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Literotica: Down by the riverside

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We head off into the bush. Having finished a nice coffee at a country cafe we have driven into the foothills and are parked off the road near my secret spot. You have often heard me speak of my ‘secret spot’ and mocked me and questions of its’ actual existence are often raised. The way my eyes gloss over when ever I bring it up and the dreamy expressions I use. I think that my wistful looks point to it’s mythical qualities – you say ‘I look stoned’.


The fact that I have never taken anyone there and consequently have no witnesses to it at all, leads you to believe I have imagined some paradise into substance, perhaps only within my mind.


I have never taken anyone there because I haven’t wanted to share it and risk them leaking the wonders of this place to others and having to share with throngs who would, without doubt, visit it regularly and do so to it’s ultimate detriment.


I have grown to trust you so much so that today is the day you will attend natures pleasure mecca with me. We have had such honest, wicked fun and seem so compatible that I feel I could trust you with anything…. Needless to say, you have been sworn to secrecy in a fun mock ceremony I made up, involving among other things, handcuffs, body oil and some begging behavior on your part. It was silly but fun and we both, as always enjoyed each others minds and bodies to a large degree that night!


I have a light back pack on, jeans and a thick sweatshirt. Though the day is overcast and cool, it is very still. A nice winter’s day. You have been asked to wear a dress and have complied, knowing how I like this one in particular. You are surprised at our parking place however and aren’t really aware that this is the time that my ‘secret spot’ will be revealed. The ceremony the few nights previous gave no time or indication as to where the spot might be. I had only said “we should head out for a coffee, or something?” and you had agreed, happy to take some time away from the paper work you had brought home.


The dress request made you raise an eyebrow and smile at me though. I just brushed it off with a smile of my own and vague comment on “how you know I love your legs, and it’s only fair the rest of the male public get a peek once in a while to brighten their winter,” or some such vague complement. I am sure you weren’t convinced but nodded and played along nicely.


When we pulled up on an obscure corner in the foothills that bared no noticeable difference to any of the last 40 corners on our slow, enjoyable drive in the country I could tell you were a little surprised though and I was glad. We were just chatting, about life, colleagues, friends etc and having a laugh at life’s simple pleasures. It was really comfortable as always when I just pulled over and stopped.


Before you had to much time to think about it I said “please follow me” and got out of the car, around to your door to open it.


Your look of “what the fuck?” is priceless and I can feel real stirrings in my groin, motivated by you and my anticipation for the time ahead.


While talking, I had been concentrating on things fairly hard and knew exactly where we were. The nondescript piece of bush was the entrance to my ‘secret spot’ and I had big plans for it (and you).


Fortunately you had chosen to wear flat but nice shoes. We wandered to the edge of the bush and skirted around the first few large trees and were faced with a fairly dense section of scrub and shrubbery. I led you to the foliage and by holding thin branches down we were able to make slow progress into its embrace. After a few minutes of gentle bush bashing and smartass comments like “what kind of bloody abduction is this?” from your cheeky self, we reach a small clearing.


I break into it and turn to face you as you follow me through. I take you in from top to bottom as you walk toward me. I hold out my hands which you take and I pull you in. We have a very tender and gentle kiss which gradually grows in passion as it goes on. I break lightly from your lips and tell you that “before we go any further I will have to remove your underwear. The secret spot is an underwear free zone”


As I return to kiss you, I begin the task of bunching and sliding your dress gradually up and over your hips. The process is a very slow and enjoyable one for us both.


I am delighted to note you have worn a very sleek, white pair of my favorites and I tell you so.


You giggle and reply “if I had known we were going to the ‘secret spot’ and its harsh rules, I wouldn’t have worn any.” We both laugh but know it is true.


The day is still but coldish and I don’t want you getting too uncomfortable so I slickly slide your panties down your thighs, over your knees and to your ankles, your dress ruled by gravity, sadly falls and re covers your much commented on, assets. You step out of your panties and I make a small show of neatly folding them and admiring them before placing them in my back pack.


