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Literotica: Living With Master

Hello, my name is Cum Girl. Earlier this year I embarked on a D/s relationship and two months ago I came to live with my Master.

I am a collared submissive. My Master treats me with love and tenderness, He takes care of me and in return I show Him total obedience and devotion. Master has improved my life in every way imaginable and I am deliriously happy as Cum Girl.

What follows are snapshots of my life with my Master.


F Cup Cookies

Must buy F Cup Cookies! Must buy F Cup Cookies! I have read customer reviews of them on the web and know that they will not work but I so want larger breasts.

Last night Master alternated between fucking my breasts and my mouth. I sucked and dribbled over His cock till He was as soaking wet as my pussy, then He pulled me toward Him by my hair and nestled Himself between my small breasts.

I could feel His hardness pressing into my sternum. He took a breast in each hand and pushed them together to form a cleavage then fucked it with steady even strokes whilst I watched His cock slide back and forth.

It was a fabulous sight, His purple head thrusting towards my drooling mouth and then retreating; teasing me with the possibility that I might have my breasts and mouth fucked at the same time.

As I watched; saliva trickling down my chin, pressing my body into His, my empty sodden pussy orgasming with each thrust; I so wished that His hands could be elsewhere. I wished to have breasts large enough for Him to fuck without the necessity of Him pushing them together.

Then His hands would be free; free to fuck my mouth, free to pull my hair, free to squeeze my neck, free to smack my arse, free to penetrate my anus, free to thrust deep into my shaking, vibrating, orgasming pussy, free to scratch and pinch and stroke whilst His hard cock pummels my wonderful breasts.

Afterwards I ask Master if He thought that my breasts had got smaller and after some consideration He said they were probably larger than when we first met. I asked whether I might have breast implants and was told “No” as He did not wish for me to have large breasts and that He loved them the size they were.

I am happy that Master loves my breasts, but nevertheless “Must buy F Cup Cookies”.


Walking Practice

I have been striding around again.

Master admonished me and we had an evening of walking practice. I tried hard and could do it on a technical level; one foot in front of the other, short steps body and head upright; but I couldn’t relax into it, was unable to relax my hips and wiggle my arse with the movement of my legs.

I practised naked in a variety of heels and eventually Master deems my performance satisfactory.

I have been striding again. I was sent to fetch a length of rope. I stood before Master and He placed my feet at the distance that I am required to step.

He then tied my ankles together. There was about 18″ of rope between my ankles preventing me from moving them any further apart. It felt incredible to have my movement restricted in this way.

I wished the rope could be there permanently and then I would walk perfectly for Master always. I spent the evening very aroused, very aware of the rope around my ankles and walking perfectly.

Master brought home a high waisted pencil skirt. It is about knee length and not normally something He would allow me to wear.

I complained that I had nothing suitable to wear with it, so I ended up spending the evening in the skirt, hold-ups and heels with my breasts exposed.

The skirt restricts my movement perfectly and I walked very well all evening. Master was also pleased with the way it hugged my arse and professed Himself delighted at the sight of it wiggling around the house.

Striding again! Master instructed me to change into my pencil skirt. I returned and adopted The Obedience Position, kissing Master’s feet whilst He lectured me.

As a consequence of my poor behaviour I was to spend the evening on my knees crawling before Him. Master loves to have me crawl and would probably have me move like this always if it was at all practical.

Certainly my arse wiggled perfectly as I crawled and my breasts looked lovely hanging beneath me with their jewellery swinging.

I used to have a phobia about crawling but now I love to crawl for Master and as I struggled around the house on my hands and knees for Him.


Schoolgirl Cum Girl

On Friday Master brought home two dresses which I was instructed to try on. Master decided that the shirt dress made my shoulders look too broad but that the pinafore dress was acceptable and that I would wear it when we went out the following night.

