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Reminiscing a College Pool Party

My college was pretty crazy. Even though I was able to pull all a 4.0 in my major, I still had a very, very active life.

The parties were insane: topless, bottomless, nude parties every week, and I got laid almost every other day, mostly because of my 13 inch monster brown cock.

I fucked Asian, Indian, black, white, blonde, big titties, small titties, big ass, tight asses, you name it I fucked that girl.

It was my last week in my senior year, and everyone knows there is gonna be a crazy party. I set it up at my house, it’s gonna be a topless party, and no fucking rules.

The day came and I walked outside. Girls everywhere are topless. All wearing g strings, just waiting to get fucked. I showed up with no underwear and no shirt to show off my body. I opened the doors and everyone rushes in already drunk and high.

I just stand there and let all the girls’ titties rub up on me. Half the girls jump in the pool naked. I can’t wait to go in later. I walk around examining my party, make out with a few girls and just slap some titties and asses. I decide that I want to stay sober enough to fuck a few girls later.

It’s 3 am and the party has died down.

Only about 3 or 4 girls left and they are all in the pool. I decide to go pussy fishing. I jumped in and found two girls without their underwear on.

From her pussy she looked Asian. I swam up to it and dug my tongue inside. She squeezed her thighs on my head and pushed me harder towards her pussy.

I licked and fingered it, but I needed air. I tried to swim up but I hit my head on something soft. I look up and I see two huge tits in my way. I go around and look who it is. It’s Esther, a bomb busty Asian.

I made out with her and rubbed her pussy. “Mind if I ask someone to join?” She smiled and just laughed. I dived back in and found another girl, but she was turned away from me.

I got behind her and fingered her asshole. She squeezed her ass around my finger. Her ass was huge but her waist looked very small. I grabbed her waist and pulled myself up.

It was Gayle, one of my friends from high school. “You wanna join me and Esther for some fun?”

She reaches in my pants and strokes my cock once and she was shocked. “I don’t know if I can handle all that.” “It’s alright you and Esther can share.”

I took her hand and took Esther’s hand and walked out to the pool house.

“Everyone, the parties over!” Everyone else slowly leaves my house. I close the door behind me and sit on the coach with Esther and Gayle on my sides. I move their head towards each other and the tongued each other while rubbing each other’s titties.

I fondle their nipples and they are hard. I grab my cock from the outside of my shorts. “Holy fuck how are we gonna fit that in out pussy?”

I pull my shorts completely off and my huge 13 inch brown monster points to the ceiling. They put there hands on my cock and all four hand still doesn’t cover it up.

Esther dives on my cock barely getting her mouth over the tip of my dick. Gayle licks the side of my cock getting it all soaked. I pushed Esther’s head as far as I can and she gagged it hard with spit all over my cock.

“Titty fuck me.” She got in front of me and got on her knees. She wrapped her giant tits around my big cock but she barely got around it. Gayle put her legs around my neck and stuffed her pussy in my mouth.

I dug in deep and tongued her hard. We went like this for 15 minutes, until I was about to cum. “Im cumming!” yells Gayle. She came and a bunch of pussy juice sprayed all over my face. I was about to cum to. “Get on your knees!”

They get down and stick their tongues out and Esther pushed her tits up. I jerked my huge cock with two hands and i was about to cum, I can feel it about to push out of my head. Then I unload a huge jizz load all over their bodies.

Gayle fell back by all the cum that shot on to her and Esther’s huge tits were literally dripping in cum.

“Ay I don’t wanna fuck but I wanna try something. Esther you’re gonna sleep with my cock in your ass and Gayle your gonna sleep with my whole arm in your pussy. If you guys can last the night with them inside you, I’ll fuck you guys anyway you want.”

“Okay!” they were both very excited. I got hard again and slowly lowed my cock all the way up Esther’s tight Asian ass, she laid down on her side and Gayle was above me while I pushed my whole arm up to my elbow up her wet slippery pussy.

I woke next morning to find Esther still on my dick and fast asleep. I found a note from Gayle saying, “Sorry, I came like ten times last night and had to ice my pussy. ;)” I got on my knees and lifted Esther’s ass up. She was still asleep with her face on the floor.

I stared at her huge Asian titties and got hard. My whole hard, 13 inch cock was inside her. I pulled it out a little and spit on it to lube it up.

Then I quickly shoved it back it her ass, waking her up. I kept going and didn’t stop. I slid back and forth and her ass looked like it was turning inside out.

“AHHHHH!” I fucked her so hard she came and her cum dripped all over the floor. I turned her around and fucked her pussy hard.

Her big boobs were jumping back and forth with each thrust. I went at this for about ten minutes then I pulled my cock out and jerked it in front of her.

She was laying down with her legs on my shoulders biting her lip. and her eyes closed. I let it all go and an even bigger load came and got all over her body.

Then Gayle walked in, fully nude. “I thought you left?” She jumped on top of Esther licking up all the cum.

They wrestled each other in my cum and my cock got harder. I jerked again and again and came 3 more times all over them.

For the next eleven hours we watched porn, had anal sex, masturbation and covered in cum.


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