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Literotica: Sometimes Opportunity Rings Twice

Who the hell could that be?’ I wondered as my doorbell suddenly rang.

Setting the bottle of Corona I had just opened down on the kitchen counter I turned around and made my way to the front door. I wasn’t expecting any company but my best friend Gillian had a habit of dropping by unannounced. Even at nine o’clock on a Friday night it wouldn’t be a total surprise if she had put her kids to bed and now wanted to go out clubbing. Especially given the fact that she knew my husband and kids were spending the long weekend up at the cabin leaving me home all alone.

Still I really should have stopped to grab a robe or at least cover up with a towel just in case it wasn’t Gillian. Instead I threw caution to the wind and recklessly pulled the door wide open revealing myself to the total stranger standing on the doorstep.

Obviously stunned the handsome young man looked me up and down and haltingly said, “Um, howdy ma’am. Is this 213 Sunrise Place?”

I wasn’t exactly standing there in the nude but honestly for all intents and purposes I may as well have been. Since dinner I had been sunbathing out in the backyard and was just about to go for a swim and a soak in the hot tub when the doorbell had rang. As a result I happened to be wearing nothing but the tiniest skimpiest thong bikini I own. The top is two tiny triangles of bright yellow Lycra and is really two sizes too small for my c-cup breasts. The thong bottoms aren’t much more than a thin strip of matching Lycra that barely covers my pubic mound and a thin piece of string nestled between my asscheeks. More string ties it all up on the sides of my hips and behind my neck and back. It’s not something I ever wear when my kids or husband are around but if I’m alone it’s absolutely perfect for tanning because I get almost no tanlines.

I swallowed nervously and said, “Um no, this is 213 Sunrise Circle. Sunrise Place is back to the left and then the second right.”

Naturally I felt more than a little self conscious standing there in front of a total stranger while wearing such a skimpy bikini. Considering how much those few pieces of Lycra actually covered I might as well have been naked. Luckily I’ve taken really good care of myself over the years and even at thirty five I still have a body to be proud of. Ever since my youngest daughter was born nine years ago I’ve been going to the gym at least three times a week. Besides that I swim laps every morning before work, jog or bike several miles every weekend, and play lots of racket sports. All that and a healthy diet has given me a body that is with all due modesty, fantastic.

Of course I’m not as nubile and hard bodied as I was in college when I played varsity volleyball, but fifteen years and two pregnancies haven’t been too hard on me. In fact if anything I think my body is even better now that I’m not a scrawny beanpole strolling around campus. After having kids I actually filled out quite a bit, especially my hips and my breasts which went from modest B-cups to full C-cups. Then thanks to all the exercise I slimmed down to a fit and trim hundred and twenty pounds. It’s a bit more than I weighed in college but still good considering I’m five foot ten.

Being so tall means that I have very long legs and thanks to all the swimming and jogging my thighs and calves are beautifully toned. My stomach is flat and smooth with a simple but sexy gold hoop in my belly button. Wide shapely hips lead to a slender waist and along with my full breasts give me an hourglass figure that’s very eye catching. Especially when I’m wearing nothing but that tiny thong bikini which was clearly struggling to hold back my ample breasts. I really couldn’t blame the guy for staring although he didn’t have to be so brazen about it.

As I stood there giving him the right directions his dark blue eyes were slowly and deliberately crawling over every inch of my body. At least he liked what he saw if the lusty smile on his face was any clue. It actually took him several seconds to figure out that I had stopped talking. Finally he peeled his eyes away from my breasts and said, “Um, I’m sorry. That’s a right and then the first left?”

He was so good looking I really couldn’t be angry. Besides, with my tits practically spilling out of my bikini top he had an excuse for being a bit distracted. Rolling my eyes I sighed and repeated the directions for him. Once again his eyes were glued to my chest the entire time so I was sure I’d be repeating myself for a third time. He surprised me however and managed to ogle my tits and hear the directions at the same time. A minute later he was he was on his way after stealing one more up and down look at my body.