“Ok, come on,” I offer, trying to break away from another sensational kiss. I could stand there and kiss you all day but it isn’t helping complete the mission – Secret Spot.


“Wait a sec” you say “I need to check something” As you close in to kiss me again I feel your cold hand snake its way into the gap at the back of my pants. I push in toward you as your hand rummages around my bare bum crack and ass cheeks. The warmth of your lips is an interesting contrast to the cool of your hand and very exciting. You eventually lean back with a huge grin and say “just checking, we can’t have you breaking your own, ‘no underwear’ rules now can we?”


I laugh at you and am happy that I wore no briefs to avoid getting a ‘hypocritical’ label from you. Though the feeling of just denim can be a bit rough, I knew it wouldn’t be for much longer and so many factors were making me hard now.


I take your hand again and lead you across the thirty meters or so to the other side of the clearing. The other side looks like any other piece of wild New Zealand with a variety of native plants struggling for supremacy with introduced specimens and all, battling for the best light, soil, and water conditions. It looks no different to any where else we have been since entering the greenery so you are a little surprised when I say…”are you ready for paradise?”


You resist mocking me for stupidity and are resigned to a pleasurable romp in a clearing (which wouldn’t be too bad after all) and quizzically reply. “I suppose so.”


We are no more than 200 meters from the road but you would not know there was another human in existence from where we were. The birds and density of the bush blocks any sound from rare passing cars and no other forms of modern life are evident.


Your expression of semi disappointment makes me chuckle as I walk past you to the stand of huge fern bushes at the clearing edge. I raise a large fern frond and beckon for you to please lead the way. Your expression changes as you can see that by ducking there is a discrete and dark, walk able tunnel through the bush. I admire your body as I follow you into the last part of bush. After only a few meters you can hear a slight hissing which grows into the bubbling of water over rocks as we continue. Ahead the light is better and though it isn’t just easy street walking to get there your pace increases in obvious eagerness to see what lies ahead.


As the bush eases it’s hold on us, we exit into another clearing and I walk up beside you to catch your expression. Your face is pure gold in astonishment and wonder and I am so happy that you like the place. Now you understand my glossy eyes etc whenever I speak of it.


The scene in front of you is just natures’ untouched visual glory. A perfect melt of bush meets pool and trickling stream. Across from us is a thick seemingly impenetrable stand of native bush and trees. Between this wall and the water is a little green belt of pure foot long un trampled grass which in turn simply changes into a small stretch of flat river sand. The creek water laps at the edge there before deepening into a black, still looking pool which stretches over to the rocks on our side. At the high end of the stream the water enters the pool over a small water fall of mossy rocks and at the lower end, then trickles away over glassy looking rocks and around the corner into the bush. To cap off the beauty of the place there is a large fallen log which extends right over the heart of the pool from one rocky side to the sandy and grassed side on the other.


I have been so looking forward to bringing you here and the look on your face is payment enough for sharing its hidden mysteries with you (though I would never tell you that).


“It’s, it’s beautiful” you finally stammer and add “everything you said and more.” Looking at you “I’m glad you like it” I say flatly and obviously but with a huge grin on my face…..”but you know what” I add bringing you into a light embrace and looking into your eyes more closely….. “There’s more!”


You feel my arousal through my denim and the cotton of your dress and smile, raising an eyebrow realizing that the real fun will start very soon. We kiss again and I feel I am starting to drink in your body and lips physically while we kiss and your firm, yearning body is very, very inviting.


After a few moments of enjoying our physical closeness and the wondrous kissing in this special place I lean away smiling and say “Take me to the beach baby” and point at the other side of the river.


You laugh and take my hand leading me toward the up turned roots of the log which lays across the river. You delicately climb the slippery, gnarled steps of tree root, upward. I watch your sexy ass as the muscles carefully, delicately work you to the top.


