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Sex Confessions: Watched by Friends

I’m 21, and I turned 21 this past June. And my friends planned to take me out so I could get wasted for the first time. I didn’t want to drink. I have watched so many people in my family become alcoholics, and while I understand that you can drink in moderation and not succumb to alcoholism, I swore when I was a kid I’d never drink, and I planned to keep that promise.
So I told my friends I wanted something else for my birthday. I wanted to have sex with more than one guy at a time. They got really excited and started calling up guys they had hooked up with, and talked to a few of our male friends.

I was nervous because my options were guys I knew who if it got awkward afterwards I’d still have to see, or guys I didn’t know. But I decided maybe guys I didn’t know very well might be the way to go, that way if I hated the experience it’d be easy to avoid them. I know, sounds bad right? But it was what I felt was best, and still do.

So my friends (let’s call them Jane and Suzie) called up some guys they had hooked up with and still were in touch with, a guy named (fake names here) Brad and Tony. I met them and they were both pretty attractive, and I was pretty nervous. We chatted with Suzie and Jane for about an hour, laughing and talking, and I got comfortable being around Brad and Tony.

Finally Jane told me it was time to stop being so shy and get on with why Brad and Tony were here. Jane and Suzie sat back and watched as I kissed Brad and then Tony, making out with both of them and taking things slow.

I thought I’d feel weird being watched by Suzie and Jane, but it was kind of hot and I felt better with them there since I didn’t know Brad and Tony too well.
They began undressing me, and when the got me down to just my panties one would play with my breasts, licking and sucking on a nipple while the other guy would kiss me. Tony was a much better kisser than Brad, but Brad made up for it by using his hands a lot better (if you catch my drift).

Brad pulled my panties off while Tony undressed, and Brad began eating me out while Tony put his cock in my mouth. He was gentle as he slid it in and out of my mouth, and pushed it past my tonsils a few times, and when I gagged he took it easier, which I appreciated.

Brad knew what he was doing, and I came from the oral, and then he and Tony swapped places, with Brad going for my mouth while Tony fingered me and ate me out.

I was about to cum a second time when they pulled me to my feet, kissing me and massaging my breasts and pussy while they got into the positions they wanted.

Tony bent me over and slid it into me while I sucked Brad, spit roasting me, which I had never experienced before. I enjoyed it, and Jane and Suzie seemed to really enjoy it. Tony was able to go in pretty deep, his cock pretty long, but Brad was thicker, though shorter in length.
They turned me around and Tony put it in my mouth and Brad took me from behind, before they moved me back to the couch, laying me on my back while they took turns fucking me, the other on the couch and letting me give them a blowjob. Brad made me cum while he fucked me, and at that point I noticed Suzie had her hands down her panties, Jane not doing anything but watching and smiling.

Tony put me in doggy while Brad lay on the couch in front of me, and I sucked him while Tony took me in doggy.

Brad came in my mouth, and I swallowed what I could, and when he finished cumming I flipped on my back so Tony could fuck me missionary until he eventually made me cum a final time, another minute or so of thrusting after that before he pulled it out and finished on my stomach.

I was tired, I was sweaty. But I felt great afterward. I went and showered and when I returned we all sat and talked for a bit before Tony and Brad left.

Suzie and Jane were all smiles, asking me how that all felt, and if I had a good time. I thanked them for setting me up with those guys, and it was a better birthday gift than getting hammered. Because a memorable experience is better than a hazy one.

A fun experience, one of many stories I’d like to eventually share here.

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