Saturday evening: Master started by fixing a temporary barcode tattoo to the inside of my thigh. The tattoo says ‘Cum Girl’ with a large barcode above. Master enjoys having a symbol of His ownership on Cum Girl’s body when we go out and it makes Cum Girl feel very special to wear it.

The pinafore dress came to mid-thigh and just covered the tattoo but with potential that it would be exposed when I sat.

Master then produced some black and grey striped over knee socks which I was to wear instead of hold-ups. He also instructed me to wear my hair in bunches. I was to be Schoolgirl Cum Girl. I finished off the outfit with my red glitter ‘Dorothy’ heels and then admired myself.

I looked very, very sexy and very, very deviant.

I was going to a comedy club where everyone would be dressed up in their Saturday night gladrags and I would be walking in on Master’s arm attired as a schoolgirl. I was excited, nervous and completely soaked.

The evening was fab and the comedian excellent. I clung onto Master’s arm all night and behaved at my absolute submissive, obedient best.

I knew that I had been dressed this way to advertise who I am; what I am. I don’t know if anyone who saw me understood but it made me very proud and very excited to be Master’s Cum Girl.

On our journey home I settled back in my seat and dreamed about Master putting His naughty schoolgirl over His knee and spanking her until her arse was red raw, whilst she trembled beneath His hand, orgasm after orgasm, wracking her tiny schoolgirl frame. I am a very happy, very lucky Cum Girl.



The hold-ups that Master and Cum Girl ordered online arrived so the evening was spent with me parading them for Him.

I was instructed to remove my skirt and was left dressed in my black heart top. This was perfect as it half covered my arse and pubis and left my pussy and thighs exposed for His inspection.

There were four new pairs for me to try and with each pair I walked up and down in front of Master several times until He indicated for me to come and stand before Him.

Parading over I was sent to change back into Master’s favourite pair and I returned to stand in The Inspection Position before Him.

Parading for Master is always very exciting and by now my pussy was soaking and as I stood with my thighs parted I am certain that He could see the glistening droplets of cum juice on my labia.

Master took my top and tied it at the small of my back, pulling it up to leave me naked from my stomach to the tops of my thighs.

He then returned to sitting in front of me. The thrill of being exposed was too much; my pussy tingled, throbbed, spasmed and then I came, hands clasped behind my head, legs trembling, chest heaving and Master sat and watched His Cum Girl.

As my orgasm subsided Master placed His hand on the flat of my lower stomach, just above my pubis.

I felt the heat of His hand burning into my skin and at His touch I was lost. Orgasms flooded through me and my whole body quivered with the tension of maintaining my position.

His hand moved, stroked its way across my pubis, down and up the tops of my thighs, along the gentle furrow between legs and labia and I shook, vibrated, quivered, panted and came at His touch.

I shook so much that He placed His hands on my stomach and at the small of my back; holding me steady bringing me back under control.

Then, ever so gently, He stroked one finger between my engorged labia and ran it the length of my vagina, before sliding it across my pulsating clitoris. I came, knees bent, chest heaving, face red and arse clenching as waves and waves of pleasure engulfed me.

“You are dribbling Cum Girl. There is a bead of cum hanging from your pussy and it is almost down to your knees.”

I came and came and came at the thought of this whilst Master sat and watched my juices dribble closer and closer to the floor.

Eventually it broke free and fell. Master took His finger and ran it along the length of my vagina, again finishing at my clitoris, and as I came at His touch He moved His finger downwards leaving a new bead of cum hanging midway between my thighs.

Master then sat and watched as my juices began their inexorable descent to the floor whilst I continued to shake, my pussy a bubbling cauldron of cum.

Each time a bead fell Master started a new one with His finger and so the evening passed, Cum Girl dribbling and Master watching her.

Finally I could stand no longer and I pleaded for Master to release me.

Permission was given. I fell to my knees and licked my cum from the floor as Master happily stroked my hair. Next time, He told me, I will dribble onto a spoon and He will feed my cum to me.


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