I can’t help myself and run my hand up your leg from the ankle. The mysteries contained under your skirts never lose their appeal and the raw energy I feel. Just as the cave men did thousands of years ago, you make me want to unceremoniously tear the fabric from your body and fuck you against the log right there. I somehow resist and for the meantime and satisfy my self with a drunken smile and a long stroke smoothly up the inside of your leg before you glide out of reach.


I quickly follow you, scrambling up the log and again watch your sexy, well balanced ass as you guide yourself to the middle of the log, over the deepest part of the water hole.


I summon the most commanding tone I can manage, knowing part of the success of the rest of the day depends on it. “Stop!” is all I say.


Your steady travel across the log titters to a halt at a the skinniest and slippery part of the fallen tree trunk. “Wait there and don’t move” I continue, hoping you can manage it.


I make my way toward you as you teeter there in a slightly ungainly but still somehow sexy and vulnerable looking way. Your arms are spread out and I approach you slowly from behind. There is a more level platform right behind you which I know will provide a steadier footing for me. When right behind you I lightly kiss your nape and whisper so as to be barely audible….”thank you for stopping.”


“What are you doing?” you say nervously as the cold looking waters below offer little chance to take comfort from my attentions. I love it though as I crouch and begin to lift your hems up. Moving as slowly as I can to help maintain your balance and make the exposing of your body last as long as I possibly can, I raise your dress up. The view of your calves give way to the backs of your knees, then thighs and the crease of your ass appears in front of me. You can feel the tide of your moving fabric revealing yourself to me and the forest. You wouldn’t change a thing about anything in this moment and nor would I.


I am very content as I crouch behind your bum and lift the dress further. The gap between your legs is now showing and the bulge in my jeans strains very hard for me, representing the fondness I have for what is in the other side of your shapely buns…. Your pussy.


I hold the dress with only my left hand as my right cups and runs over your beautiful butt. I move closer and again kiss your neck while my fingers gently explore under your crack…. for the sensitive regions. You lightly moan your approval at the attention and wobble a little as your focus switches between your balance and seeking pleasure.


As my exploring continues on your tentatively willing body, I mention that “I would like you to turn and face me….”


You tremble, “I don’t think I can” is your response as you consider the difficult log and the mossy slippery state of it, combined with your growing arousal.


“Please, try” I reply with and “I want to see your face as I play with you.”


Very nervously, and with your arms wide out for steadying you start to move. The actions are very tricky and you consider the consequences making you excited anxiety high. I continue to hold your dress but my hands follow your rotating form, offering little support. But the areas I am touching please us both. Your butt cheek gives way to your pelvic wing and then….


My hand feels the territory change. My palm loses touch with the point of your pelvis and my fingers, instinctively (I’m sure of it) angle inward and down…. The magnetic pull of your sexual allure draws my fingers toward your center. Ever so lightly and as your eyes turn and lock with mine….. my longest finger meets and brushes your lips.


Your intake of breathe and slight wobble make your feelings at the contact, fairly obvious. The corners of my mouth turn up at this and you meet my smile with your own. You complete your turn and we are square – facing each other.


I know you want to part your legs for access and improving the sensations down below but the sheer exercise of staying on the log prevents much other movement. From my more stable position I begin to run my thumb and forefinger along the length of your peach crease. You moan a little, the tips of my fingers feel fiction less against your wet arousal, there already. Only slight variations in the terrain of your puss let me know I am in contact with you at all. Up and down slowly, my fingers pinch and slide along your lips. Frustrated at the lack of movement you have, you bring your hands to my shoulders and neck for balance and ease your thighs slightly apart. The movement is subtle and slight but almost immediately my fingers slide to a new and pleasing depth for us both. “Hmmmm, that’s a bit better” I comment quietly. You just smile and rock in the tiniest motion, in rhythm with my fingers.


I lean in and kiss you but I can tell we only have moments before we/ or one of us loses our balance through a lack of concentration or distraction. I let both hands stray from the present tasks and your dress tumbles down your legs as my wet fingers ease away from your puss, my other hand releases its grip on the revealing state of your dress. Your disappointment is quickly eased as I pull your body against mine and kiss you with a combination of gratitude, for being with me and in my secret spot and the intensity of feelings. I am passing on my horniness through my lips and my bulging denim crotch.


