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Literotica: Keep It In The Family

My sex life got a lot, lot better about two years ago, when I got an email addressed to someone else (but who obviously had a similar screen name).

“Hey, snatcher,” it said, “r u there? I’m on a lunch break, and VERY hungry!”

As you can see, this email was a little bit slutty, and I didn’t miss a beat! I responded right back to it, with the same kind of “dirty come on” style that the sender had used.

“Sherry, I am actually the one you (undoubtedly) want, based on what I’m reading between the lines. I would just love to do you for lunch, with something like a quick little bite! However, in the spirit of truth, I am not actually the person to whom you intended to send this email. Try me for lunch, though. You’ll like it!”

Sherry fired back a hot little reply: “What I want to be able to achieve is a certain state of near total collapse, in the next half-hour (which is all I’ve got). So what can you actually do about that? If you follow me, that is!”

“Got it,” I said. “If you’re at work, I hope you can get your hand into your panties without embarrassing yourself, because your hunger pangs are about to be assuaged!”

“Fancy language!”

“My tongue in your pussy. Like that better?”

“Like to get it. Can’t wait to get it. Need it so bad!”

“I am dying to suck your snatch, baby. Dying for it! All morning I’ve been working away, but my mind has been on fucking. That’s the truth! Now, I have just gotten dizzy wanting to fuck YOU, and all in the space of the last five minutes.”

“And (Sherry said) who are you, if you’re not ?snatcher?'”

I’m “snatchez,” as in “he snatchez what ever he wants, right out from under his busy wife’s nose.”

“So, you’re married?”

“Yeah. And You?”

“No. Almost got married, but I didn’t. But I’ve done married men before. I know the rules. How about it?”

“My prick is so hard now you can’t even believe it, Sherry. I’m squishy wet, just from when we started. Don’t go away! Do you really only have thirty minutes?”

“Less, in fact,” but you’ve got my email now. If you’re nice, I’ll give you my AIM account, and we can AIM-fuck like rabbits. But first you need to prove you can make me cum.”


“Yeah! I NEED it!!!”

“Are you thinking about my mouth down on your pussy, Sherry? Think about it! I am going to pull your panties down, leave ?em hanging on one leg; run my hands up your thighs while I spread you out for my mouth. I WANT your pussy! I HAVE to get it in my mouth. Feel it! My mouth on your clit, with my big long index finger up your ass, and my thumb inside your cunt. You don’t even know me, but I am going to fuck you so hard, and make you cum so much you are going to be as crazy as I am. I CAN’T WAIT.”

There was a pause in the email exchanges, before her next email came in. About three minutes.

“Ok. YES!! I fucking came right behind the desk I was working at. Then the boss came back from his lunch break. I think he could smell my sex. I am SO FUCKING HOT. Tell me when I can IM you, and give me a chance to do it for you.”

This is how Sherry and I became friends. And it turned out that she wasn’t really that far away. She did live in a different state, but within 500 miles. We did phone sex, IM sex (really the best, this side of the real thing), and TM sex. And we did it constantly.

I’ve been married a long time, with three grown kids, and I have a pretty stable income and job situation. Somehow, though, that hasn’t been enough, and I’ve been consumed with sex for about five years. I do erotic stories, chat rooms (without any satisfaction at all, actually), and have had a few partners I’ve met through my work, but never people who actually work where I do. Anyway, I had never known anyone like Sherry, who has made sex the centerpiece of her entire existence. This is quite different from me. Recently, I’ve been moving that direction (getting closer all the time, I must confess), but Sherry had decided early on that sex was her number one thing, and she had lived the life.

The very next day after our initial exchange, Sherry emailed me her phone number and “dared me to call.” And I did call, and happened to do so when she was taking care of her little nieces and nephews, and I could hear them in the background. So she was a real person! A paramedic, as it happened, with shifts that tended to put her at work for the entire night (leaving her available for “play” during the day, as she put it).

Within weeks, I was totally overwhelmed by Sherry. And I know she felt the same. We would TM at all hours. I kept my phone on vibrate, and even in the middle of a family dinner I’d feel the TM come in, and visit the bathroom, to TM her back: “I want my prick in you so bad!” And this was my genuine sentiment, too.

I’d wake up wanting her, and went to bed still rigid, after cumming so hard to a hot IM exchange that I would almost have blacked out. Our big thrill was to pass our cum-covered underwear back and forth (by mail) so we could do our TM and IM sex while we buried our faces in the sex scent of our mixed juices. Like I said, I became totally consumed with sex, and Sherry!

During it all, my wife and family suspected nothing, and I started making plans to visit Sherry in person, which my job couldn’t really accommodate very well, though I bent every excuse to make it happen. Once we had gotten together in “real life,” we were both hooked. I literally couldn’t live without Sherry. Again, she was the same. And this was despite a pretty big age difference. Sherry almost could have been my daughter. Despite my worries, Sherry didn’t seem to mind the age gap, and if I minded (and I did at first; worried about it), I quickly forgot there was any problem, because there wasn’t! I needed to get myself off two or three times a day, thinking of her, and she would call or TM me, too, begging for me to make her cum. Above all else, she loved taking it up the ass, and that was a new thing for me. Anal was something I long dreamed of, and only attempted once before, and not all that happily. But with Sherry, her ass and my prick sang! I would fuck her so hard, her ass slippery with lube and cum, and then she would lick my cock, and get it hard, and then I’d fuck her tight little pussy, too.

