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2 Weeks of Freedom Without Parents (Part 2)

I had the best dream. My sexy cousin in law, was sucking my dick. She did it exactly how Michelle does it. Then I woke up, to see Michelle top and bottomless, sucking and stroking my cock.

“Hey baby, good morning.  I just wanted to give you a little gift for last night before I leave.” I came on her hand. Then all of sudden the doorbell rang. It was 12 pm, and the mail doesn’t come in today. From where I was laying down, I can see the front of the yard. It was my cousin’s car! Michelle still had her hand on my cock. “Who is it?” “It’s my cousin, fuck.

You have to leave baby, I’m sorry. He doesn’t know I have a girlfriend, my family can’t know.” “I don’t want to baby.” She put on her thong and cum drenched top.

She hid in the guest bedroom. I put on some boxers and walked to the door. I cracked the door open a little so that my whole body was visible. It wasn’t my cousin. It was his wife.

If I knew it was her I would have put on a shirt and some shorts.

My cock was still a little hard, so the outline of my cock was completely visible  through the tight sport boxers.

It was pushed to the side because if it wasn’t it would hang out below. Her eyes widen, and she looks me down. Then she talk as if she doesn’t mind.

“Hey, I  left my key with your cousin, and he went for a business trip. So I’m going to have to stay here for the weekend.”

“Uhm, sure I guess.” I was freaking out.

I have a half naked girlfriend in the guest room, underwear and cum all over the living room, and a giant boner. She walked in and the first thing she saw was the bed on the floor, the thong and my shorts on the couch, and then she stepped in the cum on the floor. “What the fuck happened here?”

“Uhm, I had a friend over. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“How long have you known her?” “A week.” I said guiltily.

“One week and you already fucked her!? Damn.” “Yea so don’t tell anyone please.”

“Uhm okay. But you’re my slave for the weekend.” I got a perverted thought and I got hard.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to my cock. “Puts some damn pants on.” She walks toward the guest bedroom.

“Wait before you go in there…” She ignored me and opened the door. She opened it to see Michelle holding a picture of me with her hand in her thong. She got startled and dropped the picture and covered herself up.

“Damn, what did you do with this girl?”

“Let’s just say she had a lot of fun last night.”

“Get off my bed, please.” Michelle gathers her stuff, and walks towards me. “She’s staying the week by the way.”

“No problem, just don’t fuck too loud.” She throws her suitcase on the bed and closes the door.

It was eight at night and I made some dinner for everyone. I sat next to Michelle and my cousin in law, Louisa,  sat across from us.

Michelle ate with one hand and rubbed my dick with the other. She wants more.

After dinner, Louisa announces she’s going to bed. Me and Michelle go into my bedroom and shut the door. She climbs on top of me and starts doing her thing.

She kept screaming and moaning, and Louisa couldn’t take it anymore. She slammed open our door. I was kneeling on the bed fucking Michelle doggy style. She stared at my cock.

“No wonder she’s screaming so damn loud. Your cock is huge.”

“Mm I know.” Says Michelle. Louisa was in black lace bra and black lace thong.

“Why are you wearing that to sleep?” “I had this under my work clothes. How is your cock so huge? I mean you’re only 16. What the fuck.”

Her hand was touching the outside of her thong. Michelle says, “I need some help with all this cock. Will you?”

“Yea why the fuck not?” “But you’re married.” I say.

“Who the fuck cares?” I surely didn’t. Louisa took off her giant bra.

Her tits were perfectly brown and tan, they were round and jiggly, and her nipples were wide and had a hard point. My dick was still in Michelle’s pussy.

“Your dick just got bigger in my ass.” Louisa laughed. She turned around and bent over and took off her thong. She got on the bed and took my cock out of Michelle’s pussy.

She starts to suck my cock gently, but soon she suck vigorously with spit all over my cock. Michelle laying down rubbing and fingering her pussy.

“Have you every been titty fucked by big tits?” She lifts her tits and wrapped them around my cock. They were so warm and soft. They jiggled up and down.

My dick looked so small. Michelle squirted all over us. Then I came all over Louisa’s face and tits. She took Michelle’s face and pushed it toward her tits. She licked the cum up and they made out, swapping the cum back and forth. This got me hard right away.

Louisa sat on my cock and her ass stuck out a lot. It was at least 45 inches around. She wobbled her ass up and down my hard wet dick and Michelle sat on my face.

I licked her pussy till it was dry, then she came more. Louisa’s ass was so big and firm compared to her tiny waist. She screamed and moaned with Michelle. When she came, her cum was creamy, it oozed on my cock and I wiped it off and swallowed it.

It was sweeter than Michelle’s. “Michelle ride him.” She went to a room, I don’t know where. She came back a minute later with a strap-on.

“I knew your sister had one.” Michelle kept grinding my cock, while Louisa put on the strap-on. Once she got it one, she got behind Michelle, and stuck it in her pussy too.

There were now two huge cocks tearing  her pussy up. Her pussy was so tight and wet now. “Oh my god, AHHHH! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

She gets off and puts her pussy in front of my face.

She’s slapping and rubbing it till a fountain of her cum squirted all over her face. Without warning Louisa stuck the strap-on inside Michelle’s ass. “You’re 16 you can handle this.” “He fucked me there yesterday.”

“You are the best fucker alive aren’t you?” I shrugged. I joined in. I slipped my dick in her pussy. It was more stretched out than before. We fucked her till she was out of cum. It was 2 am now. We fucked for more that 2 hours.

“I can’t handle this anymore. My pussy is too tired.” “Me too, my dick is so sore.” “Well my turn.” Says Louisa. She sucked my dick and made it really sloppy.

Spit everywhere. Michelle was sitting on a chair rubbing her pussy. Then Louisa got on my dick. Her pussy was flaming hot and really wet. It’s like she hasn’t been fucked yet.

I didn’t move because I was so tired. She grinded and rode my cock till she had a gallon of cum in her pussy.

She took her pussy off my cock, which was pretty much soft now. She fingered the cum out and drank it up like water. “Hmm. How do I get the cock hard?” She turned around and leaned over sticking her ass out. She spread her cheek, gaping her asshole.

It was so pink and clean and plump. She started to finger it. My cock woke up.

With her hands still spreading her cheeks, she sat on my cock and out it in her ass. It was a lot tighter than Michelle’s, even though it was fucked way more.

By this time, it took me a while for me to cum, so Louisa fondled her tits to get me to come faster.

She bit them, pinched them, and spread her cum on them.

Soon my cock started to twitch and I came for the last time. I shot it up her ass. She got off of me and bent over in front of Michelle. Michelle ate out her ass and they swapped the cum again.

I fell asleep with 38DD tits rubbing on one side, perky nipples on the other, and two hand on my big cock. This was going to be the bets 2 weeks of my life.


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