Sex Confessions

Sex Confessions #105: He’s such a prick!

There was this concert a few years back that a local radio station put on. I got free tickets from my uncle, and invited my friend, her boyfriend, and my ex, who was my friend’s boyfriend’s best friend.


The only problem was that I was still kind of with my boyfriend now. We were on a break at the time, and I really wanted to go to this show with my ex, because of the artists playing.


The really bad part is that I took a double hit of speed before the concert. I quit drugs completely for the ex, and I was still very much in love with him.


I went home with my friend and her boyfriend to get ready, and I was tweaking like crazy there. We danced around to Jimmy Eat World and The Darkness, until her boyfriend got there. Then my ex showed up, and we kind of kept our distance from each other.


We got in the car, with my friend and her boy up front, and my ex and I in back. We joked and had fun on the way, and my ex asked me to leave him alone during a certain song. I thought to myself, “Okay, then I guess that means no.” We get there, and get our seats and start rocking out. My ex and I sing our old song together, and laugh like idiots, and I’m still tweaking hardcore. We leave to go see the other stage, where a local band is playing. My ex and my friend’s boy want to go mosh in the pit in front of the small stage, and so my ex gives me his wallet and necklace and ring. My friend and I go sit on the grass near the stage, and talk. My ex and my friend’s boyfriend come back, sweating and laughing, and my friend and I do the girl thing and make fun of them. We all lay down on the grass, my friend with her head in her boyfriend’s lap, and my ex and I pretty close. My ex and I start talking, and cracking jokes at each other, and he gets closer and closer until he kisses me. My heart nearly explodes at that point, and I don’t think of my current boyfriend at all. My ex looks at me, gets a sad look on his face, and says something that I’ll always remember.


“I can’t wake up in the morning and have this mean nothing.”


He asked me to be his again, and I agreed on the spot. We kiss and act like we used to, and my friend is really happy for me. I was coming down from the speed a little more then, and we left to go to IHOP. My ex was being cutesy and himself, and we shared some strawberry pancakes. We all went back to my friend’s house, and they stayed until late. They left, and my friend and I stayed up all night (which I didn’t have a problem doing) talking about what happened. I was so happy about it all.


My friend’s boyfriend and my ex came back over the next morning, and we went on a walk in the wilderness by her house. It was so perfect. It is still one of those perfect moments for me.


The shitty part is that my ex’s mom hated me, and after a phone call between he and I ended up with her accusing me of sleeping with the entire population of our town, I told him that I didn’t want to do this to him, since my home life sucked and all, and he said he’d wait for me. I moved out 3 months later, and into a nice, stable home where I was happy. I get ahold of him finally, and try to drop hints he should come see me. He, after I questioned him, told me he was FUCKING ENGAGED. TO A MORMON CHICK.


He refuses to talk to me anymore, even though he used to be my best friend. I know it’s petty, but I try and see if he’ll come in when I’m working, because he and his fiancee buy stuff at my store every week or so. They haven’t come in when I’m on shift yet…


But I’m waiting. He’s such a prick.


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