Shutting and locking the door it suddenly hit me that I was kind of turned on by that little encounter. I’ve always been a bit of a show off but something about being seen in the near buff by a total stranger was really arousing. Part of it was probably because he happened to be such a hot guy. Maybe if he had been some fat slob or dirty old man I might have been properly offended by his leering eyes. However the young man had been anything but unattractive. In fact he was easily one of the sexiest men I’d ever laid eyes on.

He had looked to be around twenty five with a boyishly handsome face featuring a cleanly shaven square jaw, piercing dark blue eyes, and the sexiest lips I’d ever seen on a man. His hair was a thick tousled mass of dark brown waves and curls that I would have loved to run my fingers through. Physically he was probably around six foot two with the chiseled body of a Greek god. The bright Hawaiian shirt he was wearing was unbuttoned revealing darkly tanned skin and a smooth hairless chest. From his broad shoulders to his perfectly toned pecs, washboard abs, and massive thighs the man was clearly no stranger to the gym. Honestly with that body and good looking face he could have been a model on the cover of a fitness magazine.

What brought a gorgeous hunk like him to our sleepy little suburb was anyone’s guess. Judging by his shirt and board shorts he might have been looking for a pool party. Just about everyone in the neighborhood has a pool so that made sense. Even more likely he was here to visit some nubile young blond with a tight little body and big boobs while her parents are out of town for the long weekend. If so then that lucky little bitch was probably in for a night of incredible sex. I mean with a buff body like that the man had to be amazing between the sheets. I certainly knew who I’d be fantasizing about later when I took my trusty vibrator to bed.

Actually I was kind of tempted to go upstairs and service myself right away. With my husband and kids up in the mountains on a fishing trip I had the entire house all to myself. As such there was nothing stopping me from having a quick masturbation session anytime and anywhere I wanted. In fact I could really have some dirty fun and pleasure myself in the kitchen if I really wanted to such was the joy of freedom. In the end I decided to treat myself to a special candlelit bath before bed. It was kind of sad but that would be the most romantic evening I had in years.

In the meantime I returned to the kitchen, opened my beer, and started putting together a plate of nachos. Just as I was putting them into the oven the doorbell rang again. Somehow even before I opened the door I knew who it was. Sure enough there he was that same gorgeous young hunk with a sheepish look on his face.

“Sorry to bother you again, but it turns out I’ve got the totally wrong address,” he said directly to my chest, “Could I possibly use your phone for a quick call?”

In this day and age when everyone has a cell phone I had a hard time believing he had come all the way back to my house just to borrow the phone. So naturally my first reaction was to politely send him packing. After all I was home alone and letting a total stranger into my house was rather risky. Although he looked like a totally harmless and normal young man for all I knew he could’ve been a deranged serial killer planning to rape and murder me. On the other hand he was probably just a horny young man using a lame excuse to steal another longer look at me in my tiny bikini.

Seeing nothing wrong with that and feeling just horny enough to like the idea of showing off for that hot young hunk I swung the door al the way open and said, “Sure. C’mon on in.”

Stepping inside he flashed me a charming smile, stole another glance at my tits, and said, “Thanks so much. I would’ve used my cell phone but the battery is dead.”

That sounded believable but there was something in his eyes and wry smile that suggested his phone was working just fine. Shrugging it off I smiled back and said, “Those things always seem to die at the worst possible times.”

“Tell me about it,” he chuckled ruefully.

Shutting the door I turned and led the way to the kitchen. Behind me I hear the young man murmur something under his breath but couldn’t quite make out what he had said. Then I remembered that as he followed me to the kitchen he was getting a clear look at my bare ass. Sure enough a quick glance in the mirror on the wall confirmed my suspicions. His eyes were clearly looking down at my ass and he had the naughtiest grin on his face. Smiling to myself I didn’t say a word but I did put a little extra sway in my hips as I walked.

In the kitchen I handed him the cordless phone and asked him if he wanted some privacy or a cold drink. I saw him eye the bottle of Corona that was still sitting the counter but he said, “Thanks but this will only take a second.”

