meeting the whole family, but by this point I was really enjoying myself. It came as quite a surprise, however, when I felt her slide her hand underneath the table cloth and gently place it on my leg.

I continued talking to her father, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate as I felt her slowly press her fingers into my thigh. Not knowing how to react I kept both my hands on the table and continued my conversation.

I threw her an occasional glance and she simply smiled as if she were just listening in on us, but all the while moved her hand slowly up my leg.

She eventually reached the top of my thigh and slid one finger down onto my crotch, rubbing me through my pants, which by that point were getting very crowded.

I tried focusing on what her father was telling me about their family history, but all I could think about was her hand cupping my crotch and stroking me through my pants. Her grip was firm, her pace slow, and as much as I tried to ignore it I started to breathe heavier.

Her father and I continued to talk back and forth about one thing or another, the whole time her hand working my cock, never letting up.

I’m sure she knew by the look on my face that I couldn’t hold out much longer, which is probably why she started stroking me even faster, pumping her fist across the length of my cock.

I felt myself on the brink, and with one more stroke I felt myself cum about as hard as I could have imagined.

I’m sure the look on my face must have given it away, as she responded with a devilish grin. Fortunately for me my clothes weren’t stained at all (not on the outside any way), so I was free to walk around the rest of the evening without concern. And the rest of the night did, in fact, go very well.

I got to meet the rest of her family, got a tour of the house and played a game of pool with her father and brothers.

And I could see that she really enjoyed seeing her whole family again, she doesn’t get much free time from school so these opportunities are a rare treat.

Things started to wind down a little after midnight; people started heading out, some who were spending the night turned in, and though neither she nor I were tired, we figured it was about time we headed out, especially since her brother had to finish packing for his flight the next day. We said our goodbyes to her family and were on our way.

The night had grown very chilly by the time we left, what was probably a several minute wait on the train platform seemed like hours.

It was a huge relief to step into the warm air of the heated train compartment. The whole cabin was empty, we took a seat by the window and held each other close, warming ourselves with each other’s body heat.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” I asked her. “Yeah, I’m really glad I got to see everyone” she said, pulling herself closer to me; “everyone really liked you, they’ve been asking me for a while when I was going to let them meet you” she said.

“Well they all seemed really nice, I was a little nervous at first, but I enjoyed myself” “I’ll bet you did” she replied, as she reached down and grabbed me through my pants.

I put my hand to her face and stroked my thumb across her cheek, bringing her closer to me as I leaned in and put my lips to hers.

I could tell she’d recently put on lip balm, it tasted like raspberries. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth and snake around my own as I ran my fingers through her hair and rested my other hand on her hip, holding her close.

I moved my mouth from hers and kissed my way to her neck, brushing her hair out of the way as I ran the tip of my tongue across the edge of her earlobe.

She tilted her head as she ran her hands up my arms and around my back, scratching through my shirt. I felt the goose bumps form across her skin as I slowly nibbled at her neck, eventually making my way back to her full, soft lips.

There was a sudden jolt as the train came to a stop. I thought we’d rolled into the next station, but then the conductor came onto the PA system and announced that due to a police investigation the train is going to be delayed on the tracks.

Normally this would serve to remind me of why I absolutely hate taking public transportation, but as she straddled my lap and said “I guess we have some time”, I found myself a lot less upset.

I unzipped the front of her jacket and ran my hands up her tank top, moving up to her breasts and wrapping my fingers around them as they strained against the tight fabric.

She placed her hands over mine as I gave her breasts a light squeeze; she then proceeded to remove her jacket and place her hands to the back of my neck, pulling my face to her chest and slowly grinding her hips into my crotch.

I was already hard by that point, and the friction between her crotch and mine was incredible. I lowered the straps of her tank top down her shoulders, revealing her well filled bra. It was one I hadn’t seen before, lacey, purple with a white trim and very low cut.