Feeling more comfortable in balance and despite losing the sensations of having, knowing fingers against your slit and lips, you close your eyes drink in the kiss. I feel your contentment but also know this is the moment to seize.


While your guard is at its most trusting, I recognize the moment to move things along in the manner I hoped to use in my initial plan. I delicately hold your two hands in my right and stare at your tranquil and happy face as we part from our kiss.


Before I convince myself that this is a bad idea I act upon my plan. You feel my left hand on your hip. The slight pressure is fine initially but the weight against you gains as I initiate a push. As I gaze at you your eyes open in alarm. I know I have done enough though and you bend at the waist, trying to regain the neutral standing position. In a split second, you know that there will be no recovery and you will be toppling off the log into the water.


The look of horror as, thoughts whirl into your head contemplating the impending cold winter shot is not very nice. For me losing your trust and our bond is a not a nice risk and the feelings portrayed in your look are worrying . I know things will be ok (am very confident anyway) but having betrayed your trust and our very comfortable situation only moments ago doesn’t content me.


Though the whole fall takes less than two seconds, the whirling of your arms and the look of “why” and “what the fuck are you doing?” in your eyes makes the scenario seem to last a day. For a moment I feel sick…..


Then you hit the water, clothed. In a smooth graceful, straight entrance – your stunned eyes locked on mine. The water, I know from experience, is about two meters deep and swallows you whole. Your dress balloons instantly out, like a huge iris shown the light and I immediately think of your smooth legs, torso and puss surging downward. (I am a male after all and your parts often distract me from situations we are in… no matter how extreme)


You stay under and I know the rest of the afternoon depends on your expression when your face emerges from the water…. What seems like an age passes before the crown of your head emerges so slowly. My thoughts change from your glorious body under the water privileging any trout or eels etc with glimpses of it’s appeal to thoughts, strangely of “The lady of the lake” in King Arthur and that famous story. Your face tilts toward me and you open your eyes.


If I thought you were amazed when you laid eyes upon the ‘secret spot’ then your expression reaches whole knew levels of incredulation and delight. You are glowing.


The most amazing thing about this place is the temperature of the water. Only a matter of meters around the corner, just above the water fall and hidden behind the thick band of trees is a geothermal outlet. The water is extremely hot and steam and mud are at temperatures just too hot to bare for anyone…. As the water travels into the pool over the rocks, the air and ground contact cool it to what I consider a perfect soaking temp….. not quite as hot as a new bath but very, very nice none the less. What I think is best about the place is that only 150 meters down stream the water disappears underground and becomes a spring somewhere along way away. All this takes place under the cover of the bush so unless you are aware of the pool itself, there are no other places to enjoy the delights.


I was surprised that you didn’t notice the warmth rising from the water as we hovered above it, but in fairness…you were distracted. I stare at you and take in the intriguing impression of your attractive face frame by the circling and billowing, drenched dress.


“You bastard!” is your first utterance through a clenched smile which soon becomes a fully blown grin and laugh……


“You…this is incredible!”


“I’m glad you like it” I comment downward.


Obviously, knowing your love of water and easily able to recall many fun times we have had, in the bath, beside the lapping waters of remote beaches, in the surf, even in private pools.


“Get in here with me you conniving bastard” you laugh and I make my way along the log and down to the beach while you gracefully swim, to the sand to greet me. I drop the bag and take my shirt off. “Not so fast” you utter as I start to remove my jeans.


I am startled as you grab my hand and with the aid of your own element of surprise, pull me off balance and into the water. We both come up laughing and with relief, mixed with happiness on my part, I embrace your wet through but cheerful form in my arms and we kiss. The hot waist deep water laps at our bodies and the only noise is that of birds mixed with the tinkle of water on rocks.

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