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Sex Confessions #96: Slugging will never be the same

So I’ve been slugging it the last month. Saves me a bunch on fuel and parking, plus my precious car doesn’t have to try and battle the traffic anymore. My mom thinks I am crazy, I pretty girl getting into strange cars with strange people. I can handle myself, so I am not too concerned.


I’m standing 3 back from the front of the line. A Ford pulls up and the driver calls out his destination. A couple of people behind me reply, but since i am before them I walk towards the car. I open the back door and get in. The driver smiles into his mirror but says nothing. I take a closer look at him. He’s middle-aged, a decent head of hair that looks to have been cut recently. I can see no wedding ring on his finger, his wrist has a shiny gold watch that looks pricey. He’s wearing a shirt and tie, I assume pants too! He’s got no facial hair(which I happen to love!) and he’s pretty cute.


He says nothing for the first ten minutes. I look out the window, wondering what his story is. I’ve only had 3 cute guys pick me up, the others very unhot. Two of those three weren’t polite and the last one was married so I paid him no mind. I’m not looking for a date, just a ride, but it’s nice to be in the company of cuteness!


I can feel him checking my out in his mirror. My face gets flush I can feel it. He finally breaks the silence and asks how long I’ve been slugging. I told him for a month now. He asks how I am finding it, I tell him it’s much cheaper than me driving and that I can meet some interesting people. He asks me to tell him about myself. Cautiously I give him general details. He tells me about himself. He’s an accountant for some firm downtown, divorced, been picking up slugs for over a year.


As he talks, I watch his lips move. On three different occasions, I feel a flutter between my legs watching the moisture from his tongue as he licks his lips. He reminds me of LL Cool J, licking those fab lips of his!


We continue making idle chit chat, and I continue being turned on. My mind wanders as we talk, thnking about the idea of stranger-sex. I had fantasized a few times about it, having random sex with a stranger. I had a one night stand in college, but since then, I’ve been a good girl.


Until this morning.


The more I thought about my driver and the more he licked his lips, the more turned on I got. I have always loved sex in the am, a great way to start the day. Here I was getting all hot and bothered from a total stranger in a suit and tie. I put my hand between my legs, trying to relieve the pressure against my pussy. My pants seemed to be bunched up in the groin area, so I tried to pull them away from me to give my precious a little breathing room. I accidently on purpose touched myself in the process and then the trouble began.


He was talking about driving this one guy that talked alot, as I was thinking about him pulling over and driving me somewhere. “Right here!” I thought to myself, pressing on my clit. That sent shockwaves up and down my body.


He licks his lips again, I close my eyes for a second, thinking of those lips “right here!” as feel the mositure. I think about him taking my damn pants off and taking my for a ride that I’d never forget.


Then we stop. He turns around and says,”here’s where you get off”


He had NO IDEA how close I was to actually getting off.


I walk into work minutes later and I was ready to go home for the day. I had no desire to work. I wanted to be home, cozy in my bed, my friend in my hand and my eyes closed, thinking about licking lips suit guy.


Slugging will never be the same


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