Within about a month, Sherry and I were IM and TM fucking every day, without exception, and within six months I was taking ever more (and ever harder to justify) business trips on at least a monthly basis, and sometimes more often. No matter what the risk, I just had to fuck her in real life, but since I didn’t want to have my entire existence go up in smoke and disaster, I was looking for some way to bring Sherry closer to me, and as a paramedic, her talents were in demand everywhere, so it was only a matter of convincing her to move.

I worked on it, trying to convince her, but it wasn’t easy. As crazy as we both were for each other, Sherry had a pretty intense family situation herself, with nieces, nephews, and a couple of siblings that depended on her for emotional (and even financial) support. She really hated to leave them. Nonetheless, our lust for each other ultimately conquered her resistance, and she did move to my town, easily scoring a job with an even higher pay scale than the one she left.

Sherry’s move came about nine months into our connection, and it led to steaming sex scenes that left me drained and euphoric, and wanting it all over again. We particularly loved to fuck outdoors, and since I’d often go back to my office early in the morning (a habit that I’d had for years) it was possible for me to meet her when she got off shift, and I’d hop right out of my warm conjugal bed to bury my face in Sherry’s pussy, as we lay on the grass of the neighborhood park just two blocks from my house.

Maybe it was the coming winter that made me think of another idea, my most wicked ever, and one that has worked out beyond my wildest dreams.

Two of my three kids are married, with families of their own, and while they’re relatively local, they don’t live in the same town. My youngest son (younger than Sherry, but not that much younger) is still at loose ends, and he’s local. In fact, at the time Sherry moved here, he was living in a separate unit attached to the side of our house. He’s a kind of “hippie,” actually, which seems strange to me. I grew up in the sixties, but was always the “straight arrow” type. Ted is into music, Zen Buddhism, organic food, marijuana, and the laid back lifestyle that I totally rejected. He was also unmarried, and I had a suspicion (which proved to be true) that he was desperate for sex.

How it first came up in our conversation I can’t remember, but it probably happened as Sherry and I discussed her sexual adventures, something we regularly did, and something that always made me hot. Sherry had done threesomes, been with women, and had lots of adventures that began in bars. She was, in fact, and as I’ve said, a sexual adventuress. I did admire that. And she was proud of it. One of the first presents she ever gave me, in fact, was a book called “Wild, Wild Sex,” which documented, in almost textbook fashion, how to build sex into the very center of your life. Sherry lived it!

So, at some point, I suggested that Sherry should seduce my son. I actually think it may have been another “dare” of some kind, since Sherry always liked “daring” me to do things that pushed the limit. And I always did them, too! On this occasion, I think I “dared” her to pick up my son, and fuck him. Getting Sherry to accept this idea was less difficult than I would have thought, because she truly lived for adventurous sex. The more we joked about it, and discussed it, the more it appealed to her. Sherry’s existence, of course, was a complete secret to my family. No one knew we were lovers, and if she had knocked at our door, and my wife or son had answered it, they would have thought she was a complete stranger. We talked about her doing that, too, thinking up possibly plausible reasons to build her into my existence, so she could come freely into my house, but we went with this other, kinkier thought instead. And the payoff was amazing!

The plan was for Sherry to go to the coffee house my son frequented, and try to pick him up. We had a bet whether she could do it. She did!

In fact, she only had to go three nights in a row (he was a regular at this coffee house, taking his laptop down there to write almost every evening). Sherry just struck up a conversation the first night, so my son noticed her. The second night, she looked interested in him, and said something encouraging, but distant, too, so she wasn’t coming on too strong (something I advised would scare him off). And on the third night, he tried to see if she was receptive, and she was, and she came home with him and spent the night.

End of dare! Game over, I would have thought, but that’s not the way it worked out. Ted went crazy for Sherry, too, just like I had, and she was so kinky that she loved fucking my son, knowing that she’d be fucking me within hours (and sometimes within minutes). As it turned out, I loved it, too.

Four months after their first coffee house encounter, Ted and Sherry got married. They moved to another house, but in our town, and now I see her all the time. She’s my “daughter in law.”

The great thing is, though, that I fuck this “daughter in law” just as much as I ever did. Maybe even more. It’s so easy, now. She’s got Ted to clean up his act, and prodded him to take a job that has him out of town at least two days a week. She frequently stops by to visit, with or without Ted, and there is never a time when she doesn’t do something provocative to make me go crazy, whenever she comes by.

My wife (who has always been partial to our youngest son), thinks Sherry is just dandy, even if she was initially worried that Sherry was “too old” for Ted.

“Age doesn’t make a difference,” Sherry told her. “Really!” And so it seems.

It’s hard to say how excited it makes me feel to fuck Sherry right in my own house, when she’s dropped by “”unexpectedly” (but really by prearrangement) at a time when I’m alone, working in my home office. And nothing is better than to sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner and to slip my big toe into her dripping pussy, under the table, while we all talk about sports.

I have never cum so hard as when I know that I am filling Sherry’s cunt with my cum, and then sending her off to fuck my son, or to have him suck it all out.

He’s clueless. They’re all clueless. And Sherry and I are crazed!

In a way, it’s hard to admit what I’ve been telling you, because it seems both unbelievable and perverse. But I can’t think about anything but Sherry. About fucking her. About putting my cock up her ass. About kissing her mouth, with my finger inside her. About looking into her face as we both acknowledge what no one else can see.

We are both crazed! And we’re keeping it in the family!!


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