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Reminiscing High School Sex

In high school I was the hottest shit alive. I was also the sluttiest.

Throughout my high school career, I sucked so many cocks that if you lined them all up they could go around the world. I was always horny and horny everywhere I went. I kept dildos and vibrators in my purse and locker.

Even though I was Asian I didn’t follow the stereotypical way of always obeying my parents, hell I had sex in front of my parents and I didn’t stop, I told them to leave and close the door, while I rode a young small cock in my asshole.

But I only didn’t attract only boys, I converted some of the hottest girls in our school to being lesbian and bi with me.

My body was perfect unlike the other tiny, shy Asian girls. I showed off what I got. I’m 5 foot 5 inches, weighed 128 lbs, had 38DD Asian jugs, and had a 38 inch ass that was seen by every guy and girl at my school. I sold multiple sex tapes, and made thousands of cash. My junior year, I snuck in the boy locker room and locked the door. I walked in naked and got on my knees. “Every guys that wants to cum in my mouth, stuff your cock down my throat!” One by one, 137 football, basketball, and track guys got their dick sucked, and every single one released their hot, salty cum down my throat. I didn’t care if girls talked shit on me, I would just fuck their boyfriends.

If I had to name the best fuck I had ever had, it would with Marcus and is huge dick. I always knew black guys  have huge dicks, but I never knew this was humanly possible.

So one day, it was a typical day, I was laying in bed watching porn on the TV, it was Asa Akira in the Nuru Massage. It was taking forever to cum for some reason, and I got tired.

So I looked through my friends list, and looked for someone I haven’t fucked yet, which is very rare. “I’m in the mood for some juicy black cock. Ooh Marcus is online!”

I open up the IM. “Heyyy Marcus ;)!” “Wsup babbyy?” “Hey do you mind cuming over to my place and help me on my pussy rubbing?”

“Aw ya know i dont! ill be der in bout 5 min.” “kk babes see ya then, and dont forget your cock ;)” “Ahah i wont.” So I just waited in bed rubbing my big pearl white tits. I hear a knock.

“Come in Marcus, I’m up here.” He open the door, and I’m under the cover with my knees bent up. “I need a little help under here.”

He sticks his head and goes toward my tight Asian pussy. I feel a strong, wet push on my clit. I push his face hard towards my wet pussy. He gropes my boobies, and I caress his hair. I sit up and start to take off his belt.

I lick his tongue and wrestle with it. I drop his shorts, and I see the largest, blackest cock ever. It was as long and thick as my arm.

“Mmmmm baby you never said you were in Freaks of Cock! You want this deep in my ass baby? Hmm? I want this black cock down my throat first. I open my mouth as big as possible and get his cock 4 inches in.

I’m gagging hard and my spit is all over my face and cock. I had to get at least half way which is another two inches. I suck it up and gag down even harder and half the monster was in my mouth. I take it out keep my mouth open.

I stroke his cock with two hands and swallowed his balls . I sucked on each one separately.


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