Leaning back against the counter I took a swallow off my beer, nibbled on a taco chip, and checked him out more closely. The first thing I noticed was that he was taller than I had first thought and was probably around six foot four. I then spotted a silver hoop dangling from his right nipple and a large tattoo over his heart. He was definitely one hell of a sexy young stud. It almost made me wish that I was single and about ten years younger. Honestly if I wasn’t a happily married woman I would have gladly let him take me right there on the kitchen table.

He finally got a hold of whoever he was calling but it turned out that he had the wrong number. Looking embarrassed the young man pulled a tattered piece of paper out of his pocket giving me an excuse to check out his package. Judging by the bulge those board shorts were holding some serious equipment. Luckily he was busy double checking the number and didn’t notice me turning bright red.

After another try and another wrong number he looked at me and sounding completely exasperated he said, “Well, this is not my night. I’ve got the wrong freaking number too. Unbelievable.”

My heart went out to the poor guy. He had probably come out here to meet some girl and get laid but the girl had given him a phony address and phone number. I couldn’t imagine why any woman would give a hot stud like him a fake out I did feel sorry for him. Giving him a sympathetic smile I said, “It could happen to anyone.”

Smiling back he said, “Well, on the bright side I can take you up on that offer of a cold one. If it’s still a standing offer.”

Actually when I had offered him a cold drink I had been thinking a glass of ice water, not a beer. That implied a longer visit than a simple glass of water. Of course I wouldn’t mind some company and I’d love looking at that gorgeous young hunk for an hour or so. We could having a quick beer, show off a little, do a bit of flirting, and then send him on his way. Nothing wrong with something like that. Besides I’m a mature adult and happily married so I was sure I could handle a little temptation.

Three hours and six bottles of Corona later Mason and I were in the hot tub making out like a pair of horny teenagers. It started as a simple kiss just so I could find out how those amazing lips of his felt. Then our tongues started to tangle and dance while our hands began to roam. Before long Mason had my bikini top untied and both hands cupping my naked tits. Fondling and squeezing my boobs he pushed me into the corner seat which was slightly higher than all the rest. With my tits now above the water he broke our deliciously sensual kiss and gazed lustily at my fully exposed chest.

In a moment of sudden lucidity I breathlessly panted, “Oh Mason, I don’t think we should do this. I’m a married woman so oh my god!”

My protest was cut off by his warm mouth closely gently around my achingly stiff left nipple. An electric current shot straight from my breast to my pussy and then back up to my brain. In a heartbeat all thoughts of staying faithful to my husband went right out the window. I had to fuck this hot young stud and I had to fuck him now.

Groaning I ran my fingers through his thick hair and gasped, “Ohhhh that’s soooo nice. Don’t stop baby, please don’t stop.”

Letting my nipple slip from between his teeth Mason looked at my tits and then into my eyes and said, “Babydoll, I’m not gonna stop until the sun comes up.”

“Mmmm, ohhhh good,” I purred as his wonderful mouth returned to my tits.

Clearly Mason was a man who appreciated nice breasts and played with my big firm ones for a long time. It had been years since I had enjoyed this kind of attention paid to my boobs so I loved every minute of it. He sucked, nibbled, caressed, and fondled every inch of my tits teasing my soft flesh and torturing my achingly stiff nipples. Eventually I felt one of his hands slide down over my tummy and in between my legs. His fingers stroked across my pussy lightly taunting me through my bikini bottoms and then caressed my inner thighs. Groaning I spread my legs wider to encourage him to touch my steamy hot sex. He gave me another teasing pass and then another before his hand finally cupped my pussy and started rubbing me through my bikini.

Moaning with desire I began writhing in my seat as this hot young stud made me so hot and wet. Both of his hands quickly dipped below the water and a minute later my thong was untied and peeled away from my body. With nothing between my tingling snatch and Mason’s amazing fingers he stroked my clit and then gently slipped a finger inside me. Entwining my fingers in his hair and digging my nails into his shoulder I let out a groan that the neighbors probably heard. That first penetration of his finger sent sparks flying up my spine to my brain and touched off a fireworks display behind my eyes.

