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Literotica: Married but Sexually Bored

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since Joy and I were together at the cabin and we haven’t been able to see each other since. We emailed daily and had a couple of cell phone conversations. I really missed her!

My wife thought my clothes smelled of perfume when she sorted them for the wash. I didn’t study for that test and I had to think fast. I said it must have been from one of the factory reps of the inspection table and slitter that I looked at for our plant.

Too much office time for me! Boring! I need to get our plant engineer to go along with me in the near future to make the final decision on the purchase. I am undecided if it will meet our production needs. Whew, I got through that, I hope! Anyway, my balls had recuperated enough to make love to her.

The kids were gone for the afternoon. I took hold of Nanci and escorted her to the bedroom. Hey! Whats got into you? I pulled down her shorts and panties in on motion the pushed up her top to reveal her B cup breasts. She was horny for a change or I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Nanci said we could have done this last night if you had not fallen asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow. Under my breath I thought, want to bet?

Even now I was having a time getting it up! I ate her and she pulled me up to her in the missionary position. Same old, same old, I put my cock in her and after she came, she was done, as usual, so I got off in her cunt. we lay on the bed awhile and talked. My mind was on Joy so I got up, went to the bathroom and washed my tired dick. Joy cleaned her self up and went back to washing clothes.

Joy’s life was back to normal too. Her husband noticed her partly shaved snatch as she got out of the shower while he was shaving. He said, hey that’s nice! She said I showed you last week. Remember the new swim suit? He said, Oh ya! I remember. Her legs were sore from the two days of sex at the cabin. He turned to her and said he would like to have a blow job and maybe I’ll give you some cock afterwards.

She told him to go to hell and get a blow job! He said he was sorry. He kissed her and led her to the bedroom. He mounted her missionary and in three minutes he came. She was about to cum but he was done. Life was back to the norm for her too.

The week end for Joy was all tied up and so was mine. Damn I missed her! Nanci and I had a wedding to attend out of town on Saturday. The VP’s son was getting married. When you’re in my position, you don’t miss weddings like this. We would have to book a motel room because it would be too far to drive home after the reception. Drinking and all the dancing etc.

We went to the church and drove to the reception hall. Nanci and I had a room at the Holiday Inn. The kids were staying at their Grandma’s. We were seated in the reception hall and the band began to play. I went to the bar to get us a couple of drinks. When I returned to our table, I almost choked on the first sip of my drink. Seated two tables over was Joy! She seen me about the same time. The look on our faces was, what you may have imagined! Anyway, she was seated next to her husband. The “jerk”! I knew him as Joy had described him to me a while back. He was truly a lady’s man. He was making conversation to several that sat at their table. He was good looking, tall and built.

The ladies enjoyed his conversation and flattering ways. Joy just sat there smiling at everyone. She had on a long red dress that was low cut. She really looked nice.I hadn’t seen her dressed up like this before. She was a beautiful woman! Nanci wanted to dance. I may have let my guard down a little. She asked who was that I was staring at two tables over. I played that dumb.I hadn’t studied for that test either. I told her I think I had some classes with her in college but wasn’t sure. Whew, off the hook!

We danced. Joy remained seated as her husband danced with a younger woman. Joy just smiled and conversed to the others at their table. They did manage to dance together a couple times that evening but he really had too much to drink to early and was making a ass of himself. I danced several times with Nanci. She was loaded too. I was feeling pretty good myself. I went to the bar for more drinks.

Joy was there. She said hello! I said do I know you? She said come outside to the end of the parking lot next to the woods and I will refresh your memory. She turned and left. I was speechless. I drank my drink and exited the hall and went to the end of the parking area to find her. Joy walked to the side of a convers ion van and the woods was on the other side of the dark side of the parking lot. We kissed at first touch. She said she had already removed her panties and began undoing my fly.

She pulled my limp dick out and bent down to suck it to full hardness. She undid my belt and pulled down my pants then my shorts. I took charge. I hiked up her skirt.Her cunt was very wet. I inserted my dick and began to thrust into her. She was bending in the knees from the orgasm that was building in her and I had a hard time holding her up so I pushed her back into the side of the van. I rammed her hard and fast. We both came together.

We got our clothes back together. She went to the restroom to check her hair the rejoined her husband. I got two more drinks and returned to our table. Nanci was almost bombed but she still wondered what took me so long to get the drinks.

I told her I had to talk shop with a couple company big shots outside where the sound of the band allowed us to talk. Whew, off the hook again! We left the reception right after Joy and another guy helped load the “jerk” into their car and headed for their home. Once at the Holiday Inn, Nanci all loose from the booze went for my crotch. She started to open my fly.

Oh, my! I excused myself to the bathroom. I told Nanci I was sick from the drinks. I really needed to wash off Joy’s partly dried cum from my dick and balls. If Nanci touched my dick or smelled what was there, I know I wouldn’t have passed that test! I pretended too ill to perform when I got in bed with Nanci. I thought,good for you. Here’s a taste of your regular self. I did howe ver, make passionate love to her before we left the motel.

As I recalled the events of the week end on Monday morning, I called Joy. At the sound of my voice she began to laugh. I said, can you believe we were invited to the same wedding and I began to laugh. I asked if her if she arrived home okay.

All was well but her husband was waisted so he expected nothing. She asked if she ruined my night with Nanci at the Holiday Inn with a evil laugh. I told her how I had to play it out and we both laughed together. To be continued……


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