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Literotica: Maintenance

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Sammy sat in semi darkness, staring at the introductory video. It was the first of three days of the orientation at the hospital and all new hires were required to attend. Barely an hour since she had returned from her lunch break, the young intern was bored. The room had 6 conference tables in neat lines, new employees of various departments all facing the front of the room.

A group of scrub clad nurses huddled around one table, not so quietly whispering about clinic hours. They seemed to know each other. She wished she had known she could wear scrubs. Assuming the orientation was more a part of the interview process, she had opted for a tasteful skirt and boots and a simple cowl neck sweater. With very few exceptions, most everyone else was wearing what they would normally wear to work.


She looked at the older man next to her. He was wearing a blue utilitarian jumpsuit with “maintenance” stenciled across the left chest. He looked to be in his 50’s, his elegant skin the color of a latte.


He was tipped back in his chair and looked equally as bored. Sammy wondered if what they said about black men was true and stole a glance at his crotch. She could see the faint outline of something resting along the inside of his thigh. “Really?” she thought, “down to the middle of his thigh?” Sammy felt a rush a heat run through her body and she squeezed her thighs together. The maintenance worker followed her gaze and a grin spread across his face. He dropped his chair back down on all four legs with a thud and gave her a wink.


Sammy immediately looked down, crossed her arms under her full breasts and allowed her long brown ponytail to cover her face. His eye contact and wink had sent a shockwave right to her middle and she could feel herself getting wet. She tried to focus on the screen, but couldn’t get that man’s huge member out of her mind. It was the longest thing she’s ever seen and although it was hard to tell through his clothes, appeared to be pretty thick as well. She was afraid to look up, but could feel his gaze on her. As he reached across her to retrieve a pamphlet from the stack on front of her, he brushed his arm across her breasts, lingering long enough to make her wonder if it wasn’t intentional. Sammy’s nipples instinctively tightened and became visible through her sweater. The man stared down at them for a long moment before returning his eyes to the screen at the front of the room. Sammy was on fire. This was insane. This man was a stranger to her and probably twice her age.


Sammy shifted her weight and allowed their thighs to barely touch. The man applied slightly more pressure to their bond. Sammy felt a blush run up the inside of her legs and settle in her clit. Becoming increasingly warm, Sammy took a chance and placed her hand over the man’s. He stroked the side of her thumb with his. Sammy started to squirm. The man grabbed her hand and pulled it into his lap. Shielded by the table, Sammy zeroed in on the object of her arousal. She let go of the man’s hand and softly ran her hand over his crotch. She traced the outline of his cock from his crotch about mid-thigh. She wrapped her hand around it the best she could through his jumpsuit and felt it twitch and grow.


He laid his hand over hers and squeezed. His dick was exquisite; long and hard and about as thick as her wrist. Sammy’s panties were getting wetter by the second and she felt her clit start to grow. She reluctantly let go of his cock and pulled his hand between her legs. His rough hands caught on her silky underwear and he ran his finger down her slit. Feeling the dampness of her panties, he pushed them into her clit and rubbed in small circles. Sammy drew in a quick breath and started to grind into his finger. He moved her panties to the side and dipped into her wetness.


Sammy glanced around the room and was satisfied to see that everyone else seemed to be busy doing their own thing; reading from folders or quietly talking. The man’s finger pressed into her steaming center and penetrated her. He moved it in and out several times before pulling out and discretely holding it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, and then quietly popped the finger in his mouth. Sammy was delirious with the rush of it all and her dripping pussy was screaming for more. The man wrote something down, then stood up and left the room. Sammy glanced at the paper.


It read, “Wait 5 minutes, then meet me outside.”


Was she really going to do this? Her pussy was on fire and she desperately wanted to feel that huge cock fill her up. Sammy glanced at her watch. Her panties were still bunched to one side and the air on her over heated pussy felt dirty and erotic. She gyrated her hips subtly to increase the wind and was rewarded by a gush of wetness, a tiny drop of which she felt dripping down the inside of her thigh. Five minutes felt like an eternity. Finally the time was up and she silently made her way to the door in the back of the conference room.


As soon as she closed the door behind her, the man grabbed her hand and pulled her toward a janitorial closet. He opened the door and flipped the light on. The room was full of cleaning supplies with a bar height shelf across the back. After he locked the door behind him, the man approached Sammy.


He stood in front of her for a moment and looked her up and down. He lifted his hands and took her hard nipples between his fingers, rolling them roughly. Sammy threw her head back in ecstasy. His rough hands grabbed the neck of her sweater and pulled it down under her breasts. Reaching into her black, lacy bra, he lifted each breast out leaving her tits exposed. He roughly squeezed them with both hands. He leaned in close and whispered, “You’re just a dirty slut, aren’t you? I saw you looking at my cock. You want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a huge, black cock, don’t you.”


Sammy’s breath became ragged as she hissed out, “Yesssssssss.”