Still sucking and fondling my titties Mason finger fucked me to a thundering climax. Either it was the novelty of being with someone new or I was especially horny or Mason was an incredible lover but I hadn’t cum like that in years. It rolled over me like a tidal wave leaving me light headed and floating on an orgasmic cloud. Breathless and dizzy I barely noticed that Mason was maneuvering me around so that I kneeling on my seat and bent over the edge of the hot tub with my ass up in the air.

“Oh shit! You’ve got such a hot ass Carrie,” he growled lustily while running both hands all over my tight round asscheeks, “You’re a fuckin’ peach babydoll.”

“Fuck me stud,” I pleaded, “Fill me with your cock and fuck me hard.”

Whimpering with delight I wriggled my ass at him and waited for him to fuck me. Anticipating the feel of his hard cock sliding inside me I wondered if he’d feel any different than my husband. Would his cock be bigger? Would it touch me in different ways? I remembered back to when we’d first gotten the hot tub and how my husband had taken me from behind exactly like this. Now I was moments away from officially cheating on him and I honestly couldn’t wait. Instead of guilt all I felt was white hot arousal. I wanted Mason’s cock and I wanted it in the worst way. His young muscular body and the way he’d already made me cum with just his mouth and fingers had me so hot and bothered I no longer cared about wedding vows or twelve years of faithful marriage. I just wanted to fuck.

However instead of the big hard cock I was expecting Mason planted a warm kiss on my pussy and then slipped his wriggling tongue into my snatch. Gasping in surprise and delight I tightened my grip on the edge of the hot tub and groaned, “Oooohhh Mason! Oh fuck, you’re eating me out! Oh god that’s soooo good! Yes, tongue me! Suck me! Eat my cunt baby!”

Burying his face in my sex Mason swirled his tongue around the inside of my pussy and proceeded to eat me out like a pro. For several mind blowing minutes that young stud sucked, licked, and nibbled on everything from my clit to my asshole. He fucked both holes with his tongue and fingers sending me right out of my mind with pleasure. I’d never had anyone lick my asshole before and the sensations were amazing. When he went one step further and wriggled a finger into my butt I launched into a raucous orgasm that I thought would never stop. It was like riding a rollercoaster as Mason’s fingers and mouth worked in tandem to bring me from one crushing climax to another.

“Okay, it’s time to fuck this sweet ass,” he said rising to his feet and giving me a light slap on the butt.

I could barely see straight by that point so I was helpless as Mason guided the head of his cock up against my pussy. Teasingly he rubbed his velvety tip along the length of my slit sending tingles racing up my spine. He had me on the verge of begging for his cock when he finally pushed just the head inside my sex making me groan with delight. Hooking his thumbs on my ass he pried my ass and pussy wide before driving his cock into me. Deeper and deeper his thick shaft pushed inside my pussy filling me with hot hard cock.

“Oooohhh god, you’re soooo big,” I gasped breathlessly as Mason finally buried his entire cock right up to the balls inside me.

“And you’re so hot and tight,” he replied giving me a smack on the ass, “Goddamn you feel good babydoll.”

He then started moving his hips in wonderful little circles stirring my sex with his huge cock. I swear he must have been hung like a horse because I felt absolutely stuffed. When Mason began to slowly, gently sawing his big monster in and out of my pussy I moaned hotly and begged him to fuck me. Happy to please Mason increased the speed and depth of his thrusts gradually going faster, deeper, and harder. Before long he was pounding the hell out of me and slamming every inch of his massive cock into my sex. I had to hang onto the edge of the tub for dear life as he fucked me furiously. The water was sloshing, the wet slap of his hips against my ass filled the night air, and when I started cumming I’m sure my cries could be heard five houses down.

As my blinding orgasm passed Mason slowed his thrusts and then slipped his cock right out of my pussy. He then maneuvered me around so that I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub and facing him. Moving between my thighs he slid his cock right back inside me and threw my legs around his waist. Squeezing my tits in both hands he grinned at me and said, “You like my cock babydoll? Does that feel good inside your sweet cunt?”

