Sex Confessions

Sex Confessions #102: Our Secret Saab-Story

I had just gotten home for summer break, freshman year. I was stressed from school, pissed because I had to stay with my parents for the summer. Back to my Dad’s bullshit rules and Mom being her subordinate self. About two weeks into vacation I decide to head to Clearview Mall, a quick drive from my parents place.


I was there for a few minutes when I ran into some of the guys I used to hang out with. We ate some food and talked about school and what they were up to. They told me that one guy we all knew, was having a party on the weekend because his parents were out of town. We exchanged numbers and I left.


Couple of days later, I head out to the party. My Mom lets me take her Saab and I go pick up a couple of the guys, hit the store to grab some beer, then head to the party. There was probably 50 or so people when we got there, nothing major.


Except. My X was there.(We’ll call her…Sarah) I hadn’t seen her since I dumped her before leaving for college. I saw her in the kitchen as I passed by on the way to the shitter. I did a double-take not knowing if it was her for sure. She ran up to me, I was certain she was going to be pissed.


Instead Sarah put her tongue halfway down my throat. After playing tonsil-hockey for a while, I stopped to catch my breath. Apparently she had a couple drinks before we got there, and was not angry in the least. In fact, she seemed pretty damn happy.


We talked for a while, I made sure her drink was full. I was driving Mom’s car so I didn’t want to have more than a couple beers.


After enough small talking and, I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive. She said, “Sure!”. I went and told the guys I came with that I was going for a drive, but I’d be back to pick them up unless they called my cell.


I made her finish her drink then I opened the door for her. She got in, I closed the door and went around to my side. She had already unlocked and opened my side, and we all know what that means.


10 minutes into the drive, she puts her feet up on my Mom’s dashboard. I was angry at first and going to tell her to take her shoes off the dash, but then I noticed where she had her hands. She was touching herself, telling me how she missed me and wished I didn’t go to school out of state. I could barely drive, with her pleasuring herself beside me.


She takes my right hand off the steering wheel and adds it to her two hands touching herself. It feels hot and moist. I tell her that if she doesn’t stop, I’ll have to pull over.


Then she says,” I thought you would have pulled over a while ago!”


I take a couple of turns, in no particular order, trying to find a side street. Seconds later I’m parked in line with other cars on a residential street, and she had climbed over and now on top of me. Normally I’d be pissed because Mom has leather, but in this situation I let it slide!


We got hot and heavy for some times before she allowed me entrance. It felt like heaven, memories from our past sexepades. Thoughts flooded back into my mind as she rode me like I she had never before. She climaxed a couple times, obviously enjoying the drive!


I wasn’t getting enough depth so I opened the door, then took her around the back of the car. Moms Saab had the turbo and had a fin on the back. I made Sarah grab on to the fin as I took care of business from behind.


There we were, on a sidestreet, with her bent over the back of the Saab, holding on to the tail. What a sight!


With all the danger of getting caught, we got all worked up, then she had a really big climax.


That was the one I was waiting for. It sent me over the edge and I joined her, shaking and trembling. At one point I swear I ripped the fin off my damned self!


We got back in the car after we finished shaking, rolled down the windows and I drove her back. She asked for my number, but hasn’t called me since. Maybe embarrassed? Whatever the reason, she rocked my world and made the summer at the parents house so much better!


Sorry about the long story. I probably could have went into more detail, but, I was getting horny just thinking about our Saab-Story!


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