“Then get on your knees and grab your heels.”


Sammy obediently dropped to her knees and reached behind her to grab the heels on her boots, a vulnerable position that had the bonus side effect of thrusting her full breasts forward. The man unzipped his jumpsuit and pulled out his enormous, engorged cock. Sammy’s eye bulged and her clit grew. It was even bigger than she imagined. His big strong hands barely reached around it’s girth. He held it in one hand and slapped it against her chin. “Suck my cock, bitch.” He breathed. ” Open your fucking mouth.”


Sammy opened her mouth as wide as she could. He set the head of his dick just inside her mouth and she sucked it hungrily. Without warning, the man grabbed the back of head with both hands and rammed his huge cock down her throat. She gagged hard, and she felt her lips stretching but he didn’t let up. He continued to ram his dick in and out of her throat. Just when she thought she would pass out from lack of air, he pulled out. She finally got a good look at it from this angle and reveled in its massiveness. It was rock hard and stood proudly dripping with her saliva. She let go of her heels and took it in her hand. “You like that cock?”


“God, yes. I want it inside me. I want it in my pussy.”


He grabbed a handful of her hair. “Stand up.”


She rose to her feet and he pushed her over to the counter. Still holding her hair in his fist, he pushed her face into the counter. “Grab that counter and put your ass in the air.”


Sammy did what she was told. He pushed her skirt up around her waist and jerked her panties down around her ankles. Sammy quickly stepped out of them and spread her legs wide. She felt the man poke her with the head of his cock a few times before he slapped her ass hard, two, three times. Her skinned burned and she felt like she could still feel the shape of his hand. The man rubbed his huge cock up and down her slit. “Christ, you’re wet. You are just a little whore aren’t you? You want this fucking black cock, don’t you? Don’t you?!”


“Yes! Please put it in my pussy. Please!” She felt the walls of her pussy stretch as he pushed the head inside her. “Oh, God! You’re so fucking huge!”


“You got a tight little pussy! God you’re so tight!”


“Push it in. Please! I can’t take anymore. I need you to fuck me!” Sammy was breathless and wild with desire. She was so ready. She needed his cock.


“tell me you’re a whore.”


“Oh, God, I’m a whore. I’m such a dirty fucking whore. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”


The man pushed hard and rammed into her balls deep. She let out a sharp yelp and moaned loudly. He backed out and thrust all the way in again. He bent over her and whispered, “Can you take it? Is it stretching your little tight pussy?” He thrust again. Sammy continued to moan, nearly unconscious with pleasure. Her pussy was stretched to the max and she could feel him hitting the back of her hole with each thrust. She felt so full and so fucking dirty. She wanted more.


“So good…so good.” Was all she could mutter between gasps. The man grabbed a fist full of hair again and starting fucking her hard and fast. He started grunting like an animal, the sound mingling with her moans.


“Take it! Take it! God you’re such a fucking tight slut!” he hissed as he continued to pump into her roughly. He let go of her hair and reached around with both hands to hold on to her tits. He squeezed them hard and he rammed into her, his heavy balls slapping into her swollen clit with every plunge.


Suddenly Sammy gasped and began to shudder. Her orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave and she squeezed the huge cock even harder.


“Did you just fucking come on my cock? Goddamn, you just came on my cock!”


“Yesssss.” was all Sammy could muster as her pussy clamped down hard and her whole body began to shake.


The man began to grunt louder, and his strokes became faster and harder. He growled, “I’m gonna fucking cum in you. I’m gonna fill you with my fucking cum because you’re such a nasty whore.”


His words triggered another powerful climax and Sammy squeezed his cock even harder. With a final, primal grunt the man emptied his sperm into her dripping cunt. She felt it fill her pussy and begin to drip out onto the concrete floor. The man collapsed over her back, panting. He pulled out of her with a “pop,” and more of his cum dripped down her leg onto the floor. He pushed her hair off her neck and bit firmly into her shoulder and pulled on her nipples. Sammy shuddered with pleasure. The man released her and reached over her head to grab a roll of paper towels, which he handed to her before stepping away. When she turned around to face him, he pushed her up against the counter and rammed two fingers into her cunt. “You were a hell of a fuck.”


“Yeah. You too.” Sammy was panting and she felt dizzy.


He pulled his fingers out of her pussy, wiped his hands on a paper towel, zipped up his jumpsuit and walked out of the closet.


Sammy cleaned up her sopping pussy the best she could and arranged her clothes. Her legs felt wobbly as she walked down the hallway. When she entered the conference room, the man was already staring blankly at the instructor with the tiniest smile curling the corners of his mouth. She took her seat beside him and nudged his leg. He took was she handed him and looked down. He smiled and stuffed her drenched, ripped panties in his pocket. The man leaned in close and whispered,


“Don’t even bother with those tomorrow.”


Sammy smiled to herself. She had definitely picked the right hospital to finish her internship.

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