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Having Sex with my Math Teacher

Mrs. Flat was my senior year AP Stats teacher. She was young for a teacher, 28, but in the beginning of the year she looked like an teenager with her curvaceous body. For some odd reason she always had me sat in the front. I wasn’t bad to look at; tall, dark, handsome, and fit.

I didn’t mind at all, because she always wore these loose skirts and I would always be able to get a little peek to her panties. Her ass was extremely large compared to her waist, and so were breasts.

She was just a little chunky. She would sometimes catch me looking at her, but never did anything, because I knew she looked at my hard-ons when I was sitting in front of her.

After graduating, I visited my old teachers, and wanted to see how Mrs. Flat was doing. I walk in and she’s bent over going through her cabinet. Still had that fat, juicy ass. “Hi, Mrs. Flat!” She turns around and fixes her top. Her tits got bigger.

She lost a lot of weight. Her skin was tighter, her legs were smooth and firm. She lost all the fat in her arms and stomach.

She looks like  a model, with unusually large tits and ass for her tiny waist. “Wow, you look great. Looks like you had a active summer.

Except one thing didn’t change about your physique.” “Thank you, James! You’re 18 now right? What the same about me?” “Aha it’s nothing.” I walk towards her and sit on top of the desk infront of her.

Her large white breast were glowing in my face. I just couldn’t resist looking at them. “No tell me, you still have your fit body too.” She smiles and looks into my eyes. She looks eager for something.

“Do you really want to know?” “Yes, tell me.” I wrap my hands around her huge cheeks and squeeze a little. “OHH! Yea, I kept that for you.” She sticks her tongue in my mouth and wraps my tongues like a boa.

My finger slides through her crack outside her skirt and push her skirt in her crack. I find her asshole and push her skirt through it. She gets off of me, walks to the door, locks it, and shuts the blinds. She strips down into her bra, panties, and heels.

“So you always had this obsession with my ass?” “I would get hard everyday.” “I get wet looking at it everyday.”  She sat on my lap facing me, and starting kissing me again. She moved her hips, grinding my black, hard cock in my jeans. I clip off her bra, bite her hard nipples. Her tits were full, juicy, and firm. Her ass swallowed up her panties. I slipped my hands in the front of her panties and rubbed her wet pussy. It was shaved.

I stick my fingers in and I feel the juices running down my hand. I take my hand out and let her clean up my hand. I take my shirt and jeans off. She sticks inside my boxers and grabs my thick, hard cock and jerks it inside my boxers. She whips it out and licks the precum off.

Then goes deep down her throat.

I lay down on the floor with my cock to the sky. She sits her juicy ass on my face and sucks my hard cock. I eat her wet pussy and thick ass. He asshole was played with and her pussy juices dripped down my cheeks.

She turned around and put my warm cock in her hot dripping pussy. As she went up and down, her tits wobbled and smacked each other hard, making her more wet.

She was a loud moaner and said my name repeatedly. The sound of her large ass smacking my body was thunderous and got me harder.

She turned with my cock still inside her so I can see her as wobble up and down. She leaned forward and moved her hips up and down. Her cheeks were spread so I can she her pink, rosy asshole, and the juices on my cock. Her ass swallowed my cock like it was a pill.

I couldn’t wait any longer to get into her tight asshole.

I pull her off my cock and put her on her fours. I slap her ass hard a few times and her pussy juices splash everywhere. I spread her cheeks and stick my face in between.

My tongue digs into her asshole and gets it a little wet. I stick my hard cock into her tight asshole. It hugs my cock tightly, and a little of my cum squeezes out inside.

I plunge her ass back and forth, making her moan loud. She yells for more and more. I fucked her asshole nonstop for 10 minutes till she squirted all over the carpet.

I drink up her pussy juices and finger her harshly. By now my cock was filled to the tip with cum and was ready to explode onto her gorgeous face.

I stand up while she’s on her knees rubbing her wet pussy, and swollen ass and jerk my meat as fast and hard as I can. I let go a thick white stream of cum onto her face and tits. She sucks out the rest of the cum in me and licks herself clean.

“Looks like you just taught the teacher something. Here’s my address and phone number. Come over for ‘dinner’ and dessert tonight. I’m making a creampie.”


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