I put my arms around her and squeezed her ass while putting my mouth to the top of her chest. I slowly slid the tip of my tongue between her breasts, licking across her cleavage as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I eventually made my way over the top of her left breast, kissing across it as I took hold of the edge of the bra cup and lowered it just enough to expose her erect nipple.

It was dark brown, the perfect size, and irresistible. I closed my lips around it, applying the slightest bit of pressure as I kissed and suckled at it, rubbing my tongue against it.

She began to pant as I worked her nipple with my mouth, until eventually breaking away from her just long enough to reach between the cups of her bra and unclasp it.

I removed her bra and stuffed it into my pant pocket, returning both hands to her chest, cupping her breasts and once again putting my mouth between her breasts, kissing across her chest.

I caressed both her nipples with my thumbs while kissing from one breast to the other.

I closed my mouth around her right nipple, sucking and licking at it, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I put one hand to her back, holding her close to me while I moved my other hand between her legs and stroked her through her sweats.

The moisture had already penetrated through her panties and soaked into her sweats. She began to moan as I continued nibbling at her nipple and rubbing her pussy through her pants.

I don’t know exactly how much time had passed by this point; the train had already started to move only to stop within a few feet several times, so I’d expected us to be there quite a bit longer. By that time, however, I was in no hurry.

She eventually climbed off my lap, knelt in front of me and undid my belt buckle and zipper.

She then unbuttoned my boxers and reached inside them, wrapping her fingers around me. Her fingers were cold, but it felt wonderful as she gently took hold and slowly moved her fist up and down the length of my shaft, all the while staring into my eyes with a most seductive look.

Her eyes stayed locked on mine as she lowered her mouth to the tip of my cock and ran the tip of her tongue across it. She proceeded to lick it like a lollipop, using the full length of her tongue on me.

Eventually she closed her mouth around me and applied the slightest bit of suction as she let her lips glide around the head while she continued to stroke the length of my shaft.

This continued for several more minutes as she worked me over with her wonderfully talented mouth. Soon thereafter she gave me a look so as to signal she wanted more. I nodded my approval, and she slid her mouth off my cock and turned so her ass was right at eye level.

She knew I was an ass-man, and she was also well aware of how much I loved hers. She bent over slightly as she lowered her sweats to her ankles, revealing a purple, lace thong, one that matched her bra in color, feel and sex appeal.

I stood up behind her and put my arm around her waist, holding her to me as my other hand squeezed her ass and slid down between her legs.

I gently stroked her through her thong for a moment, feeling just how wet she was before proceeding to push her thong to the side, exposing her warm, moist pussy.

She spread her legs to allow me easier access as I took hold of my cock and touched the tip between her legs. She let out a moan as I slowly pushed forward and in one slow, controlled motion slid the length of my cock deep into her.

I kept one hand around her waist and the other around her chest, holding onto her right breast, squeezing it as I began moving in and out of her.

I drew out until only the very tip was left in, then pushed back in, moving in until my hips touched her ass. She began pushing her ass back towards me, moving in sync with me; pushing back as I pushed forward. Our pace soon quickened as we gathered momentum.

I thrust hard into her, holding onto her waist and her breast as she supported herself on a handrail.

We were giving it everything we had; I put the whole weight of my body into every thrust, sliding deep into her as she pushed against me with just as much force. Her moans grew louder as she clenched her ass and pressed her legs together.

“Oh god I’m so close” was all she let out before I felt her hot juices flowing onto me. Her entire body tightened as she succumbed to her orgasm and collapsed back towards me, causing me to fall back onto the seat, still inside of her as she fell onto my lap.

She was left panting as I savored the feeling of her hot cum trickling across my lap.

We took a moment to regain our composure and get dressed before settling into each others arms to wait out the train delay.

I don’t remember exactly how long it was before the train got to moving again. And though the ride home took almost an hour longer than it normally would, we both came home smiling.


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