“Ohhhh soooo good,” I whimpered raking my fingernails over his smooth hairless chest.

Flicking his thumbs over my stiff nipples he said, “Is my cock nice and big baby?”

“Your cock is huge!” I gasped breathlessly, “Oh god, it’s the biggest I’ve ever had!”

Giving me a hard thrust he grunted and said, “How much do you love getting fucked by my big cock? Do you want me to fuck you hard and fast or slow and deep?”

“I don’t care!” I whimpered hotly, “Just fuck me!”

Mason thrust into me hard once more and said, “And where do you want my cum babydoll? Do you want me to empty my balls inside you? Or do you want me to pull out and cum all over these sweet luscious tits of yours?”

Desperately needing him to fuck me I pleaded, “Oh god! Cum wherever you want! Cum on my tits, on my face, on my ass, or deep inside me! I don’t care! Just fuck me you bastard!”

“Maybe I’ll cum in all those places,” he replied while teasingly grinding his cock inside me, “First I’ll cum on your tits and then I’ll shoot my next load all over that pretty face. Then I’ll dump a load on that hot ass of yours before spending the rest of the night pumping your hot cunt full of my hot cream. How does that sound babydoll? Think you can handle that much fucking?”

Too hot to talk I just nodded and kissed him hard on the mouth. As my tongue dove into his mouth Mason began to pump his hips driving his big cock into me with slow but deep thrusts. Digging my nails into the back of his shoulders I encouraged him to fuck me harder and faster.

Just like before he took his sweet time building up speed but eventually he was fucking me with every inch of his cock and with as much force as he could summon up. It was incredible and when he lowered his head to my breasts and started sucking my nipples I exploded in a massive climax. A second whopper of an orgasm followed right afterwards drenching Mason’s cock and balls with my wetness.

I was well on my way to a third climax when Mason grunted that he was finally about to cum. He slammed into me hard a few more times and then true to his word whipped his cock out of my sex and shot his load all over my tits. Pumping his cock in his fist Mason unleashed at least a dozen big thick streamers of jizz. It erupted from his cock in long arcs and splashed warm and wet across the tops of my boobs. Before he wiped the last creamy drop from the end of his cock and slumped back into the water my skin was covered with thick sticky puddles and streaks.

Rubbing that sticky white mess all over my chest and breasts I groaned and said, “Ohhhh my god! I am so glad you stopped by Mason!”

“Those were the best wrong directions I’ve ever had,” he agreed with a grin, “Do you mind if I keep your address in my phone?”

“Not at all,” I purred sinking down under the water, “But didn’t you say your phone was dead?”

With a sheepish grin he confessed, “Um, yeah. About that. I kinda lied. To be honest I just wanted an excuse to come in and have another look at you in that sexy bikini.”

“And seducing me? Was that part of your master plan too?” I asked with a smile.

“Nope, but that was definitely an added bonus,” he grinned, “To be honest I didn’t think I had a chance.”

“Yeah, I can see why,” I said sliding over and sitting in his lap, “I mean why on earth would I ever want to have hot sex with a gorgeous young stud like you?”

Mason laughed as he snaked one arm around my back and cupping one of my breasts he said, “I meant because you’re a married woman.”

“Oh. To be honest I’m a little shocked myself,” I confessed as he lightly tweaked my nipple, “I’ve never cheated on my husband before.”

“And did you like it?” Mason asked grinning wickedly.

Smiling I nodded and said, “I loved it!”

“Wanna cheat on him again?” he asked slipping his other hand between my legs.

Parting my thighs I let out a little groan as his fingers stroked my sex and reignited the fire. Looking him right in the eyes I said, “And again and again for as many times as you can!”

Mason kissed again driving his tongue into my mouth as his finger slipped into my pussy. Squirming and groaning I wriggled my ass against his cock which was already starting to stiffen. After a few minutes of that Mason scooped me up in his strong arms and literally carried me out of the tub and into the house. Dripping water the entire way Mason carried me through the kitchen me to the living room where he laid me down on the rug in front of the fireplace. He then got up and flipped the switch making the fireplace roar to life.

