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Literotica: Weekend at the Lake

It had been many weeks, in fact almost months, since we had gone to the cabin. I have been itching to get away. With work schedules and social obligations we had been neglecting each other. Well at least I had felt neglected. You hadn’t touched me in that special way for quite sometime.

Regular sex was fine, but you just seemed to busy for anything else. Then you came home on Wednesday and announced that we will be going away for the weekend.

I couldn’t wait to pack. You handed me a list of things we would need and to have them ready by Thursday night so that we could head out first thing Friday morning.

Nothing too unusual about the list. Food items, beer, fishing poles, but what caught my eye and peaked my interest was that our tote box was on the list. I knew by this that it would be a very good weekend at the lake. I also knew that I would not need to pack too much in the way of clothing, for me at least.

By 7 on Thursday all was packed and ready to go just waiting by the garage door to be put into the truck. The rest of the night I was on pins and needles waiting for Friday morning. We both went to bed early with a promise of something special.

It was then that you told me that we would not be the only ones at the lake.

You had invited Gregg and a few others. But they would remain a secret until you saw fit to let me know. While telling me who was to be there you were lightly playing with my nipples. Pinching and flicking them with you fingers. At the mention of Gregg’s name I was soaked. Gregg is a God to me. At just over 6′, he towered over my 5’3″ frame. Dirty blonde haircut cropped close to his head.

He just carried an air of confidence. Not a cocky bone in his body he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it from you. You know how I get when you mention him so you decided that it was best I be restrained for the remainder of the night.

I was on orders from our last play that I not come until told to do so and you knew that when my mind starts to work I couldn’t be trusted. You took my wrists and bound them together then secured them to the headboard. I would still be able to roll over but not touch myself.

Knowing I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before you awoke and loaded the truck and then came to get me. Releasing me from my bonds you allowed me to get ready. When I returned for the bathroom you had my “clothes” set out for me.

I use the term clothes loosely. On the bed were my ben wa balls, a butt plug, bikini bottoms, bikini top and a pair of my shortest shorts. Oh how you know I hate the balls. Especially when we are going for long rides. But I comply; I really have no choice. If I don’t the weekend could get quite cruel for me.

The ride to the lake was horrible. We had to stop at the market for the rest of the food. The stares from the men as I walked through the meat section. My dark nipples hard and straining through the thin material. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Once at the lake you unloaded the truck while I set about cleaning up the place from the dust of an unused space.

Made the beds in the 4 bedrooms and put away the food. You grabbed a beer and told me to meet you in the garage when I was finished. I finished up about 30 minutes later and made my way to the garage.

When I walked in I found you at the very back. By the stairs leading to the loft. You order me to strip down to just the thing and get up the stairs.

As I near the top I see you have everything already planned out for the rest of the afternoon. A heavy chain hangs from the exposed beams of the roof. A wooden saw horse stand underneath. The padded bench weight bench in the corner.

The wall to my left was nothing but an assortment of whips, floggers, straps, cuffs and various restraints. An old upright chest of drawers was to my right. I can only imagine what was in there but I know I would find out.

It was then that you told me this would be one of our new play spaces, we could still play in the cabin, but this way we would not have to haul all of our toys up every time we came. And since you let your parents and vanilla friends have use of the cabin from time to time we could just keep the garage locked and no one would know what was up here.

And with that I was ordered to my knees. You walked to the chest and took out a blindfold and ball gag.

Once the gag was in place my world went dark. I know you walked to the items hanging on the wall just from the sounds of your feet. You returned and attached the leather cuffs to both ankles and feet and a thick collar to my neck, then returned to the front of me. The collar kept my head nice and high.

You removed your pants and order me to suck your cock. Telling me that I would not cum until Sunday and that was only if I was a good little whore. You tell me that you will take that little brat out of me if it takes forever.

He knew my little games that I play when I feel neglected. And he was not going to have anymore of it.

When I attempted to use my hands to make you come you slap my face and reach my arms and attach my cuffs together behind my back telling me only good whores use there mouths. I suck you for what seems like forever I feel you swell and explode in my mouth. I try hard to swallow it all but some runs out and down onto my tits.

You laugh and tell me that it will stay there. You have me get up and follow you to the weight bench. Unclipping my hands long enough to have me remove my thong and ben wa balls. You take out a set of nipple clamps from your shirt pocket and attach them to my swollen nipples. And guide me to lie down on the bench.

You bring my arms above my head and secure them to the legs of it. You then bring my legs up and attach my ankle cuffs to where you would normally place the weight bar.

My ass and pussy exposed to whomever was there to see. You reach between my spread legs and take hold of the chain between my nipples and attach a clip to the center of it. Only then did I realize what you were planning to do.

The other end of the clip was attached to fishing line on a reel bolted to the wall behind my head. I could hear you turning the reel taking up the slack. Causing my nipples to follow the direction of the line.

You leave just enough slack that any movement causes my nipples to pull harshly. You reach for the vibrator and turn it on I hear the buzzing before you insert it into me. Working it in slowly prolonging the torture.

Bringing me to near climax before turning it off and letting it rest against my opening. Just then I hear a car in the drive then the horn.

And know that one of your guests has arrived. Which one I won’t know for a little while. Leaving me there to find your guest. Who will it be I could only lie there and hope……


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