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2 Weeks of Freedom without the Parents (Part 1)

I have to admit, the second I’m home alone, I drop my pants and wack away till there is cum all over the floor. If I get the chance I’m taking it, even if I jack off 10 times in an hour. Well I was definitely gonna do a lot more this time.

My parents are going for a vacation for 2 whole, complete weeks.

My sister is in a out of state university, and the only family I have nearby is my cousin and his sexy ass wife. She was 5 foot 2 inches, 38DD titties, and her ass was unbelievable.

She was definitely a slut back in high school. I can’t imagine how many guys and girls licked and fucked her beautiful body. For the majority of the time I spent jacking off, is to her fucking my big dick. Even though I’m Indian, I was a good 9 and a half inches and 7 inch girth.

Before when I came, I used to drip a lot of cum, but now every since I started working out, I shoot my cum 10 feet. I was only 16 and my dick was huge.

So I dropped my parents off at the airport, and headed home. I wondered what the first thing I was going to do. I think I’m going to call my girlfriend. We started dating last week.

She was Asian, firm perky tits, good ass, and gave the best blow jobs. Her mouth was like a circling washer, cleaning my dick with her tongue. We still haven’t had sex yet, but I was sure I was going to tonight.

I want to do something kind of romantic and a little sexy. That night I move some of the furniture away from the middle of the living room. I put a bunch of soft cover on the floor.

It was really plushy. I laid out a lot of pillows, and set up the big screen.

called Michelle, “Hey, you wanna stay the night over? My parents are out of town for a couple of weeks.” “Hell yea, I’ll be there at eight baby.”

“Alright, see ya then.” She kissed me through the phone and hung up. I dressed up in my shorts, with no shirt.

I had a cut up six pack and a good overall body. If you look from below me you can see my dick on the side of my shorts, hanging low.

I tried to keep it calm so it doesn’t look like I’m hiding a shotgun in my shorts. The doorbell rings and it’s her. She was dressed so sexy.

She had on a red silk top, with no bra because her blouse was tight near her nipples and loose below them. She had on Victoria Secret booty shorts, long socks, and some night slippers. “You look hot and ready for a sleepover.” “Mmm thanks baby.” We made out at the porch.

Her dick sucking skills also helped here.

With her still in my mouth, she pushes me inside, closing the door behind her. I fall on the couch behind me, and she falls on top of me.

She starts to take off her top. “Not yet baby. I want this to build up.” As much as I wanted to see her perky tits, I wanted to have the best possible climax.

She sees what I set up, and she was so happy. She had a beautiful smile.

I lit some candles, and turned off the lights. I put on the movie, The Notebook, because I know it has a moment where it will set the mood to have sex. We get under the covers, and we lay next to each other.

Throughout the movie she had her leg on top of mine and her hand near my crotch. I lay my hand on her stomach.

The moment is coming and she starts to tear up. She looks at me and I at her. We start to make out again, and this time we’re fucking.

She get on top of me and tongues me down my throat. I put my hand on her ass as she is bent over. I feel her pussy sliding against my dick through both our shorts.

She’s very wet. I smack her ass hard and she moans. “Mmm harder baby.” I smack her even harder, three times. She sit up on me and her fingers gently rub down my body.

She finally reached my cock. She strokes my cock outside my shorts so she can see the outline of it. Then she reached in and pulls my shorts down.

She throws them on the couch. She starts to stroke my cock with two hands, her hands are soft like they are lubed up with lotion. She put one hand on the base of my cock and the other fondling my balls.

Then her magic starts. She first licks my head, and then wraps her tongue around my head, then sucks the head. Then she licks the side of my shaft, then twirls her tongue around it, and finally sucks my cock.

The motions she can make with her tongue, while still sucking hard on my cock, are unbelievable. She moves faster and faster, then slows down and takes all 9 and a half inches deep in her throat.

My body twitches up and my hand instinctively pushed her head further down.

Then, I don’t know how, she stuffs my balls in there and sucks everything. My balls were like and extra tennis ball. I couldn’t handle it. “Go faster baby, I’m almost there.”

“Mm I can’t wait.” My body contracts and I push her off my cock. She’s laying down in front of me, and I’m laying down across from her.

My jerk my cock and a second later, my cum shoots to her body, and puts three thick white lines on her head, hair, and top. She licks it up with her finger. “My turn.”

She gets back on top of me, but in reverse. The sight of her ass, getting closer to my face, starts to get me a little firmer. I see her top fly off to the ceiling.

I pull her shorts down enough so that I can see her asshole. I lick my finger and stick it in. She loves fingering in her ass. I pull her shorts down more, and start to lick her pussy. Her pussy had perfect lips, they were plump and juicy.

It was completely pink inside. her juices run down my cheeks.

When her body twitches she pushed her pussy harder on me. When she came, it was like if someone squirted inside of my mouth with a water gun. I swallowed all of it.

She’s completely out of breath, but I don’t want any breaks. My cock is hard again and ready to fuck. “Shit, I forgot the condom.”

“I’m on the pill baby. I want you raw.” “Lay down on top of me.” She lays her back on my stomach and my cock is ready to drill her pussy. I hold her by her tits and slip my dick in her pussy. She’s so wet I can hear splashing.

I spooned her on my back, so you have to have a big dick, because her ass in very firm. I thrust my hips up and down. It slid too easily in her wet pussy. She stuck two of her fingers inside, and fingered herself. “Aw baby I’m about to squirt again.”

I ignore her and keep fucking even harder. She starts to scream with pleasure and her pussy squirts her love juice and pushes my dick out.

I slap her pussy with my hard cock, splashing the juice everywhere. “Baby you’re cock tired my pussy out so quick. It’s so thick and long, I can’t hold it too long.” “That’s why you have two holes!”

Mm I like the sound of that. Fuck my ass baby.” “Tell me how bad you want it.”

“I want your big black cock in my ass, because if you don’t I might masturbate every second, thinking about you.” “Maybe I want that.” I said jokingly.

I stick my wet dick up her ass. It’s so tight and suffocation. It’s like a boa constrictor is wrapping around my cock. I can barely keep my boner. I didn’t move, but I have my whole cock in there.

I start to fuck her, making her body jump up and down my cock.

She lifts her legs up and together, making

her ass wider and more breathable.

I fuck her holding on to her ass, to make sure she doesn’t fall of my dick. I couldn’t handle it much more and I launched my final cum for the night, straight up her ass. “Ahhhhhh!” she stays on my cock for a little, then hops off.

She puts her legs around her head, and licks the cum from the inside of her ass.

Oh, she’s a gymnast. She gets in front of me and opens her mouth showing the thick load and swallows it.

“Baby, that fuck was just too good. Your cock is amazing.”

“Thanks baby, but you were great. We have to do this again this week.” “I’ll be wet before you call me to come over. Aha, I’m going to take a shower, I’ll be quick baby.”

She said with a horny smile. I lay back and watch her beautiful ass walk in the bathroom. She took longer than I thought, and I fell asleep.


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