Sitting up I fixed my eyes on his prodigious boner and said, “Mmmm, so that’s the big hard cock that made me cum so hard. Come here and let me suck that big stiff cock of yours.”

Mason stepped right up to where I was kneeling and almost hit me in the face with the biggest cock I’d ever seen. It jutted from his crotch like a nine inch monument to sexual pleasure. The shaft was wet and glistening from the hot tub and smooth as polished marble with a big mushroom shaped head on top. Below hung two big fat balls and his entire crotch was shaved completely bald. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“No wonder you felt so huge inside me,” I gasped holding him in one hand and feeling the weight of his balls with the other, “You’re hung like a horse!”

Grinning down at me he ran a hand through my hair and gently pushed his cock towards my face. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what he wanted and I was more than happy to give it. Parting my lips I swirled my tongue around the velvety tip and then slipped his delicious cockhead into my mouth.

Holding him there I gently sucked while fondling his balls and pumping his thick shaft in my fist. Mason groaned with delight and pushed his hips forward to ease more of his cock between my lips. Taking the hint I started bobbing my head back and forth taking three or four inches of his massive hardon with every stroke.

It had been so long since I’d been in a sixty-nine that I forgot how much I loved it. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better than getting eaten out while sucking a big stiff cock. Mason’s hands fondled and caressed my ass while his tongue ran laps all over my dripping pussy. His magical mouth worked on my clit while his fingers pumped in and out of my sex.

At the other end I was giving him the sluttiest blowjob of all time, noisily sucking and slurping his cock with unbridled enthusiasm. Then from out of the blue Mason shocked me by inserting a moistened finger into my asshole which was a first. I mean, I nearly jumped through the roof at first but then it started feeling really good, like the cherry on top of a really good sundae. It wasn’t long before I was pouring my pleasure all over his face and having one whopper of an orgasm.

When I could finally see and think straight again I was on my back and Mason, that virile young stallion, was eagerly mounting me. With a lusty groan he eased his big cock into my pussy and with one hard thrust buried himself inside me right up to the balls.

Throwing my body against his I urged him to fuck me as hard and as deep as he could. He certainly didn’t disappoint and gave me the most thoroughly phenomenal fucking of my life. Completely losing ourselves in the white hot lust of the moment we fucked each other senseless. Everything was perfect, from the way he touched me and kissed me to the way we easily changed positions. We went from missionary to me on top to doggy style and back to missionary all seamlessly like we’d been lovers for years instead of hours.

Two times Mason climaxed deep inside me, flooding my sex with his hot cum as we fucked on the floor in front of the fireplace. The first time he kept his hardon and continued fucking me without missing a beat. The second was too much and I climaxed right along with him before we both collapsed in a sweaty tangle of limbs. It took us several minutes to just catch out breath and come down from the amazing sexual high we’d been riding, but eventually we put out the fire and went upstairs to my bedroom.

There we took a long hot shower together to wash away all the sweat and cum. It might have been a little too hot and a little too long because by the time we got out Mason was sporting yet another hardon. Not wanting to let it go to waste we slipped into bed and made slow passionate love for another hour before we were both finally completely spent.

Mason ended up staying the entire weekend. Between Saturday morning and late Sunday night I put on a robe when the pizza delivery boy showed up but otherwise I was naked the entire time. And the sex! Oh my god did we ever fuck! Insatiable barely begins to describe us that weekend. The two of us were like rabbits on Viagra. We fucked in just about every room of the house and on almost every piece of furniture from the kitchen table to the pool table to my husband’s favorite easy chair. I was so hot and bothered that I did things with Mason I’d never done with any other man.

A couple of times I let him cum in my mouth and greedily swallowed every drop. Another time I actually let him lube up my ass with olive oil, extra virgin of course, and let him fuck me there. It was so dirty and sinful but somehow totally fitting. It was just that sort of weekend.


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